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78623p- 3 cubic foot Paul O Abbe, Conical Dryer, stainless steel contact parts, carbon steel outer shell, jacketed (jacket leaks), driven by 1/2 HP 230/460 volt 1725 RPM 3 phase 60 hertz motor thru gear box, controls, 8" diameter center top opening, 6" diameter discharge, tilt controlled by hand wheel, portable base


74521- 8 cubic foot Paul O Abbe, Ribbon Blender/Dryer model HM5V, stainless steel construction, vessel V/0 PSI at 250 F, jacket 14.7 PSI at 250 F, 10 HP 3/60/230V 23.8 A drive with AC inverter, Doris reducer model 207TR25 25:1 ratio, condenser & solvent recovery system, prior use Tungsten carbide processing with solvent recovery, includes stainless steel tank to hold solvent during drying period


54909p- 21 cubic foot total capacity Paul O Abbe, Vacuum Dryer, 13 cubic foot working capacity, stainless steel rotary double cone, polished food grade wetted parts, fully jacketed shell with insulation & non factory aluminum shrouding, 3 HP Reeves variable speed drive with manual speed control for co-shaft RPM of 11.3 to 45, chain & sprocket driven shell at approximate 2.5 to 1 reduction, full 2 piece chain guard, motor TEFC, shell inlet includes shell & tube heat exchanger with stainless steel body & steel heads, formerly used as condenser, filter on internal shell inlet, 8" discharge with manually operated butterfly valve, 14" charging port (cover required), mounted in painted steel frame, formerly used in mild chemical service


65217p- 29 cubic foot working capacity Patterson, Double Cone Vacuum Tumble Dryer, 304 stainless steel construction, rated15 PSI & full vacuum at 300 degree F internal, carbon steel jacket rated 15 PSI at 300 degree F, 16" feed opening with cover, 8" discharge, on stands with 2 HP 220/440 volt XP variable speed motor drive, National Board #1270


40501p- 30 cubic foot Gemco, Vacuum Dryer, stainless steel product contact parts, jacketed for hot water, complete with 5 HP 220 volt drive to gear box, mounted on stand complete with rotary joints for vacuum & hot water controls to jacket, unit has been slightly imploded & would be suitable for slight vacuum & hot water service on jacket only


48236p- 30 cubic foot Gemco, Vacuum Dryer, stainless steel product contact parts, jacketed for hot water, complete with 7.5 HP 220/440 volt US vari drive to gearbox, mounted on stand with auto pony drum handling mechanism for auto loading/unloading into pony drum, unit comes with pneumatic controls


65213p- 30 cubic foot Patterson Kelley, Solids Processor Vacuum Dryer, 304 stainless steel, rated full vacuum internal, jacketed 30 PSI 200 degree F rating, 90 pound/cubic foot maximum material density rating, roller bearings, 18" feed port with quick opening covers, 10" discharge with valve, mounted on stands with 5 HP Reeves variable speed drive with brake, 1.48 to 14.82 RPM shell speed, 15 HP liquid feed intensifier bar, explosion proof


80447p- 30 cubic foot working capacity Gemco, Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, can handle product density up to 100 pounds/cubic foot, 304 stainless steel, stainless steel jacket, 56" outside diameter x 19" straight side x 16" cones, 17" diameter top port with cover, 16" bottom outlet with Gemco pneumatic valve, no motor drive, includes drum unloader & stands


61033p- 40 cubic foot Patterson Kelley, Twin Shell Solids Processor Dryer, 304 stainless steel construction, rated full vacuum internal, jacketed for 15 PSI at 200 degree F, 65 pound maximum material density, standard feed ports with covers, 10" discharge high speed liquid feed bar with drive, 5 HP variable speed shell drive, on stands with Stokes vacuum pump, shell & tube heat exchanger & receiver tank


81111p- 50 cubic foot Gemco, Rotary Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, T316 stainless steel shell, rated 80 pound/cubic foot maximum material density, shell fabricated by Expert Industries (S/N 4478), National Board rated (#309) for full vacuum, shell fully jacketed in SA 36 material & rated 15 PSI at 200 degree F service, hydro tested to 45 PSI, 8" manually operated Gemco spherical valve with Teflon seating, 18" diameter charging port with hinged cover, braided Teflon gasket & 4 hand screw down closure clamps, pneumatically operated shell disk type break, shell belt driven by Reliance 1.5 HP motor, 208-230/460 phase voltage at 1725 RPM, UL rated for hazardous locations under Class I, Group C & D, Class II, Group F & G, operator control station, mounts on independent stands for discharge height of 38", valve discharge has clamp ring mounted cover for vacuum retention, 4" diameter post with vibrator mounting plate directly welded to shell thru jacket opening for discharge assist, formerly used in food ingredient drying with hot water circulated jacket at 160 degree F drying temperature


65204p- 60 cubic foot working capacity Patterson Kelley, Twin Shell Vacuum Dryer, stainless steel construction, rated full vacuum internal, jacketed 15 PSI at 450 degree F, 140 pound/cubic foot material density, standard feed ports with covers, 12" discharge with butterfly valve, gear & pinion driven, on stands


61035p- 75 cubic foot Patterson Kelley, Twin Shell Vacuum Tumble Dryer, 304 stainless steel construction, rated full vacuum internal, carbon steel jacket rated 30 PSI at 250 degree F, 75 pound/cubic foot maximum material density, 18" feed ports with covers, 16" discharge with butterfly valve, on stands with 10 HP 230/460 volt motor drive, 195:1 gear box ratio


65195p- 100 cubic foot Patterson Kelley, Twin Shell Solids Processor Vacuum Dryer, stainless steel construction, rated full vacuum internal at 200 degree F, jacketed for 15 PSI at 200 degree F, rated 60 pound/cubic foot maximum material density, liquid feed intensifier bar with 10 HP motor, on legs with 10 HP Reeves variable speed main drive, explosion proof design, 230/460 volt


55055p- 100 cubic foot Patterson Kelley, Twin Shell Vacuum Dryer, jacket rated for 30 PSI at 250 degree F, drying chamber is rated for 150 PSI & full vacuum, drying chamber designed to turn between .96 to 7.66 RPM using a 10 HP Reeves drive, motor tagged for hazardous location, 56" diameter x 96" outer shell of each chamber, chamber has 18" access panel, 12" bottom discharge, 304 stainless steel contact surfaces, carbon steel jacket, 75 pounds per cubic foot maximum density, 19' 9" long x 83" wide x 10' 1" tall, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply, drawings on file


65193p- 107 cubic foot Dedietrich, Glass Lined Double Cone Dryer Shell Only, rated 40 PSI full vacuum internal, jacketed for 90 PSI, National Board #1662


