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72702p- A&F Jagenberg, Tray Former Packer model 456-1, stainless steel construction, includes vibratory accumulation table, hot melt type former with Nordson hot melt unit, was forming trays 9.5" wide x 16" long x 3" deep, last packing aseptic drink boxes, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


78503p- AccuRate, Loss In Weight Screw Feeder model Tuf-Flex 600 series, feeder has 2.5" diameter x 9" long stainless steel helix screw, feeder has dual drives for separate screw & agitator speeds, screw driven by 1/4 HP 1800 RPM 90 VDC motor tagged for hazardous location, agitators driven by 1/4 HP 1800 RPM 90 VDC motor tagged for hazardous locations, feeder has 5 cubic foot stainless steel hopper & scale, hopper has 6" diameter inlet & 3" diameter inlet, loss in weight feeder unit mounted on scale, which measures .0008-48 cubic foot per hour, no control panel, overall dimensions 32" wide x 43" long x 53" tall, requires 90 VDC electrical supply


78505p- AccuRate, Volumetric Screw Feeder model Tuf-Flex 600 series, feeder has .75" diameter x 9" long stainless steel spiral screw with 2.5" outlet, feeder screw & agitators driven by 1/4 HP 1800 RPM 90 VDC motor tagged for hazardous locations, feeder has 5 cubic foot stainless steel hopper, hopper has 6" diameter inlet & 3" diameter inlet, no control panel, overall 36" wide x 33" long x 49" tall, requires 90 VDC electrical supply


78504p- AccuRate, Volumetric Screw Feeder model Tuf-Flex 600 series, feeder has .75" diameter x 9" long stainless steel spiral screw with 2.5" outlet, feeder screw & agitators driven by 1/4 HP 1800 RPM 90 VDC motor tagged for hazardous locations, no control panel, overall 36" wide x 33" long x 16" tall, requires 90 VDC electrical supply


72695p- American Feeding Systems Inc., 21" diameter Vibratory Bowl Feeder model AF211, poly coated stainless steel bowl 10" deep & designed to handle products .5" wide x 1.5" tall, bowl discharge height 36", hopper 24" x 22" dimension, vibratory bowl feeder surrounded by sound dampening enclosure


72493- American Process Systems, Bag type Dust Collector model D232/6093, type RDC-200, all stainless steel, 24" wide x 22" deep x 6' high


74577- APS, Automated Packaging System model H-100D, uses Autobag roll bags, easy bag loading, automatically dispenses, opens & heat seals bags, requires only 1 operator, adjustable loading height, manual operation with foot switch or fully automatic operation using timed pace rate adjustment, easily interfaces with Accu-Count & other compatible equipment, 2.5" to 10.5" wide x 3.5" to 22" long bag size range, 115 volt AC/20 amp, 80 PSI at 2 CFM free air, 24" W x 30" D x 30-41.5" H, 220 pounds


78607p- Arpac, Shrink Bundler/Tunnel System model 105-28, rated for up to 30 TPM depending on application, 25" wide x 11" tall seal bar opening capable of accommodating 27" maximum film width, wrapped product enters 14" tall x 28" wide tunnel with 21" wide belt, driven by 460 volt 3/60 hertz motor


78608p- Arpac, Shrink Bundler/Tunnel System model 105TW-28, rated up to 30 TPM on non-registered film only, seal bar height 12", length 28", unit is a 2 film roll machine (top & bottom), single zone heat tunnel


81258p- Austin Gordon, Desiccant/Pouch Feeder model PD-2100, drop in bottle machine


75514p- Auto Mate, Induction Sealer model AM-20, 5" wide x 21" long sealing head, 220 volt, single phase, adjustable stand, plastic where the cap goes through needs replacing


60326p- Automated Devices, Vibratory Bowl Feeder, 30" diameter, stainless steel internal bowl, 2 air jet assist for discharge, was feeding stemmed perfume valve, bowl on 3 legged adjustable stand, 54" overall bowl height


76770- Automated Packaging System, Autobag Bagger model HS-100, speeds up to 24 bags/minute, 10.5" wide x 22" long maximum bag size, parts #591000A1


60328p- Automatic Bowl Feeder for perfume bottle finger spray nozzle, 21" diameter with sound proof shroud, mounted on adjustable pedestal stand, vibratory controller required, 220 volt single phase


38337p- Automatic Inspection Systems, Debagger model 4x10, left to right operator orientation, right hand discharge, 220/440 volt 3 phase, no PLC, last running gallon bags.


