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79023p- Ampack Ammann, Cup Filler & Sealer model AA4/4-75/95, 4 lane up to 8640 cups per hour for yogurt & viscous products, 75mm & 95mm cup diameter, double plates for automatic format, cup decontamination by UV light, main doser, positive dosing principle, cups 100 - 550ml, aluminum lid, packer, balance tanks, flow plate & CIP return pumps, blower, control panel with Siemens S5PLC, manual & programs available, 28kw 380 volt 50 hertz


80897p- Ampak Engineering, Cup Filler model LXL-1, stainless steel, currently less filling mechanism, cup de-nester feeding to stainless steel chain type tub conveyor which leads to lid applicator with de-nester & pneumatically powered reject, currently set for 4" diameter cups, with controls, mounted on stainless steel frame with casters, previously used in food operation


7900p- Anderson, Cup Filler & Lidder model 340, painted frame, (30-40) 8 ounce cups per minute, lidder is driven off the main machine drive & speeds would be the same as the filler, 1.5 HP 3 phase motor, dimensions slightly smaller than a standard pallet


32096p- Anderson, Inline Cup Filler model 340-4, for butter or yogurt, 30 cups per minute, 8 ounce machine, will run other sizes with additional change parts, does not come with change parts, 6' 5" long x 2' 3" wide x 5' 5" high, weighs approximately 500 pounds, last ran standard pint & quart size containers, lids are pre cut.


41703p- Anderson, Rotary Yogurt Cup Filler model 640, with feed attachment for cups & lids, star wheels available 3-1/4" & 4-3/8", run between 25 & 70 cycles per minute depending upon the size of the cup & the viscosity of product, dimensions 8' long x 4' wide x 6' high, 800 pounds


16003p- Anderson, Rotary Yogurt Cup Filler model 640, yogurt, with feed attachment, filler stations will fill fruit in addition to the product, 86" long x 48" wide x 60" high, will do a maximum of 70 units per minute, unit will work for 75mm product size container, has additional change parts for additional charge, dimensions 7' long x 4' wide x 5' 9" high, 800 pounds


75189p- APV Anderson, Rotary Ice Cream Filler model 456-1, for 1/2 pint cups, up to 60 CPM capacity, 43" x 60" x 74" overall height. unit is not complete.


79373- APV, Rotary Cup Filler model 456-1


43255p- APV, Rotary Cup Filler model 456-1, for 1/2 pint cups up to 60 cups per minute, 51" x 66" x 70" overall height, cup size 3.5".


68815p- AutoProd, 6 lane Cup Filler & Induction Sealer model FP 1x6, stainless steel contact parts, cup dispenser has maximum fill capacity of 12 ounce & currently set for 12 ounce fill, diameter of container 110mm, rated approximate 360 cups per minute, has 60 gallon stainless steel hopper with side driven sweep agitator & 2 level indicators, requires 230 vac 3 phase electrical source, came from Ocean Spray, no additional parts


76134- AutoProd, Inline Filling & Sealing System model FAST PACK 1x3, maximum 90 CPM, 230 volt, 44" wide x 82" OAH x 132" OAL, caser 38" wide x 76" OAH x 132" OAL


73974- AutoProd, Rotary Cup Filler model AP-RO A7, stainless steel, twin head, 60 CPM, foil or paper sealer & over capper, currently set up for 73mm diameter cup, 56" long x 45" wide x 84" OAH, 230 volt, parts only


7899p- AutoProd, Rotary Cup Filler model RO-A7, stainless steel, suitable for parts only.


66326p- Benhil, Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model 8205, capacity up to 3600 cups/hour (by sealing), volume up to 500 gram, cup dimensions round 116mm, power 3kw 380 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, dimensions 2.90 L x 1.50 W x 2.20 meter H, weight 1800kg, rotary filler for viscose products (cream cheese), 1 filling head, filling thru a hopper, sealing station, snap on lid station, outfeed conveyor, & control panel, manual available


76208p- Benhil, Filling Line for Margarine model T8270/215, 13,200 cups hour, fills 250-500 gram, 127mm, 31Kw, 400 V, 50 Hz, Automation un Fordertechnik wrap around cartoniser model 720-4-23W4/8, 350 boxes per hour, wrap around cartons 500 gram, 250 gram S/N 97-090A, 4 lane cup filling machine, manual infeed cup system, cup control, main piston doser, heated cutting wire, snap cap cover station & interconnecting conveyor to the wraparound packer, Nordson 3500 hot melt system.


