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Accumulating Tables 

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82386p- 24" Rotary Accumulator, stainless steel


78967p- 28" Rotary Table, aluminum with stainless steel frame & table, mounted on 3 stainless steel legs, small collection table mounted on side of turn table, less drive


81683- 30" Accumulation Table, stainless steel construction


81682- 42" Accumulation Table, stainless steel construction, mechanism on top


81486p- 45" Rotary Accumulation Table, 24" wide inlet/discharge, table, frame & frame panels stainless steel, guides carbon steel, adjustable legs, table currently sits at 34" off ground, Dayton DC Speed Control variable speed controller requires 115 vac single phase electrical supply, overall 72" x 48" x 48"


78263p- 48" diameter Accumulation Table, stainless steel, carbon steel frame, Maxi torque gear motor, 1/2 HP 13.5 RPM 115 volt single speed drive, stainless steel side rails


42749p- Accumulating Table model F044A, 36" diameter, side rails, driven by 1/4 HP motor, 3 phase 60 hertz, 1750 RPM 208-230/460 volt, complete with outfeed conveyor 2' 8" long x 4" wide, (2) 1 HP, 3 phase 60 hertz, 1750 RPM 208-230/460 volt electric breaks, used at a food plant.


59174p- Accumulating Table, 24" diameter, stainless steel construction, side rails, 1/2 HP DC motor, on base


43363p- Accumulating Table, 30" wide x 60" long with 4 lines of 7.5" wide stainless steel table top chain, mounted on steel legs, driven by 1 HP vari speed gear head motor


64344p- Accumulating Table, 36" diameter, carbon steel side rails, driven by 1/2 HP motor, 30" x 21" leaf for discharge, mounted on (4) 1" legs, only the table is stainless steel


45437p- Accumulating Table, 36" diameter, stainless steel with stainless steel frame, 110 volt AC input to DC converter for 1/4 HP, 90 volt DC motor drive with motor speed controller, 20" x 13" x 1" feeder, 20" x 24" x1" discharge, 20" x 16" manual infeed/discharge section, portable


60548p- Accumulating Table, 36" diameter, stainless steel, 3" solid lip around top (no opening), 27" x 24" stainless steel base, motor starter, on/off switch & plug in cord


47471p- Accumulating Table, 42" diameter, stainless steel surface with carbon steel frame, 1/4 HP 1750 RPM 115 volt vari speed V belt drive to gear reducer, 16" x 36" x 3/4" feeder, 16" x 30" infeed section, unit on 4 pipe legs


68808p- Accumulating Table, 48" diameter carbon steel, with 4' wide steel mesh belt conveyor 42" long, 2 additional turn tables 15" diameter next to 4' diameter turn table, gear box to change direction of small turntables, drive 1 HP 3/60/220/440 vari speed (torque converter) belt to chain drive 35" high, overall 9' 3" long x 4' wide, turn table is all carbon steel


57546p- Accumulating Table, 48" diameter, stainless steel, unit has .26 HP, 1570 RPM, 220/380 volt, manual speed control, stainless steel rails, unit is carbon steel frame


82784p- Accumulation Table, 60" diameter, stainless steel table & under mounted drive, unitized on mild steel, painted base, previously used at spice processing facility


47468p- Accutek, 48" diameter Turn Table, 4" adjustable Teflon rails, DC drive vari speed control box, complete with stainless steel frame & covers, 1 model 22048USO, S/N A17203171, 1 model 208048A00 S/N A17203172


80958p- Alliance Ind. Corp., Bi Directional Accumulation Table, rectangular, stainless steel, table 30' long when all (3) 10' sections assembled, belt 114" wide, table includes adjustable feet currently set with belt height of 49" from floor, 230/460 volt 3 phase for 1.5 HP motor


