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Butter Equipment

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75520p- New 10 gallon Butter Churn, stainless steel, variable frequency drive to adjust different speeds, removable paddle & rounded edges, adjustable angles for draining & washing, plugs into 110 volt outlet, shipping dimensions 40 x 48 x 36 high, 300 pounds


75521p- New 40 gallon Butter Churn, stainless steel, variable frequency drive to adjust different speeds, removable paddle & rounded edges, adjustable angles for draining & washing, plugs into 110 volt outlet, shipping dimensions 40 x 72 x 48 high, 600 pounds


36289p-New 72 gallon Butter Churn, stainless steel, motor drive, 38" x 38" x 60" high, weighs 630 pounds, Sew Eurodrive motor .75 HP, 32 RPM 230/460 volt 60 hertz 3 phase.


73370-New 200 gallon Economy, Butter Churn, water jacketed for heating & cooling, tilt-down for draining of buttermilk, removable stainless steel paddles, hinged stainless steel lid, wheeled for mobility.


58729p-New 300 gallon Butter Churn, sits on 2 A frame style legs, motor attached to churn brake motor, motor & gear box 1760 RPM, turning at 13.26 RPM will be hooked up to inverter, 3 HP, 230/460 volts, 8/4 amps at 15 output RPM, brake motor, barrel 42" x 56", on legs, 66" overall height, 66" high x 42" round x 80" long


71562p- 300 gallon Butter Churn, sits on two A-Frame style legs, motor attached to churn-brake motor, motor & gear box 1760 RPM, turning at 13.26 RPM will be hooked up to inverter, 3 HP, 230/460 volts, 8/4 amps at 15 output RPM, brake motor, barrel 42" x 56", legs are another 24" in height, 66" overall height, with the motor on the side another 24", that makes it 66" high x 42" round x 80" long, stainless steel.


58728p-New 400 gallon Butter Churn, sits on 2 A frame style legs, motor attached to churn brake motor, motor & gear box, 3 HP motor, 3" legs.


47684p- 750 gallon Vane, Butter Churn model 1, size 6-70, 200 to 700 gallon churning capacity, single hinged door, aluminum


59722p-New 7,500 pound Custom Built Butter Churn, 30 HP drive & variable frequency drive, 316 stainless steel 3 gauge, glass bead finish on interior, #4 32RA finish on exterior (polished finish), 30 HP Sew Eurodrive motor, with brake, washdown duty 575 volt, 4" outlet, 8" site glass, Plexiglas, large outlet dumping door, 79.5" long x 24-1/8" wide, manway 26.25" x 14-7/8", mounted on stainless steel supports, supports to be welded to plates 3/8" thick x 5' long x 3' wide & other side 5' long x 1' 4.25", plates to be welded to customers current base by customer, center of butter churn 47" above top of base, 100.75" inside length x 80" diameter inside height


73111p- 9,000 liter capacity Apparatebau GmbH, Butter Silo, double jacketed, stainless steel butter buffer tank with 2 augers, 2 independent motors for augers, infeed valve for butter, manhole on side, 2x butter outfeed lobe pumps (Johnson, Top Wing, TW3/0537-50/06), CIP return pump, all valves for CIP cleaning & spray bowls (2x), without control panel (central integrated in the dairy), 380/50/3 power, dimensions +/-4.00 L x 1.75 W x 2.90 meter H, +/- 2000kg weight, still inside dairy


78432p- APV Pasilac, Butter Silo model HCS, 900kg, pneumatic, vertical, closed type, with 2 pneumatic cylinders, no augers or additional working of the product ideal for soft butter or spreads, 3 possible connections for butter & 1 connection for CIP return, Waukesha butter pump model 064U2, up to 3000 LPR, 5.5kw, 400 volt 50 hertz, sanitary lobe pump with flange connection, pump with twin lobe rotor of stainless steel, CIP cleanable, silo 1.2m x 3.55m, weight 550kg, pump 1.2m x.4m x .90m


77540p- APV, Automatic Butter Bulk Packaging Machine model FMG, butter packer works automatically as follows: carton former, tare scale, foil forming, 2 filling heads (CIP cleanable), Netto weighing station with precision dosing by injector, liner closing, carton closing & carton sealing unit, tare scale & net weight system units are missing, Allen Bradley controls, capacity 25kg cartons - 6250kg/hour (250 cartons), 31kg cartons - 7750kg/hour (250 cartons), carton 39.5 x 27.5 x 25.5cm


