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21048p- 5 cubic foot Kraft, Cheese Mixer, stainless steel, pear shaped, 21" diameter on top with 2 piece stainless steel cover, 24" diameter hemispherical bottom, with horizontal side entering whisk blade type agitator 12" diameter x 20" long, driven by approximately 10 HP motor at 300 RPM whisk speed, cover has (2) 1.5" flanges, (1) 1" flange, 2" diameter center bottom outlet, mounted on stand 48" long x 26" high x 27" wide, mixer has a CIP ball & some spares strapped to the side.


76533- 12 gallon Wax Meltzer, with 1 gallon per minute was dispensing system, water jacket designed to melt wax 0 to 200 degree F, stainless steel lid, 1" outlet with ball valve, 110 volt, dispensing system includes heated pump, 8' hose & thermogun, mounted on stainless steel cart with lower shelf on casters.


33660p- 60 gallon Process Cheese Hopper, stainless steel, single wall, cone bottom, open top with hinged center bridge & 2 piece covers, 45" diameter x 8" straight side x 16" deep at cone, 48" high on 3 stainless steel legs, 3" center bottom clamp outlet, scrape agitation, less drive


65825- 150 gallon Process Cheese Hopper, stainless steel cone, 60" diameter x 26" deep, 12" straight sidewall & 14" deep cone, 45" high to hopper rim, 60" overall height, center bridge with 2 piece covers, gear head agitator with round stock agitator blade, no scrapers, flanged outlet plate for bolting to rectangular inlet pump


82508- 400 gallon Fiberglass Brine Tank, interior dimensions 181" long x 46' wide x 14" deep, 3" outlet with recirculation ports on each end, overall dimensions 185" long x 50" wide x 41" high.


76622p- Alpma, Automatic Cheese Packing Machine model K-65/Ach, for wrapping of ball shaped products like Edam cheese balls in un-lacquered moistened cellophane, infeed conveyor & labeling unit, up to 1800 pieces per hour, dimensions on package 1.8/2kg/up to 130mm, packaging material cellophane, lacquered, film cut maximum width length 450/450mm


78404p- Alpma, Vertical Buffering System model Vestor II, 24 packs buffer, 7.5kw 380 volt 50 hertz, maximum space saving & to synchronize any cutting line with a downstream bag packaging machine, with Servo drive & PLC Siemens S5, belt width 14.5cm, including spare parts & spare parts list, 2.49m x .80m x 1.88m, weight 800kg.


81808- Blentec, Blender/Cooker Dual Auger model DM-28133-DHX, designed for blending, cooking multiple product types, steam ports into the jackets, approximately 6500 pound capacity, cooking area approximate 12' long x 42" deep x 65" wide, approximate overall dimensions 17' 4" long x 8' tall x 65" wide, no control panels, drive motors 25 HP each (230/460 volt 60 hertz 3 phase).


78856p- Block Cheese Filler/Pre-Press Machine, all stainless steel, stainless steel square stock frame, 13" x 6" x 29" high curd receiving chute with slide gate door, curd discharges from chute to 13" x 10" block fill station on stainless steel scale base, single cylinder pre-press assembly compresses curd into form, 4' roller conveyor for transferring forms 4' long x 3' wide x 7' high.


75779- Bock, Air Curd Pump model P64A


24805p- Bock, Hydraulic Curd Pump model P128, maximum 40 gallons per minute


81797p- Bossar, Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) Machine model B-3700, designed to fill shredded cheese & powder dairy products, for sanitary requirements, fully constructed in stainless steel & titanium, zipper insertion is an option, flexible packaging machine can manufacture flat & stand up pouches in duplex, fill up to 2000cc of product & reach a speed of 140 pouches per minute.


