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73317- 25 gallon Norman Walker, Single Shell Liquifier model DS25, closed top with manway, 1.5" inlet, 2.5" outlet, 3 HP, 1730 RPM, direct drive motor, 20" x 20" x 48" tall
46282p- 50 gallon APV, Liquifier model CVL, all stainless steel food grade design, mounted on tubular portable stand, 7.5 HP 208/230/460/3/60, motor is direct coupled to right angle gear box, 2" side bottom discharge sanitary tri clamp connection, 18" top load with safety screen & two 1" sanitary tri clamp connection, 27" x 27" x 20" straight side with 7" deep inverted pyramid bottom, formerly used in prepared foods, 1800 RPM
45781p- 50 gallon APV, Liquifier, features all 304 stainless steel food grade construction, square chamber, 27" x 27" x 20" straight side with 7" deep inverted pyramid bottom to 8" diameter standard impeller flush mounted to interior, 10 HP drive by Baldor Motors 220/440/3 phase voltage, 1725 RPM drives impeller through right angle gear drive, top center 18" manway with hinged cover, 2 top 1" inlets with bevel seat connections, 2.5" center bottom outlet with ACME bevel seat connections discharge at front, formerly used in prepared foods
69130- 50 gallon Breddo Likwifier model LDT50, single shell, 15 HP motor (S/N E22010-1-3) Motor Specs: Model WB0154FXI-2, 1765 RPM, 230/460 Volt, 39.0/19.5 Amp, 3 phase, 60 Hz, ABFO type, TEFC enclosure
72134- 50 gallon Breddo, Jacketed Likwifier model L0RWSS50, round belt driven, center bridge with lift covers, 3 HP wide & side sweep agitation with scraper blades, 30 HP impeller drive, including stainless steel Nema 4 enclosure with various controls, system mounted on frame with casters
44285p- 50 gallon Norman, Liquifier, low pressure jacket, all stainless steel, no motor type DS impeller, 3" outlet one side of bottom, no pressure rating, 15 PSI.
63361p- 75 gallon Norman, Liquifier, stainless steel contact, 10 HP 230/460 volt, 1800 RPM motor, direct drive
71415p- 100 gallon Breddo, jacketed Liquifier model LDDW, closed top with manway, 2.5" Tri clamp outlet, 15/7.5 HP direct drive 2 speed motor, 1765/880 RPM, 460 volt, 60 PSI, National board rated heat transfer surface.
59488p- 100 gallon Breddo, Liquifier Blender model LORWW, 316 stainless steel contact parts, 125 PSI jacket, 40 HP 230/460 volt off set motor. 57" from floor to opening of the unit, round.
64760p- 100 gallon Breddo, Liquifier model LDT with 15 HP motor, special single dumping opening outside.
71416p- 100 gallon Mueller, jacketed Liquifier closed top with manway, 2.5" Tri clamp outlet, 15/7.5 HP direct drive 2 speed motor 1800/900 RPM, 460 volt, 100 PSI, National Board rated heat transfer surface.
71496- 100 gallon Norman, Likwifier, single shell, 10 HP direct drive motor, square top manway cover
64761p- 100 gallon Norman, Liquifier with 10 HP motor, with special double dumping openings on each side.
70307p- 150 gallon APV, jacketed Liquiverter, 316 stainless steel , top manway, 25 HP right angle drive, 2.5" tri clamp outlet
73186- 150 gallon Breddo, Liquifier model LDD 150, single shell, cone bottom, 2" outlet, tank 38" x 38" x 28" straight side x 65" high, 1.5" clamp port, spray ball, 20 HP, 1770 RPM, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 230/460 volt.
70770p- 150 gallon Letsch, Single Shell Liquiverter model LB1.5, top manway, 20 HP drive, 2.5" tri clamp outlet
70572- 200 gallon APV Crepaco, Liquifier, stainless steel, 40" x 40" x 34" straight side mixing chamber, bottom mixing element driven by 25 HP motor drive, 24" x 24" manway, 3", 2", 1" top nozzles, 2" outlet on legs.