60321p- Automation Devices, Vibratory Bowl Feeder model 30, 30" diameter, plastic coated bowl with 2" wide elevating feed thru bowl, miss-oriented return to bottom of bowl, air assist station, variable speed control with "Sensi-Tron" part sensor at discharge controlling flow from bowl (S/N 30SFABD18955), mounted on heavy plate base with 20" floor height, interconnected legs & leveling feet, bowl discharges at 44.5" floor height, base has mount for discharge vibrator & track, formerly used for cosmetics


76761- Azco Sur-Pak, Pouch Dispenser model SP-110, speeds up to 200 cuts/minute, up to 4" maximum web width, up to .4" maximum web thickness, 36" - 42" adjustable delivery height, on stand


80913p- Bag Sealer, stainless steel contacts, 5" wide x 34" long rubber belt feeding 26" long sealing area, with temperature, speed & fan controls, previously used in nutraceutical operation


42121p- Bevco, Gripper Rinser model 900R, last used washing bottles, stainless steel construction, includes 2 food grade rubber belting to grip bottles on 4" spacing, measuring 25' long, complete with drives, infeed & outfeed conveyor, spray bars, controls, etc., could be used for PET bottles, would need a temperature controller for the water model 900, comes with heat exchanger


56099p- BG Package Machinery, Inline Wrapper model BG2800, stainless steel, previously used to package 1" diameter wafers at 70 PPM, set up to seal packages up to 82mm, standard package length is 4", standard film width is 5.5", includes 15 head rotary dual heated jaw sealing system, gas injection system, new hard drive, photo eye registration, etc., 480 volt 3 phase 38 amps, 380 volt transformer


64629p- Bottle Elevator with hopper, 60" long x 42" wide x 23" deep tapered stainless steel hopper with hinged Plexiglas top cover, 12" wide x 7' long elevating discharge conveyor with 2" high cleats on 12" centers, 7' discharge height, complete with base mounted 1/3 HP DC drive, all stainless steel elevator/feeder on painted steel legs & support frame


65814- Bucket Elevator, 15' discharge height, mild steel frame, 23" long x 10.5" wide x 5" deep plastic buckets, 3' overall width, 9' 6" long horizontal infeed & 5' horizontal discharge


76632p- Cam Machinery, Fully Automatic Vertical Cartoner model AV, intermittent motion, 6" centers, set up for reverse tuck carton, factory automatic bottle feed system from 3.5" wide x 36" long belt conveyor, to 8 pocket star wheel, formerly feeding round containers to drop into indexed erected carton model Y72, embossing style coder, factory controls with full hinged safety guards with electro mechanical interlocks, adjustable carton magazine with power feed, rated for 15 to 70 cartons per minute, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


79931- Carton Sealer, hot glue applicator, side guides, adjust to 4" wide, carton folder, adjustable speed conveyor, stainless steel, 110 volt single phase, 42" long x 24" wide x 54" tall


80481- Chester Chensen, Rotary Pouch Cooler, size TC4-6, stainless steel, chamber 4' diameter x 6' long with 1/2" diameter openings, 3 quick access doors, 2" diameter water feed & discharge, manhole, unitized on stainless steel basin, control panel


63491p- Cintex, 2 Lane Checkweigher model CS4000IQC, twin/side by side 2 chain transfer conveyors, each with independently controlled load cells measuring 3.5" wide x 13" long each, 38" overall conveyor length running at 38" working height, all stainless steel construction, touch screen operator control panel with controls which allow independent control of each lane (to run different products on each conveyor), 110 volt single phase


71073- CMS Packaging, Packager, belt 87" x 5" x 2.5"/50198-01, 88" long x 21" wide x 61" high


60182p- Cozzoli, Filler Plugger Capper model FSVSC123, designed to fill glass/plastic vials or bottles up to 1.5" diameter, 1/4 HP 115 volt, valve & piston required, formerly used in cosmetic service


73052p- Custom Bag Sealer, impulse type for poly bags, will accommodate bags up to 48" wide, with pneumatic cylinder actuators


