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Cheese Cutters & Slicing Machines

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Dairy Equipment Inventory


74906p- Barrel Cheese Cutter, all stainless steel, dual air cylinder, cutting frame 27" wide x 38" high with adjustable cutting wires, overall dimensions 120" long x 48" wide x 78" high


67514p- Berion Industry, Cheese Cutter, opening 28-3/4" wide x 32" high, 100" long x 51" wide x 96" high


67512p- Cheese Cutter, belt 22-1/4" long x 35" wide, belt (2) 15" long x 24" wide, cutter 21" wide x 6" high


39904p- Cheese Cutter, cuts 40 pound block into smaller blocks, painted frame, stainless steel contact parts


42452p-New Cheese Cutter, for 40 pound block, hand operated, 20" wide x 40" long x 7" tall cheese height, crated unit 34" x 42" x 24" tall & weighs 150 pounds, manual, handles are stainless tube reinforced with solid round on the inside


73196p- Cheese Cutter, horizontal single stroke, stainless steel, 42" long x 24" wide x 33" high, machine will cut smaller pieces with A frame opening 7.5" wide x 7.5" high, 1 set of cutting heads, various cuts available.


6342p- Cheese Cutter, pneumatic for 1/2 pound moons, stainless steel die


78849- Cheese Cutter, single stroke horizontal, hydraulic, cutter stainless steel table 28" wide x 28" deep x 30" high, cutting area 15.5" wide x 12" deep, comes with 4 stainless steel wired cutting frames & 4 bases on mild steel frame.


73197p- Cheese Grinder, lab size, all stainless steel, electric, 24" long x 8" diameter, auger extrudes cheese thru 7" diameter plate with 3/8" diameter holes.


63085p- Cheese Grinder/Shredder, designed to slice/grate 2 blocks of cheese at once, maximum cheese block 5.5" x 3", grinding cylinders 8" across x 24" deep with locking gates, air operated push bar to hold stainless adjustable plate to press cheese to keep in place while grinding, cylinders can have changeable cutting heads to any cut desired, unit includes 1 cutting head set that is currently on the unit, gear driven, 5 HP electric motor with chain sprocket, 1750 RPM, unit is missing (1) 5 HP motor with chain sprocket, overall dimensions 6' x 3' x 4', includes 3 different size stainless steel chutes that mount under machine below the cutting cylinders


78031- Cheese Harp for 40 pound blocks, 2 way cutter with guides, all stainless steel construction, table top operation, 48" long x 30" wide x 18" high


79216- Complete Cheese Grating Line, includes Quincy QT compressor, Cavecci Italian grating machine handles (2-3) 50 pound blocks, Emilos vibro screen circular motorize screen for uniform grate, conveyors, ingredient feeder, Johnson Cheese Equipment tumble drum, Ohlson 2 scale , model 2002-SS, Dixie Vac packaging machine model 2000, packages 5 pound & other dies, table scale with digital indicator.


31189p- Custom Built 640 pound Block Cheese Cutter, all stainless steel, 2 cutting operations to produce 40 pound blocks, dimensions 10' 8" long x 48" wide, cutting frame 38" wide x 32-3/4" high, for use with variable sized cutting harps, horizontal cutting head powered 8" diameter x 48" long air cylinder mounted on upper side of machine, has second cutting frame powered by dual air cylinders for vertical split 14" back from first cutting frame


56187p-New Custom Built Cheese Block Cutter, single stroke, all stainless steel construction, cut blocks up to 14" x 14" x 33" long, stainless steel rollers, harp to be wired to customers specifications, approximate 72" long x 36" wide x 48" high, extra roller table 48 x 30 x 32


31190p- Custom Cheese Cutter, horizontal single stroke, air powered, will cut block 16" long x 10" high, choice of final cut size, 6' long x 21" wide x 40" high. *Price includes 1 set of harps & bases*