76616p- Benhil, Rotary Cup Filler model 8250, 1 head filling machine for rectangular cups, volume up to 600 gram, cup dispensing by vacuum, cup control, filling by direct link, interleave paper, snap cap, outfeed conveyor, rotary mixer on inlet (for butter mixtures), direct link with compensator & sensor (E&H) 4-20Ma signal to control feed pump, possible to change to sealing, machine enclosed in stainless cabinet, capacity up to 4800 cups per hour, up to 600 gram, rectangular 120 x 140mm


65520- Cup Filler, stainless steel, will do 500 to 1000 units per hour depending on viscosity, self contained & compact, hands free operation, 250mils to 500mils, date coding, can be used for yogurt, dipping sauces, salad dressing, juices, tomato sauces, etc., 220 volt/3 phase/60 hertz unit.


78933p- FEMC, Piston Filler with Lidder, 2 lane, stainless steel feed hopper & de-nester for trays, complete with discharge conveyor with laner, control panel, previously used in food operation


60409p- FMC, Granular Volumetric Filler model 12-G, 603 diameter, 4.25" diameter cup, brush attachment


59176p- Foremost, Form Fill & Seal Wrapper model FW350, rated 50-250 per minute, 3" to 12.5" long x 2" to 4.75" wide x .375" to 2.5" high package size with Foremost conveyor & cup stacker


81880- Gea Finnah, Form, Fill & Seal model 2300 036, aseptic for cups, up to 100 cups per hour, 8x (3x4) cups per stroke, 28 strokes per minute, rectangular & oval shaped cup 90 x70m, variable height 150 - 200ml, packing 300mm wide, aluminum lid, paper laminate lid width 295mm, 4 lines with dosers & filling tunnel steamable, bottom foil heating in 8 steps, forming, pre doser for fruit & main doser, top seal decontamination by peroxide or UV light sealing, outfeed conveyor, 2 sides total covered, Krones model Starmatic, cold glue labeler, conveyors & Schaffer & Flotimann type 374 automatic carton erector for open trays, automatic packaging & all auxiliary equipment such as sterile air treatment station, 2 blowers, peroxide injection system & air filters, spare forming/cutting station & seal plates, partly Servo driven, intramat (Bosch Rexode), control lubricating system, product possibilities 150ml & 200ml


83035p- Gea Finnah. 4 Lane Cup Form, Filler Sealer model 2300 036, up to 21,000 cups per hour, 8x (4x3) cups per stroke, 28 strokes per minute, rectangular & oval shape, 150- 200ml height, lidder for aluminum, PS, paper laminate 295mm, 300mm base cup width, aseptic design, doser & filling tunnel steamable, bottom foil heating in 8 steps, forming, pre-doser for fruit & main doser, top seal decontamination by Peroxide or UV light, sealing, outfeed conveyor, Krones Starmac, cold glue labeling 2 sides total covered, conveyors & automatic carton erector for open trays, automatic packaging & all auxiliary equipment such as sterile air treatment station, 2 blowers, peroxide injection system & air filters, spare forming/cutting station & seal plates, partly Servo driven, intramat, central lubricating system


82855p- Grunwald, Cup Filling & Closing Machine Foodliner FL6000/4, 4 lane, 9600 cups per hour, 200- 400 grams per cup, rectangular cup 130x85mm, 120x87mm oval cup, including conveyor based storage & infeed system for cups, snap caps, sealing pre cut seal piston doser up to 500ml, hopper, CIP cleanable, gas flush, no cup no seal detection by eye sensor, safety guards, Siemens Op controls, electric scheme available, 14.920h, 15kw 3/400 volt 50 hertz
81622p- Hamba, 3 Lane Cup Filler model BK6003/M, 6000 - 8000 cups per hour, for margarine, cup dimensions 120 & 150mm round, for 2.3 pound, 1 pound, 1.5 pound & 3 pound tubs, manual cup infeed system, cup control, main doser CIP cleanable, margarine design, with compensator, lick off snap cap station, after pusher & 2 lane outfeed conveyor, last running in Canada, Siemens controls & control panel, 575 volt 50 hertz, 3.78m x 2.10m x 2.17m, weight 7000kg.