62735p- Delkor, Spot Pack Plastic Container Collating & Packaging Line, including indexing feed conveyor, Spot Pack placement unit, Arpac film over wrap system for final packages of assorted sized cups, (1) 20" wide Intralox single lane to 3 lane container conveyor, overall dimensions 12' long x 30" wide x 72" high, includes Delkor Spot Pak model PSLHFL (S/N SP2054), overall dimensions 8' long x 6' wide x 6' high, 6 up container tray pack loading for 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, & 32 ounce, 3#, 5# containers includes Arpac/Dilkor tray plastic film stainless steel shrink wrap conveyorized heat shrink ktunnel, overall dimensions 12' long x 4' wide x 7' high


62734p- Delkor, Spot Pack Plastic Container Collating & Packaging Line, including indexing feed conveyor, Spot Pack placement unit, Arpac film over wrap system for final packages of assorted sized cups, (1) 4" wide Intralox to 12" wide 3 lane container conveyor, overall dimensions 8' 6" long x 5' wide x 36" high, includes Delkor Spot Pak model SPRHTL (S/N SP2077), overall dimensions 9' long x 5' wide x 7' 3" high, 6 up container tray pack loading, for 8, 12, 16, 24, & 32 ounce, 4.55" diameter containers, includes Arpac/Delkor tray plastic film shrink wrap, stainless steel conveyorized heat shrink wrap tunnel, overall dimensions 14' 6" long x 5' wide x 7' high


46543p- Dyco, Debagger model 921, 16' long x 4' wide x 6' high, used to debag plastic gallon milk containers, includes remote control cabinet


81116p- Electronic Liquid Fillers, Vibratory Bowl Feeder model CF532-24, all stainless steel bowl formerly fed approximate 1" diameter screw caps, mounted on 2" thick painted steel base plate with vibration dampening rubber feet, multiple stainless steel air jet tubes positioned along travel path for sorting assist, 115 volt single phase power & vibrator control required, cap discharge adjustable guide rails & expands to up to 1.250" diameter, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


60938p- Enercon, Induction Sealer model Super Seal 100, for sealing caps on pharmaceutical bottles, Model 9340, input single phase, 115 volt, 19 amp, 60 Hz, 1 Kw


76756p- Enercon, Induction Sealer, ID #CS1243, 2kw 230 volt, approximate 2.5" wide x 19.5" long seal head


60323p- Eriez, Pan Feeder, stainless steel, 31" wide x 60" long, mounted on painted carbon steel stand, pan utilizes 4 model 52A vibrators configured in pair at beginning & mid point of pan, beginning of pan is 2" deep for 30" & drops 1" for the next 30" where pan depth is 3", 3 sides of pan has 1.25" brim, all vibrators are 115 volt/single phase/60 cycle/4.0 amps, discharges at 38" floor height via fixed chute attached to stand & not part of vibrating table, chute discharge width 16", last used for food


76573p- Eriez, Vibratory Feeder model D-58B, stainless steel, stainless steel lid with 6" diameter & 2" diameter inlet, 6" diameter discharge on bottom of 10" wide x 45" long x 5" deep stainless steel tray, feeder has up to approximate 80 tons per hour feed rate depending on material, requires 115 vac single phase electrical supply


29320- Fairbanks Morse, Scale, 250 pound maximum capacity, 1/4 pound graduations, on mild steel frame with casters, tray dimensions 27" wide x 30" diameter, overall dimensions 32" wide x 74" high x 44" diameter


60406p- Feeder Denester, used on 8 ounce, 12 ounce & 16 ounce whipped topping tubs, all stainless steel, 2 lane with 2 drop magazines


75012p- Fishbein, Bag Stitcher series 10000, sewing head model 10-400 with tape clipper & clutch brakes, unit has 1 HP 230/460 volt, 1725 RPM drive, band motor 1/4 HP 115/208/230 volt, 1725 RPM, unit is portable on stand, complete with electrical panel, height adjustable, stitcher folds bag & stitches thru fold


65674p- Foot Impulse Ion Bag Sealer model A1E300FL, 120 volt, opening 1" x 12", 32" from floor, on stand


37885p- Gallon Filling & Box Line, including Abco labeler model 208, Icore check weigh, line diverter, case indexer, PSI case packer model 5102101, case diverter, Standard Knapp case sealer glue model 45051 Sealstar, Marsh coder model Video Jet ME01, panel box


35647p- Gallon Filling & Box Line, including automatic inspection systems Debagger model 4x10, Moen Bliss box erector model PF106BIFQ, New Way gallon packer model 300, Elliot case sealer model Mini.