81719p- Anderson Machine Works, 24" Unscrambling Table, stainless steel 24" diameter rotary table with contouring stainless steel unloading table 24" wide x 20" at minimum width, 1/3 HP motor belt driving gear reducer with manually operated variable speed pulley, painted cabinet style base with dual hinged service doors, 115 volt single phase, mounted on 4 threaded leveling feet, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


62194p- Belco, 48" diameter Accumulation Table model BLS-480, unit is carbon steel contacts, has 115 volt, 4 amp, single phase, vari speed drive, with DC motor controller


74840p- Bi-Directional Accumulating/Feed Table, 42" wide x 24' long, stainless steel conveyor frame construction, side chain driven wire woven steel belt specifically configured for reversible operation, set at 37" working height on adjustable feet, 1 HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase gear motor drive, designed/intended to provide accumulation capacity to handle temporary stops & surges on a container (bottles, cans, jars) conveyor line, needs safety guard over drive chain


62733- Brenton Engineering Company, 1 to 3 Lane Accumulator & Case Loader model PU, for 3 pound/5 pound sour cream & yogurt, hot melt glue sealer


78262p- Cap Snap Co., Rotary Cap Sorter/Unscrambler, stainless steel, currently set for 388mm screw caps & peel off caps, mounted on stainless steel frame 22" long x 23" wide x 40" tall, driven by 110 volt single phase 60 hertz motor, previously used in drinking water operation


47467p- Charles LaPierre Inc, 24" diameter Turn Table model TT24, 2" stainless steel rails, on carbon steel frame, 1/4 HP 110 volt motor, vari speed control box


51372p- Cozzoli, 48" diameter Accumulation Table, aluminum with stainless steel frame, unit complete with 115 volt AC input to DC converter for 1/4 HP 90 volt DC motor drive with motor speed controller, 20" x 13" x 1" feeder, 20" x 24" x 1" discharge, 20" x 15" manual infeed/discharge section, missing some side rails


81676- DL Tech, 36" Accumulation Table model DLLTTA36, stainless steel


81645- Elf, 5' Accumulation Disk model 60TT, food grade stainless steel disk top, stainless steel base/cabinet, tubular stainless steel frame & legs, underside wood disk backing, load bearing trunnions, presently set at 36" working height on locking rolling casters, rails can be added for use as single filer, variable speed controller for gear motor drive, 110 volt single phase electrical input


60550p- Garvey, 4' diameter Accumulating Table model 1500, stainless steel top, painted bottom, 3' high with 4.5" edge around top, discharge chute 30" wide x 18" deep, vari speed drive with on/off switch & plug in cord, 4 adjustable legs, 3/60/230/460 volt


81684- Gerhart Engineering, 60" Accumulation Table, stainless steel construction


71400p- Hartness Dynac, Spiral Accumulator, 4.5" carrier chain, 5 tier


79841p- Hoppman, Bottle Unscrambler model FRS-60, with elevating bottle pre-feeder & turret type bottle orienter, speed up to 240 BPM, last running 9 ounce, 11 ounce & 15 ounce oval shaped plastic bottles, optical sensing qualification, single files bottles onto conveyor with common orientation via star wheel, requires 115 vac single phase electrical supply & pneumatic air supply


52633p- Hoppmann Centrifugal, Unscrambler Feeder model RM36, small container, 36" rotary feed table with mechanical & pneumatic container orientating 110 volt variable speed with interfacing for bulk feed, stainless steel guarding with integral painted steel frame, formerly unscrambling lipstick containers


54899p- Hoppmann, Linear Bottle Unscrambler model FL100, fully automatic, linear container unscrambling design for plastic bottles, full hinged safety guards with Electro mechanical interlocks preventing open operation, large bulk hopper in stainless steel with feed elevator, 4.5" wide discharge conveyor with table top chain, formerly running 4 ounce cologne bottles


54912p- Hoppmann, Tube Unscrambler Orienter model RR, "Inline" series, dual driven rollers allowing thinner end of tube to fall between & become captured in wider end, rolls are set at angle to use gravity assistance & discharge thru separator screw dropping oriented tubes thru chute to cartoning, original factory controls, requires bulk feed from Hoppmann centrifugal feeder


74538- I&H, Bi-Directional Accumulation Table, stainless steel frame, plastic Intralox mat, 72" wide x 150" long, last used on a beverage line at Power Packaging.