60369p- Hamba, 6 Lane Piston Filler, induction sealer model BF8000, running 304 diameter x 311 high polyethylene container for cake frosting at 150 container a minute, tank container out of magazine fills, places pre-cut foil on top & heat seals in place.


80883p- Hamba, Cup Filler model BF5008/2, capacity up to 4800 cups/hour, volume cup 100250 ml, dimensions cup oval shaped, 112 x 68mm, product used for mousse - yoghurt with layered product, rotary 2 head 8 step, cup filling & sealing machine, cup de-stacking, pre dosing (CIP cleanable, open/close valve), main dosing (piston, CIP cleanable), seal cover station, hot sealing & outfeed conveyor, including Hepa filter, control panel with Siemens S7-300 PLC.


71680p- Hamba, Cup Filler model BK6004 UV-C, 4 lines with full automatic cup infeed system (make Sema, year 1999) ultra clean with steam & peroxide (H202) injection on cups & UV light on the seals, 5000-9600 cups per hour depending on product, 100-500ml, 95mm, sterile air system with ultra-filter (with steam lock), sealing & snap cap, CIP cleanable, infeed valves with aseptic valve cluster (steam lock, make Aseptomag), balance tank & CIP return pump, automatic packer 3x4 in a tray or 2 trays of 6 cups, with conveyor with trays, including control panel with cables cut


62065p- Hamba, Cup Filling & Sealing Machine, type BK8008, capacity 16.000 cups/hour, volume/dimension 100-250ml/75mm, dimensions 8,00 x 2,00 x 2,25 meter, weight +/-7.000kg, 8 lines with cup infeed, pre & main door, cup decontamination by H2o2, lid sealing, automatic cup out feed system & outlet conveyor, including free standing sterile air box with blower & filters, control panel with contactors control


82030p- Hassia, Form Fill & Seal model THL 28/22, up to 36,000 cups per hour, can fill 10 - 20ml volume, current cup size 45 x 50 x 20mm = 20ml volume, for liquid sauces, cheese, fruit, jams etc., double jacket hopper with agitator for hot fill & cut off valve date coder, hydraulic drive, hydro unit, Siemens HMI touch screen controls, free falling system into box 24 cups per stroke, 63 amp 380 volt, 22kva, 5.0x1.5x2.5meter, weighs 2200kg


82061p- Kustner, Automatic Filling, Portioning & Wrapping Machine model YH, up to 4200 cups per hour, between 50 -70 pieces per minute, for process cheese, cream cheese & fresh cheese, for 62.5 gram aluminum triangle 70 x 55mm x 30mm, 3kw 400 volt 50 hertz, with double jacketed hopper 57 liter with agitator, hot fill, label application, free standing control panel with Siemens S70300 PLC, Siemens Simatic OP17 with frequency converter, covered in plexiglass safety guards & manual, no outlet conveyor.


76443- Modern Packaging, 2 Head Automatic Powder Cup Packaging System, cup dispensing feeder, heat sealing & lidding, dual lane cup dispenser, 2 weigh scale filling stations, 16' long x 5' wide x 8' high, on casters.


82223p- Modern Packaging, Rotary Cup/Tub Filler model SR8, cup dispenser places cups into 8 station rotary filling carriage wheel, ingredient additive fill chute, with pneumatic gate, piston filler with cut off valve, foil over seal placer & heat sealer, automatic ejector to integral take away conveyor belt 3" wide x 31" long, piston filler with cut off valve, manufacturer rated for .5 ounce to 14 ounce fills, system rated up to 40 cups per minute, container handling parts for cup approximate 3.5" diameter with pointed opening flap on foil over seal, complete with stainless steel control panel with Allen Bradley touch screen operator control panel, variable speed controls, all stainless steel food grade USDA sanitary 3A dairy grade construction


78081p- Motion Pack, Inline Cup Filler, 2 lane, fills 6 ounce cups, dispenses lids & cups, seals with pre-cut foil, 4 head fill system with controls, on casters, 11' long x 3' wide x 7' high, little to no use, has yogurt cups still in it.