77503p- Cabinplant (Scanvaegt 411), Cheese Mixing Drum model Separatortromle, mixes herbs or anti stick powder with grated cheese, 40 RPM at 50 hertz, suitable to mix several cheese types, pneumatic tilting system & waterproof weighing system, stainless steel & Plexiglas protection around machine, .75kw 400 volt 50 hertz, 1.80m x 1.30mx 2.20m, weighs 400kg.


73332p- New Cheese Bag Trolleys, stainless steel, 50 gallon capacity of whey, heavy duty stainless steel, holds 21 cheese bags, 2" tri clamp drain with cap & clamp, 55" long x 26" wide x 50" tall, end cap, gasket & clamp for outlet, 2 swiveling front casters, 2 fixed back casters, weighs 90 pounds.


52023p- Cheese Barrel Inverter/Dumper, all stainless steel, for industry standard 500 pound cheese barrels, complete with air cylinders & controls, dimensions 55" wide x 39" deep, barrel holder down height 44", barrel holder up, dump end 32", top end 77"


82074p- Cheese Curd Dewatering Conveyor, drain belt, 24" wide x 12' long, stainless steel, perforated belt, stainless steel under trays for liquid collection & discharge, 1/2 HP vari drive motor thru chain & sprocket, unitized on portable frame, plastic scraper knife discharge with stainless steel discharge chute


81508- Cheese Grinder, 20 HP 230/460, 40 pound block


32094p- New Cheese Hoops, block custom built 20 pound rectangular Wilson type, approximate dimensions of finished cheese 14-3/16" long x 11-3/16" wide x 3-1/4" high, includes box, liner, cover & 2 pins for each, 14 gauge stainless steel.


53958p- New Cheese Hoops, block custom built 40 pound rectangular Wilson type, approximate dimensions of finished cheese 14-3/16" long x 11-3/16" wide x 6.5" high, includes box, liner, cover & 2 pins for each, 14 gauge stainless steel.


45042p- Cheese Hoops, rectangular perforated brick or muenster forms, with stainless steel perforated metal, 10" long x 4" wide x 4" high


18861- Cheese Hoops, rectangular perforated brick or muenster forms, with stainless steel perforated metal, 10" long x 5" wide x 6" high, open top & bottom.


21367p- Cheese Hoops, round brick cheese forms, manufactured with stainless steel perforated metal, 7" diameter x 5" high with stainless steel support lip, open top & bottom, with 1/32" hole perforation.


5892- Cheese Hoops, round brick or muenster cheese forms, manufactured with stainless steel perforated metal, 7" diameter x 6-3/4" high, open top & bottom, 1/16" hole perforation


16575- Cheese Hoops, round brick or muenster cheese forms, manufactured with stainless steel perforated metal, 7-1/4" diameter x 5" high, open top & bottom.


5893- Cheese Hoops, stainless steel rectangular Brick or Muenster cheese forms, manufactured of stainless steel perforated metal, 20" long x 7" wide x 6" high, open top & bottom.


78854- Cheese Hoops, stainless steel rectangular brick or Muenster forms, stainless steel perforated metal, 11" long x 4" wide x 6.5" tall.


74910- Cheese Mold/Hoop, round plastic, 9-3/4" ID x 4" deep with plastic perforated pusher plate


74909p- Cheese Mold/Hoop, round plastic, complete with base, screen & lid, base 16-3/4" diameter x 8" deep, lid 16-3/4" diameter x 4" high, screen 16-3/4" diameter x 8" deep


35128p- Cheese Receiving & Filling Cyclone, all stainless steel 28" diameter x 58" deep, stainless steel hopper collects curd & feeds an 12" diameter lower auger, dual filling stations are located 36" from center on both sides, suspended mounting.


75629- Cheese Receiving & Filling Cyclone, all stainless steel, 19" diameter x 48" deep, 4" tangential inlet, 18" top inlets, suspension mounting design.


18842p- Cheese Receiving & Filling Cyclone, all stainless steel, 24" diameter x 40" deep, stainless steel hopper collects curd & feeds an 8" diameter lower auger, dual filling stations are located 36" from center on both sides, suspended mounting.


