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HTST Pasteurizers

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68474p- 30,000 pounds hour Chester Jensen, HTST System, with model HMC85 plate heat exchanger (S/N 359728-2) intermediate terminals, 259 plates, 2.5" threaded ports, 2" tri clamp flow diversion valve, 2.5" circular holding tube, 47" diameter x 58" overall height, 40 gallon non-PMO stainless steel balance tank, open top, slope bottom, 4" threaded outlet, multiple 2", 2.5" & 3" tri clamp side ports, missing hot water set, controls, piping.


68473p- 40,000 pounds hour APV, HTST System, with model R56SH tie bar heat exchanger (S/N 31724), 4" tri clamp ports, 273 plates, 2 intermediate terminals, 125" rail length, 2.5" 261 flow diversion valve, 2.5" holding tube consisting of (8) 132" runs, G&L (Goulds) model, missing hot water set, controls, piping.


70660p- APV Crepaco, Liquid Product Temperature Control System, total 10 square foot from all 3 stages, custom made that uses chilled & hot water to control & record product temperature, equipped with APV model Junior 3 sectioned plate & frame heat exchanger, heat exchanger uses 34 degree F chilled water from Edwards Engineering model LSCC3A chiller (S/N 853790), chiller rated at 36,000 BTU/hour, 281 degree F steam for hot water is supplied by outside source, 200 PSI, has temperature recorder.


66835p- APV, HTST Pasteurizer Processing System, type "Junior", food grade sanitary, all 316L stainless steel sanitary contact parts, designed for 2 GPM output at 40 degree F with juice product, 4" x 24" plate heat exchanger with approximate 50 plates & rated 200 PSI service with 12.6 square foot heat transfer surface, approximate 20' x 1" holding tube, carbon steel heat exchanger requires house steam for closed loop heating media circulation via centrifugal pump, factory control panel, mounted in stainless steel frame with casters, requires 67 pounds/hour steam supply at 90 PSI (160 pounds/hour maximum), cooling & make up water required, formerly used in beverage & juice processing


27337p- APV, HTST Pasteurizer System model R51, 181 type 304 stainless steel heat exchange plates with Paracril gaskets, 2 connector terminals with 2.5" clamp connections, Cherry Burrell series 62, 2.5" CIP FDV, 3" stainless steel holding tube mounted on stainless steel floor stand, 50 gallon rectangular stainless steel PMO legal balance tank, Cherry Burrell 4CHEB-F, 15 HP 3500 RPM booster pump, Cherry Burrell 4BHEB-F, 10/5 HP 3600/1800 RPM stuffer CIP pump & interconnecting piping & fittings, size 5 frame heat exchanger with Bell & Gossett model SU64-2 shell & tube heat exchanger, motive pump, steam valve & steam trap, unit was configured for 43,000 pounds per hour of fluid whole milk with temperature progression of 40-161.5-175-53.5-38 degree F, 90% regeneration using 270 GPM of 173 degree F hot water & 350 GPM of 34 degree F chilled water


74053p- APV, Lab Plate Heat Exchanger type JR-HE, rated 5 GPM, (82) 2-3/4" wide x 22.5" long plates, dual zone, 1/2 HP 3400 RPM 115/220 volt heat set pump, with pick heater, control panel with 2 Partlow temperature recorder/controllers, came out of Del Monte R&D lab


79866p- APV, Paraflow Plate Sterilizer model HX, stainless steel plates 57 at 10" x 33", 4 ports at 2" & moveable end ports at 2", Waukesha positive displacement pump (S/N 131067) rated 17 GPM, 1.5" inlet/outlet, 1 HP 230/460 volt 1720 RPM, surge tank 21" diameter x 15" straight side with slope bottom, 1.5" side bottom discharge, 1.5" top inlets, sterilizer rated 170-200 gallon/hour


