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36301p- APV Crepaco, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model S430, 100-2700 gallons per hour, with hydraulic blender


43967- APV Crepaco, Fruit Feeder, 2 HP rotary pump, stainless steel base, on wheels


69711- APV Crepaco, Ingredient Feeder model S420, complete 14 gallon hopper capacity, product capacity 100-2000 GPH, parts only


83069p- APV/Crepaco, Ingredient Feeder model S420


65756p- Cherry Burrell, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model FFH4, 2" bevel seat ports, electric drive on casters, door has some rust.


31680p- Cherry Burrell, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model FFH4, up to 300 gallons per hour, 2 speed .6 & .25 HP, 220 volt 1.8 & 1.4 amp, 1726 & 850 RPM. 31" x 25" x 52" high, approximate weight 1500 pounds, motor probably needs new bearings & seals.


7021p- Cherry Burrell, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model FFH6, up to 600 gallons per hour, painted frame, 2 speed .6 & .25 HP, 220 volts, 1.8 & 1.4 amp, 1726 & 850 RPM.


7020p- Crepaco, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model S420, 100-2000 gallons per hour with hydraulic blender, hopper 16.5" wide x 16.5" long x 15" deep, blades distance 2.5", 4" wide auger, no load cells, manual included, no display included, hydraulic system is standard system, not updated.


7387p- Crepaco, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model S420, stainless steel, parts only


43968- Crepaco, Fruit & Ingredient Feeder, painted frame


59631p- Crepaco, Fruit Feeder model S410, new rotor, gaskets & O rings, all surfaces polished to a high shine, new casters & wiring, all hydraulic components removed & replaced with inverter controlled AC motors, adjustable operation, touch screen operator control panel, 220 volt 3 phase 60 hertz.


51470p- Crepaco, Fruit Feeder model S420, totally rebuilt with new rotor, gaskets & O rings, all surfaces polished to a high shine, new casters & wiring, all hydraulic components removed & replaced with inverter controlled A/C motors for quiet, cool, clean & adjustable operation, touch screen operator's control panel, 3" inlet & outlet, 3.25 total HP, all electric drive, variable speed, 2000 GPH, stainless steel blender agitator, 48" dump rail height, 220/3 phase/60 electrical, 52" L x 24" W x 57" H, 1000 pounds, there are a few O rings & gaskets


60405p- Crepaco, Fruit Feeder model S430, not complete


33763p- Eriez Magnetics, Vibrating Pan Fruit & Ingredient Feeder model HS42 style M, stainless steel, stainless steel tapered feed pan 30-48" long x 26" wide x 4" deep, mild steel lower frame, overall height 40".


80658- Ice Cream Vibratory Feeder, stainless steel


73823- Ingredient Heater, single compartment, 4 lids with Lightnin agitator, portable, heats flavors


72486- Minor, Ingredient Feeder, all stainless steel, on stainless steel stand with casters, lift cover hopper 21" long x 16" wide x 16" deep with 1 taper to 1" diameter, stainless steel feed screw powered by 1/2 HP Baldor stainless steel hear head motor, 42" long x 22" wide x 40" high


76440- Saima, Continuous Screw Feeder model AK100, 2 mixing augers, 12' long, 2 plastic extruders 20" long, mixing area 12" long x 11' wide x 9" deep, 2" outlet, overall 36' long x 24" wide x 40" high with filling funnel, 16" long x 16" wide x 21" high.


82495- SaniMark, Cabinet Fruit Feeder, stainless steel, 230 volt 3 phase.


77141- Technogel, Ice Cream Ingredient Feeder model FF30S, 1000-3000/hour capacity, 2.2kw power, CIP washing program, flexible recipe programming at users discretion, intermittent dispersing to ensure operation with light flow of ice cream, 380 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, 115cm L x 80cm W x 170cm H, 300kg weight


76480- WCB, Ice Cream Ingredient Feeder model V-3, vibratory.


79991- WCB, Ingredient Feeder model 1F1230PM, 105 gallon per hour - 3170 gallon per hour maximum throughput, stainless steel frame construction.



Commercial Used Ice Cream Ingredient Feeders for sale at Schier Company Inc.

Our ice cream fruit and ingredient feeders can add fruit, nuts and other add on to ice cream and yogurt.

Please contact Schier Company Inc. for your fruit feeder today.


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