65206p- 125 cubic foot working capacity Stokes, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, approximate 48" diameter x 15' long, 304L stainless steel construction, double ribbon agitator, rated 3 PSI or full vacuum at 350 F internal, jacketed 15 PSI & full vacuum at 350 F, center bottom outlet with manually operated valve, miscellaneous top nozzles, on stand, to be supplied with 30 HP drive


65191p- 132 cubic foot working capacity Patterson, Conoform Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, 304 stainless steel construction, 90" inside diameter shell, internal rated 25 PSI & full vacuum at 300 degree F, fully jacketed 15 PSI & full vacuum at 300 degree F, 18" feed port with cover, 8" discharge valve, 10 HP drive with electric brake, 57.7:1 gear box, complete with short stands, National Board #702


78998p- 750 liter Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer model S8-2111, sanitary, 316 & 304 stainless steel construction, approximate 750 liter container, heating capacity 48,223,200 kcal/hour, pressure shock resistance 2 bar, 50 HP, fully integrated color graphical control, 2 roll out bowl, power bowl lift, explosion relief flap, pneumatic air damper flap, pneumatic safety clamps, auto/manual shake, test spray, solution addition pressure pot, scale, centrifugal blower fan, explosion proof motor, 50 HP, 3/60/460 volt, includes pre-filter & radiator


79001p- 750 liter Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer model T7, 28 cubic foot, 316 & 304 stainless steel construction, air volume 6360 CFM, volume of filter section 141 ft³, volume of product container 28 ft³ (600 liter), base area of product container 12 ft³, relief area 5.9 ft³, air temperature 14 degree F (in), 230 degree F (out), heating capacity 1,428,335 BTU/hour, steam heated 58 PSIG, pressure shock resistance 2.0 bar, fully integrated color graphical control, 2 roll out bowl, power bowl lift, explosion relief flap, pneumatic air damper flap, pneumatic stainless steel safety clamps, auto/manual shake, test spray, solution addition pressure pot, scale, 40 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase 60 hertz, centrifugal blower fan, explosion proof motor, radiator & pre-filter


35287p- Aeroglide, Rotary Dryer model RI3612NSX, steam heated, 650,000 BTU per hour, 115 PSI saturated steam required, single pass & non-circulated air from heating chamber thru drying drum, 36" diameter flighted stainless steel drum, fed thru rotary feeder with 10" square flange, dried product pneumatically conveyed from 8" diameter flanged discharge, drum driven by 1 HP variable speed drive, overall dimensions 278" long x 70" wide x 84" tall, free standing control panel with temperature controllers & Torit reverse pulse jet dust collector model 2DF8, Aerofin type B radiator style steam coils need to be replaced due to freeze damage


65278p- Aeromatic Fielder, Lab Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator model MP Micro, bench top design, stainless steel enclosure with spray granulation & Wurster chamber, electrically heated, 110 volt with controls


65253p- Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer model T520419, stainless steel construction, 2 bar, 60-180 kilo batch size, 460 volt


47428p- Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer, batch type, 24" diameter bed with stainless steel product contact parts, enclosed cabinet design with dust collection, complete with draft blowers & steam heating capabilities, 4' 6" long x 4' wide x 8' 4" tall, weighs 2000 pounds.


60233p- Aeromatic, Laboratory Fluid Bed Dryer/Spray Granulator model STREA, table top, .2-4kg charge capacity, 2M3/minute air volume rating, electrically heated with on board blower, .75kw 110 volt single phase, 1.5 KJ/hour heating capacity, 16.5 liter see thru acrylic drying chamber, includes spray nozzle & Peristaltic pump for granulating, formerly used in food development


77396p- American Process Systems, Vacuum Tray Dryer model SVTD-32, all stainless steel construction, 10 steam heated shelves with approximate 40 trays, 14" wide x 48" long, vessel 60" diameter x 60" long with dual sided hinged doors with threaded/hinged locks, previously used in pharmaceutical environment


72361p- Anhydro, Spray Dryer model LAB S1, stainless steel, 39" diameter with nozzle atomization, side entering nozzle.


79865p- APV Mitchel, Tray Dryer, stainless steel, 20 trays, 16" x 32", steam heated, 2 trays per level, double door, with fans on the end, stainless steel cabinet, (2) 15" 4 blade fans running at 960 RPM, driven by 1/2 HP motor, V belt drive, dryer operates at 100 degree C, overall 6' long x 50" high x 46" wide


65197p- APV, Anhydro Spray Dryer, type III-A #4, 8' diameter x 100" straight side, flat bottom, stainless steel construction, with model CB160 Anhydro centrifugal atomizer with 5 HP AC motor with inverter, bottom sweeping broom driven by .5 HP 115/230 volt gear head drive, gas fired hot air makeup system with burner, stainless steel cyclone fines collector, square foot Mikro Pulsaire dust collector, 1400 CFM Ducon stainless steel scrubber, with 10 HP 230/460 volt process blower, Moyno progressive cavity feed pump & control panel


79864p- APV, Tray Dryer, stainless steel, 10 trays 16" x 32", electrically heated, double door, with fans on the end, carbon steel painted cabinet, on casters, 1 fan V belt driven, overall 80" long x 50" high x 26" wide


65279p- Ascoat Lakso, Fluid Bed Wurster Coater model 2XP HT, all stainless steel construction including chamber, bottom housing, dust collector, filter chamber, stand & control panel, electrically heated, 4" Wurster section, HEPA filter & controls


47425p- Barr-Rosin, Flash Dryer, stainless steel "ring type", 4410 pounds per hour, feed rate at 8% moisture, 4065 pounds per hour finished product, inlet temperature 650 degree F, outlet temperature 450 degree F, dryer includes stainless steel 30" x 6' V shaped hopper, 6" x 10' stainless steel screw conveyor, 20 HP hammermill, Barr & Murphy mechanical air classifier, 316 stainless steel, fire box with 1.6mm BTU natural gas burner, wheelabrator, pulse type dust collector & blower rated at 5050 CFM


67109- BOC Edward, Freeze Dryer model Lyoflex08, 316L stainless steel contact surfaces, 9 square foot usable shelf space with (3) 18" x 24" shelves, 3.1" shelf spacing, stopper, low temperature design rated to -55 degree C shelves, -80 degree C condenser, 35.2 pounds ice capacity with Edwards vacuum pump, Lyomaster 4000 controller & Yokogawa 30 recorder


47437p- Bowen, Atomizer Spray Dryer model CC4, rated 10,800 RPM, water cooled, 80 HP 3 phase 330 AC volt 120 AMP 80 hertz, 55 degree C temperature rise, wheel measures 9" diameter x 2.75" thick, previously used in a 20' diameter x 11' straight side plus 22' cone bottom spray dryer, last used on titanium dioxide at 6 tons per hour product


47426p- Bowen, Flash Dryer, stainless steel, 800 pounds per hour feed at 67% water, system complete with gas burner with stainless steel fire box, stainless steel pin mill with 20 HP drive, stainless steel "Classiclone" classifier/cyclone separator with carbon steel product discharge hopper, includes electrical panel, ducting, etc., last run on sewage sludge


47427p- Bowen, Fluid Bed Dryer, stainless steel, 18" diameter x 4' bed chamber, lab size, direct gas fired, complete unitized system including 2 HP Buffalo infeed blower, fire box, exhaust to stainless steel cyclone to 2 HP Buffalo draft blower, complete with control panel with 3 temperature probes, unit can be converted to steam radiator heat


65198p- Bowen, Spray Dryer, 8' diameter chamber, stainless steel construction, model AA6 Bowen centrifugal spray machine with inverter, gas fired hot air makeup system with burner & blower, stainless steel cyclone fines collector rated 4500 CFM, Flex Kleen wet scrubber with receiver, with associated blowers & controls, system re-installed in the mid 1990's, missing atomizer/nozzle, chamber only.


