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Bag or Pouch Filler

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74367p- Action Pac Scales & Automation, Weigh Filler Sorter, all stainless steel construction, stainless steel split hopper, dropping to (4) 18" diameter A1 Automation sorters, feeding to weigh scale dimpled buckets for filling, feed elevator with cleated belt conveyor, previously used to sort & fill celery into packages, can be used on other small diameter, elongated products, complete with digital controls


58440p- All Packaging Machinery, Semi Automatic Bagger model SBP14, for wicket bags, designed for 6" to 12.5" wide bags, complete with blower to open bags, unit operated on 110 volt, rated to hold up to 300 bags & capable of up to 30 BPM, suitable for wicket & saddle pack bags


67941p- AMI Top Zip, Resealable Packaging System model D2500-25, affixes a zipper along top, short side of polyethylene packages, can run up to an estimated 60 bags per minute, zipper applicator can be used with any vertical bagger & can be used inline with form fill seal equipment, requires 220 vac 3 phase 20 amp electrical & 80 PSI pneumatic supplies


56885p- AMI Top Zip, Resealable Packaging System model D250025RH, affixes a zipper along the top, short side of polyethylene packages, can run up to an estimated 60 bags per minute, can be used with any vertical bagger & can be used inline with form fill seal equipment, recloseable zipper application currently set up for 1629 type zipper, includes Branson BCA 900 ultrasonic power supply, requires 220 vac 3 phase 20 amp electrical & 80 PSI pneumatic supplies, reclosable type bags


75145p- Auto Wrapper, Form Fill Seal Machine model RC100, producing round filter paper bags with tea leaves, coffee grounds or similar, previously used to fill 68mm bags with herbal tea leaves into heat sealable filter paper, cylindrical stainless steel tea dosing hopper, leading to filling/sealing rolls & then thru rotary cutter unit, 6" x 6' take away conveyor for bags & waste paper rollers, control panel with variable speed controls, digital temperature readout, batch counter, etc


36569p- Automated Packaging, Form Fill & Seal Packaging Machine model H, complete with scale mechanism, 4 lane feeding 2 heads each, Mira wrap series 10,000 model H2 1100, 2-3/4" filling heads


74734p- Bag Filling Line, previously used to fill powdered chemicals into 25-100 pound bags, Chantland model 4234 filler, with digital load scales, stainless steel contacts, with 10" x 6" opening to fill bags, mild steel pyramid shaped hopper to feed into filling head, bags are conveyed on 15' long V trough conveyor thru filler to Bemis band sealer for bags, includes 24" x 8' long take away belt conveyor & stainless steel table, with Torit model 90-219-H dust collector, with envelope style bags, housing 36" x 40" x 13' high, includes controls, was in working condition when removed from service


74735p- Bag Filling Line, previously used to fill powdered chemicals into 25-100 pound bags, Chantland model V-12 gravity filler with stainless steel contacts & digital load scales, mild steel pyramid shaped hopper to feed into filling head, bags are conveyed on V trough conveyor thru filler to Fischbein band sealers for bags, updated controls, was in working condition when removed from service, previously operated at approximate 100 bags/hour of free flow powders


52487p-New Bagging Bag Filling Table, 2 station fresh cut product, all stainless steel, 2 electronic washdown over/under type scales, each with remote readout heads mounted at eye level, each filling station consists of 6.25" diameter filling tube equipped with removable (can be replaced with larger or smaller funnel for different bag sizes) filling funnel, equipped with pneumatic bag holder, beneath bag holder 10" x 10" weigh cell platform which is adjustable to accommodate different bag heights, bagging table 40" long x 5' 9" wide & sides that taper from 14" high at back down to 6" high at front, operator hangs bag on filling funnel & engages bag holder by pressing button, operator then pulls product from table into filling tube until proper weight is made, operator disengages bag holder & removes bag


77049p- Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine model IM6, last running protein powder, complete with updated controls & safety light curtains, currently set to run 5.5" wide x 8" long bags, machine has bag size range of minimum 2" x 2", to maximum 4.75" x 9.5", painted mild steel frame, all contact parts stainless steel, in good condition