80914p- Goldenpack, Band Sealer for bags, 7.5" wide x 45" long neoprene belt conveyor, on/off switch, temperature gauge, adjustable sealing height, 110 volt, missing some belts


66484- Goring Kerr, Tektamet Detector Head, painted metal, 8" wide x 4" high aperture, overall dimensions 22" wide x 12" long x 15.5" high with controls


76620- Haskon, Gable Top Cartoner & Sealer model Seal Matic, last running quarts with powder, capable of half pint, pint, quart, half gallon, filler available at an additional cost.


60449p- Heat Sealer, all aluminum stand with foot pedal operation, foot pedal is spring loaded for easier opening & closing, heat sealer has variable temperature control with thermometer that has a range of 100 to 600 degree F, bar is 1" x 8", on/off switch on the power cord


81113p- Hendricks Engineering, Vibratory Parts Feeder, job #9405, 24" diameter stainless steel bowl feeder with 24" x 24" x 20" deep inverted pyramid style hopper with manual flow control gate & 7" wide x 17" long vibratory pan feeder discharging into vibratory bowl, hopper feed automatically controlled by bowl level control sensor, factory control panel with variable control on all vibrators, 110 volt single phase, formerly feeding 20mm press in pour spout with 1" long pouring spout


81118p- Hoppmann, Centrifugal Feeder model FT401RLDCA00095, 40" diameter sorter with independently driven central disk & external ring from 1/2 HP Baldor DC motor & gear reducer, inclined feed elevator with 8" wide belt, 2" high cleats on 6" centers, stainless steel polished hopper & conveyor transit sidewalls, 2 piece hopper cover with half hinged acrylic cover & bolt on stainless fixed cover, low level hopper eye, adjustable discharge height, mounted on threaded leveling feet, system designed to sort & place cough medication dosage cups with controls & applicator system built by Universal Machine, operates on 120 volt single phase 3 wire service, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


63678- Indiana Scale Company, Floor Scale model WS900IS, 6000 pound capacity, stainless steel, digital, explosion proof, including stainless steel forklift ramp


76494p- Ion, Bag Sealer model A1E-450FD, 115 volt 60 hertz 2500 watt, opening 1" x 18", 32" from floor, on stand


69342p- Ishida, Bucket Scale model CCW-S-212, 14 stainless steel buckets, 14-454 gram weigh capacity, job #88/12803, 208 volt


60303p- Kalix, Automatic Tube Feed Hopper type CH, floor feeder, missing manufacturing tag, no serial number, all stainless steel & aluminum construction screw down legs with casters, cleated chain tube elevator, original sensors & plug in power interface from tube filler, some reconditioning required, formerly used in cosmetic service


81120p- Kalix, Tube Feed Hopper type CH, all stainless steel & aluminum construction screw down legs with casters, cleated chain tube elevator, original sensors & plug in power interface from tube filler


81117p- Key Technology, Iso-Flo Vibratory Pan Feeder model 423851-1, all sanitary stainless steel, 24" wide x 69" long (total) vibratory pan with discharge center at 58" from 12" outlet, 5" deep, pan has (3) 3/8" diameter holes opposite discharge end adjacent to pan wall for de-watering/de-dusting when used on incline, stainless steel frame with 4 hanging points, belt driven by 1 HP motor by Baldor, 1740 RPM 208-230/460/3 phase voltage, stroke indicator scale, formerly used in spice packaging


76351- Klockner, Blister Packaging Line model CP1200, blister filler sealer, Scandia bundler CP1200 S/N 017.