65192p- Bowen, Spray Dryer, stainless steel construction, 10' diameter chamber, approximately 5' 6" straight side, approximately 8' deep cone bottom, model AA6 Bowen centrifugal spray machine with burner assembly, lubrication system, Mikro Pulse Air stainless steel dust collector, model 858-8-35 (S/N 77-445H1), 15 HP series 20 New York blower


65201- Bowen, Spray Dryer, stainless steel construction, 7' diameter x 4' straight side x 8" deep cone, bottom dryer chamber, Bowen AA6 centrifugal atomizer with lubrication system, gas fired with burner, AAF roto clone wet dust collector, type N, size 4 with 30 HP 460 volt blower, carbon steel construction, stainless steel Ducon cyclone fines collector with interconnecting duct work


74663p- Bowen, Spray Dryer, stainless steel, 4' diameter x 15' straight side, 600 ACFM, 5 HP, 20 SCFM, 100 PSIG, 350,000 BTU at 750 degree F, all pumps, dust collectors, feeders, discharge equipment & other accessories


79148p- Bowen, Spray Dryer, stainless steel, 7' diameter x 50" straight side, 100" cone, atomizer, 40 HP motor NYB size 2612 blower, gas train & control panel


65220- Buflovak, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, 304 stainless steel construction, 24" diameter x 48" long chamber, rated vacuum -15mm HG, carbon steel jacket for 50 PSI at 650 degree F, 8" top opening, 10" center bottom outlet with manual discharge valve, chain & sprocket driven with 3 HP 230/460 volt variable speed motor with dust filter on stand, National Board #1232, rebuilt by Blaw Knox in 1989


65205p- Bush, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, tank fab, 304 stainless steel construction, 4' diameter x 16' long drum, rated full vacuum, internal jacket rated 15 PSI, 5" shaft, packing glands on stands with 30 HP motor


65203p- Buss, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, 100 cubic foot working capacity, stainless steel construction, 5' diameter x 10' long, dished ends, rated full vacuum internal, cored paddle style agitator, jacketed for 5 ATM (73.5 PSI) jacketed on full straight side, 25 HP 3/60/440 volt 1800 RPM drive direct connected to 1450:4 gear box, XP, 20" top port, center bottom outlet, with rotary union, standard end access doors, OAD 7' L-R x 23' F-B x 6' 6" H


80446p- Carman, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer model FBP-50, blower unit & process air heater, equipped with 2 vibrators of 1 HP single zone, 11" wide x 72" long perforated bed, overall dimensions 44" x 93" x 75", no duct work, controls, stands or springs included, driven by 15 HP WEG motor 1760 RPM, power required 208-230/460 volt 3 phase, unit 61" x 62" x 46", outlet temperature of 575 degree F, all equipment insulated


65237p- Carman, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler model FBP25, stainless steel construction, 4" wide x 36" long perforated bed, with 1 Young 4" stainless steel rotary valve model SE (S/N FBP8227)


26090p- Carrier Rexnord, Fluid Bed Dryer model ILMAD-6605, all stainless steel contact parts with food grade finish, 6" wide x 6' long drying area, vibratory bed driven by eccentric drive with 1 HP explosion proof motor, 230/460/3 phase voltage, 6" diameter product inlet & outlet, 5" x 5" side sight glass mounted centrally on exhaust hood, 6" diameter heat inlet & mounted in painted steel frame, formerly drying food starch, bed diameter holes 3/32" or 2.38mm


79810p- CE Raymon, Rotary Dryer, 90" diameter x 45' long, 304 stainless steel cylinder & lifters, spiral lifters running full length, chain & sprocket drive, gas fired, 2 tires, unit now dismantled & ready to load


65209p- Cogeim, Rotary Vacuum Dryer model 1000 Steridry ES, Hastelloy C22 construction, 1000 liter, rated 3.5 bar (50 PSI) & full vacuum at 150 degree C internal, jacket rated 6 bar (87 PSI) at 150 degree C, cored agitator rated 6 bar (87 PSI) at 150 degree C, with 1.25 square foot Sam bag filter, Hastelloy C22 construction, rated 3.5 bar (50 PSI) at 150 degree C, jacket 6 bar (87 PSI) at 150 degree F with 20 HP 460 volt XP drive, Cogeim S/N 1136-1138, job #97.065, National Board #228, #229 & #230, drum lifting mechanism, hot oil circulation system & controls, system installed new 1998


66691p- Con-Vey Systems, Continuous Paddle Mixer/Dryer, approximately 100 cubic foot capacity, jacketed chamber 4' diameter x 9' long, stainless steel chamber with stainless steel paddles, 4 rows of paddles, 26 paddles total, 10" x 5" x 1-3/4" thick, paddles fixed to 6" diameter cored center shaft for heating, mild steel shaft, driven by 125 HP 1785 RPM 230/460 volt 3/60 hertz motor thru V belt drive, rotary steam joint & hydraulic ram to open/close front section of mixing chamber, previously mixing wood fiber & resin together, paddles rotate counter clockwise rotation, most paddles 40-45 degree angle to convey product towards end, end paddles turned to 0-10 degree to push material out back on right hand side


45415p- DeLaval, Spray Dryer System, stainless steel, approximately 100 pounds/hour evaporation, dryer chamber 6' diameter x 12' straight side with 60 degree cone bottom, spray nozzle, natural gas fired air heater, air intake filter assembly, primary cyclone discharge, draft blower, secondary product collector & GRS stainless steel contact dust collector, complete controls & gas train, last used in food flavoring process


65249p- Devine, Double Cone Vacuum Dryer System model JCB15, 1.1 cubic foot working capacity (70% full), 304 stainless steel construction, rated 150 pound/cubic foot maximum density with 6" charge/discharge port, variable speed drive, mounted on stand with 12kw Weigand heater, Nash vacuum pump, circulating pump, all controls, explosion proof construction