37190p- National Instruments, Filamatic Bottom Up Fill Attachment model FSB2, 0-7" long bottom up stroke, designed to operate with Filamatic filler models AB, AB5, DAB, DAB5 & DAB6, equipped with FS1 foot switch, accepts 2 nozzles, 115 volt with cord & plug, table top design


68814p- Osgood Industries Inc., 6 lane Inline Continuous Motion Atmospheric Cup Filler & Induction Sealer model 6100, stainless steel contact parts, 2 piston type filling heads per lane for 2 part fills such as particulate & juice, filling heads move on the carriage, cup dispenser currently set for 4 ounce fill, diameter of containers 2.5" cup size, set up for roll stock metalized seal film, rate estimated 350 cups per minute, requires 480 vac 3 phase electric, bare machine approximate 24' 7" long x 7' wide x 7' 9" high


75203- Osgood Industries, Cup Filler model 4700, 4 lane, set up for 8 ounce yogurt/sour cream containers, change over parts for 16/24 ounce containers, stainless steel construction, 42" wide x 83" OAH x 126" OAL


77115p- Osgood, 4 Lane Cup Filler, cup diameter 79mm (2-7/8"), 17' long x 4' 6" wide x 80" high overall, 4 station piston type fill head, 3-1/4" die cut aluminum foil cup seal model 4400 (S/N 198481), fills 4 - 8 ounce cups, 40 per minute.


80178p- Osgood, Cup Packaging Machine model 6400, 6 lane filling system, tamper evident system, lid inserter, 6 ounce or 8 ounce filling volume, came out of Dean Foods, pump designed to fill from 1.75 to 8.7 ounce, cups were originally designed for 71mm & 80mm cup diameter, 80mm is maximum for a 6400 with film, with foil it is 95mm, takes stacks of pre-cut foil that it places on the cups then has a heated arm that seals foil to the cup, no Labeler


81733p- Oystar, Cup Filler model FP1X4, all stainless steel construction, includes vacuum pull down cup dispenser with filling capability of up to 120 containers per minute, capable of filling 9 ounces to 12 ounces, depending on product, driven by 480 volt 3/60 hertz motor


77818p- Oystar, Pre-Formed Cup Filling Machine model FP 2x6 series, previously used to fill yogurt with particulates, pre-set yogurt with 1/4" particulates, previously filling 4 ounce, 6 ounce & 8 ounce, 6 lane, 12 position reciprocating spiral type with height adjustment


82676p- Pack Line, Inline Fully Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine model PXM-6, based on Servo driven mechanism, machine will fill & seal products into a pre-formed cup, machine will work in a clean environment at a rate of 210-270 cups per minute with Servo lifts, machine will de-nest containers (6 at a time), fill & seal with pre-cut foil, once the containers are filled & sealed, the machine will discharge the containers onto the discharge conveyor, stack of nested empty cups will be manually inserted into cup loading magazine by machine operator, 3.1" (80mm) diameter, 4" (102mm) height, fill volume 6 ounce (170 gram), vertical magazine for pre-formed separable cups has pick & place mechanical de-nesting system that uses separation mechanism with vacuum suction cups from the bottom of the cup magazine & provides constant control of cups from de-nesting thru complete insertion of cup into carrier plate pocket, cup detection by photo electric eye guarantees that each cup was placed into each carrier plate pocket, no cup/no fill/no seal, block of Servo driven fillers for product on trolley with Servo motor, adapted for CIP, dosing of product & entire working process is operated by PLC, filler provides even product spread & each filler equipped with non-drip nozzles, automatic filler washings are performed outside of working area of machine


77635p- Packline, Cup Filler model PXG-2, 2 lane, all stainless steel, cup feeder/de-nester, fill funnels, heat sealers & lidder, Allen Bradley control panel with AB Microlog x 1200 & Panelview, last used for filling 4.25" diameter cups with nuts