77485- Benco Pack, Form Fill & Seal Machine with packer model Minipack/8, 20 gram packs, 9600 cups per hour, 8 (4x2) cups per stroke, 20 per minute, can run viscous products like margarine, butter, jam, sauce etc., bottom foil infeed system, thermoforming station, lid material infeed system, CIP cleanable, punch station, sealing, PiBox packer, control panel with Siemens PLC S5, spare parts list, electric schemes & format drawing available, 7kw 380 volt 50 hertz, ground, neutral


79082- Benhil, Butter Filling & Wrapping Machine model Multipack 8380, capacity up to 80 packages/minute, 250g product weight, 3kw total installed power, aluminum/parchment paper, aluminum hopper & augers, easy accessibility to all parts, 415 volt 3 phase 50 hertz


76189p- Benhil, Butter Foil Wrapping Machine model 8322, up to 2,500 packs per hour, 250 gram format, 94 x 45 x 63mm dimensions, automatic filling & wrapping machine in foil or parchment, product feed by direct link up included compensating piston with longitudinal potentiometer which offers a signal to the frequency converter of the feed pump (not included), bottom folding, outfeed conveyor, no controls, can be fitted for 500 gram packs, 400 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, dimensions 2.60m x 1.50m x 2.30m.


77170p- Benhil, Butter Homogenizer model Microfix 8471, up to 1400kg/hour capacity, 20 HP rotor motor power, 3.8 HP feed worms motor, manual included, 200cm L x 90cm W x 170cm H, 900kg approximate weight, rationalizes the processing & packaging of cold store butter, reduces time it takes to defrost butter, improves quality of butter by creating the finest water dispersion & improves spread ability of butter


77828p- Benhil, Butter Packaging Machine model 8347, complete butter packaging line existing out of foil wrapping machine (direct feed connection with compensator, photo cell paper detection for paper correction & control panel), turner for 5 packages in 1 time (folded side to the bottom), collector & automatic wrap around carton packer including all interconnecting conveyors


63730p- Benhil, Butter Packing/Wrapping Machine model 8380 MULTIPACK, automatic packing/wrapping machine for butter or margarine with new electronic panel with frequency control, machine 100% mechanical drive, no hydraulic, electronics, pneumatics or timers, paper centering positioning of foil by photocell detection for pre-printed, no continuous foil print, up to 80 packs per minute, pack size 250 gram, 100x75 x maximum 35mm, for aluminum foil or parchment, 200x150x200cm overall, 2.2kw.


545p- Benhil, Butter Wrapper model Junior 8311, western cut quarters, pack size quarter pound, 3000 pounds per hour, 35-40 packs per minute, packing material wax paper or foil, approximate size 7' 10" long x 4' 3" wide x 6' 10.5" tall, weighs 1952 pounds, will not run 1 pound, only western quarters, aluminum hopper & auger, western quarter pound cut 3-1/4" x 1.5" x 1.5". Not reconditioned yet, 6 - 8 weeks


16001p- Benhil, Butter Wrapper, 1 pound Junior Elgin, 2000 pounds per hour, packing material wax paper or foil, only set to run 1 pound molds, paper is parchment, runs on 220 volts, all parts stainless steel or Teflon coated. approximate size 7' 10" long x 4' 3" wide x 6' 10.5" tall, weighs 1952 pounds, not reconditioned yet, 10 - 12 weeks.


78557p- Benhil, Butter Wrapping Machine model 8362D/163, SFS 276, capacity up to 195-220 bricks per minute, up to 6 boxes per minute, product side folded foil wrapped butter, margarine or spreadable products American folding box, fully reconditioned foil wrapping machine with direct link connection & return line for remelt, wrapping material aluminum foil or parchment, 2 head filling with heated cutting wire, photo cell for print centering, side folded (height of package adjustable without format change), suitable for 3 sizes, central lubrication, semi CIP cleanable, conveyor between filler & carton box packer, packer for folding boxes, size carton boxes fixed (200 x 300mm, internal dimensions), pack size foot print stays the same so possible to pack 3 different sizes in similar box of 10kg (40/50/60 packages in carton), infeed & outfeed conveyor, carton box closing by hot melt Nordson unit, new control panels with Siemens S7 PLC, Siemens touch screen panels (English/Russian language), documentation & 6 month warranty by reconditioning company, 20kw 380 volt 50 hertz 3 phase total power, +/- 6.85 long x 3.62 wide x 2.80 meter high, 6000kg weight