48220p- Devine, Rotary Vacuum Dryer, 42 cubic feet total capacity, about 30 cubic feet working capacity, stainless steel construction including jacket, 36" diameter ribbons, 3.75" diameter shaft & outboard bearings, equipped with 11" center bottom flush valve with pneumatic actuator, 2 each 15" manway in top with lids, necks of manway are jacketed, rated 50 PSI at 300 degree F, National Board #775, 7.5 HP 220/440 vac 3 phase drive is loose from unit, was mounted on raised platform (not included)


44894p- Driver Southall LTD, Fluid Bed Dryer, 4 bed system, stainless steel product contact parts, each bed 39" wide x 20' long, (4) 50 HP air feed blowers, carbon steel contact parts & (4) 74 draft blowers from the 4 stages, the 4 bed system complete with all stainless steel contact parts, hydraulic drives for vibrators, system includes 40 HP hydraulic power system for vibratory beds, system last used in food grade vegetable drying facility, steam radiator, heat


40762p- Driver Southall Ltd, Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer, 39" wide x 20' long, unit (1 of 4) complete with 50 HP air feed blower & 75 HP draft blower, vibratory drives are hydraulic, unit offered less hydraulic power pack, last used drying food grade vegetable product


65242p- Edwards, Freeze Dryer model Lyoflex 04, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 4.5 square foot shelf area, (3) 12" x 18" shelves, 3.1" shelf spacing, stopper, +70 degree C to -50 degree C shelf temperature, 17.6 pound ice capacity with vacuum pump, chiller package & controls


65238p- Edwards, Freeze Dryer model Lyoflex S04, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 4 square foot shelf area, (3) 12" x 18" shelves with 3" spacing


52120p- Fitzpatrick, Fluid Bed Dryer model FA20, 300 pounds per hour, includes (2) 19.9 cubic foot stainless steel product containers mounted on casters, stainless steel upper & lower plenums & stainless steel heater housing, mild steel main frame & fan housing, copper steam heating coil, 3 HP hydraulic pump for housing lift & agitator motor, 40 HP fan motor, requires 60 PSI steam pressure, overall 110" long x 86" wide x 102" high without fan.


47429p- Fitzpatrick, Fluid Bed Dryer model FA250 FITZAIRE, batch type, all wetted parts being 304 stainless steel, 250 pound load capacity, equipped with 2 stainless steel agitated beds, 54" diameter x 18" deep with unit inflatable pneumatic bed seals, beds are unitized on casters, agitated with 1/2 HP 220/440 volt gear head drive, complete dryer housing is stainless steel product & vapor contact parts, top mounted exhaust fan with direct 20 HP 220/440 volt XP drive, internal dust sock, pressure relief panels, air flow control damper & electrical controls, unit previously heated with external heat source not included, last used in chemical service


65254p- Fluid Air, Fluid Bed Dryer model 150, stainless steel construction, 191 liter maximum bowl volume, 173 liter maximum working capacity with air operated agitated spray granulation chamber, with air handling, chiller, 5 HP hydraulic pump for bowl lift/over, HEPA filter & controls


65255p- Fluid Air, Multi Story Processor System, including model 150 Fluid Air fluid bed dryer, stainless steel construction, 191 liter maximum bowl volume, 173 liter maximum working capacity, agitated product hopper with spray granulation chamber, air handling, chiller, HEPA filter & blower, product transfer tube, model 007 Fluid Air mill, stainless steel construction, screw feed with drive, 7" wide rotor, 10 HP main drive, pedestal mounted with 12" butterfly feed & discharge valves


68927- Fluid Bed Dryer, stainless steel, 31' 3" long x 4' wide x 7' high to top of chamber with 32" high center exhaust hood, motor driven eccentric product motivator, 12" product inlet, 12" x 48" wide product discharge, 16" flanged connections on 2 hot air inlet plenums, various CIP sprayball connections


80892p- FMC, Link Belt Roto Shell Dryer, stainless steel, tube approximate 62" diameter x 288" long with spiral flights, top end inlet feed, end discharge hood, dryer sits on 5" wide x 16" diameter trunnions, chain driven by 10 HP 3/60/460 volt 1755 RPM motor thru reducer, ratio 38.4 to 1, order #52JK7006/502-24, mounted on carbon steel frame, 1 Colmac Coil steam coil chest model FSL-48X48-2R-5F-FF (S/N 1208-55385, 1 Boedecker intake filter (S/N B03014-540), 1 New York blower, driven by 40 HP 3/60/460 volt 1775 RPM motor with Allen Bradley Power Flex 70, 1 Boedecker stainless steel pulse jet dust collector model DCP-30-196M168-3B-G (S/N BB-4743), housing approximate 112" long x 112" wide x 70" straight side x 30" top carbon steel plenum x 44" coned bottom, 2 side access doors, flat bottom with Boedecker sweep discharge model HUV-72 (S/N B03014-500), driven by 2 HP 3/60/230/460 volt 1150 RPM gear motor, ratio 60 to 1, 1 Boedecker rotary valve model RV-04 (S/N 42774-001-1), driven by 3/4 HP 3/60/208-230/460 volt 1725 RPM gear motor, ratio 128.77 to 1


47430p- Freund, Fluid Bed Dryer model SP100, Spira-Cota coating system complete with 1 meter diameter rotating bed with all stainless steel contact parts, 10 HP pressure fan inlet blower, steam radiator heat, connecting ducting & discharge containment, 2 HP V belt drive thru gear box for rotating fluid bed, process chamber with dry & wet ingredient feed features & 18" x 18" inspection door with seals, last used for copy machine toner, drives & electrical are expired Class I, Group D & E


40564p- Freund, Fluid Bed Drying System model FLO-COATER, 5/15 KG batches, all stainless steel, type FLF/O-15EX, 220 volt, 60 cycle, includes (2) 45 liter bowls & (1) 20 liter bowl, Freund model PUGPA flow control pump, type PU107 (PUSR2340), includes process control board type PCP107 & electrical


65186p- GEA Niro, Spray Dryer, 13' 1" diameter x 9' 7" straight x 10' 9" deep cone bottom, 304 stainless steel construction, model F35 Niro centrifugal atomizer driven by 40 HP AC motor, with VFD controller, Niro Atomizer gas fired hot air make up system, component size NP/111/140 with Maxon burner rated 29.92" of HG at 1000 degree F maximum operating temperature, 880,000 BTU/hour with New York Blower series 45, size 224 blower with 60 HP 3600 RPM motor, pulse jet dust collector with controls


65222p- Gemco, Twin Shell Formulator, 304 stainless steel, rated full vacuum internal jacketed 30 PSI at 350 degree F, liquid feed intensifier bar driven by 5 HP motor with variable speed sheave, 2 HP Reeves variable speed shell drive, Gemcomatic feed & discharge with Gemco dust solids valve, standard top access ports with covers, on stands, last used for general chemicals, motors are 230/460 volt, XP design.