72149p- Inline Accumulating Table, with single 24" x 40" Interlux white plastic belt, mounted in stainless steel conveyor frame with painted steel frame & adjustable floor feet (presently set at 36" floor height), single speed drive with 1/4 HP motor & gear reducer, conveyor chain driven with enclosed stainless steel guard, perimeter guard rails on both sides & at termination on conveyor belt, formerly used in food packaging


78968p- Inline Multi Directional Accumulation Table, stainless steel, equipped with approximate 5" wide x 84" long infeed section, 3 additional lanes each approximately 1" wide x 32" guides for 5 & 10mm bottles, food grade chain belt, independently driven motors each 1/2 HP 1750 RPM 90 volt, united mounted on stainless steel frame, on casters


35663p- Island Equipment, 24" diameter Rotary Accumulation Table, stainless steel, GE 1/4 HP drive with variable speed pulley system & independent gear box, cabinet style base with dual removable service doors, screw down adjustable legs, cabinet is pre-drilled for table guide rail mountings (not included), former application pharmaceutical.


60549p- Island Equipment, 3' diameter Accumulating Table model 36, stainless steel top, carbon steel cabinet, slide lever to manually adjust table speed, 3/60/230/460 volt


60547p- Island Equipment, 3' diameter Accumulating Table, stainless steel top, carbon steel base, 1.5" band around table top, manual vari-speed adjustment from inside cabinet, 3/60/220 volt, adjustable screw type legs, 3' high table


56795p- Island Equipment, Inline Bottle/Can Unscrambler, with manual unloading table, 21" wide x 20" deep in stainless steel, 20" wide x 19" deep stacking elevator with 4.5" high side guides, operated from twin screw jacks with single Reliance drive with electric brake & gear reducer, 34" wide x 64" long conveyor belt with 9 manually adjustable lane guides receives manually unloaded containers, 3.25" wide table top chain conveyor (stainless steel body) receives discharged bottles & flow is controlled via oscillating discharge gate, all drives, controls & wiring UL listed for hazardous locations under Class I, Group D, Class II, Group E, F & G, formerly used in butane packaging


79846p- Island Equipment, Rotary Turn Table, 12" diameter, all stainless steel construction, table chain driven by Bovine 1/12 HP motor & gear reducer at 30 RPM for final maximum table speed of 20 RPM, Bodine variable speed controller with 120 volt single phase power requirement, single floor pedestal mounting with telescoping post set at 33.5" floor height, formerly used in branded cosmetic packaging


81678- Kalish, Accumulation Table model 7540, stainless steel construction, 1/6 HP 120 volt


80441p- Kaps All, 48" Rotary Accumulation Table model FS-U-48, table stainless steel, frame carbon steel, table sits 33" off the ground, variable speed controls, requires 110 volt single phase electrical supply


78758p- Karl Kiefer, Manual Turntable, stainless steel, "Lazy Susan" type, 48" diameter x 4" high brim, mounted on 6" casters, cast painted steel base, all stainless steel top with polished finish


79844p- Karl Klement Co. Ltd., Random Bottle Unscrambler model KK10S, "Kwik Sort", all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction, bottle feed elevator, 40" diameter centrifugal primary sorting disk, compressed air bottle cleaner with "Seal Kleen" air filter & Herbert Products static eliminator, suction blower mounted in hopper for collection of dislodged dust under cleaning station with intake screen & facilities for exhaust filter, operator control panel, safety interlocked doors in hinged acrylic, 115 volt single phase, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