61955p- Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine model Packager IM7-14, for pouches, capable of speeds up to 100 PPM, equipped with Eagle 6 lane scales filling 2 pouches at a time, can form, fill, & seal pouch sizes ranging from 2" wide x 2" high to 5.75" wide x 9" high, last running 3 ounce pouches of chewing tobacco, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply. conventional motor, last operational 5 years ago, no zipper attachment


61954p- Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine model Packager IM7-14, for pouches, capable of speeds up to 100 PPM, equipped with Eagle 6 lane scales filling 2 pouches at a time, can form, fill, & seal pouch sizes ranging from 2" wide x 2" high to 5.75" wide x 9" high, last running 3 ounce pouches of chewing tobacco, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply. conventional motor, last operational 5 years ago, no zipper attachment.


61953p- Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine model Packager IM7-14, for pouches, capable of speeds up to 100 PPM, equipped with Eagle 6 lane scales filling 2 pouches at a time, can form, fill, & seal pouch sizes ranging from 2" wide x 2" high to 5.75" wide x 9" high, last running 3 ounce pouches of chewing tobacco, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply. conventional motor, last operational 5 years ago, no zipper attachment.


61952p- Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine model Packager IM7-14, for pouches, capable of speeds up to 100 PPM, equipped with Eagle 6 lane scales filling 2 pouches at a time, can form, fill, & seal pouch sizes ranging from 2" wide x 2" high to 5.75" wide x 9" high, last running 3 ounce pouches of chewing tobacco, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply, conventional motor, last operational 5 years ago, no zipper attachment.


71370p- Blair Fuehrer Inc., Single Head Auger Filler model D, powder filler has 1.5" auger, stainless steel hopper, agitated hopper scraper, stainless steel hopper has 7" x 3.25" oval & 9" x 5.5" oval inlet on top, measures 15" diameter x 14" deep cone, auger driven by 3/4 HP 1725 RPM motor & scraper driven by 1/3 HP 1725 RPM motor, requires 230/460-480 vac 3 phase & 120 vac electrical supply, used for filling both free & non-free flowing products into bags or pouches


47299p- Bosch, Form Fill & Seal Bagger model SVB-2500, fill up to 120 bags per minute, can do pillow, gusseted & block bottom bags, equipped with 5.5" diameter tube, comes with 14 head model CCW-S-212 Ishida scale, scale has a fill range of 8 to 16 ounce, serial #10220, built in 1995, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, max paper width 8.6", last use was snack chips in a pillow, no manual, 10' tall x 4' wide x 11' deep overall dimensions


48747p- Bosch, Form Fill & Seal Bagger model SVB-2500J, will fill up to 120 bags per minute, can do pillow, gusseted & block bottom bags, equipped with 5.5" diameter tube, comes with 14 head model CCW-S-212 Ishida scale, scale has fill range of 241-454 grams (S/N #10221, built in 1995), requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, no manual


65628p- Carousel type Depositor Filler for dry goods, 14 station mounted on chain drive, stainless steel funnels for directing materials onto product on lower conveyor (not included), funnels 7" diameter x 8" deep with 1-7/8" diameter discharge on bottom, less drive, designed to be driven off lower conveyor


74534p- Chantland, Auger type Net Weight Open Mouth Bag Filler model 4198FG Weighmaster II, stainless steel, with model 4220 bag placer for 50 pound style bags, previously filling lactose powder, product is delivered into an open mouth bag by an auger feeder connected to a "Weighed" spout, as the bag weight increases, a weight reading is registered when the weight reading is achieved, the auger feeder is stopped & the bag can be removed, empty bag indexing conveyor, full bag conveyor & bag sealer are not included. *Net weight filler is available without bag placer & is priced on application


81407p- Choice Bagging Equipment Inc., Bag Filler, pneumatic valve type, Stoker DX mechanical air packer (S/N R02018), weigh scale, air pulse filling design, timer board, last used filling 50 pound bags at 2 to 3 bags per minute, previously used in calcium carbonate operation, in good condition


57592- Circle/Paxall, Vertical Form Fill & Seal model V22, Sachet count system/take off conveyor, static eliminator, low film detection & splice detection, PLC controlled, auger product delivery system for 8 lanes of product, Servo driven motion controlled product feed auger provides accurate filling, 2 Servo motors per feeder drive 4 lanes each, machine capable of running a variety of heat & pressure sealable films, including water soluble composition, can also be integrated with a wide range of feeding systems