60319p- Kompass, Valve Sorter Feeder model ORF100, all stainless steel construction with cabinet style base, 36" diameter sorting wheel with automatic retracting gates allowing atomizer with dip tube to enter slotted discharge chute oriented, manually adjustable weight, on board blower & pneumatic sorting assist devices, 1/3 HP drive with Bonfiglioli gear reducer, formerly operated as part of Monoblock filling & crimping machine in cosmetic service, 23mm cap width for button part of valve


80379- Logical Machines, Brand Product Feeder/Filler, stainless steel components on mild steel stand, 24" square x 16" deep, tapered top hopper feeds Syntron magnetic vibrating feeder with 18" long pan, product dumps to 8" x 9" x 12" deep hopper on load cells, with air operated dump door to 17" long tapered filling chute, overall dimensions 36" long x 30" wide x 64" high


66024p- Marburg, Automatic Neck Bander & Applicator model M220, 115 volt single phase electrical, 100 PSIG maximum air pressure, Simco static eliminator, 8 pocket star wheel container infeed, designed to mount to existing conveyor, carries 12" diameter neck band role on 3" core, 2" maximum band width (50mm), guillotine style cutting head, painted steel construction, former application pharmaceutical packaging


51067p- Metal Tube Crimping Stations for Kalix model KX100 tube filler, crimping modular designed to mount & replace plastic sealing stations while being driven from same coupling, system includes 3 crimping stations & fourth pressing & coding station, all components are bolt on


70942p- Midwest Pacific, Semi Automatic Bag Sealer model MP S24F-1, 24" wide heat sealing bar with Teflon jaw covers, painted cast metal construction on single post mounting with floor base, manual foot activated sealing jaw with spring tension control for varying jaw pressure, adjustable 18" wide x 5" deep bag support table in front of sealing jaw, lighted on/off switch, sealing indicator light & adjustable sealing temperature, 115 volt single phase, formerly used in cheese packaging


60198p- New England, Container Uprighter model NEPD50L, all stainless steel construction, C frame design allows positioning over existing conveyorized container flow, designed for use with smaller volume packages, side gripping belts open to maximum side of 2" dual sets of gripping belts have independent DC drives & variable speed position adjustment, 115 volt single phase, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


65673p- Packaging Machinery, Doboy Bag Sealer model M57APC3918, adjustable head to seal different bag heights, heat seal zone 17.5" long, 1/4 HP 120 volt, stainless steel/aluminum conveyor 10' long x 6" wide, on wheels, mechanism & rocker agitator arm, with 30kw (40 HP), 480 volt 1750 RPM vacuum system with stainless steel vacuum receiver tank, still installed


58034p-New Packrite, Bag Sealer model 6000, complete with digital temperature control, variable speed drive, 110 volt single phase input, flat seal, specify 3/8" or 3/4" seal width, may specify feed direction (left to right or right to left), standard adjustable height stand is mild steel with USDA approved paint, stainless steel top & side shrouding, manufacturer rated for up to 550" per minute on up to 10 mil thickness


75007p- Palace Packaging Inc., Spiral Cap Sorter, 24" diameter bowl, 1" x 1" spacing on spiral, all stainless steel contact parts


7901-New Palace Packaging, Ionized Air Rinser model AC-1, for Johnson controls, 1.5 liter & 12 ounce round PET bottles with indexing star wheels & twist chutes


65675p- PDC, Band Sealer model 65E10, tamper proof, capable of sleeve size ranging from 5/8" to 7" height, 3/8" to 3" height, speeds up to 200 BPM, complete to include controls, complete with shrink tunnel for bands


65676p- PDC, Neck Bander model 45M, patent #3924387, 240 volt single phase, 15 amp, 4-1/4" web width, includes heat seal shrink tunnel model KTC184654 (S/N 139), electric rated for 40 amps & 18,000 watts, 5" wide x 46" long, 1/4 HP


65677p- PDC, Neck Bander model 65M, 3/4 HP motor, 4-1/4" web width, currently set up for 110mm caps, Seal It heat seal shrink tunnel (S/N 01550)


60439p- PDC, Tamper Evident Neck Bander model F200L, formers for 2 size tubs, last used on whipped topping tubs, 46" long heat tunnel model KRC184694 (S/N 101), 18,000 watts


65680p- PDC, Tamper Evident Shrink Bander model FC400, applies to large diameter food & dairy tubs from 2.5" diameter to 6-3/4" with band height 1"-2" at 400 bands per minute, currently set for 5.5" diameter x 1" high bands, tubs move thru machine continuously, do not need to stop to receive bands, fully mechanical & does not use vacuum, pneumatics or micro processors