76208- Benhil, Cup Filling Line for Margarine model T8270/215, 13,200 cups hour, fills 250-500 gram, 127mm, 31Kw, 400 V, 50 Hz, Automation un Fordertechnik wrap around cartoniser model 720-4-23W4/8, 350 boxes per hour, wrap around cartons 500 gram, 250 gram S/N 97-090A, 4 lane cup filling machine, manual infeed cup system, cup control, main piston doser, heated cutting wire, snap cap cover station & interconnecting conveyor to the wraparound packer, Nordson 3500 hot melt system.


4501p- Benz & Higler Benhil, Butter Wrapper model Junior JR11110174, quarters, 35-40 packs per minute, hopper 23.5" long x 23" on 1 end & 20" on the other end x 15" deep, hopper narrower on 1 end, holds approximately 120 pounds of butter, screw conveyor on bottom of tank will keep pushing butter thru machine, does not have a carton machine, for Elgin quarters.


75204p- Bock & Sohn, Automatic Block Dosing, Forming & Wrapping Machine model DKS, for margarine blocks, dosing unit, resting tube, compensator photocell spot control system for foil correction, Markem smart date printer, 2x interconnecting conveyors, Breda wraparound packer including Nordson hot glue device, control panels with Siemens S5 PLC available, margarine blocks 288 x 105mm, 750 blocks per hour, 11 Kw 3x 400 volt 50 hertz, dimensions 11m x 2.5m x 3m, weighs 5000 kg


79314- Butter Churn, 300 gallon liquid capacity, 150 gallon churning capacity, stainless design, stainless drum supports, Euro drive motor plus gear reduction, 230/460 volt 3 phase 3 HP, 1735 RPM in, 15 RPM out, 98" long x 50" wide x 68" tall


68273p- Butter Silo, missing name plate, mild steel frame, 7' long x 3' wide x 5.5" high, 1,200 pounds.


63686p- Colborne, Butter Extruder, 304 stainless steel, 13-1/4" x 13-1/4" vertical feed chamber with air operated front door, single ram air operated stuffer, bottom horizontal trough with 2 screws, unit feeds into a Moyno style progressive cavity pump, both screws & pump driven by 4.3kw, 180 volt, 3000 RPM DC 5 HP gear motor, mounted on base with wheels, not food grade.


73342p- Corazza, Mini Butter Portion Packer type FB230, capacity up to 18,000 pieces/hour, volume/dimensions package 10 gram 47x27x8mm, 15 gram 47x27x13mm, 20 gram 47x27x18mm, 10 gram 236 portions, 1.25kg per carton 5 layers high (5x5x5), pack scheme packer 15 gram 100 portions, 1.5kg per carton, 4 layers high (5x5x4), 20 gram 100 portions, 2kg per carton, 4 layers high (5x5x4), date coder KBA Metronic type Nano (Mfg. 2011), power 3.25kw, dimensions 2.60 x 2.10 x 2.40 meter, 2500kg weight, rotary mini butter portion packer with double head filler for rectangular hotel portions of 10/15 or 20 gram, photo paper centering, date coder, thru with augers, semi automatic packer, Plexiglas guards, frequents converter on main drive & machine mounted on stainless steel frame, instruction manual


4302p- Doering, Butter Packer model 400, patty style, pack size patties, 400 pounds per hour, packing material wax paper or foil, was running 400 pounds per hour, cutting 60, 72 & 90 patties, 79" long x 66" wide.