56794p- Madon Machinery, Rotary Turntable, 54" diameter, 13" floor height, 3 underside, heavy duty table support casters with 1 operating as drive caster, 1/4 HP, 1725 RPM, 208/220/3 phase main drive with gear reducer, estimated weight capacity 5000 pounds


60552p- Nercon, Accumulating Table & Unscrambler, 4' x 53" with (32) 1" lanes, belt 3" wide plastic, belting side by side without spacing, (5) 1/3 HP Reliance gear head motors 3/60/230/460/1725 RPM TEFC, 2" stainless steel legs, table all stainless steel, stainless steel electrical control box, 39" high table, Allen Bradley vari speed controller that changes the speed of all belts, 1 belt runs in 1 direction, the other opposite direction


70656p- Nercon, Bi-Directional Accumulation Table model S.O. 8140 Seagram, 6' x 20' stainless steel, uses plastic interlink belt & sweep bar to ensure complete unloading, currently infeed height 41", overall dimensions 93" x 240", belt driven by 1 HP 450/2250 RPM Sew Eurodrive thru 178.96:1 ratio reducer for 2.5/12.5 RPM output, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


70655p- Nercon, Bi-Directional Accumulation Table with transfer conveyor, rectangular, 72" wide x 500" long accumulating area, belt constructed of interlocking plastic, frame constructed of stainless steel, 1 HP motor drives the belt, transfer conveyor constructed of stainless steel, transfer conveyor is made up of 3 stainless steel belts, belts 7.5" wide x 135" long, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


74126- New England Machine, Bottle Unscrambler/Orienter model NEHCL-100AJ, with rotary feeder


79839p- New England Machinery Inc., Bottle Unscrambler model NEHLB-72L, for 1 gallon F style bottles, unit constructed of 304 stainless steel, bowl 72" across, capable of 625 CPM, bottle orienter model SO-37540 to align bottles prior to filling (S/N 9203), bottle feeder model N/L (S/N 7752), feeder has 138" long x 95" wide & 33" deep hopper with 36" wide bottle elevator to feed unscrambler bowl, belt has 4" cleats on 18" center, belts driven by 90 VDC variable speed 1/2 HP motors, requires 220 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supply


70856p- New England Machinery Inc., Random Bottle Unscrambler model NEH-100 E, all stainless steel, fully automatic, 32" diameter primary container sorter, 115 volt single phase with all variable speed 90 volt DC drives, operator control panel features speed controls for hopper/feeder (not included) bowl orienter & discharge, E stop, power indicator light, stop, door opened indicator light, full see thru safety enclosure with Electro mechanical interlocks, last used in personal care product packaging


79838p- New England Machinery Inc., Unscrambler & Bottle Orienter model NEWHBTCL-7-L, heavy duty, ideal for a wide range of sizes & types of plastic containers for 24/7 applications & up to an estimated 625 containers per minute high speed operations, 60" diameter sorter bowl & stainless steel hopper/elevator, bottle elevator has 34.5" wide belt with 4" flights 12" apart, bottle hopper 60" wide x 84" long x 32" deep, uses sensors to correct rotation of container, requires 205-240 vac 3 phase electrical supply, 5-15 CFM at 80 PSI air supply & transfer conveyor


79840p- New England Machinery Inc., Unscrambler model NEHHBTCL-72, high speed, 72" diameter sorter bowl, anodized aluminum & 304 stainless steel construction, adjustable discharge height 36" +/- 2", equipped with bottle hopper with 20" wide belt with 4" flights, 12" apart, hopper 48" wide x 48" long x 32" deep, last used on plastic oval sauce bottle, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