79714p- APV, Plate type Pasteurizer, all stainless steel contacts, skid consists of balance tank, pump & Bell & Gossett heat exchanger, balance tank 45" long x 35" wide x 18.5" high, 3" tri clamp, 2" tri clamp & (2) 1.5" tri clamp inlets on top, 2" & 3" tri clamp discharge at side & 4" tri clamp discharge at bottom, 32-3/4" long x 22.5" wide top manway with hinged lid (6" diameter hole on cover), heat exchanger 150 PSI at 375 degree F MAWP & -20 degree F at 150 PSI MDMT for shell side (S/N 140639-01, Mfg. 2010) approximate 72" SW x 12" diameter, 7.5 HP pump electrically rated 208-230/460 volt 3 phase, 21-19.2/9.6 FLA at 60 hertz & 10 HP Fristam centrifugal pump electrically rated 208-230/460 volt 3 phase 60 hertz 24.9-23.6/11.8 FLA, skid equipped with Flovert panel with (4) 3" tri clamp ports, 27" SW x 11" diameter drum, Allen Bradley Panelview 600, 2 Allen Bradley Powerflex 40 VFD's & Commander 1900 chart recorder, has 3 stains


79715- APV, Tube In Tube Pasteurizer, all stainless steel skidded unit with 2 approximate 50 gallon tanks, 56 tubes, designed to hold 3 GPM of product for 23 seconds, loop can be shortened for hold times of approximate 5, 11 or 17 seconds, Allen Bradley controls with PLC 5/20, Allen Bradley Panelview HMI, 6 Flovert panels, ABB Kent Taylor Commander PR100 chart recorder, Eltrac AC inverter, Rosemount magnetic power tube, Rosemount magnetic flow transmitter, stainless steel product tank & water tank have approximate 24" straight wall x 24" diameter, (1) 2 HP positive displacement pump, (1) 2 HP centrifugal pump, (2) 3 HP centrifugal pumps, water supplied by customer, 250 degree F at 40 PSIG, water return 20 PSIG, cooling water supply 70 degree F at 50 PSIG, cooling water return 20 PSIG, glycol supply 30 degree F at 50 PSIG, 18 modules for trim cooler, 8 modules for regen, 16 modules for heater, 14 modules for final cooler


79713p- Cal Systems, High Temperature Flash Pasteurizer, all stainless steel contacts, Fristam pump motors, Schneider MCC components with Allen Bradley power flex variable speed drives with door mounted key pad control, Control Logix PLC with Panelview 1500 HMI color graphics fitted to panel door, GEA Tuchenhagen hygienic mix proofs, Keystone butterfly valves, all instruments mounted on Varivent fittings, Mettler Toledo O2 & conductivity analyzers, beer quality Vital Sensor VS300 with management station, IFM pressure & temperature instruments with local digital displays, system excludes plate & frame heat exchanger & buffer tank, rated up to 136 GPM or 265 BBL/hour


78475- Complete Skid Mounted Milk Pasteurization Unit, Alfa Laval plate pasteurizer model Clip 8RH, 15,000 liter per hour (S/N 30103-17940) 16.5kw, Alfa Laval separator model MRPX314 TGV, 15,000 liter per hour 22kw (S/N 2981983), Alfa Laval cream cooler model Clip 8 RH, 1000 - 2000 liter per hour, 5.5kw (S/N 30101-24843, Mfg. 1997), stainless steel, complete with valve, piping, documentation, manuals & flow scheme, rebuilt & installed in 2008 by Machinehandel Lekkerkerker


42878p- DeLaval, HTST System model P13-RCF, stainless steel tie bar take up plate heat exchanger with 2" clamp connections, atmospheric hot water set with modulating steam valve, 2" welded holding tube mounted on stainless steel floor stand, Tri Clover 262-121-1.5, 1.5" CIP cleanable FDV, 20 gallon retrofitted PMO legal balance tank with lift top cover, Tri Clover booster pump, Tri Clover stuffer pump, AIC EHT-700STLR, AIC JD pressure differential switch, AIC dart reference thermometer all mounted in stainless steel wall mount panel, unit was configured for 6500 pounds/hour of fluid whole milk & 1800 pounds/hour of 12.5% TS ice cream mix, when unit was removed from service it was operational, interconnecting piping was removed during removal & not included with system, was originally operating with homogenizer & separator (not included)