19096- Cheese Receiving Cyclone, all stainless steel, 30" diameter x 56" deep with cone discharge to a 16" square flanged outlet, 4" tangential inlet, 12" diameter removable top cover with 4" clamp port.


66706- New Cheese Vat Sump Strainer


66707- New Cheese Vat Tower Strainer


77173- Cheese Wrapping Table, all stainless steel, on casters, 72" long x 30" wide x 32" high, includes film roller extension, 12" long with 12" x 12" hot plate in center.


81796p- CMC Multiple Use Cheese Block Forming Line, unit has 14,000 pound per hour capacity, molds available for 20 pound loaf, 12 pound Provolone round, 6 pound loaf, can do 10 pound with proper change parts (plugs), no manufacturer tag


68549p- Curd Auger, 12' long x 6" wide enclosed with opening each end.


70094p- Curd Auger, 6' long x 7" wide with 6" auger, open top with bottom discharge


70095p- Curd Auger, 8' long x 6" wide, enclosed with opening at each end


51523- Curd Fork, stainless steel


51526- Curd Pail, flat side, stainless steel


51521- Curd Rake, stainless steel


51522- Curd Shovel, stainless steel or perforated


82509- Damrow, Curd Mill, stainless steel with painted frame, has (32) 4.5" diameter cutting disks, hopper 15" long x 10.5" wide, center balance allows head to lift for easy storage, overall 46" long x 26" wide x 48" high with 1 HP motor.


77668p- Damrow, De-Wheying Conveyor, all stainless steel frame, belt speeds of 24 to 34 foot per minute, belt 44" wide x 228" long.


8530p- Damrow, Gem Cheese Hoops, stainless steel, 2.5 pound round, 5-1/8" x 3-1/4".


81507- Damrow, Process Cheese Cooker, 800 pound single screw, in working condition


78926p- Damrow, Processed Cheese Cooker model BU Cooker C556A, 550 pound batch, up to 4-6 batches per hour, for imitation mozzarella, 5 HP 230-460 volt 60 hertz, double auger 10" screw, variable speed drive, 316 stainless steel contact surfaces, 8 steam injection valves, end discharge gate, 2 thermometer fittings, 1 steam supply unit with main valve, analog pressure indicator, steam filter automatic & manual valve, on 4 legs with 4 load cells, dismountable spray bowls for CIP cleaning, cover with product inlet & air outlet connection, 4" air suction piping, air separation tank & control panel (USA standards), sold in combination with cream tank with scrape agitation & stainless steel frame around cooker, includes documentation & drawings, 7.50m x 2.0m x 2.5m, weight approximate 3000kg


81850p- Damrow, Twin Screw Steam Injected Cheese Cooker, all stainless steel, each screw 8" diameter with 4" pitch, 8 steam injection ports with manifold chamber 120" long x 15" wide x 12" deep, top end feed with discharge, top hinged cover, 10 HP drive motor, capacity 6,000 pounds per hour.


82515- De-Wheying Conveyor, lab size, belt 24" wide x 80" long, overall 26" wide x 85" long, 2" clamp outlet on whey trough on stainless steel stand with adjustable legs.


75364p- Dixie Vac Evolution, Thermoforming Machine type EVO0242, capacity up to 600 cheese/hour (10 cycles/minute), bottom foil width 462mm type DU-TOP 90Z, top foil width 455mm type DU-FORM 280Z, current dimension size 1 x 10kg (cheese), rectangular 400mm x 300mm x 90mm, foil type hard & soft foil, 23kw 380 volt 50 hertz, 6.40 meter x 1060 meter x 190 meter, 2000kg, stainless steel, 2100mm wide loading area, sealing station, shape cutting system & outfeed conveyor, Busch vacuum pump, R5-063 control panel with PLC & frequents converter, instruction manuals & technical data available


52059p- Farmers Pride Cheese Equipment, Fines Saver, Ultra Finer, 48" diameter screen, 50,000 pound/hour, 2 screens top & bottom, screen needs to be repaired, 45" inlet height, 15" outlet height


74250p- Farmers Pride, Fines Saver, 48" diameter, gravity type, 6" diameter center fines discharge, motorized scraper, 3" diameter clamp type with whey outlet, 6" fines collection.