72694p- Performance Feeders Inc., 24" diameter Vibratory Bowl Feeder, stainless steel bowl 9" deep & designed to handle products .5" wide x 1.5" tall, bowl can run up to estimated 700 PPM, bowl has discharge height of 18", hopper 24" x 24" dimension, vibratory bowl feeder surrounded by sound dampening enclosure that needs new foam


81114p- Precision Feeders Co. Inc., Vibratory Bowl Feeder, 21" diameter, plastic coated bowl fed by painted steel bulk hopper 24" x 24" x 14" deep with inverted pyramid bottom, manually adjustable 6" wide flow gate & 7" wide x 13.5" long painted steel pan feeder discharging into bowl, limit switch mounted in bowl controls bulk feed, mounted on common aluminum base plate 24" x 32" long, formerly sorting 3/16 to 1/8 cylindrical object in cosmetic packaging


79177p- Rennco, Automatic Bagger model 201, painted, capable of running several unsupported center fold roll stock materials including polyethylene, PVC & several types of shrink film, thickness of materials can range from 75 gauge to 4 mil with 3" core diameter, bag size change over requires no change parts & accomplished by simply changing the roll stock material to the desired width & turning the vertical adjusting wheel for desired for desired package length (up to 4"), variable temperature controllers, GE Fanuc series ONE micro programmable controller, automatic (timed) or manual (palm switch) operation, voltage 120 volt AC single phase 9 amp, air pressure 80 PSI at 19 SCFM, cycle rate 5 to 60 packages/minute depending on package size, material & product, seal area maximum horizontal 10.0"/maximum vertical 4.0" (down seal), jaw opening maximum 3.0"


65067p- Rhein Nadel Automation, 56" diameter Vibratory Bowl Feeder model SRCN800IL, 10" deep stainless steel bowl & designed to handle products 3" wide x 2" tall, bowl has 37" discharge height, designed to run on 220 volt 50 hertz electrical supply


60327p- Rhein Nadel Automation, Automatic Bowl Feeder model SRCN, 24" diameter, for feeding perfume finger pump spray nozzle (approximately 5/8" OD), 220 volt single phase with vari frequency controller, aluminum bowl with Teflon coating & stainless steel fixtures, full safety/sound deadening cover with Lucite top, mounted on single pedestal, telescoping stand with adjustable legs


60314p- Rhein Nadel Automation, Bowl Feeder model SRCN, 32" diameter stainless steel, formerly running approximately 1" tall cap, sound deadening enclosure, 220/3 phase controller, 2" wide bowl lane, pneumatic manifold with air assist jets, post mounted with adjustable height, formerly used for cosmetics


66770p- Rodico, Wrapper/Over Wrapper, type PEWO Pack 400SM, 230 volt electric, manufactured in Germany, set up to over wrap packages of 2x5 salsa bottles, complete with 5' infeed conveyor, machine #V1371-4A


79181p- Roure, Vertical Form, Fill & Seal model TA(TUBOPAC-225), for blocked bottom bags, photocell correction foil, conveyor with holder for cartons bag in box, doser itself excluded, manual available, up to 100 bags per minute, bag sizes 50-360mm long x 60-225mm wide, foil width 345mm, 2000 gram filling volume, hot fill capable for cream cheese, 3861 production hours, 5kw 230/400 volt 50 hertz, 2.50m x 1.30m x 2.20m, weighs 830kg.


81115p- Schenk Accurate, Single Screw Feeder type MODMC-SV-2A, 2" feed screw extending 18" from feeder, 24" diameter x 26" deep steep cone hopper with Lexan base & stainless steel upper section with dump gate & nylon edge guard, flexible hopper features massaging paddles to agitate material to feed screw, touch sensitive controls with individual vari speed drives for screw & hopper agitation, all stainless steel construction with polished food grade finish, 4 lifting ports, wired 440 volt 3 phase, bakery


60322p- SCR, Vibratory Bowl Feeder, 21" diameter high polished stainless steel, 220 volt single phase, formerly feeding 15mm perfume pump atomizer with 2.5" long dip tube, single post mounting with height adjustable column & 3 leg floor foot with shock absorbing feet on threaded posts, sound deadening enclosure in stainless steel with high polished finish, central bridge with 2 piece hinged see thru cover, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


