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82510- 1,500 pound Damrow, Finishing Table, 20' long x 62" wide x 14" deep, stainless steel exterior bottom & legs, includes Damrow RMM agitator


81237- 2,500 gallon Drain Table, stainless construction, 41' L x 77" W x 40.5" H overall, drain pan 5" W x 3.5" deep, 3.5" outlet, steam lines for bottom heat, inside dimensions 40' L x 65" W x 18.5" D


77579p- 5,000 pound Kusel, Finishing Table, 46' long x 68" wide x 14" deep, all stainless steel interior, exterior, bottom & legs, all stainless steel agitator carriage & rail with dual motor agitating, VFD control & 4 forking paddles.


82514- 5,000 pound Stoelting, Finishing Table, end door, all stainless steel exterior, bottom & legs, includes agitator carriage & rail with dual motor agitation, 47' long x 68" wide x 14" deep.


71140p- Cheddar Table/Storage, agitation, stainless steel, 34.3' long x 71" wide x 84" high, inner dimensions 409" long x 66" wide x 15.5" deep, Baldor Motor 2 HP, 230/460 volt, 1725 RPM, 3" drain, drain channel 5.5" wide x 3-6" deep, steam heated, legs & outside frame are stainless, inside frame is not.


64862- Cheese Drain Table, 144" long x 52" wide, painted mild steel legs with casters


79039p- Damrow, Cheese Finishing Table, 5' wide x 26' long with agitator.


81294- Drain Cart, 2 shelves drain pan, stainless steel, 2" drain outlet, on casters, 39" L x 39" W x 59.5" T


81293- Drain Cart, 4 shelves, on casters, stainless steel, 39" L x 33" W x 58.5" T


81295-New Drain Cart, 8 shelves 7" apart, stainless steel, 35-3/4" D x 34-3/4" W ID with 1" drain, 6" swivel casters with stainless bearings, 74" H x 38" W x 26-1/4" L


53705p- Drain Table, 48" long x 36" wide x 32" high with 2" angle iron frame


75217- Drain Table, all stainless steel, 36" long x 20" wide x 16" high with 2" raised lip, 1.5" drain, 1" square tube adjustable legs.


40330p- Kusel, Finishing Table model 2M2XT55SS, 32' long, with agitator, stainless steel, 5' 6" wide x 15" deep inside dimensions, mild steel bottom.


27934p- Product or Parts Drain Cart/Table, all stainless steel, 34" long x 21" wide x 32" high, on casters, top shelf has 3/4" lip, stainless steel pipe construction.


27932p- Product or Parts Drain Cart/Table, all stainless steel, 36" long x 26" wide x 27" high, on casters, 2" shelves with 1.5" lip, bottom shelf 10" from floor, stainless steel pipe construction.


53706p- Product/Parts Drain Cart/Table, 48" long x 36" wide x 48" high, top shelf with 2" lip on 3 sides, slopes to front, stainless steel angle iron construction, can be modified to flat top table, all stainless steel


82415p- Stoelting, Drain Table, 32' long, traveling agitator, 393" x 80" x 76" dimensions


14603p- Stoelting, Finishing Table, 26.8' long, stainless steel round end, inside dimensions 322" long x 68.5" wide, with agitator, stainless steel bottom mild steel legs.



Cheese Finishing Tables or Cheddaring Tables to Drain your Whey.

Schier Company Inc. offers commercial cheese finishing tables, cheddar tables and drain carts in a variety of sizes and types. From single shell to jacketed, we can accommodate your needs.