65615p- G Mondini, Cheese Depositor model DR/C, stainless steel, 6 tube, extruder type, complete with 3 HP 220 volt 60 hertz motor, portable


65718- Gericke, Micro Dose Powder Ingredient Feeder model D1WKE8715VR, stainless steel, with feed hopper & controls


78079- Hercules, Barrel Dumper model H11185P, all stainless steel, 750 pounds capacity, 65" long x 36" wide x 72" high.


46605p- Hinds Bock, Curd Pump model P64A, air, maximum 25 gallons per minute, 2.5" inlet & outlet


38916- Hooper, Cheese Wrapper model 2500.


33584p- Hopper & Auger Transfer System, all stainless steel dual 8" diameter x 90" long stainless steel augers feed product to a dual tube, feeds to a rectangular flange outlet 4" wide x 8" high, 14' long x 5' wide x 5' high on stainless steel base overall dimensions


78855- Hopper & Auger Transfer System, all stainless steel, dual 11" diameter x 90" long stainless steel augers, feed product to dual rectangular flange outlets, ribbon measures 16" diameter x 90" long on stainless steel base with Reeves variable speed drive, 10 HP, 1750 RPM, overall dimensions 12' long x 5' wide x 5' high


81426- Hydro Instal, Process Cheese Cooking/Mixing Tanks model MK-50N, 50kg per tank, 4 independent sections & 2 tanks per section, last used mixing cheese with additives like ham etc., can be used on sauces, ketchup, upper & lower tanks connected with pipe, temperature controlled, each section can work independently on different product, 304 stainless, insulated & jacketed, upper: electric heating coil up to 80 degree F, anchor type agitation, Teflon blades


65717- I Beam & Trolley, all stainless steel, (1) 96" long & (1) 80" long


5883p- Ingredient Dispenser, for metering minor ingredients, stainless steel cone feed hopper, 11" diameter x 32" deep, dispenses to an ER1EZ, model 15A, stainless steel pan vibrator, on 3 legs, overall height 81", discharge height 48".


12629p- Kusel, 8 Can Culture Cabinet, stainless steel


47858p- Kusel, Cheese Transfer Valve, stainless steel rotary, mounted on stainless steel angle frame with chain drive power unit, 16" square flanged top & bottom openings, star valve is 10" diameter


54439p- Kusel, Longhorn Pressing Cart, all stainless steel, designed for 60 head vertical Longhorn press, forms stack in stainless steel pan with raised edges & includes stainless steel rack to arrange 5 forms wide x 12 long, pan measures 79" long x 33" wide, cart has single stainless steel pull bar & (4) 8" heavy duty casters, overall dimensions 88" long x 34" wide x 13" high


65819- O'Haus Scale Co., Moisture Balance, 115 volt, 50-60 cycles, 50/60 external heat lamp, designed to test moisture on cheese or dry type products, 10 gram scale with built in scale, overall dimensions 5" long x 9" deep x 10" high


80665- Rectangular Soft Cheese Mold, 10" L x 5" W x 5.5" D


80675- Rectangular Soft Cheese Mold, 12-1/4" L x 8" D x 5" W


80672- Rectangular Soft Cheese Mold, 14-1/4" L x 11-3/4" W x 7" D


80666- Rectangular Soft Cheese Mold, 7-7/8" L x 4-1/8" W x4" D


64867- Ricotta Formaggio Cheese Draining Basket Mold, stainless steel, rectangular perforated, 10" long x 4" wide x 7" high