65052p- General Electric, Electric Process Air Heater with heaters, 3 banks of heating elements 75kw each for total of 300kw, built into stainless steel duct work, main body of duct work 84" long x 36" wide x 24" high, 14" x 16" louvered flanged air intake, 20" diameter discharge connected by duct work & 48" below the main duct work, 480 vac power requires, unit was installed on a calciner


60807p- Glatt GPCG Wurster Insert, stainless steel construction, approximately 18" diameter x 27" high Wurster section, with manual partition height adjustment, pneumatic bottom plate with top mounted dust filter, swing arm mounted


60818p- Glatt Wurster 18" Insert for GPCG30


65261p- Glatt, 18" Wurster Coater Inserter model GPCG30, with expansion chamber, 316 stainless steel construction


73675- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator model GPCG1, stainless steel construction, Wurster & spray granulation inserts, with expansion chamber, 2.2kw blower, with parts, 220 volt


73674- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator model GPCG15, stainless steel construction, 10 bar shock rated with 12" HS Wurster, 68 liter top spray, 27 liter top spray inserts & 19.5" Roto granulation bowl less drive & expansion chamber, pump skid, steam heated with air handling unit, HEPA filter, blower, controls & operator interface controller


73673- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator model GPCG30, stainless steel construction, rated 10 bar shock protection, with 65 liter & 125 liter top spray granulation bowls with expansion chamber, Roto granulation insert, air handling unit with HEPA


73672- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator model GPCG60SRS, stainless steel construction, Wurster insert with guns, XP design, solvent recovery system with receivers, blower, dust collector & HEPA filter housing


65276p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer model GPCG1, stainless steel construction, with spray granulation chamber, Wurster chamber, electrically heated with 3.96kw heater, 2.2kw blower, 220 volt


35735p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer model WSG15, Wurster column insert was added 12/1993, upgraded process air system added 7/1996, used for R & D in 1997, stored in clean environment


56846p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer model WSG5, all stainless steel sanitary contact parts, Wurster coating column & standard drying chamber, factory control panel, steam heated from cabinet encased coil, some spare parts & original blower, formerly used in food ingredient lab


60819p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer model WSTG500, 316L stainless steel product contact surface, 304 stainless steel non product contact, 1560 liter container volume, 10 bar internal shock rating, swing out product cart with bottom dump mechanism, split top dust collection chamber, 37kw blower rated 8000 cubic foot/hour


66688p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer, lab size, drying chamber 24" diameter x 60" high, drying section insert 15" diameter (at top) x 12" deep, cone bottom, 8" diameter drying bed with slotted screen, steam heated thru radiator, air in introduced into back of dryer thru envelope style filter & eventually thru Hepa style filter before entering drying chamber, top section of drying chamber includes 24" high dust collection section, exhaust exits thru duct work insert, hinged glass door to view drying area


65264p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator model GPCG15/30, stainless steel construction, spray granulation insert with product hopper & cart, steam heated with HEPA filtration, top blow out doors & control panel


60817p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator model GPCG30, stainless steel construction, spray granulation insert, Wurster insert with spray system & roto granulator insert with drive, Proma Clim air handling unit, steam heated with HEPA filters, blower, Bry Air dehumidifier with blower, with controls


60811p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator model GPCG5UD, stainless steel construction, spray granulation, roto granulator with drive & Wurster coater inserts, 2 bar shock rating, steam heated


60810p- Glatt, Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator System model GPCG5, all stainless steel construction, side rails, product carts, control panel & machine, 2 bar capacity, Wurster column, spray granulation chamber, roto granulator with expansion chamber driven by 2.2kw motor with vari speed drive, complete with full control panel, steam heated with air handling, 5.5kw blower & liquid injection pump, control last calibrated in 1998


65262p- Glatt, Roto Granulation Insert model GPCG30, with expansion chamber, 316 stainless steel construction, chamber only


65263p- Glatt, Spray Granulation Insert model GPCG30, with product bowl, 316 stainless steel construction, on stands


79555- Glatt, Wurster Fluid Bed Dryer/Coater model GPCG300/500, includes (2) 46" Wurster columns, 875 liter dryer/granulator/coater 300 - 500kg batch range steam consumption, 800kg per hour at 3 bar 45 PSI twin chambered filter system.


65258p- Glatt, Wurster Insert model GPCG120, stainless steel construction, 32" diameter x 42" high Wurster section with manual partition height adjustment, pneumatic bottom plate with provision for 3 nozzles less nozzles, on cart, insert only


61934p- Hollow Screw Dryer, twin stainless steel 12" diameter x 125" long, could be used to heat or cool product, 142" long x 20.5" wide x 16" deep trough jacketed & insulated, trough top has 13.25" x 16" inlet, 6" x 9" inlet, grating on the rest of top, trough bottom has 6" diameter flanged outlet with gate valve, hollow screws are driven by 1.5 HP 1140 RPM motor thru reducer down to 6.9 RPM, hollow screw dryer sits on carbon steel frame with catwalk & ladder, 75" wide x 205" long x 120" tall overall dimensions, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


77803- Hull, Vacuum Freeze Dryer model 96-F-75, 96 square foot, sanitary Heresite lined chamber, (17) 2" spacing rated for -50 degree C to +75 degree C, 16 usable side & rear tray guides, 75 liter ice capacity, 4 internal stainless steel condensing panels rated 70 degree C, all stainless steel surfaces have #4 polish, sterilizable complete with 20 HP chiller for shelves & 30 HP chiller for condenser, chillers use type R-507 refrigerant, silicone oil was used for heat transfer fluid, Welch model 1398 vacuum pump rated 53 CFM, circulating pump & controls, system mounted on 2 skids, with manuals, prior service pharmaceutical, removed from service by previous owner late May 2012


76019p- John B Adt Co, Dryer model 6018, tube 60" diameter x 21' 5" long, tube heating (4) 18' long stainless steel dimpled steam heat exchanging plates, plates feed with 3/4" pipes thru revolving manifold that has 2" supply line, heating system capable of handling 125 PSI, each plate has 84 square foot surface area for a total of 336 square foot heating surface, plates have 90 degree bends to provide flites for product agitation, overall dimensions 28' 8" long x 6' 4" wide x 12' 3" high, decline of 11" from infeed & discharge sides, tube sits on 2 sets of trunions, driven by 5 HP motor, infeed side supplied with warm air flow from steam supplied air heater & fan located below dryer tube (dryer missing 5 HP fan motor), discharge side has exhaust hood on top with 10" diameter discharge


65208p- Kason, Circular Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer model K401BTSS, carbon steel construction, with 1/2 HP 230/460 volt motor, 30 HP 230/460 volt Chicago blower size I4-30-286TS (S/N 167740) & 6" rotary air lock