79716p- Feldmeier, Triple Tube In Tube Pasteurizer, all stainless steel contacts, skid bundle pasteurizer with 24' long x 6' wide x 10' high pasteurizer skid with 21 pairs of 2" diameter tubes, 2 stainless steel electrical panel & small regen water tank, set up to do 25 GPM orange juice with solids, 8 raw regeneration triple tube heat exchangers, 10 heating triple tube HX, 15 second holding tube, 8 pasteurized regent triple tube HX, 16 cooling triple tube HX, closed loop water regeneration system


78642p- Feldmeier, Tube In Tube Pasteurizer, all stainless steel construction, consists of 16 tubes 27" long with 2.5" diameter product side & 3" diameter media side for total surface area of 432 square feet, designed for use in dairy application


81171p- Goodnature, HTST Flash Pasteurizer model 144PNP, rated up to 2.4-20 gallons/minute, system includes positive displacement pump, variable speed drive, all associated controls, plate/frame heat exchanger & additional ancillary components, single phase 220 volt, previously used in nutraceutical operation, used as a hot fill unit not a pasteurizer.


79116p- Het Stempel BV, Margarine Pasteurization System model Lofator, shell & tube heat exchanger with 4 sections: re-worker, heating, holding & cooling, 7 re-work tubes 2.5-3.5" all with mixers, hot water 90 degree C on the jacket of the pipe, 2" pipe, Fristam FPX3532-150 hot water pump 7.5 HP, 8 heating tubes 1.5-2.5" all with mixers, hot water on jacket of the pipe, Fristam FPX7429 7.5 HP, 23 holding tubes 1.5", isolated by Armaflex & 30 cooling tubes 1.5-2.5" with 4 mixers, ice water on the jacket of the 2" pipe, APV W50-25 ice water pump 7.5 HP, 5 temperature transmitters, 3 control valves for water, excluding control & manuals, 17.5kw 230/460 volt 60 hertz, 3.5m x 1.75m x 1.70m dimensions, weight 2500kg


75523- New HTST Pasteurizer "Lilli", low input/low impact, compact, automated CIP system, requires 5 hookups, 240 vac input, standard 120 volt, 20 amp circuit, water, raw milk input & drain, semi automated cleaning, requires 2 gallon per minute water supply, 50 amp, 240 volt power supply, no additional external heat or structures needed, inline pasteurization, 2 gallon per minute.


75525- New HTST Pasteurizer "Lilli-B, low input/low impact, compact, automated CIP system, requires 5 hookups, 240 vac input, standard 120 volt, 20 amp circuit, water, raw milk input & drain, semi automated cleaning, requires 4 gallon per minute water supply 50 amp, 240 volt power supply, no additional external heat or structures needed, inline pasteurization, 4 gallon per minute, unit can run higher viscosity such as cream, ice cream mix & fruit nectar.


79934- HTST System for milk, 3" product, 2" hot water, 2 section Mueller heat exchanger, 6" x 10' shell plus tube heat exchanger for plate heating, 4 sanitary pumps with stainless motors, 8 pass, 3" holding tube, 6' long, Tri Clover RTD plus pressure sensors, 100 gallon HTST balance tank, 230/460 volt 3 phase


