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31830p- Cherry Burrell, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model H90, half gallon rate of 90 cartons per minute, last used on milk. 13' 11" long x 9' 6" tall x 6' 9" wide with a 4' x 42" pallet box with covers, doors & parts for the machine.


46986p- Cherry Burrell, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model Q12, quart size, complete with 1 box of spare parts, on steel skid, taken out of service 2005, was in good condition when removed, on steel skid, dimensions on the skid 9' 2" high x 15' long x 7' 11" at the widest point


33273p- Cherry Burrell, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model Q80/110, quarts & school milk half pint size, gas heaters, dual lane, overall unit 94" tall x 68" wide x 14' 4" long, came out of dairy production, was working when taken out of service


78724p- Complete Aseptic Carton Filling Line, for slim cartons 1000ml, Tetra Pak carton filler model TBA8, up to 6000 cartons per hour, UHT sterilized milk, 1000ml slim line, 90V GE Fanuc controls, 380 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, ground, neutral, Tetra Pak accumulator model Easy Rider table, Tetra Pak accumulator model 47, foil wrap & shrink tunnel, all interconnecting conveyors, control panel & instruction manual, test run on request.


56324- Evergreen (Cherry Burrell), Double Wall Filler Bowl for model H75, H90, or H5, half gallon Pure Pak carton filler


56325- Evergreen (Cherry Burrell), Double Wall Filler Bowl for model QN-110, half pint Pure Pak carton filler


7898p- Evergreen (Cherry Burrell), Gallon Pure Pak Carton Former/Filler & Sealer model G60, deflector type filling valves, door with machine, last used at Dean Foods to fill Pure Pak containers with ice cream & shake mix, 60 per minute, came out of service working fine, has been stored inside 4 years, 13' long x 4'9" wide x 99" high


76340p- Evergreen ELL, Filler model EH3, fills up to 8400 cartons per hour, fill volume 64 ounce, 2 liter, 59 ounce, Spout-Pak unit, electric heaters, HEPA air system & air valves, infeed bottom shaft replaced end of 2013, ELL features dual ISO 5 HEPA, auto sanitize, self contained CIP/SIP; carton decontamination hermetic filling system.


55842p- Evergreen, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model CH5, with Portola fitment applicators, 90 CPM, previously running half gallon orange juice, can run 60 - 100 CPM


71539p- Evergreen, Gable top Carton Filler model UFAS-1200, rated for 1800 per hour, small footprint approximately 8' long x 3' wide, set up for filling milk, juice, yogurts & other liquids, UV equipped, unit was with Pure Pack or Tetra-Rex packages, fill modern laminate cardboard & foiled, volumes 0.251, 0.51 & 1.0 liter, European electric, 50 cycle.


55843p- Evergreen, Gable Top Filler Form Fill & Seal model H5, 90 CPM, previously running half gallon milk


575- Excello, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model D, 33 capacity, half gallon, base 14' 10-5/8" long x 34" wide x 7' 5/8" high


573p- Excello, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model QP, 75 per minute, half pint to quarts, Accu-fill machine.


574p- Excello, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model RPC, 33 capacity, half gallon.


79344- Half Pint Milk Filling Machine, includes carton forming, filling & sealing components, 30 gallon product hopper, dual 2 lane operation, variable speed capable, hydraulic pneumatic + electrical drive components, 230/460 volt 3 phase, 11' long x 64" wide x 8' tall


16968p- Haskon, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model 340, stainless steel, composed of a carton former model 140 & a filler-sealer model 240X, fills & seals standard cross section paper cartons, for free flowing liquids in half pint to 1/2 gallon sizes, capacity 15 to 22 cartons per minute, gas top seal, 2 piece unit former is at right angle to filler, both sections are 31" wide x 76" tall former is 63" long & filler extends 81" the other way, L shape.


4307- Haskon, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model 340, stainless steel, machine is composed of a carton former model 140X & filler sealer model 240X, fills & seals standard cartons for free flowing liquids in pints & half gallon, 15 to 22 cartons per minute, gas sealing.


41697p- Haskon, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model 340U, pints & half gallons, 15 to 22 per minute, comes with operating manual, 14' 10" long x 3' 2" wide by 6' 6" high.


47958p- Haskon, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model 740HE, stainless steel, inline design, forms, fills & seals standard cross section cartons for free flowing liquids, half pint- half gallon, capacity 30-50 cartons per minute, gas top seal, 30" wide x 16' long x 78" overall height


78806p- Hassia, Form Fill & Seal Machine model THM 18/42, up to 14,000 cups per hour, double chamber cup large side 85 gram small side 5-30 gram, last used for chocolate desserts, 82kVa, 415 volt, 50 hertz, bottom foil infeed, cup material ionization, labeling, thermoforming, filler 1 for viscous products piston filler, CIP cleanable, filler 2/3 for dry products such as cereal with Ishida weigher, lid material infeed, printer, sealer, cooling station, punch station, packer (empty packaging is not accepted by the packer but is automatically isolated), automatic station positioning, sterile air blower, central lubrication system, control panel with Siemens S7 PLC & Siemens HMI including A+F Automation fully automatic tray erector type 216-6/12 (S/N 8000079A, Mfg. 2001), 1800 trays per hour, cardboard, Siemens S7 PLC, Nordson hot melt unit & empty tray conveying equipment to the form, fill & seam machine, instruction manuals, spare parts list, flow charts, electric schemes, PLC program available in English, many spare parts included


38721- Liquipak, Gable Top Carton Filler Form Fill & Seal model 800LH, carton packaging machine, capacity of half pint, third quart & 1 pint cartons at 60 per minute, quarts at 50 per minute, half gallons 35 cartons per minute.


67317p- Ostermeier, Carton Former Filler Sealer type Tilsit 350F, capacity up to 300 cartons/hour, volume 5000ml, carton dimensions 140 x 140 x 240mm, power 15kw 400 volt 50 hertz 3 phase +N, dimensions 3.95 L x 2.15 W x 2.30 meter H, weight 3000kg, fully automatic, gravity, time filler, CIP, for 5 liter gable top cartons, possible to make flat top cartons, products: liquid like cream & milk, electronic panel with Siemens S5 PLC, Lauer display, spare parts & instruction manual in German


Commercial Food Grade Gable Top Carton Filler for Milk and Juice.

Schier Company Inc. has gable top fillers available to suit your product needs. From small school milk size to one gallon paper cartons. We have the sizes you require. We offer fillers from manufacturers such as Cherry Burrell, Evergreen, Haskon and Nimco.

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