61969p- Krauss Maffei, Mixer Vacuum Dryer model MT 1/200, National Board #21424, constructed of 316L stainless steel, interior polished surface, cone vessel capacity 49.43 cubic foot with working volume 35.3 cubic foot, uses 8" diameter inclined orbiting screw, driven by 10 HP drive to gently agitate product while drying, can dry particles up to 5mm in size, vessel rated full vacuum/150 PSI at 450 degree F on jacket & internal, actual drying temperature maximum 302 degree F, top has 18" manway with 6" sight glass, 18" flanged fitting, 4" sight glass, (2) 3" flanged fittings, (2) 2" flanged fittings, 6" flanged fitting, (2) 1" threaded fitting for top jacket, side has (2) 2" flanged fittings for body jacket, bottom has 10" flanged discharge fitting with pneumatically operated flush mount valve & (2) 1" threaded fittings for bottom jacket


72435p- Krauss Maffei, Rotary Tray Dryer model 20/5/6/90, (5) 2 meter diameter trays with type 316 stainless steel contact parts, trays are stationary, jacketed for 75 PSI, rotary tray wipers are driven by 1.5 HP vari speed drive motor, approximate 200 square foot drying surface are, unit can operate up to 500 degree F, last used on heavy metals process, insulated with fiberglass insulation


66689p- Lee, Vacuum Conical Dryer model 300LU, 300 liter (10 cubic foot) capacity, stainless steel construction, rated for 50 PSI at 300 degree F internally, jacketed for 100 PSI at 338 degree F, pan 30" diameter x 26" straight side with cone bottom, mounted in frame with clear plastic housing, pan rotates 180 degree as product is being dried & vacuum is pulled on filter cake, previously used in clean room atmosphere


80482p- Link Belt, Rotary Dryer System, carbon steel drum 5' diameter x 26' long, internal lifters & insulated drum, main drive, tires & trunnions, complete with 2 blowers, air to air heat exchanger with filter, previously used as pellet dryer, 316 stainless steel, 3/8" thick, from USA


65243p- Littleford, Nauta Dryer model 3.5 Mark II, stainless steel construction, 3.5 cubic foot working capacity, rated full vacuum at 353 degree F internal, jacketed 125 PSI at 353 degree F, approximately 39" diameter x 44" cone, less motor drive


80970p- Maint. Ind. Service, Rotary Dryer, stainless steel, indirect fired, heated by external stainless steel dimpled jacket feed by Kadant Johnson Rotary Joint, National Board #296, jacket rated 150 PSI at 400 degree F, cylinder 60" diameter x 30' long, product inlet 36" diameter, cylinder sits on carbon steel frame with stainless steel 48" wide discharge hood on frame, cylinder has cast iron tires with 4" face attached to shell by leaf springs, trunnions 14" diameter x 4" face width, (2) 8.5" diameter thrust rolls, unit has 54-5/8" discharge height & 76" inlet height, chain & body sprocket driven by 10 HP electric motor with Rex Planet gear reducer, requires 230/460 3 phase power, Siemens on/off control box, small inlet chute included with unit, last conditioning tobacco, has flavoring sparger pipe


72430p- National Drying Machinery, Tray Dryer, stainless steel contacts, type J5, volume rated for 46 cubic foot maximum temperature of 450 degree F, chamber 32" x 38" x 66" high, (2) 24" x 12" x 16" high trays, chamber includes (2) 33" x 17" front sight glass & (1) 33" x 60" rear access door, gas fired, includes Eclipse burner rated for 400,000 maximum BTU & (2) 1/2 HP blowers, previously used in Nutraceutical operation


65274p- Niro Aeromatic Fielder, Fluid Bed Dryer model MP1, 316L stainless steel construction, with cyclones, Siemens control system on mobile base, with air handling system which consists of (1) 7 Air model SKG2, 1 SPEZ air heater, 1 Woodcock & Wilson type 850RCO fan rated 0.05m/s with 11kw motor & dust filter


70628- Niro, Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator model MP1, stainless steel construction, 10 bar internal shock pressure with miscellaneous chambers, air handling, blower & controls


81487p- Niro, Spray Dryer model V, centrifugal atomizer & mixed flow 2 fluid nozzle atomizer, single or 2 point product discharge, equipped with FU11-DA spray wheel atomizer & spray nozzle that may be installed to spray up from cone, counter/co-current (mixed flow) drying, stainless steel chamber & contact parts, painted carbon steel insulation cover, chamber 47" inside diameter x 31" straight side height with 30" height cone, electronic variable speed controls, blower, cyclone, feed tank & interconnecting pipe includes, unit was used in product development laboratory/pilot plant


74665p- Niro, Spray Dryer System model FSD 0050-N, 316 stainless steel, approximate 76kg/hour, nominal evaporative capacity 250-350kg/hour, air inlet temperature 250 degree C, exhaust 60-70 degree C, 1 Niro FSD 0050-N 316 stainless steel spray dryer with internal fluid bed, (2) 316 stainless steel cyclones, 1 direct gas fired supply air heater, 2 Maxon shut off valves, 1 Feluwa piston feed pump, 1 B. Bille exhaust fan, 1 Kinpactor, 1 filter bed fan, 1 B. Bille supply air fan, 1 Aerzen Roots compressor, 3 stainless steel rotary valves, 1 stainless steel centrifugal CIP pump, 1 heater bank, 1 fiberglass scrubber tower


79149p- Niro, Spray Dryer, 84" diameter x 6' straight side, 5' cone bottom, spray nozzle design, stainless steel contact parts, steam heater duct work


65194p- Niro, Spray Drying System, size S25, 8' 9" diameter x 6' 9" straight side x 7' 3" deep cone bottom chamber, stainless steel construction, equipped with fluid nozzle atomizer, 175 degree C (347 degree F) design temperature, chamber rated 15" water column, gas fired burner assembly with approximate 5 HP combustion blower, 60" diameter stainless steel pulse jet dust collector, 25 HP New York process blower, Niro PLC controller model S4300, 480 volt, with interconnecting duct work, 9' 4" outer diameter


65196p- Niro, Tower Spray Dryer, stainless steel construction, approximately 8' inner diameter x 10' straight side x 6" (60 degree) cone bottom, gas fired with burner, pneumatic combustion air make up, side bottom entering fluid nozzle atomizer, model PJCP1614610N4 Fisher Klosterman cyclone collector, stainless steel construction, carbon steel dust collector with 7.5 HP stainless steel blower, control panel & structure, equipment #3J6655001E


81178p- Niro, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer, stainless steel construction, chamber 58" long x 2' diameter, 2 Buffalo stainless steel fans with 5 HP motors, American Standard 350 PSI steam coil, 1 cooling coil, 1 inert gas chamber, approximate 23 cubic foot drying chamber, mounted on carbon steel frame, perforated screen on bottom of dryer, holes in plate 1/16" diameter & 1/4" apart square