78506p- Screw Feeder, 2" diameter x 40" long stainless steel auger screw with 2.5" diameter outlet, feeder has .4 cubic foot stainless steel hopper with 24" tall 2.5 cubic foot carbon steel hopper extender, hopper has 12" x 15" inlet, screws & agitator driven by 1 HP 1725 RPM motor, requires 180 VDC electrical supply, test working condition


80137p- Semca, Horizontal Flow Wrapper model C.O.120, currently set for 6" pitch, 8" wide sealing jaws, eye for printed film, infeed conveyor approximate 6' long, on casters, was used as back up unit


55883p-New Single Station Bagging Table, stainless steel, with (1) 30 pound electronic washdown over/under type scale, with remote readout head mounted at eye level, filling station consists of 6.25" diameter filling tube equipped with removable (can be replaced with larger or smaller funnel for different bag sizes) stainless steel filling funnel, equipped with stainless steel pneumatic bag holder, beneath the bag holder is 10" x 10" stainless steel weigh cell platform which is adjustable to accommodate different bag heights, stainless steel bagging table 43" long x 37.5" wide & has sides that taper from 13" high at back down to 6" high at the front, operator hangs bag on filling funnel & engages bag holder by pressing a button, operator then pulls product from table into filling tube until proper weight is made & can easily remove some product if needed, operator disengages bag holder & removes bag, puts new bag in place & the process is repeated, all stainless steel construction


64684p- Stone Container, Automatic Valve Bag Applicator Robot model 505VBA, original factory controls, galvanized heavy duty frame, adjustable bag magazine with elevator, duck bill type bag valve opener, bag grabber & travel rail to filler, will remove empty bag from stack which continually elevates stack to pick up area & opens bag valve via duck bill transferring to grabber & delivering to filler spout, formerly used in food ingredient packaging, manual on file


71743- SWF, 3 & 5 gallon Water Bottle Rack Loader model MBL-2500-1, including automated indexing live roller rack conveyor with (2) 90 degree curves, 1000 BPH capacity


81119p- Tecweigh, Volumetric Feeder model CR-28, flex feed, 6" diameter feed screw x 30" long with 1.5" high flights on 6" centers mounted on (2) 5" diameter shaft, feed screw tube mounts feeder with manually removable bayonet style connection for service & cleaning, 2.8 cubic foot vinyl flexible hopper has massaging type paddles flexing hopper for bulk agitation, vinyl hopper inverted pyramid design 27" x 27" x 16" deep to top of feed screw, feeder has bolt on stainless steel hoper extension over factory hopper 36" x 36" x 18" straight side x 7" deep tapering bottom to meet feeder hopper, 1 piece hinged cover with 12" ID inlet with 2" flanged connection located towards rear of feeder, hopper has internal mountings for drop in dump grate (not include) 6.5" from top of hopper, 1.5" wide heavy duty flange on outside of hopper brim, agitator & screw driven by Marathon "Black Max" inverter duty 1 HP motors with small cyclo constant torque gear reducers, 230/460/3 phase voltage 1750 RPM, hopper exterior has 4 female threaded couplings for pipe legs mounting, formerly used in food ingredients


80274p- Thermo Ramsey, Icore Versa Frame Weigh Table model 44HP with AC-4000 digital electronics control system, food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction, weigh belt 18" wide x 30" long with solid food grade white belt, conveyor belt working height 27" on threaded rod adjustable foot pads, integrated stainless steel control pedestal with digital touch pad operator control panel with setting for 15 product pre-sets, reject system comes configured with bell reject notification, 3 diverter outputs to support other/additional reject configurations per buyer specification, conveyor belt currently configured for 72' per minute, manufacturer rated line speeds from 20 to 350 FPM & package rates to 350 per minute (depending on package size), weight capacity up to 999.99 pounds, displayed resolution to +/- 1, 0.1 or .01 units, 110 volt single phase electrical input


907- Tofu Tub Sealer model 600SS, 28 cycles per minute, 55" long x 20.5" wide x 54" high, the box/tub 5-1/4" long x 4-1/4" wide x 2-3/8" deep.