62425p-New Pac-Tec, 3 Lane Inline Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model PT-3S, for yogurt products, base machine including main Servo drive & welded stainless steel frame, Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen, tooling for 1 container diameter sizes 4 & 8 ounce, cup de-nesting station with positive de-nesting screws, volumetric piston filler for yogurt station adjustable from 2 to 8 ounce, stainless steel product valve, 15 gallon hopper with 2 piece lid, no drip discharge nozzle, cup lift at fill station, no cup/no fill/seal, roll stock film heat seal/die cut station, random print film, motorized film unwind & rewind system with dancer rolls for film tensioning, heat seal/die cut head assembles, modular design, stainless steel knife blades, lift & sweep discharge station, heavy duty Servo motor indexer with variable speed, Nema 4X components to facilitate direct washdown, speeds up to 90 cups per minute (depending on product fill time), electrical requirements 220 volt 3 phase 60 cycle, compressed air requirements 20 CFM at 80 PSI, clean dry air, 2 day installation & training (travel & lodging expenses are extra)


63099p-New Pac-Tec, 4 Lane Inline Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model PT-4S, for yogurt products, base machine including main Servo drive & welded stainless steel frame, Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen, tooling for 2 container diameter sizes, 4/6 ounce same diameter & 8 ounce diameter, cup de-nesting station with positive de-nesting screws, volumetric piston filler for yogurt station adjustable from 2 ounce to 8 ounce, Servo motor


81886-New Pac-Tec, 4 Lane Inline Cup Filling & Sealing model PT-4S, volumetric piston filler for yogurt adjustable from 2-10 ounce, base machine including main Servo drive & welded stainless steel frame, Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen, cup de-nesting station with positive de-nesting screws, tooling for 2 container diameter sizes 4.5", Servo motor actuation on filler pistons, stainless product valve, 15 gallon hopper with lid, with spice filler after yogurt filler station, 120-140 CPM


72723- New Pac-Tec, Rotary Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model PTR-6S, for cottage cheese, 8 ounce cups, can run 1/2 oz - 8 oz base machine including main drive & welded stainless steel frame, color touch screen & PLC control, tooling for 1 container diameter size, cup de-nest station, volumetric piston filler with stainless product valves,10 gallon stainless hopper with 2 piece lid, no cup no fill, rollstock die cut film heat seal/die cut, no cup no fill, modular heat head


69574-New Pac-Tec, Rotary Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model PTR-8S, volumetric piston filler with stainless product valve, 8 ounce - 32 ounce range, no cup-no fill, for liquid products, PLC controls with color touch screen, Servo motor actuator on filler, no drip shut off nozzle, 7 gallon horizontal hopper with 2 piece lid, roll stock film heat seal, die cut station with auto film advance & rewind, modular het head, spinning rail over cap station, lift & sweep discharge station


60070p- New Pac-Tec, Rotary Cup Filling/Sealing Machine model PTR-6S, for yogurt products, main Servo drive & welded stainless steel frame, PLC control with color touch screen, tooling for 1 container diameter size 8 ounce, no cup/no fill/seal, volumetric piston filler with stainless steel product valve, 1/2 ounce-8 ounce range, no drip shut off nozzle, 10 gallon stainless steel horizontal hopper with 2 piece lid, roll stock film heat seal/die cut station with automatic film advance


81534p-New Pac-Tec, Single Lane Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model PTHS-1, for plastic containers, base machine with stainless steel bench top frame, tooling for 1 container diameter size, container nest platen for 1 cup, manual load of cup, twin palm button activation for cycle start, volumetric piston filler with stainless valve, 6 gallon stainless hopper, roll stock film heat seal, die cut station, random print film, gas flush prior to sealing, stainless knife blades, automatic film advance & rewind, stainless steel frame with casters, speeds up to 10-15 cups per minute are typical, electrical 120 volt single phase 60 cycle, compressed air requirements 6 CFM at 80 PSI clean dry air


78398p- Phoenix, Tamper Evident CTL Cup Filler, filling & lidding cups between 3" & 9" diameter, includes no drip filler with 1/2" accuracy rate with most products dependent on container volume, constant viscosity & temperature of product, includes programmable limit switch PLS & all related electrical hardware, last used in food operation running chili.