66692p- Patterson Kelley, Twin Cone Vacuum Dryer, 20 cubic foot working volume, V type, stainless steel product contact parts, carbon steel jacket rated 30 PSI at 250 degree F, dryer rated vacuum internal, 5 HP Reeves vari drive, motor with brake to chain sprocket drive, designed for 9.5 to .95 RPM, 14" butterfly discharge valve, liquid feed bar, twin pneumatic vibrators, missing 2 top doors, no intensifier bar, mounted on frame, National Board #37942


72446p- Patterson Kelley, Vacuum Dryer, 1 cubic foot conical, stainless steel, 300 pounds per cubic foot density, jacketed, driven by 1/4 HP Reeves vari drive, on stand, unit is complete


60553- Proctor & Schwartz, Tray Dryer model 062, electrically heated, 6 racks to hold trays, 2' wide x 3' deep opening, 44" high, complete with control panel, fan, overall dimensions 86" high x 56" wide x 106" long


63862p- Proctor & Schwartz, Tray Dryer model 062, gas heated, 6 racks to hold trays, opening 2' wide x 3' deep x 44" high, complete with control panel, fan on top of dryer, overall 106" high x 50" wide x 10' long


63064p- Proctor Schwartz, Tray Dryer/Oven, stainless steel contacts, 30" wide x 44" high x 40" deep, 1 rail for cart at 14.5" high from bottom of top section, bottom section 30" x 30" high, includes blower, blowing air thru bottom section, driven by 10 HP 208-230/460 volt, 1770 RPM, 3/60 hertz motor thru V belt drive, top mounted exhaust fan, machine #K19009


63072p- Rosenmund, Filter Dryer, 6 square meter 316L stainless steel, 9' 2" diameter x 4' 3" straight side, dished bolt on top & flat bottom, rated 50 PSI/full vacuum internal at -20/370 degree F, 304L stainless steel half pipe coil jacket rated 150 PSI at 370 degree F, telescoping rake style agitator with top mounted approximate 25 HP, 6/60/460 volt, 1770 RPM motor, center paddle discharge, side lug mounts, insulated & external stainless sheathing covered, ASME code


63073p- Rosenmund, Hastelloy C276, 6 square meter Nutsche filter, rated 50 PSI/full vacuum internal at 370 degree F, jacket rated 150 PSI at 370 degree F, 10' diameter x 5' straight side, .375" shell thickness, .135" jacket, rake style agitator, center discharge, bolted top, (4) 3", (6) 1", & (2) 2" top nozzles


72692p- Sargent, Single Pass Continuous Conveyor Dryer, 3 heating zone system, each with electric heat source, first zone 350 degree F maximum temperature, zone 2 & 3 700 degree F maximum temperature based on original drawing, 20.5" wide stainless steel perforated conveyor belt passes thru 210" long x 78" wide x 85" tall tunnel, tunnel has 3 side access doors, 6" diameter inlet 124" from ground level, 6" diameter outlet 30" from ground, 295" long x 78" wide x 147" tall overall dimensions with drives & motors


82501- Spray Dryer, tower type, stainless steel, 2000 pounds per hour capacity, includes main chamber, primary & secondary cyclone collectors, inline flapper valves, inlet filter housing, gas burner, 50 HP exhaust fan with duct work, cooling fan/coil, vibrator sifter, main chamber 12' diameter x 47' tall x 24" diameter, interconnecting piping, new gas train, rebuilt high pressure pump, new controls.


65218p- Stokes, Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer model 24PV, stainless steel construction, (4) 24" x 36" shelves, 4-3/8" shelf spacing, rated 18 PSI & full vacuum at 256 degree F, approximately -55 to +85 degree C temperature range, hinged door with 2 sight glasses, with control panel & chart recorder, 24 square foot


38328p- Stokes, Rotary Vacuum Dryer model 159203P77293, 10 cubic foot working capacity, total capacity 15.4 cubic foot, shell rated full vacuum at 350 F shell, jacket rated 15 PSI at 350 F, Baldor 5 HP drive with electric brake & triple reduction gear reducer, chain & sprocket driven shell with double 80 chain, 18" top dome type manway with thread opening with valve for vacuum break, 14" manway opening, 8" bottom discharge with manually operated butterfly valve, 6 RPM shell rotation speed & mounted on painted steel frame with 36" discharge height, 304 stainless steel contact surfaces, overall dimensions 10' wide x 64" deep x 120" high, weight 2000 pounds, formerly used in food flavor


72432p- Stokes, Tray Dryer model 38-6, steam heated oven, complete with cart, designed to accommodate 28" x 36" wide trays, 24 trays on 2-1/4" centers, designed for ambient pressures internal


72441p- Stokes, Vacuum Dryer model 900-159-202, 10 cubic foot, double conical, stainless steel with plastic liner & carbon steel jacketed chamber, rated full vacuum internal at 350 F & 15 PSI jacket at 350 F, on caster stand to provide 40" clearance, lot P71870, driven by 3/4 HP gear head motor


65210p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338-3, stainless steel construction, 36 square foot shelf area with (7) 24" wide x 36" deep x 1" thick stainless steel shelves, 6 usable, rated 50 PSI at 300 degree F, chamber 30" x 39.5" x 41" deep, rated vacuum at 200 degree F, hinged door with 2 sight glasses, includes pump & heat exchanger skid, mounted on 4 legs


81112p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338-D8, lot #P-76688, mild steel construction, 4 heated shelves, 24" x 36" deep at 6 square foot each, dryer factory designed to accommodate up to 8 usable shelves for total drying area of 48 square foot with 2" clearance between shelves, chamber National Board rated (#1034) for full vacuum service at up to 650 degree F, shelves rated 50 PSIG while under vacuum, rear manifold feeds shelves, front hinged door with dual 6" viewing windows, chamber internal dimensions 29" high x 26" wide x 41" deep, multiple NPT chamber connections including bottom drains, 3 lifting lugs & mounted on 4 legs with drilled floor pads


81110p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338F-7, stainless steel, (7) 24" wide x 36" deep jacketed shelves at 42 square foot total area, chamber holds 8 total shelves with top shelf for heating only, each shelf individually National Board rated with sequential certification #4391-4398, rated 50 PSIG with full vacuum in chamber, each shelf carries unique serial number in numeric order from 73508.1- 73508.08, chamber rated full vacuum at 250 degree F, front hinged door with (2) 9" sight glasses, mounted on 4 legs & bolted into 38" wide x 48" long steel drip tray with 2 way forklift access, all shelf steam connection have rear mounted inlet/outlet manifold chamber has 4 top NPT inlets, 2 on opposed sides & 1 bottom, OAD 60" long x 38" wide x 68" high (including existing pipe connections), formerly used in food ingredient laboratory