79239p- New England Machinery, Bottle Unscrambler model NEH-200AJ, fully automatic random, all stainless steel construction, designed for non-tapered containers & fully adjustable for wide range of sizes up to 400 CPM, large capacity bulk hopper elevator model 40CFTHE (S/N 8695), 47" diameter primary centrifugal sorter, factory controls with DC variable speed drives on all drives, 115 volt single phase, air required for sorting assist, feed hopper 52" x 52" x 32" deep with agitator & plastic lined bottom for noise control, 2" wide hopper brim on all access sides, 20" wide feed belt with 4" high bolt on cleats at 14" centers (belt pre-punched for additional cleats or changes to arrangements), OAD with feeder 16' long x 6' wide x 10' high, formerly used in food packaging


74127- New England, Bottle Unscrambler model NEHCL-250AJ, capable of speeds of 250 bottles/minute, approximate 36" diameter sorting bowl with controls with stainless steel bottle elevator with hopper


76600p- New Way Packaging Inc., Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler model QC-36, all stainless steel construction with polished finish, 36" diameter primary centrifugal sorting disk, rated for approximate 200 BPM dependent on container profile, formerly sorting 8 ounce cylindrical containers, machine #51, 110 volt single phase power required with compressed air, hinged side access doors on opposed sides in smoke tinted acrylic with safety switches preventing operation while open, external operator station with stop/start & variable speed controls for all functions, all stainless steel integrated feed elevator with bulk hopper in close profile location, formerly running 8 ounce cylindrical containers in personal care product packaging


77298p- No Tolerance Inc., 42" Rotary Accumulating Table, heavy duty frame constructed of painted square tubing with motor deck & 4 stainless steel removable access panels, Leeson .25 HP motor & gear reducer timing belt driving table shaft, 90 volt DC with Minarik externally mounted speed controller, 115 volt single phase, mounted on 4 threaded floor feet, turn table supported by 6 stainless steel arm spanner & bolted to table, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


66761p- O.ZA.F, Cap Sorter/Unscrambler, 32" diameter, all stainless steel construction, numerous internal spirals, 1" high on 1" to 2" spacing, machine type Grupo Alimentaz, 220 volt 60 hertz, internal air jets on each spiral, dual hinged Plexiglas type links with 8" x 5" feed opening, dual discharge 1.5" wide x 32" long, photo eye sensors


66764p- O.ZA.F., Cap Sorter/Unscrambler model 800, machine type 470, 33" diameter bowl, 6 spiral rows on 1" to 1.5" spacing, numerous air ports mounted along internal bowl, 220 volt 50 hertz, all stainless steel construction, dual hinged Plexiglas lids with 6" x 6" feed opening on 1 side, start/stop control box


78155- Omega Design, Bottle Unscrambler model 3DERP1-8, with rotary bottle feeder


78156- Omega Design, Unscrambler model 4D-2RP-15, capable of speeds up to 300 containers per minute, capable of handling plastic & glass bottles up to 64 ounce, 48" diameter sorting bowl fed by Omega stainless steel bulk bottle elevator, 100" discharge height, 12" wide belt with 2" tall paddles set on 12" centers, 38" x 44" hopper, 20 amp single phase/60/120 volt


78261p- Omega, Bottle Sorter/Unscrambler model 2D-JH, rated for bottles up to 24 ounces with capacity of 100-400 bottles per minute, start/stop switch, mounted on mild steel frame with plastic swinging doors


66763p- Omega, Bottle Unscrambler model 2D-JH, 120 volt single phase, 24" x 12" deep chamber, 2" adjustable discharge, spiral vacuum model SL2P2, main control box with emergency stop, speed controller for main drive, digital display counter


78152- Omega, Bottle Unscrambler model 4D-LP-CR, stainless steel construction, on base


66765p- Omega, Bottle Unscrambler System model 3DJH, with hopper feeder 38" diameter x 10", bottle size 28" diameter x 3-3/4" long, stainless steel frame


76765- Pace, Bottle Unscrambler model M400 DSUU, speeds up to 200 bottles/minute, right hand orientation, stainless steel enclosure with stainless steel bulk bottle hopper with elevator driven by .5 HP DC motor, unscrambler disk with rotary bumper, air rinse with blower, side belts & controls