68879p- 200 gallon capacity Breddo, Likwifier model LDT-200, all stainless steel construction, 44" x 44" x 75" deep, jacketed, dome top with manway, (2) #15 top ports, 2.5" #15 outlet, Liquifier blade driven by New 20 HP direct drive motor, 230/460 volt 1745 RPM 3 phase direct drive motor, mounted on stainless steel legs with adjustable ball feet
71766- 200 gallon Cherry Burrell, Liquifier, single shell, dome top with hinged manway, (2) 2" top clamp ports, 2.5" clamp outlet, 30 HP belt driven motor, mounted on stainless steel frame, 72" long x 44" wide x 76" OAH
69454p- 200 gallon Crepaco, Single Shell Liquifier, 25 HP, with new spare impeller.
71554- 200 gallon Norman, Liquifier, single shell, stainless steel, square 42" x 42" x 26" deep, 2" diameter bottom side outlet with tri clamp connection at a 31" discharge height, 31" x 31" square top manway with safety/pour grid and hinged cover, CIP coil, 3 phase belt drive motor.
69530p- 300 gallon APV, Jacketed Liquifier, stainless steel construction, 75 PSI jacket, 3" discharge with butterfly valve, 40 HP main drive to dual Liquifier blades, 5 HP drive on single motion scrape agitator, motors are 230/460 volt 3 phase
71527p- 300 gallon Breddo, Liquifier, 40 HP motor, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 1765 RPM, 230/460 volts, No top manway cover, no tag, overall size 44" x 44" x 81" tall, tank size 44" x 44" x 39" tall,
71361p- 350 gallon Likwifier, Mixing Tank, high speed shear, stainless steel
64767p- 400 gallon Norman, Likwifier, Single Shell, twin 15 HP drives, twin 2.5" discharge, Jamesbury air actuated valve in lid, Motor specs: TECO Westinghouse, 254T Frame, E1 max, 1800/3600 rpm, Type AEHH-8N, cat. # EP0154, No ID plate on actual unit.
70702p- 500 gallon Waukesha Cherry Burrell, Jacketed Liquifier, square stainless steel, off set 50 HP drive 230/460 volt 60 cycle 1770 RPM, 3" outlet
68562- 800 gallon Crepaco, Blender/Liquifier model BIB, vertical single shell, dome top, 15 degree cone bottom with 3" outlet, turbo prop agitator
68563- 1,000 gallon Crepaco, vertical single shell Blender/Liquifier model B, stainless steel, dome top, 15 cone bottom with 3" outlet, turbo prop agitator
71187p- APV, Liquiverter model FlexMix, type TB+1000, 1000kg capacity, top manhole, 33cm mixing impeller, vortex based mixing, single skin, stainless steel construction, 18.5kw motor power, 1465 RPM, 130cm long x 105cm wide x 220cm high, weight approximate 300kg
37104- Barrett, Liquifier Liquid Separator model 612L, 316 stainless steel, maximum bowl speed 3450 RPM, rated at 2 gallons per minute, 12" x 6" bowl, .75 gallon solids capacity, .3 HP motor with flexible hoses & control panel, mounted on 40" x 48" tank with manual
57941- Breddo (Sterling), Liquifier Motor, 15 HP, 1750 RPM, 28X frame, 208/3/60
69132- Breddo, 15 HP Likwifier Motor model E22016-1-3,1750 RPM
68615p- Breddo, 15 HP Pancake style Likwifier Motor model A91-1566-4, frame 32, 1770 RPM 460 volt
34659- Breddo, 20 HP Liquifier Motor, 1750 RPM, 28x frame, 208/3/60.
34658p- Breddo, 25 HP Liquifier Motor, 1800 RPM, 1410L frame, 440/3/60.
56376- Breddo, 25 HP Liquifier Motor, 1800 RPM, 32 frame, 460/3/60
47508p- Crepaco, Liquifier agitator, right angle drive, 40 HP 1770 RPM 460 volt 60 cycle, 40" from center of motor to center of blade shaft.
48832- Liquifier, Spare Parts 20-25 HP Drive Motor & 1 impeller, 230/460/3/60 motor
70090- Reuland, Liquifier Motor, 25 HP 1800 RPM 230/460



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