65207p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338F8, 304 stainless steel construction, 9 total but 8 usable 24" x 36" shelves rated 50 PSI at 300 degree F, 30" x 41" x 39" high chamber rated full vacuum, skid mounted with circulation pump & Sihi liquid ring vacuum system with 7.5 HP motor, lot #S-99232


77802p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338-H-8, 100 square foot, sanitary stainless steel chamber, rated full vacuum at 250 degree F, (8) 44" wide x 40" deep sanitary stainless steel jacketed shelves rated 50 PSI at 300 degree F, 4.625" clearance between shelves, internal #4 polish, Stokes model 900-85-4 surface condenser & receiver, Hicks Hargreaves (Stokes) 2 stage liquid ring vacuum pump rated 70 CFM at 29" with vacuum ejector, manuals available, last service pharmaceutical, removed May 2012


78628p- Stokes, Vacuum Tray Freeze Dryer model 902-216-220, approximate 220 square foot surface area, (13) 54" wide x 48" deep stainless steel tiers, rated for 15 PSI at 300 degree F, Vilter model F89645-2 ammonia refrigeration compressor, Microvac vacuum pump, Imeco chill tower, piping, valves & miscellaneous parts, controlled from central control box


41295p- Tray Dryer Cart with trays, all stainless steel construction, OAD 44" x 44" x 72.5" high, 16 tray shelves accommodating (2) 40" x 20" trays per shelf, 30 stainless steel trays with slotted bottoms, cart mounted on 4 casters with V fractured wheels for alignment into dryer


58466p- Tray Dryer, dehumidifier, stainless steel trays, holds up to 6 trays, 3 trays included with dryer, overall dimensions of trays 21" x 45" x 1.5" deep, has Bry Aire dehumidifier unit located on bottom, rated for 150 CFM, moisture is absorbed thru the use of desiccant, 120/240 volt electric, 4' wide x 6' long x 4' high overall dimensions


65050p- Unico Services Inc., Twin Holoflite Spare Dryer Screws, 12" diameter x 164" long stainless steel, National Board #32 & #33, Holoflite or hollow screws have maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 175 PSI at 400 degree F & minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) of -20 degree F at 175 PSI, hours unknown.


65190- United McGill, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 9E10, 134.4 square foot shelf area, 304 stainless steel construction, (11) 44" x 40" shelves, 3" shelf spacing, rated 4 PSI & full vacuum internal, shelves rated 50 PSI & full vacuum at 650 degree F, includes model 600-540 heating system, 10 HP Rietschle vacuum pump, 2 stainless steel condensers


65268p- Vector/Freund, Spir-A-Flow Granulators Fluid Bed Dryer model SFC15, 15 to 30 kilo capacity, agitated hopper with rotor & stator, automatic loading & unloading, 304 stainless steel construction, self contained filter, solution spray nozzles, pneumatic & electric control consoles, hinged chamber access door, full enclosed self contained system


77125- Vertical Spray Dryer, tower type, stainless steel, dome top with center feed spray nozzle atomization, gas burner with stainless steel housing & Maxon gas valve assembly, stainless steel air intake Plenum with filler, 30 HP intake fan, 10 HP exhaust fan with stainless steel Plenum, stainless steel primary cyclone, Nu Con rotary powder valve, Flex Kleen bag house type dust collector with mild steel bag frames, APV Gaulin high pressure pump, stainless steel control panel & assorted interconnecting stainless steel powder ducting, system to be sold as components for site installation, access platform & stairs not included, insulated drying chamber 6' diameter x 20' high, includes 9 bucket motor control, center with 480 volt 120 volt disconnects


63068p- Virtis, Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer, "Freezemobile 12", complete with (3) 10" wide x 20" deep stainless steel trays, with stopper, centrifugal bio-dryer & 12 station T spigot assembly


56547p- Witte, Fluid Bed Dryer, vibrating bed 23" wide x 20' long, bed driven by twin 1 HP drives, unit stainless steel product contact parts, less heat source & blowers, removable hood for cleaning & infeed manifold


71274p- Witte, Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer System, 36" wide x 12' long, sanitary stainless steel contact surfaces, previously used for pharmaceutical processing, all interior seams continuously welded & polished to sanitary finish, vibrating fluid bed located directly under full length reverse pulse bag collector, bag collector permits use of air velocities up to 300 FPM with products as small as 10 micron without concern of dust carry off, all product remains in dryer unit it reaches common discharge, material dries by means of coil which sits in front of blower to heat up the air that comes up thru perforated bed, unit was last used with an in plant boiler (not included) as heat source, entire unit designed for easy cleaning, dryer mounted on casters which allow it to be rolled out from under bag collector, this exposes entire fluid bed & the underside of bag collector for cleaning & changing bags, inside of bag collector housing has been designed for easy cleaning, air supply equipment designed for easy cleaning, air supply equipment designed for up to 9000 SCFM of process air including 15 HP TEFC motor air supply fan with V belt drive air inlet filters aerofin steam coils, RKC temperature controller with steam valve & actuator structural steel support base, air exhaust equipment includes 15 HP TEFC air exhaust fan with V belt drive structural steel support, 1.5 HP TEFC motor for bag collector


46205p- Wolverine Proctor, Jet Zone Fluidized Bed Dryer, bed 12' wide x 10' long, 8" deep with divider in the center, fluidized bed dryer that has tubes to blow heated air down on the product while the pan is vibrating, estimate dryer to be 15 square feet, all contact parts are stainless steel, no heat media included, overall 12-1/2' long x 8' high x 3' wide.


43036p- Wolverine Proctor, Jet Zone Fluidized Bed Dryer, bed 4' wide x 20' long, dryer has 2 zones, vibrating bed dryer with tubes that supply heated air that is blown on the product, all contact parts stainless steel, estimate drying area to be 70 square foot, dryer does not have a heat source & needs controls, last used for drying breakfast cereal, overall size 8-1/2' wide x 23' long x 10' high


79811p- Wyssmont, Turbo Dryer model NE-18, 18 stainless steel trays, complete with 4 electrically heated 94.5kw Calrod Heater banks, air circulation provided by 2800 CFM blower, input fed by twin screw conveyor & discharged thru rotary air lock valve, previously used to dry plastic pellets


74167p- Wyssmont, Turbo Dryer/Rotary Tray Dryer, natural gas fired with gas train & burner, 17 rows of 78" diameter trays with stationary wipers, trays 19.25" wide & constructed of stainless steel & carbon steel with some carbon steel replacements, 5" x 15" outlet on bottom with reducer, 15" x 4.75" infeed on top & 21" x 33" exhaust outlet, driven by 3/4 HP 1750 RPM 90 VDC motor with reducer, discharge height 24", overall height 155", bucket elevator for loading, gas train & burner


Commercial and Industrial Dryers and Evaporators available for the Dairy Industry.

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