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82629p- 800 gallon Ageing Tanks, stainless steel, vertical, side ladder & agitation.


49375p- Anderson, Filler model 55, half gallon filler for double locked cartons, capacity up to 1800 half gallon packages per hour based on freezer speed, 3 flavor valves & fill heads


49369p- Anderson, Filler model 588R, half gallon filler, 3 flavor fill head, 3 flavor change over valve, Nordson glue system


680p- Anderson, Ice Cream Filler model 175, pints, will only run square pints no other sizes


679- Anderson, Ice Cream Filler model 55, stainless steel, half gallon squares, all stainless steel, 3/4 HP motor, 110 volt 60 cycle single phase, doesn’t have ripples, has divider/partition that will let you fill 3 different flavors out of 1 nozzle into a carton side by side, not mixed.


79553p- Anderson, Ice Cream Filler model 555R, setup to run 56 ounce containers, runs well at 1200 gallons per hour, filler has many new parts & upgrades, upgraded glue system, many spare parts included, glue nozzles, solenoids, springs, filler parts, etc., has new main clutch


19345p- Anderson, Rotary Cup Filler model 456, half gallon round, not sure if it is a complete unit or not.


32677p- Anderson, Rotary Ice Cream Filler model 456PB, up to 80 (3.5 ounce) cups per minute, 63" wide x 64" diameter x 66" overall height, last doing a plastic yogurt cup, piston fill, no lidder or sealer.


79644- APV Anderson, Automatic Ice Cream Packaging Machine model 555-4, half gallon, erects carton, closes bottom, dispenses ice cream, closes & glues top at a rate of 300 - 1800 gallons per hour, recommended filling speed maximum 60 packages per minute, updated control panel, 84" long x 49" wide x 58" high


31322- APV Anderson, Ice Cream Carton Former Filler & Sealer model 555-4M, currently set up for 2 liter rectangular cartons, includes Nordson hot glue sealing unit, 42" wide x 8' long.


32498p- APV Anderson, Ice Cream Carton Former Filler & Sealer model 588M2, currently set up for 2 liter rectangular cartons, includes Nordson hot glue sealing unit, 42" wide x 10' long, carton magazine 5.75" wide, carton transport tunnel approximate 5' wide, set for approximately 7.25" high, appears to be in good working order.


75189p- APV Anderson, Rotary Ice Cream Filler model 456-1, for 1/2 pint cups, up to 60 CPM capacity, 43" x 60" x 74" overall height. unit is not complete.


7898p- Evergreen (Cherry Burrell), Gallon Pure Pak Carton Former/Filler & Sealer model G60, deflector type filling valves, door with machine, last used at Dean Foods to fill Pure Pak containers with ice cream & shake mix, 60 per minute, came out of service working fine, has been stored inside 4 years, 13' long x 4' 9" wide x 99" high


14643- FMC Hudson Sharp, Over Wrap Machine model 2W8, with variable drive.


60643- Ice Cream Carton Crusher & Product Reclaimer, stainless steel, 1.5 HP motor, mounted on stainless steel frame with casters


55896p- Martin Brothers, 1 HP Ripple Pump model RP1, heavy stainless steel base, heavy duty casters, severe duty drive & coupling, 6' flex tubing, stainless inline attachment, rebuilt Cherry Burrell rotary pump, variable frequency speed control, A/C variable drive, variable GPH, variable speed, 220/440/3/60 electrical, 1" inlet/outlet, 200 pounds, 39" long x 15" wide x 43" high


82496- SaniMark, Ripple Pump, stainless steel, 230 volt 3 phase


41513p- Sawvel, Bulk Ice Cream Filler & Lidder model 702, 1 - 3 gallon, maximum rate of 30 per minute


27827p- Sawvel, Inline Ice Cream Tub Filler model 1225, all stainless steel, for 1-5 gallon round tub style containers, with tub dispenser, lid dispenser & lid applicator, air & electric power, 34" wide x 8' 6" long.


27826p- Sawvel, Rotary Ice Cream Cup Filler model 130, all stainless steel, designed to fill 5.5" diameter round container, 12 container pockets on rotary turn table includes lid feeder & applicator, 6.5' long x 5.5' wide, 3600 cup per hour maximum, container range 1 quart & 1/2 gallon Convocan, maximum cycle rate 60 per minute.


45357p- Spring Loaded Bulk Ice Cream Can Fillers, 1" size


82345p- Tetra Pak Hoyer, Chocolate Dip Machine model Dino Line, up to 18,000 pounds per hour, Magnum type products, 80-90 gram, 100-120ml products, 400 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, ground, neutral, product transfer device 16x2, chocolate dipping system 16 lane, multi lane flow wrapper 8 lane, conveyor with corners, no feeding tank, sinus pump, foil suction device, Tetra Pak flow wrapper model Hoywrap multi lane wrapper, many spare parts included.



Commercial Used Ice Cream Equipment, Fillers, Ripple Pump and Batch Pasteurizers for sale.

Schier Company Inc. has used ice cream equipment available at an affordable price. Fillers, sealers and fruit feeders are the common accessory to our ice cream freezers. We have both continuous ice cream freezers and batch freezers in a wide range of sizes. We also have soft serve ice cream freezers for the small shop or as an additional to any restaurant or business.


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