60143p- Custom Manufacturer Semi Automatic Cheese Block Cutter, all stainless steel construction, 6" wide x 6' long Acetyl table top chain conveyor & 12" long x 6" wide overhead holding conveyor providing positive feed thru cutting wires, accepts blocks to 8" wide & from 2" to 4" high, Baldor washdown duty drive with gear reducer operating both conveyors for uniform speed, complete electrical panel, roller conveyor discharge, foot pedal activated 220/440/3 phase voltage, wired for 440 service


77243p- Formax Provisur Powermax 4000, Automatic Cheese Slicer model PM4000, 460 volt 60 hertz 3 phase 52 amps, capable up to 1440 slices per minute in 4 lane mode, can stack, shingle or shave meats, 15" color touch screen controller, sanitary design & CE compliant as well, has 4 independent drives, scales & classifiers can run one, 2 or 3 logs depending on product size, change overs to round, square & D shapes, some spare parts & cutting heads included. only in production 4 months.


44383p- General Machinery, 2 Way Air Operated Cheese Cutter model Tu-Way, stainless steel, vertical cut inside machine & discharge with horizontal cut, 2 bases & 2 stainless steel wired cutting frames, cutter capable of assorted size of random weight pieces, from 40 or 20 pound blocks, overall dimensions 60" long x 32" wide x 69" high, pneumatic, 100 PSI air pressure to operate, comes with 1 set of cutter frames 8 ounce or larger.


11717p-New GMC, Champ Automatic Cheese Portioner model 1810, wire cuttable cheese up to 7" x 11" x 14", stainless steel wire harp set to cut 2" x 2.2" x 2.3" or 3.5 or 2.33" x 3" x 3" with cutting block to match, pneumatic drive 80 PSI, 2 hand anti tie down control unit, speed control, cheese positioners, load leveling pads, stainless steel unitized "post" support frame, requires 4 cubic feet per minute of air at 80 PSI to operate


32632p- New GMC, Champ, Automatic Cheese Portioner model 1800, wire cuttable cheese 7" x 11" x 14", stainless steel cutting frame with up to 9 wires, cutting block to match, up to 3 blocks per cutting cycle, pneumatic drive, 4 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI, pneumatic drive, 2 hand anti tie down control unit, pressure & speed valves, load gauge, stainless steel unitized post support frame, machine poly block has cheese locating couch, can cut up to 3-5 pound loaves per cutting cycle


35342p-New GMC, Tu-Way Cheese Portioner, pneumatic & PLC controlled model 3001PLC, automatic cheese block loading system designed to accommodate wire cuttable cheese up to 7" high x 11" wide x 14" long, vertical & horizontal cutting frames & cut off blocks set to cut 2" x 2.2" x 2.3" portions, all stainless steel or otherwise easily cleaned construction, equipped with electric controls, cheese portioner, stainless casters, angled discharge chute, requires 80 PSI air pressure, 5 cubic feet per minute air consumption, 120 volt 60 hertz single phase electrics, AB PLC unit, liquid crystal interface screen with LED light, unltra sonic positioning sensors, 4" bore 3A stainless steel cylinders, Nema 4X enclosure, cheese positioners, start/stop push button in box, stainless steel 4" casters, diagnostic modem, stainless vertical wire harp with (6) 90 degree wires, .059 stainless steel wire, soft start, E stop at discharge, automatic cheese block loading system, 1 hour of online PLC modem service


35343p-New GMC, Tu-Way Long Cheese Portioner model 3010, pneumatic wire, designed to accommodate multiple blocks of cheese measuring up to 8 high x 14 wide x 23 long, with up to 18 wire stations, with cut off blocks to match, all stainless steel or otherwise easily cleaned construction, cheese positioners, 5 diameter vertical air cylinder, 4 horizontal air cylinder , with heavy rod, infeed roller bed, equipped with pneumatic controls, angled or straight chute, casters, requires 80 PSI of air pressure, 5 cubic feet per minute air consumption, can cut (2) 40 pound cheese blocks or (2) 20 pound mozzarella loaves (long type) at 1 time or (4) 20 pound mozzarella loaves (long type with larger horizontal wire harp)