60440p- Pace, Empty Bottle Unscrambler model M600, stainless steel live bottom hopper, 16" x 25' elevator


79845p- Pace, Fully Automatic Random Bottle Unscrambler model M300, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction, rated up to 300 BPM, self contained bottle hopper & elevator to 36" diameter centrifugal sorter, pneumatic bottle cleaning station with static eliminator, suction blower for waste removal, factory control panel operates on 120 volt single phase, hinged service panels along unscrambling line with electro mechanical safety interlocks to prevent open operation, downstream back up eye shuts down machine, OAD 10' long x 60" deep x 78" high, formerly used in pharmaceutical service for cold remedy container


76055p- Palace Packaging Machines, Fully Automatic Finger Pump Unscrambler model CB-42/H-15, designed to automatically unscramble 24mm finger pump with threaded closure, pump safety lock & 95mm dip tube measured from bottom of cap, 42" diameter centrifugal sorter with individual disk & sorting ring drives, pneumatic sorting jets & photo eye control for feed elevator, short belt conveyor discharge moving pump longitudinally to 24" long "Uniplace" orienting rolls on adjustable mounting with independent drive designed to orient pump with dip tube up from tapered cap, inverting feed chute captures pump to transport to end of chute using pneumatic jets & vibrator, bulk hopper & inclined feed elevator powered from sorter control panel, 115 volt single phase, unit shows no evidence of use, formerly designed for cosmetic packaging


76763- Palace, Bottle Unscrambler model D-48/PB, 48" diameter rotary bottle feeder with bottle kicker, Allen Bradley Micro logic 1000 PLC controller, 3300 watts 220 volt, enclosure


41575p- Pneumatic Scale, Accumulation Table, rectangular bi-directional, 48" x 62" accumulating area was used as uncasing area, equipped with poly manifold to collect dust & loose particles from emptied cases, equipped with pusher bar to feed on to 4" table conveyor line, belt is constructed of steel wire mesh, requires 230 vac 3 phase electrical supply, carbon steel


81484p- Ron Unger Engineering, 48" Rotary Accumulation Table model 900-48U, 24" wide inlet/discharge, table & outside parameter guides stainless steel, guides, frame & frame side panels carbon steel, table sits at 32" off ground, Leeson Speed Master variable speed controller requires 115 vac single phase electrical supply, overall 72" x 60" x 48"


81485p- Ron Unger Engineering, 48" Rotary Accumulation Table model 900-48U, 24" wide inlet/discharge, table stainless steel, guides, frame & frame side panels carbon steel, table currently sits at 36" off ground with adjustable legs, Leeson Speed Master variable speed controller requires 115 vac single phase electrical supply, overall 72" x 60" x 48"


76599p- Rotary Accumulating Table, 31" stainless steel, mounted on all stainless steel cabinet base (1 service door required), 1/4 HP drive by Baldor operating on 90 volt DC (speed controller required), table perimeter guide rails (approximate 75%) & over head bridge with container diverter, mounted on threaded legs allowing 36" to 38" floor height, formerly used in bottled water packaging, manufacturer unknown


73868p- Rotary Accumulating Table, 47" diameter, cabinet style base with bolt on service doors, full stainless steel perimeter bottle guide rails with single table entry point, 110/single phase operating voltage, single speed approximate 6 RPM, wood composite table with white Formica top & side trim, approximate 2" thick table, formerly used in food ingredients


82856p- Rotary Accumulating Table, 48" diameter, all stainless steel, polished pharmaceutical grade finish, approximate 1/3 HP DC motor & 50 to 1 gear reducer directly driving table, KB electronics "Penta Power" DC speed controller in Nema 4X/IP65 enclosure with on/off & speed controller externally mounted on table frame, 115/230/single phase voltage (wired 115 service), table has 75% perimeter rail on 4 adjustable mountings, 4 polymer support rollers on adjustable mounting under table, open style support frame, mounted on threaded floor feet, table at 37.5" floor height & lowest to 35.5", formerly used in nutritional packaging