56551p- Continuous Bag Filler with 15 stations, semi automatic, unit includes feed section with stainless hopper & sealing section, designed for flat bottom rectangular bags, set up for 3" x 4-1/4" bags, 10" tall, unit has all stainless steel contact parts, mounted on stainless cabinet, manufacturer unknown


77010p- Cryovac, Form Fill & Seal Liquid Bag Filler model ONPAC 1005, with control panel


79793p- Cryovac, Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine model 2002B, capable of speeds up to 30 packages per minute depending on size & product viscosity, pouch size range from 6" to 12" wide x 8" to 24" long & pouch fill volume of 16 ounces to 256 ounces, unit all stainless steel with AB controls, will handle a broad range of pump able product (pump not included) with particulates up to 14" in size under hot or cold fill conditions, last running tomato based products, requires 230 vac 3 phase electrical, 90 PSI & 300 CFM of compressed air & 5 GPM of chilled water, priced to reflect some minor missing parts needed


44864p- Doran Scales, Scale Activated Bulk Box Loading System model 792, bulk stainless steel hopper with bolt on sound insulating panels, 3' wide x 4' x 4.5' deep with steel angle iron mounting frame, hopper fitted with 2 vibratory pan feeders operating in succession to discharge material with even flow in container on scale base, pneumatically operated settling table positioned following scale, formerly used to fill boxes with bulk gum base in food industry


43459p- Durant, Valve Bag Filler model 200, single spout, pneumatic actuated, with all stainless steel contact parts, complete with adjustable scale for filling to adjusted bag weight, unit is mounted on carbon steel frame, last run on plastic pellets


78960p- Elpack, Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine model EL-200, single forming tube, size 3.5" diameter, with 10" wide sealing jaw, previously filling 5-1/3 ounce bags with blueberry round cakes, 220 volt 3/60, v/a 3000


73008p- Eriez, 8 head Bag Filler model N4X-8FT-2D/115, style 9910734, stainless steel dry filler, 115 volt single phase, previously used at food processing facility


74044p- Exact Weight, Scale Filler, single bucket weight filler, stainless steel contact, with stainless steel feed hopper 20" x 20" x 20", with 3 pound capacity scale, mild steel


43457p- Express, Scale Bag Filling Line for open mouth bags, line includes Express scale filler model GMDT31E (S/N 068716), rated up to 115 pound capacity, adjustable height conveyor to Eaton Check weigher model UML44AABC with conveyor to pneumatic kicker & bag flattener, complete line last run on 50-100 pound bakery mixes, unit has digital adjustable electronic scale, digital controls on check weigher


51578p- Fishbein, Bag Gusset Forming Machine model BTF400, forms top of 50 to 100 pound powder bags, 440 volt power, operated with Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 PLC, includes V transfer conveyor, 7' long x 4' wide x 9' 6" high, order #B11331010000002


74045p- FMC, Pea & Bean Filler, 15 pocket, no tag, stainless steel contact, rotary filler with 3-3/4" diameter pockets, no infeed worm or star, mild steel base, parts machine


77439p- General Packaging Equipment, Vertical Single Tube Bagger model 70(A)P, hydraulically operated 9" wide sealing jaws & bag draw, bag flattening station, on board liquid chiller & recirculation pump, 220 volt 3 phase, 60 cycle 18 amp, control voltage 120 volt single phase, 18 amp, APS P100 hot stamp coder, factory control panel features main power, drive & pump power, high & low speed range adjustments, Cello/poly control, Omron back & end seal digital temperature controls, end/back seal heat adjustments, manual auto control & E stop, painted steel cabinet construction with hinged service doors & see thru safety covers, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


77367p- Gross Weight Bagging Machine, for open mouth bags with CB900P digital electronic weighing, feeder inlet 11.5" x 12", mouth size, unit driven by pneumatic cylinder for fast loading & vibrating tray for fine loading, no nameplate.


