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Listed below are the pages of this web site. 

These are the categories of Quality USDA Food Grade new and used equipment for sale. 

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Filling Line Equipment
Accumulating Tables & Unscramblers
Aseptic Fillers
Bag or Pouch Fillers
Cup Fillers
Gable Top Carton Fillers
Miscellaneous Fillers
Piston Fillers
Plastic or Glass Jug Fillers
Shrink & Heat Tunnels
Bottle Making Equipment
Ice Cream Equipment
Ice Cream Freezers
Novelty Equipment
Ingredient Feeders
Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezers
HTST Pasteurizers
HTST Pieces Components
Plate Heat Exchanger
Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
Tubular Heat Exchanger
UHT Pasteurizer System
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Positive Displacement Pump
  Vacuum Pump
  Industrial Pump
  Diaphragm Pump
Centrifugal Pumps
Butter Equipment
Cleaning Equipment & Tables
CIP & Related Tanks
COP & Related Tanks
Processing Vessels
Milk Pasteurizer Atmospheric Jacket Processor
Chopping & Cutting Equipment
Batch Pasteurizer Pressure Wall Jacket Processors
Cheese Making Equipment
Vacuum Packaging
Duo Mini Cheese Vats
Enclosed Cheese Vats
Cottage Cheese Vats
Conventional & Deep Make Cheese Vats
Cheese Finishing Tables
Mozzarella & Process Cheese
Cheese Press
Cheese Cutters
Storage Tanks
Agitator Types
  Cone Bottom
  Farm Tank

Insulated Horizontal

  Insulated Rectangular
Tanks-Other Than Dairy
  Insulated Vertical
  Multicompartment Tanks
  Refrigerated Horizontal
  Refrigerated Rectangular
  Refrigerated Vertical
  Silo Tanks
  Single Shell Horizontal
  Single Shell Rectangular
  Single Shell Vertical
  Sugar Tanks
Truck Tanks
Vacuum Tanks
RO-UF System
Homogenizer Parts
Homogenizer High Pressure Pumps
Separators & Clarifiers

Schier Company's inventory is the most extensive in the used dairy processing industry. If you click on the appropriate category you can view our large selection of equipment to meet your processing needs. You can also email or call us to save time.

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