65815- Rotary Accumulating Table, stainless steel, 44" diameter stainless steel circular table with 4.5" lip, 36" high on painted steel tri pod frame, 1/2 HP single phase motor


66594p- Rotary Accumulation Table, 35" diameter, table top constructed of stainless steel & frame constructed of carbon steel, table driven by 1/4 HP 1725 RPM motor, working height 36.25", requires 208-220/440 vac 3 phase electrical supply


61905p- Rotary Accumulation Table, 35" diameter, table top constructed of stainless steel, frame constructed of carbon steel, driven by 1/4 HP 1725 RPM motor, working height 36.25", requires 3/208/220/440 vac electrical supply, stainless contact parts.


52629p- Rotary Table, 24" diameter, with stainless steel polished top & aluminum backing, 1/8 HP drive by Boston Gear, 90 volt DC, direct coupled to double reduction gear reducer with mounting feet


51026p- Rotary Turntable, stainless steel, 8" diameter, 3 leg base with vertical post, adjustable mount to attach to conveyor or worktable, variable speed DC drive with external Dayton speed controller & stainless steel enclosure yielding 1 to 36 RPM table speed, floor height at table from 33 to 40" without modification, formerly used in ethical pharmaceuticals packaging


47293p- Sardee, Accumulation Table model 3500, 48" x 222" rectangular, plastic mesh conveyor belt, carbon steel frame, pneumatically operated product gate, variable speed 1 HP SEW Eurodrive, 60" x 240" overall dimensions, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, does not have legs


82387p- Simplex, 36" Rotary Accumulating Table, with approximate 1/3 HP drive & gear reducer, 115 volt single phase, painted steel frame with stainless steel polished covers, adjustable floor height from 30" to 36", table speed approximate 4 RPM, mounting brackets for perimeter guard rails, formerly used in food packaging


63872- Sorting Table, 30" diameter, all stainless steel, 37" high top rotators model 30, 37" high on 3 legs 2" square with casters, top is 2 stainless steel sheets 1-1/4" apart, table top rotates


53334p- Table Top Accumulator, 3' L x 28" W, (2) 28" L x 12" W side conveyors & (1) 2' L x 3-1/4" W central conveyor, equipped with start/stop jog switch, unit on 4 adjustable height legs, last used in pharmaceutical operation, 46" L x 40" W x 46" H overall dimensions


82081p- Table Top Belt Accumulation Conveyor, equipped with 140" wide x 48" long flat top Intralox conveyor, 6" x 112" parallel side conveyor shoot with drive, no belt, top mounted vertically oriented 6" x 36" push belt, array of guide attachments, Snycrogear motor & reducer, on stainless steel base frame with height adjustable legs, overall size 150" long x 93" wide x 51" high, 190/360 3 phase electrical required


59645p- Tolke, Bottle Unscrambler, stainless steel construction


65773- Turn Table, stainless steel, 44" diameter, 4.5" high lip, 36" high, on 3 leg center post frame


55702p- Unscrambler Disk, 48" diameter, stainless steel disk with a mild frame, 110 volt gear head motor drive


55705p- Unscrambler, 36" diameter turn table, stainless steel disc, mild steel frame, 1/2 HP gear head motor, 220/440 volt


79862p- Unscrambler/Turn Table, 48" diameter, stainless steel, 110 volt Leeson motor control


59646p- Zanasi, Bottle Unscrambler type L34, 220 volt, 2 amp, 60 hertz, 40110Nr



Commercial Accumulating Tables and Unscramblers for your bottle filling line.

Schier Company Inc. offers a wide variety of accumulating tables and unscramblers for your filling line needs. We have several sizes and styles to choose from.

Call today for a quotation.

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