81734p- Guangdong Yuedong Mechanical, Pouch Filler model LZCX-24ZD, capable of up to 240 pouches per minute fill rate with adjustable fill size between 4-12 fluid ounces, currently set to fill 8 fluid ounces spouted pouches, previously used in beverage operation


75851p- Hayssen Paragon, Twin Tube Form, Fill & Seal Bagger model Twin 2540 SF, with belt pull down, 11" wide sealing jaws.


79446- Hayssen Ultima, Form Fill & Seal Bagger model 95-16HK, single tube bagger, with vacuum pull down, 11'' wide sealing jaws


69244- Hayssen, Edge Vertical Form Fill & Seal, equipped with AB SLC 500 controller, nitrogen flush, desiccant feeder, 115 volt single phase 60 hertz approximate 30A GFCI, supply clean dry air with minimum of 65 PSI 3.5 SCFM at 10 bags per minute (currently running at 21 bags/minute, will run faster depending on product & pouch length), machine set up for 12" wide foil with corresponding forming tube, electric eye registration for registration mark on foil, current bag size 5.5" x 4.4", sealing jaw 13" wide x 1/2" seal width, last running medical device into pouch being fed with inclined cleated belt conveyor


77633p- Hayssen, Form Fill Seal Bagger model 95-16HR, vacuum pull down belts, 12" wide seal bar, Markem coder


43458p- Howe Richards, Bag Filling Line model G17, open mouth bags, 350 pound capacity, driven by 3 HP 208/230/460 volt, 1750 RPM 3 phase drive to torque reducer, maximum input speed is 1974 RPM with 14:1 ratio


77473p- Ilapak Vegatronic 2000 Rotatable S, Form Fill & Seal Machine, previously filling dehydrated chips into various bags, capabilities of 16 different sizes of bags, change parts for 3 ounce bags (3 side seal + gusset, 225mm W x 175mm L), Kraft paper laminate & 1 ounce bags (pillow type, 6" W x 9" L), Kraft paper laminate, fed by Yamato model DW ADW510A automatic combination scale, rated 40-45 PPM for 3 ounce bags & 70-80 PPM on 1 ounce bags, system includes gas flush system, bridging detector, horizontal & vertical jaws, print registration, touch screen controls, etc.


79209p- Ilapak, Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Machine model Delta 2000 LD.B, stainless steel, right hand (product flow left to right), heavy duty long dwell machine, touch pad keyboard controller, multi axis drive technology with independent drives for product infeed, fill power drive back seal rollers & long dwell sealing head, no bag/no product detection, misplaced product detection, 800mm roll holder, single film roll holder & gas flush lance, set up for 9" long x 3" diameter, 60 PPM pillow style packages


75853p- Ishida, Form Fill & Seal model Atlas 202R-ITRS, with vacuum belt pull down 13-3/4" wide sealing jaws.


82545- Keepack, Single Tube Form Fill & Seal Bagger model KEB-18-T, single tube bagger with belt pull down, 7" wide sealing jaws, Mark Image Smart Date C40 coder, control panel 220 volt, forming tube 3.5" diameter


69435- Kelly Perry, Semi Automatic Bag Filler, with vibratory scale feeders, 36" long x 20" wide x 8" deep hopper feeds to 10" wide vibratory feeders, feeders empty thru scale system into galvanized cone with 3" diameter outlet for filling containers, gate is operated by foot pedal, requires 115 vac single phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, overall dimensions 70" long x 24" wide x 105" high


61956p- KHS Klockner Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine model RPML, with zipper applicator, capable of speeds up to approximately 75 PPM, 3" gusset, unit can form & seal pouch sizes up to 8" wide x 14" tall, 40.5" outlet height, overall dimensions 220" long x 70" wide x 77" tall, requires 480 vac 3 phase electrical supply, bags from rolls of film


74755p- Laudenberg, Form Fill Seal Bagger type FBM-22, roll stock bagger for production & filling of stand up pouches, with zipper attachment, rated up to 130 pouches per minute, stainless steel cabinetry, touch screen controls, last running 6 ounce & 8 ounce bags at 80 to 120 BPM & 1 pound bags at 100 to 120 BPM


70804p- Nambuk Industrial Corp., Autopack Form Fill Seal Machine, set up to fill liquids into pouches, 4" wide web, includes 10" diameter x 12" high Supvex glass product vessel