70847p- Pladot, HTST Pasteurizer, carries Israel Standards Institute C. E. stamps of approval, American Standard 3A stamp of approval, last used to pasteurize goat milk to feed baby goats, sitting idle for 6 years, 80 gallons hour capacity, 316 stainless steel plates, 2 sections (regeneration & heating), temperature inlet 39 degree F, pasteurization 169 degree F, outlet 70 degree-115 degree F, all components assembled on stainless steel plate 56" x 32", with 4 wheels, 600 pound weight, parts include 45 liter balance tank, 1 HP feeding pump, 1 HP booster pump, 80 mash Micronic filter, Micrometer valves, stainless steel pipes & fittings, heat exchanger with 82% regeneration section plus heating section, diversion valve scan, pressure gauges & pressure valve, holding tube 1" for 16-20 seconds, heating system hot water tank 10 gall PLHW, 3 electric heating elements =15kw, hot water circulation pump N45, water level controller AFS-GR, stainless steel pipes & connections, control panel electronic thermostats (for milk & hot water), electronic thermometer (for out milk temperature), mechanical thermometer, alarm lamp, temperature recorder (disc type, Weksler 600, European type), 220 volt 60 hertz 22 amp electric consumption, 85 PSI-5 gallons/minute air consumption,100 gallons per day water consumption


72909p- Rossi & Catelli, Tube In Tube Sterilizer/Pasteurizer System model Olympic TC-4.5/AF, rated 116 PSI, all stainless construction, previously used in jams & jellies processing facility, tubes 20' long, 3.5" diameter outer tubes, 2.5" diameter inner tubes, approximate 20 tubes, stainless steel tank, Rossi & Catelli high pressure pump, control panel, valve clusters, piping, etc.


79719- RVS, Tube In Tube Pasteurizer, all stainless steel contacts, hot water set, contains 8 sets of 3" tubes skid mounted with 2 transfer pumps, approximate 2' long x 4' wide x 10' high


80477p- Schroder Kombinator, Pasteurizer model WK250/2000-xz, up to 3400 LPH, for margarine or similar products, scraped surface heat exchanger of 1 cylinder to heat product, steam directly on jacket with regulating valve, cooling with double tube coil mounted in framework, cooling water flows thru inner tube & product flows opposite direction in outer tube, including water & steam valves, excluding control panel, manuals in German available, 25 bar, 7.5kw 380 volt 50 hertz.


42120p- Shibuya, Pasteurizer model PC-11027, 42" x 11' long, 3 zone, includes draper belt, plastic interlocking belt, provisions for feed & discharge conveyor, drives, piping, etc., last used as bottle cooler at brewery, last used in 07/2006


80909- SPX APV, Cream Pasteurizer model ParaFlow 0034, plate heat exchanger, 5,678kg per hour, cream 32% (flow 6600 LPH), 40% (flow 5900 LPH), 46% (flow 5349 LPH), temperature cycle cream 40%: 54-91, 0-58, 2-22, 0-4,degree C, 4 section, 18-137-57-58 plates, working pressure 10 bar, connections DN65, documentation plate scheme & temperature calculations available, 1.90m x .55m x 1.65m, weighs 1160kg.


81887- Tetra Laval, Pasteurizer Pilot Plant model Mixmark, 300 liter per hour, 3A dairy grade sanitary, stainless steel, previously used at dairy operation, skid mounted system, skid 1 is complete with Niro Soavi model NS 2006-A, sanitary 2 stage homogenizer with inlet/outlet, rated up to 200 bar, Alfa Laval stainless steel heat exchanger, 2nd skid includes (2) 95 gallon stainless pasteurization tanks with sloped bottom, 480 volt 3 phase 60 hertz, 11.5 kW, 35 plates in heat exchanger, pumps


73130p- Thermaline, Pasteurizer Skid System, 2 sanitary plate exchangers, 3 sanitary pumps, 2" stainless steel retention tube, condenser, stainless steel tank, control panel with chart recorder, sanitary pipe, valves & fittings, mounted on stainless steel skid, used for tea extract in beverage plant


Commercial HTST Milk and Juice Pasteurizers for sale.

Schier Company Inc. HTST milk and juice pasteurizers allow you to process liquids safely and efficiently in large or small volumes. The high temperature short time pasteurizers include models designed for milk, cream, tea, juice and other materials. Valves, interconnected tubing, platforms, wiring and other components are included in the system. We have a variety of additional temperature controls, heat sensor, balance tanks, support valves and other features to suit specific liquids or solutions.



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