64868- Ricotta Formaggio Cheese Draining Basket Mold, stainless steel, rectangular perforated, 10" long x 5" wide x 6" high


64866- Ricotta Formaggio Cheese Draining Basket Mold, stainless steel, rectangular perforated, 11" long x 4" wide x 6.5" high


64865- Ricotta Formaggio Cheese Draining Basket Mold, stainless steel, rectangular perforated, 20" long x 7" wide x 7.5" high


56198p- Rotary Cheese Transfer Valve, stainless steel, 13' round opening, with electric drive


64864- Round Camembert style Cheese Mold, stainless steel, with hoop filler funnel, approximately 4.5" diameter end x 4" other end x 5.375" high.


51525- Round Pail, stainless steel


50565p- Salt Dispenser Tank, stainless steel, rectangular


70909-New Sani Stir Vat Agitators, custom built, all stainless steel channel iron construction, horizontal shaft gear motor for traverse, vertical shaft gear head motor for stir, AC variable speed frequency controls for both drives, all stainless steel motor carriage


65719- Schenck, Vibratory Ingredient Feeder, Accu-rate solids flow, stainless steel, with feed hopper, mounted on load cells & on portable stainless steel frame, touch pad controls


77002p- Sermia, Rotary Filter Cheese Whey Fines Saver model MSL, stainless steel, maximum capacity 10,000 pounds/hour with 5 micron screen up to 80,000 pounds/hour with 40 micron screen


57161p- Soft Cheese or Brine Table, all stainless steel, available with stainless steel ball feet or optional caster, interior dimensions 96" long x 20" wide x 7" deep, exterior dimensions 24" wide x 100" long x 29" high, 1.5" round stainless steel legs, available with or without 10" wide full length swing up shelves on each side, 1" center drain.


51524- Vat Squeegee, stainless steel


80668- Vertical Soft Cheese Mold, 6" L x 7-5/8" OD


80673- Vertical Soft Cheese Mold, 6-1/4" L x 12" D x 3-3/4" W


76938p- Waldner, Curd Transport System, up to 15,000 liter per hour, 380 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, working pressure .3 bar, 800 liter per minute air consumption, control panel with Omron PLC controls, 2 level tanks, 1 tank filled with curd by vacuum & other tank curd will be emptied with compressed air, 1.20m x 1.65m x 1.70m weighs 450Kg.


79360- Whey Cooker, 2" clamp ports, 276" OAL


50563p- Whey Cooker, 2" clamp ports, 276" OAL


50564- Whey Cooker, 2" clamp ports, 281.5" OAL


75628- Whey Saver, 14" diameter x 44" high, 3" bottom outlet & 3" tangential outlet with stainless steel basket


77667- Whey Saver, all stainless steel, 13" diameter x 22" deep with 2" & 3" outlets, removable basket


80683- White Polyethylene Soft Cheese Mold, 3.5" x 4.5" taper x 3-1/4" T


80674- White Polyethylene Soft Cheese Mold, round tapered, 8" W x 4" D


80680- White Polyethylene Soft Cheese Mold, tapered, 6" x 7" taper x 7" T


80681- White Polyethylene Soft Cheese Mold, tapered, 6.5" x 7" taper x 6-1/4" T


82507- Wilson Style Cheese Hoops, 20 pound, stainless steel, includes pins, covers & liner, 14-3/16" x 11-3/16" x 3-1/4" deep.


48436p- Wincanton, Block Forming Tower, 1500 pounds per hour capacity, designed to form 40 pound blocks on continuous basis, block former base, 18' tower assembly & pedestal mount control panel, offering above components only, 2 towers are welded construction, the third is not all welded design, has 3 bases, to complete system requires rebuilding & additional components & controls.




Commercial New and Used Cheese Making Equipment and Cheese Hoops.

Cheese making equipment is available through Schier Company Inc. We have cheese hoops, cheese forms, curd elevators, curd mills, curd pumps and a wide variety of other items needed to complete your cheese processing needs.

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