79685p- Oden Servo, Liquid Filling Machine, volumetric gear pump liquid filler for water like products to extremely viscous semi liquids, industry applications, manufacturer rates for fills from 1/3 ounce up to 5 gallons, standard gear pump rated for accuracies +/- .5% dependent upon dose size & product characteristics, 3A sanitary for USDA food grade process applications, no tool easy disassembly, 21.5" diameter x 27" deep stainless steel conical infeed hopper, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel product contacts, all stainless steel bench top filler, sitting on removable painted steel stand, automatic & semi automatic modes, foot switch for semi automatic operation, could be automatically actuated by electronic eye or other relay/signal, 5/8" diameter cut off valve (no drip), cable connected NEMA 4 stainless steel remote operator control panel with micro touch control pad, variable pump speed control & capable of volume, adjustment on the fly


82205p- Ohlson Packaging, Bulk Bag Scale Filler model 1XLS-SS, all stainless steel sanitary, weighing range 2 to 50 pounds, maximum speed 15 WPM, weigh hopper approximate 2 cubic foot, polished finish, primary 15" x 30" vibratory pan feeder by Syntron with dual model BF2-A generators, secondary feeder 15" x 32" with central longitudinal divider & top dribble trough, each half of secondary feeder has pneumatically operated gating device, dual Syntron model BF2-A vibration generators, factory control panel, approximate 2 cubic foot weighing hopper 20" x 15" x 18" deep with single pneumatically operated dump door, pneumatically operated bag clamping device for open mouth bag, 120 volt single phase, formerly used in cheese packaging


79684p- Ohlson, Net Weigh Filler model 2L2-SS, 2 lane linear scale, bulk & dribble vibratory filler/feeder, for filling & feeding dry, granular & free flowing particulate food products/ingredients by weight, 2 lanes with 2 scales, manufacturer rated for 22 pound capacity per scale, manufacturer rated for up to 30 weighs per minute, with timing adjustable t allow for double stroke fills up to 44 pounds & approximately 7 ounce minimum weigh capability per scale, bulk system infeed hopper 8" wide x 38" long with inverted V center anti-bridging diverter, over vibrating flat trough 12" deep x 15" wide x 48" long, scale feed section hopper 17.5" wide x 17.5" long at 77" infeed height, with center V divider separating product flow to 2 lanes, flat bottomed bulk & dribble feed pans, each with (2) 5.5" deep x 5.5" wide x 22" long lanes with shut off flaps for each lane at discharge (2 pans with 4 lanes each with flap), dual weigh scale buckets each 9" long x 12" wide & tapering from 7" to 9" deep, drop into individual chutes that drop into individual discharge spouts tapering to 3.5" wide, each weigh bucket has it's own individual weigh cell, discharges could be combined into single discharge outlet, manufacturer rated for scale accuracy +/- .5-1 gram, 6" touch screen operator control interface with multiple pre-set programs with PLC, 110 volt single phase 7 amp electrical input, pneumatically actuated lane flaps & weigh bucket doors require compressed air 1 CFM at 60 PSI, 110" infeed height to bulk feed hopper, 19.5" discharge height from discharge spouts, all food grade stainless steel product contacts & support frame


82715p- Omag, Round Tea Bag Packing Machine model CONF DOS C3/3-R-S, designed to fill dry tea into filter bags & place filter bags into foil pouches, continuous motion vertical packaging machine, machine #1629, nitrogen flush option, set up for approximate 3" diameter pods


74048p- Pac Mac, Form Fill Seal Bagger model 9200, single tube bagger with belt pull down, 11" wide sealing jaws, 5" diameter forming tube, control panel


69341p- Package Machine Co., Vertical Single Tube Form Fill Seal Machine model Transpack II, 12" wide film seal jaws, 5" forming tube, 3 HP 230 volt motor, 1kw heater


73015p- Packline, Rotary Pouch Filler Sealer model PDP-4, rated for 20-40 pouches/minute, currently set up for semi viscous products, all stainless steel construction, rotary filling station with piston fillers, leading to bag clamp/sealing section with heat seal jaws, set up for pre-made stand up pouches with 3 sides already sealed & top opened for filling & sealing, last run at 18 BPM (10 liters/minute), previously filling liquid detergents from 300ml-940ml, capable of running powders with change parts added