75202- Ronco, Cup Filler model F60, stainless steel product hopper, nickel product contact surface


36567p- Rutherford Akra Pak, Dual Piston Filler, Cup, Lidder model OSF64B, filler capable of filling 14 ounce & 20 ounce cups or tubs, complete with shuttle, vertical cup dropper & lid placer dual lidder model DCEVL, 16" x 8' product conveyor & provisions for bottom ink coder, pistons & lid placers air actuated, unitized on common skid, 3.5" W x 13' long x 7' H


71577p- Speedee, Filler series BR, measure & fill hand held containers at 5-35 PM from 1 ounce to 2 pounds


76741- Speedee, Rotary Volumatic Cup Filler model BE-264-1/2-B-343, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 4 cup head, Servo driven filling head with 3.5 HP motor, agitated hopper with 1 HP DC motor on stand with controls


14606p- Triangle, Cottage Cheese Rotary Cup Filler model 340, inline, push on lids, 8 ounce & 16 ounce, 40 per minute, stainless steel, piston fill head, set up to fill pint size cups cottage cheese style.


58479p- Volumetric Filler, stainless steel, 36" diameter rotary table with 7 adjustable heads for product measuring, cups measure 1-7/8" diameter x 3" deep, includes over head stainless steel hopper, Teflon & stainless wiper, less drive, designed to be mounted over conveyor, requires some work to become operable


77472p- WA Lane, Cup Filler & Sealer System model 678, set up as 10 head inline filling with 2 rows of 5 filling heads per side, filling head nozzles 5/16" diameter, sealer to apply seals to top of filled cups, with conveyor 12" wide x 12' long, passing thru filler & sealer sections, conveyor includes cups molds to convey condiment sauce cups, 2 units are set up to accommodate 1.625" L x 1.187" W x 1" deep cups & 1 set up to accommodate 1.906" L x 1.406" W x 1" deep cups, previously used at major sauce manufacturer to supply condiments in portion pack cups, in working condition when removed from service


83027p- Waldner, 8 head Rotary Cup Filling & Sealing Machine model DOSOMAT 10.8, up to 14,400 cups per hour for yogurt, quark, desserts, fills 90 - 200ml per cup, 68mm single cup, 2-er 70mm du cup, 4-er 70m quadro cup, with 2 dosers for 2 different products, cup de-stacking, piston dosers, hopper, cup lift, vacuum seal, heat seal, date coder, Plexiglas safety guards, Hepa sterile air system, easy format change, Siemens controls model S5, documentation available in French & German


69637p- Waldner, Cup Filling & Sealing Machine, type Dosomat 20-5, 5 lines with cup infeed, main doser (CIP cleanable), lid sealing, automatic cup outfeed system & packer, including sterile air box, capacity up to 12,000 cups/hour, volume 125-500ml, cup dimensions 95mm, dimensions 4.50 L x 1.50 W x 2.90 meter H, weight 3200kg


77428-New Yogurt Cup Filler model DH0500CF, filling & sealing with over lid option, modular design, touch screen interface, cup counter, modular cup, foil & lid stations operated by air pressure, anodized aluminum table & cup inserts, 120/240 vac, 15/7.5 FLA, single phase, 53" x 40" x 84", 10 gauge, 304 stainless, 10 CFM at 120 PSI, stepper powered piston dosing pump, 15- 25 cups per minute, weighs 700 pound. *Options: cup drop station, over lid, cup eject, funnel level sensor, foil sensor, fruit pump*


77116p- Zitro Pak, 3 Lane Cup Filler, 4-1/2" diameter cup, 3 station piston fill head, 4-11/16" die cut aluminum foil cup seal model Z3000, 10' 6" long x 4' wide x 7' high overall, 4.5" x 3" high OD opening, bottom 3.75" (standard cottage cheese container)


Commercial Yogurt and Cream Cheese Cup Fillers.

Our cup fillers are used for a wide array of dairy processing. They can be used for yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese and juice. The cup fillers can fill sizes from 6 ounce to 32 ounce tubs. If you need a cup filler and sealer at an affordable price we can accommodate those needs.


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