11716p- New GMC, Tu-Way Pneumatic Cheese Portioner model 3000, capacity up to 7" high x 11" wide x 14" long, with vertical & horizontal cutting frames, cut off blocks with up to 18 wire stations, all stainless steel or otherwise easily clean construction, equipped with pneumatic controls, safety lock out door, cheese positioners angled or straight (please specify), requires 80 PSI of air pressure, 5 cubic feet per minute air consumption


77009p- Groba, Cheese Cutter model HVED350, for various round, square & rectangular cheese into smaller portions, pre-cutting Euro blocks into loaves, 2- 4 cuttings per minute, 3kw 380 volt 50 hertz, cut minimum of 2 & maximum of 50 pieces, currently with 2 knives to cut the center out of a round cheese, knives can be ordered from manufacturer, dimensions .90m x .90m x 2.50m, weighs 400kg.


78242p- Groba, Cheese Grater model KKR 500, fully automatic grater/shredder for soft, semi hard & hard cheese (also feta & parmesan), stainless steel, up to 1800kg per hour depending on feed, perforation & type of cheese, process cheese cubes into grated cheese, grating drums can be changed, 7.5kw, 380 volt 50 hertz, infeed height 72", outfeed 42", diameter drum 22", mill easy to clean, on mobile frame, 3 grating drums of 5mm & 2 of 3mm included, 1.4 x .80 x1.8m, weight 480kg.


65787p- Hobart, Commercial Meat or Cheese Slicer, manual slide bed


74247- Horizontal Cheese Cutter, all stainless steel single stroke, air powered cutting table, 49" long x 30" wide x 36" high with adjustable cutting length, stainless steel square tube legs with casters, single vertical cut with 1 frame.


73426p- Horizontal Cheese Cutter, single stroke, all stainless steel, air powdered, will cut 40 pound blocks or smaller sized blocks, on stainless steel frame with casters, roller conveyor, block cutting area 30" x 24", total dimensions 10' long x 28" wide x 50" high, conveyor length 60" long x 18" wide.


75549p- Johnson, Pneumatic Cheese Cutter, 40 pound block, for exact weight pieces, all stainless steel, 58" long x 36" wide x 42" high, needs air cylinder


78032- Manual Cheese Harp for 40 pound blocks, EZ cut reconditioned, complete with UHMW cutting, blocks & wires, all stainless steel construction, 48" long x 28" wide x 16" high


72484p- Marchant Schmidt, Exact Weight 2 Way Cheese Cutter model C40, part MS814501, job # 13086-E01, 208 volts, last used cutting 170 gram - 2.2 kg blocks, has several different cut sizes.


79322- PCCS, Cheese Cutter, 2 way, 40 pound block harp infused WHMW rollers, 3 sets of harps, pneumatic controls (forward + reverse), sanitary stainless steel construction, 4 lockable casters, 60" long x 30" wide


79321- PCCS, Vertical Cheese Cutter, single stage, for Parmesan wheels to wedges, aluminum cylinder, 12" diameter x 18" stroke, all stainless steel construction, stainless guards, spare cutting block, 4 lockable casters, pneumatic operation with controls, 40" long x 34" wide x 96" tall


77670p- Single Stroke Cheese Cutter, all stainless steel, air powered, table 49" long x 23" wide, frame opening 22" wide x 16" high, overall 60" long x 42" wide x 47" high, on casters.


77669- Single Stroke Cheese Cutter, all stainless steel, air powered, table 49" long x 23" wide, frame opening 22" wide x 16" high, overall 60" long x 42" wide x 49" high, on casters.


Commercial Cheese Cutters and Slicing Machines for the Dairy Industry.

Schier Company Inc. gives you a wide selection of cutting machines with automated operation to quickly cut hard or soft cheese with limited supervision and maintenance required.


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