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Agitator Types

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Agitators come in a variety of types. Below are pictures of some of the basic types of agitators. When requesting equipment with agitators please specify what type will be needed.

 side and bottom scrape.jpg Side and Bottom Scrape-Designed to ensure complete scraping of sidewall and bottom eliminating product burn-on or freeze-on. Increases heat transfer efficiency by moving product across the heat transfer surface sidewall and bottom.

  side and bottom sweep.jpg  Side and Bottom Sweep - An anchor type agitator consisting of bottom and side blades providing close clearance to the sidewall while promoting rapid heat transfer and reducing localized burn-on or freeze-on.

   bottom sweep.jpg Bottom Sweep - Consisting of large diameter paddle sweeping across the tank bottom, lifting the product and pushing it ahead with a horizontal and vertical mixing action. Ensures thorough mixing and aids in unloading product.

side scrape botton sweep.jpg Side Scrape and Bottom Sweep -The agitation system combines a low level sweep paddle with a circumferential scraper. The cupped bottom blade ensures a homogenous product mix and an even temperature distribution while scrapers continually expose new product to the sidewall, providing rapid heat transfer and eliminating film buildups which might burn or freeze on the sidewall surface.

vertical offset.jpg Vertical Offset- These agitation systems incorporate multiple paddles or turbines in an off-center tank mounting. This configuration eliminates the need for baffles and guarantees thorough top-to-bottom pumping of product, producing complete movement of the entire body of the product in your tank. This application system is ideal for applications in a tank with a height to diameter ratio greater than one to one.

side entry agitation.jpg  Side Entering Agitator- Consists of a direct drive horizontal propeller which provides thorough bottom to top pumping of product. This provides a gentle mixing of light and medium bodied products, assures good heat transfer, and ensures an adequate blending of liquids.

dual motion.jpg  Dual Motion - Provides fast efficient blending and heat transfer through the combination of slow speed scraper and a higher speed turbine assembly, rotating opposite each other. Designed to ensure complete movement of viscous product in the tank, not just in the area of the impeller.

ribbon blender.jpg   Ribbon Blender - Triple action agitation ensures thorough blending and mixing with capacities from 13 to 106 cubic feet. Product is moved simultaneously in opposite directions while the mixing action of the ribbon moves the product across the heat transfer surface completing the blending or heat transfer process.

portable mixer.jpg  Portable Mixer- Utilizing single or dual, high-flow propellers driven directly or through a 5:1 gear box, these mixers are applicable to a wide range of products and tank volumes. The universal clamp mounting makes them ideal for most simple open tank mixing problems.


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