47799p- Pak Rapid, Pouch Bagger model AH8, continuous rotary motion for high speed pouch bagging, seals 4 sides of package & cuts to desired length, variable speed control, independent variable temperature control for side & end seal, rapid package size change, web in feed system with product location marking device, cartridge heating elements in rotary seal heads, package discharge conveyor belt, central lubrication system, 2005/2006 original seal controllers were replaced with new digital controllers from the factory, packaging size range is length 3" minimum to infinite maximum & width 2" minimum to 8" maximum, speed up to 100 packages per minute (depending on package size & material), voltage 220 volt AC single phase with 110 volt neutral/20 amp, 80 PSI air pressure


57593p- Pak Rapid, Single Lane Pouch Bagger model HC, 10' long bucket conveyor, high speed operation, up to a maximum of 400 packs per minute (depending on seal head size & material), variable speed drive, forms/fills/seals in continuous operation, 4" x 5" outer dimensions 3" x 4" inner dimensions pouch size, 120 volt AC & 240 volt AC/single phase/20 amp, last used to package military can openers


593p- Patriot, Bag Filler model FP1, poly pouch, 10 ounce to 1 liter, length 3" minimum, 12" maximum, width 4.5" minimum, 8-5/8" maximum, up to 80 per minute.


79704p- Powell Systems, Box/Case Filler, all stainless steel construction, control panel, mounted on stainless steel frame, previously used in food operation


81156p- Prodo Pak, Form Fill & Seal Filler model H-130, currently set for 3 sided seals on pouches, package size range from 1.5" x 1.5" to 5" x 5.25" with maximum capacity of 110 PPM, capable of running powders & granular products, AMS auger filler, previously used in nutraceutical operation (protein powder), has seen barely any use


57564p- Rotary Bag Filler with 4 stations, semi automatic, includes vibratory feeder to dump gate discharge, designed for bags 4-1/4" x 3" x 10" tall, manual bag placement & removal with foot pedal actuated dump, has all stainless steel contact parts, last used filling coffee in bags, manufacturer unknown


79181p- Roure, Vertical Form, Fill & Seal model TA(TUBOPAC-225), for blocked bottom bags, photocell correction foil, conveyor with holder for cartons bag in box, doser itself excluded, manual available, up to 100 bags per minute, bag sizes 50-360mm long x 60-225mm wide, foil width 345mm, 2000 gram filling volume, hot fill capable for cream cheese, 3861 production hours, 5kw 230/400 volt 50 hertz, 2.50m x 1.30m x 2.20m, weighs 830kg


71578p- Scholle, Bag Filler, single head, 5 gallon capacity, Durant touch pad control, pneumatic logic, on stainless steel stand, has a flowmeter, it will not fill a bag with a hose on the bag


81330p- Scholle, Bag In Box Filler, all stainless steel contacts, 9 bag filler, capable of filling (4) 6 gallon containers per minute, with controls, mounted on stainless steel stand, previously used in wine making operation


81709p- Smurfit Socar, Semi Automatic Bag in Box Filler model AF9P, will run bags from 3 liter to 30 liter, can be used for filling liquids, preformed bags with spout, currently Vitop tap spout, takes spout, fills bags & Nitrogen injection to preserve contents & closes bag, with sterile air filter, safety screen, electromagnetic flow meter & Omron PLC to control operations, 400 volt 50 hertz, dimensions 1.10x1.10x2.20m, weighs 250kg.


79447p- Sonoco, Flexible Bag Filler, no tag, stainless steel contact, single head filler, with 26'' x 36'' long stainless steel roller table.


43461p- St Regis, Bag Packer Filler, pneumatic, single spout valve, 2" diameter, Chromalox controller (S/N 910), 120 volt, 100 watt, showing feed gate, chamber exhaust, bag discharge & bleeder controls, unit has been sandblasted & painted, missing some parts


73751p- Taylor Products, Bag Filler, model TE100 electronic small bagging scale & T4000 weight controller, TE100 electronic, self correcting, small bagging scale, using single load cell, includes cabinet, shut off gate, dribble gate, load cell, control box, FRL assembly, spout, clamp arms, etc., T4000 controller includes LCD panel, key pad, cable & electrical enclosure, system was used sparingly & in like new condition