78405p- Gerstenberg & Agger, Margarine Machines type Perfector (3+1) x92R, crystallizer/Perfector, capacity up to 4000kg/hour (depending on product), working pressure <80 bar test pressure <120 bar, power 2x 37kw 230-460 volt 60 hertz, weight +/- 3300kg, dimensions +/- 3.50 long x 1.50 wide x 3.20 meter high (S/N 12.797, Mfg. 1993), pin mixer, pin rotor machine, capacity 85 liter, working pressure <50 bar test pressure <60 bar, power 18.5kw 230-460 volt 60 hertz, weight +/- 600kg, dimensions +/- 2.10 long x 0.85 wide x 2.60 meter high (S/N 1056.003D, Mfg. 1995), crystallizer, scraped surface heat exchanger for margarine or shortening, 4 product cylinders, 2 motors, cooling surface per tube 0.92 m2, cooling medium ammonia, NH3, pressure 18 bar, -20/45 degree C, reinforced according to ASME, standard used in USA, 2 independent ammoniac systems (1 & 3 cylinders) including 2 ammoniac control valves (Danfoss) 1 cylinder SS pin mixer, 270mm diameter x 1550mm length, 2x11 & 1x12 pins on shaft & 1x16 & 1x17 pins on double jacketed cylinder housing, excluded controls & documentation


65757p- Ivarson Co., Butter Packaging Machine, all stainless steel, designed to fill 68 pound boxes of bulk butter, 48" long x 32" wide x 6' high, includes plastic roller table & box magazine, will work for 55 pound boxes.


74866- Ivarson, Bulk Packer, for butter, margarine or other highly viscous products, empty carton positioned on platform & box clamping device closes around carton, platform raises carton into position for filling & as carton is filled, platform lowers to conveyor level when proper carton weight is reached, filling cycle 25 seconds, permits processing 2 to 3 68 pound boxes per minute, Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC controlled


48804p- Merchant Schmidt, Butter Surge Hopper, all stainless steel, main hopper 86" long x 65" wide at top & tapers to 43" wide dual auger discharge, solid welded dome top, hopper depth 84", overall height 8' 8", discharge of hopper with dual 18" diameter stainless augers with 18" long x 5-1/2' high flange outlet, auger driver 5 HP with gear head motor, discharge connected to Waukesha model 220 vertical frame mounted rectangular inlet pump with 20 HP gear head drive.


75808p- Mini Butter Portion Packer with filler for rectangular hotel portions, foil wrap, designed for mini portions of butter from 10-25 grams, set for 25x40x11mm, +/- 10 gram, frequency converter on main drive, feed hopper with twin augers, outfeed conveyor & semi automatic carton packer, carton size for 4x5x4 mini portions which is a total of 80 pieces


76328- Morpac, Butter Printer model TWF, western style quarters with Tuck cartoner type KWT-4100 per minute.


62066p- QHK, Butter Churn type 100H, total volume 10.000 liter, dimension 4.40 x 2.60 x 4.25 meter, weight 2000kg, stainless steel rotating batch churn for butter production, filling volume 5000 liter cream, giving +/- 2500kg butter, churn can do 4 speeds & 2 directions, all mounted on painted steel frame


77858p- Rothenburg, Butter Silo, 2000 KG capacity, stainless steel closed butter buffer tank with 2 augers, 2 motors with reductor, 2 manholes, CIP cleanable by sprayballs in tank & at outfeed augers, cover with sight glass lighting possibility & vent outlet, 4 rectangular connections for butter pumps, without controls & butter pumps, power 4.4kw 380 volt 50 hertz, total dimensions (l x w x h) +/- 3.50 x 1.50 x 2.50 meter, weight +/- 500kg


66567p- Schroder (SPX), High Pressure Pump, type KL02, capacity 532-1900 liter/hour, pressure up to 50 bar, power 4kw 380 volt 50 hertz, dimensions 1.60 long x 0.85 wide x 1.30 meter high, weight 700kg, for margarine, 3 cylinders, piston diameter 32mm, variable speed, reconditioned in 2008 & has not been running afterwards


76536- Trepko, Butter Packing Machine model XPG-40, packing lard, margarine, butter, 80 packages per minute, 100 x 75 x 35mm packages, 250 gram, into aluminum foil or parchment paper, 2.2kw, dimensions 303cm x 270cm x 180cm, weighs 1600kg.


39021p- Vane, Butter Boats, on casters, designed to sit at level of the open churn door & butter is scooped into the boat.


40318p- Vane, Butter Packer type C, 68 pound cartons, 5 per minute, older unit.


549p- Vane, Hydraulic Lift for butter boats.


Commercial Butter Making Equipment, Butter Churns and Packaging Machines.

Stainless steel butter churns and mini butter churns give butter a creamy consistency and rich flavor.

Schier Company Inc. supplies affordably priced machines for every step in the process, for production volumes of all capacities.


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