69243p- Tracey Packaging Inc.-Ross Metal Products, Bulk Bagging System, fully automatic, open mouth vertical, production rating for up to 8 bags per minute, all stainless steel wetted parts, designed to remove bag from magazine, transport to fill station, open bag, fill to the desired weight, close bag & transport to closing device, scale controlled by Rice Lake model 920-4R (S/N 1556600015) 115 V, 3.5 A, Class III/IIIL/IIHD N max. 10,000 CC# 01-0881A5, digital scale control integrated with 3 Rice Lake model RL-502-10A-250 load cells on weighing chamber, Rice Lake rates system accuracy at .05% at 150 pounds, Panasonic FP-X-C60PD programmable controller, 14" x 18" x 14" deep weighing chamber with 9" deep rectangular cone hopper & 8" x 8" x 8" deep extension from cone to pneumatically operated discharge gate, wash down design includes all painted steel construction with service doors, Teflon bearings, stainless steel roller chain & stainless steel wash down duty drives, total height 14.5', formerly used for sugar bagging


51556- Triangle, Vibrating Pan Feeder, stainless steel pan 5' long x 2' wide x 6" deep, unit stands 16" high with mild steel frame


76735- Uhlmann, Blister Thermoformer model UPS4, Uhlmann cartoner model C300, SM flow wrapper model G35


76736- Universal, Dose Cup Feeder & Applicator model E-7586, line consists of Hoppman EP08108CRS cap elevator into Hoppman centrifugal bowl feeder & Universal dose cup placer/inspection machine


57883p- Vertrod, Tube Sealer model 14EP/PTV, semi automatic operation via dual palm switch activation, 14 wide pneumatically operated sealing bar, .25" wide seal width, water cooled sealing jaws with on board refrigerated recirculation system, adjustable sealing temperature & dwell controls, heavy duty painted steel frame, 110 volt single phase, includes 2 single tube holders for 1.25" & 1.75" diameter tubes, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


65786p- Vibra Screw stainless steel horizontal auger type Ingredient Feeder, all stainless auger housed a 3" tube with an end mount support bearing mounted to a 5" diameter, top feed hopper measures 17" long x 14" wide, powered by a variable speed D.C. motor, designed to be suspension mounted


60329p- Vibratory Shaker Bed, stainless steel, 30" wide x 10' long x 8" deep sidewalls with open discharge end with flanged connection, all stainless steel bed on 8 spring steel mountings on painted carbon steel frame, 2 HP motor, 208/230/460/3 phase at 1725 RPM coupled to link belt eccentric drive with 1/2" stroke (part #297Z17A), entire length of bottom of bed is perforated with rectangular slotting 1/4" x 1.5", last used in pasta plant


54067p- Woodman "Commander", Radial Combination Scale model CMDR2000, 12 head, with smooth stainless steel product contact surfaces, 10" diameter infeed tube & 6.25" single center discharge chute, complete with operator control panel (220 volt single phase electrical input), previous owner reported was last used for packing 13 ounce fills of cereal, at 50-60 bags per minute, the electrical components are intact & are not all corroded & nasty, recommend hiring a tech rep from Woodman to get it serviced


56048p- Yamato, Multi Head Weigher/Radial Combination Scale model ADW714MWH, 14 weigh heads with memory buckets, complete with all dimpled, non stick rigidized surfaces for wet or sticky products (e.g. fresh cut vegetables), touch screen operator control panel, configured for high speed (previous owner ran at 120 PPM on 1 pound packages) dual discharge operation, with memory buckets it operates like (2) 14 head scales, can be reconfigured for single discharge use, 220 volt single phase, no mezzanine


31368p- Young Industries, Bag Dumping Station, all stainless steel, built to transfer powder products from bags, with controls, main unit measures 4' long x 4' wide x 11' high, shop #118141, size FBD42-8, includes dust collection system, top magnetic grid, double cone discharge with 3" clamps, all stainless steel hydraulic bag compactor included, compactor measures 32" long x 22" wide x 112" high



Commercial Used Filling Line Equipment for Food Manufacturing Plants.

Schier Company Inc. has all the components available for your filling and packaging lines. We have sanitary food grade fillers, accumulating tables, de-bagging tables, metal detectors, check-weighers, conveyor and more.

Call today for a quotation.


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