78253p- Thiele, Automatic Bulk Bagger model 7134A, for open mouth pinch bottom style bags with Fres-Co bag sealer, capable of packaging 20-100 pounds of products, system includes Thiele model 6161 net weight scale filler with feeder, empty bag magazine & automated hander, bag sealer & conveyor with control panels, Fres-Co poly bag sealer, works well for granular products, Thiele rated 3/60/460 volt, Fres-Co rated single phase/50/60/220 volt


79449p- Triangle Pulse Matic, Form Fill & Seal Bagger model S71PD, single tube bagger, 10'' wide sealing jaws, control panel, with 5 forming tubes


75854p- Triangle, Linear Scale Filler model 3 Bucket Flexitron 1600, stainless steel contact parts, with hopper infeed, control panel, includes table top chain conveyor, 4.5" wide, last used for canning nuts.


9730p- Triangle, Pulsamatic Form Fill & Seal Filler model S5C, single spout, complete with 3 scales model A3H2M, unit includes discharge conveyor to turntable station, last running 10.5" wide web on nuts & candies


60160p- Universal, 3 Pod Vertical Drop Scale Feeder Filler, fill tube not included, 220 volt 3 phase, all stainless steel sanitary contact, with dribble controls, will interface with vertical former/sealer bagger unit, equipped with vibratory fines removal trough, pneumatically operated for bulk feed to dribble into each scale, 8 cubic/foot top pre-feed, scale range 3.5 ounce to 10kg


52064p- Upper Limits, Bagger Sealer model M300, with PC, units were originally designed to run fruit based products, will run different size pouches.


77638p- UVA Packaging, Form Fill & Seal Bagger type N-400, machine #2012533, 480 volt, vacuum belt pull down, 18" wide sealing bar, stainless steel construction, large forming tube for 20 pound bags, rated up to 120, Allen Bradley touch screen controls, spare formers


59180p- Volpak, Horizontal Pouch Filler model S140, with model DS303 dual head filler, 140mm x 200mm maximum pouch format, up to 300cc fill, rated up to 100 pouches per minute with model AKL90 Autotherm heating/cooling unit, rated 2.5kg at 25 bar, R22 refrigerant type UMA40MMDA DCE dust collector type MM20A DCE Unimater dust collector model 942 Lumonics laser mark printer, Fordertechnik lifter/inverter, 300kg capacity


59459p- Weigh Right, Volumetric Vibratory Pan Filler model A, designed to fill open mouth bags or containers, bulk hopper feeds vibratory pan feeder with vari speed controlling product flow rate, all stainless steel contact surfaces, operates best in .5 to 10 pound range, 5" wide vibratory pan funnels to 2" wide product discharge at termination of pan, hopper has adjustable slide gate controlling flow to feed pan, filler mounted on stainless steel portable cart with wheels, adjustable work table is mounted on cart, 115 volt single phase power required, overall dimensions 32" x 22" wide x 48" high, good for seeds, powder and/or granular products


66343p- Will, Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine type S3.50, capacity 500 pouches/hour, volume 2 - 5 - 10 liter, power 1.1kw, dimensions 1.45 L x 1.30 W x 2.40 meter H, weight 800kg, for pouches with liquid products, includes date coder & 3 form set, manual available


60159p- Wrap Aide, Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal model UPTR, top load, designed for manual loading of small items, features Unimark model UMCPH direct contact printer, dual web feed, single knife cutoff, 2.5" x 2" heated dies, drop in with variable temperature complete rotary style product feed with variable speed main drive, 115 volt single phase, unit may be automated, with several dies


57563p- Yakima Waireworks, Modular Produce Bag Filler model MPB/8000, 1 unit S/N 91010055, 115 volt single phase, 1 unit S/N 89100017, fractional HP motor, micro processor controlled, designed to handle produce very gently from 1 pound to 50 pound bags, capacity up to 20 bags per minute, unit fills by weight & number of pieces, uses pre-made wicketed bags, solid or mesh



Commercial Bag or Pouch Fillers for the Food Processing Industry.

Schier Company Inc. has a wide variety of bag fillers and pouch fillers for sale. We can offer different sizes from small sachet filling up to 5 gallon bags. We have liquid and dry filling units available.


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