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47903p- 12 gallon Filler Bowl, stainless steel, open top, 16" diameter x 14" straight side, cone to 2" bevel seat nut outlet, 20" overall height


78766p- 15 gallon Product Tank, stainless steel, 2 piece cover, 1/3 bolted, 2/3 removable, 24" x 12" x 12" deep, 4 bottom side 1/4" ports with male NPT connections, 2 top side 1" NPT connections in opposing positions, bottom drain with 1" female NPT connection, 2 top inlets & float switch mounted fixed cover, mounted stainless steel floor stand with 25" brim height & 35" total height


78765p- 18 gallon Product Tank for pressure gravity filler or similar equipment, stainless steel, 24" long x 12" wide x 15" deep, (6) 3/8" female NPT bottom ports, 1 bottom central, .75" female NPT port & 2 top side NPT ports located 2.5" from top brim on opposing sides, fold over lip on top brim, formerly used in cosmetic manufacturing


70919p- 30 gallon Filler Supply Tank, 24" wide x 20" x 16" deep, all stainless steel with polished finish & ungrounded welds, 1/2 hinged cover, top side fill inlet with 1" NPT connection & internal splash guard, 3 bottom outlets with NPT connections, 5 return ports with full length dip tubes, float switch port with switch & float


70918p- 60 gallon Filamatic, Filler Tank, 48" wide x 16" x 16" deep rectangular with flat sloped bottom to 20" deep, (8) 1/2" diameter outlets on bottom front & deepest point of tank, each outlet has stainless steel ball valve, 1" bottom side drain with valve, 2 piece loose fitting cover (1 with 1" inlet) welded body with band around center of tank with 2 lift handles, mounted on 4 legs with adjustable leveling feet, formerly used in cosmetic manufacturing


76493p- Accrison, Volumetric Filler model 170-2-K, all stainless steel contacts, 34" x 28" deep feed hopper with 22" long bottom mounted agitator blade, hopper includes removable 17" x 10" access port, metering/discharge auger protrudes 17" from base of feed hopper, both agitator & auger individually driven by 1 HP 1750 RPM motors, control panel, previously used in manufacture of herbal supplements


71388-New Alard, Overflow Briner/Overflow Can Filler/Brine Filler, all T316 stainless steel contacts, adjustable range of container sizes 1.5" to 6.5" diameter & 2" to 10.5" high, variable speed chain conveyor adjustable from 20-80 feet per minute, T316 stainless steel recirculation pump, capable of moving up to 25 gallons per minute over waterfall, with regulating valve to reduce/adjust flow as desired, 175 gallon brine reservoir, with steam heating coil, reservoir has hinged covers to provide easy access while providing sanitary protection, 4' long removable front hood covers both briner overflow unit & conveyor section, both front & back covers are hinged, back cover removable for maintenance, 3/4" T316 stainless steel 360 degree stem coil with (2) 3/4" NPT fittings (in & out), self regulating temperature sensing steam control with bronze body, 1.5" brine inlet fitting, 3/4" temperature probe fitting (NPT 3/4" female) & level sensor probe fitting (NPT 3/4" female with diffuser, to prevent wave action), T316 stainless steel catch screen (removable) located under conveyor section, 4' stainless steel roller chain conveyor with stainless steel sprockets & shaft, UHMW plastic support bearings, adjustable container tip section controls fill level to provide for head space, 3' adjustable overflow may be raised or lowered to accommodate container heights from 2" to 7", 1/2 HP 230 volt 3 phase gear motor conveyor drive with electric AC inverter type variable speed control, 1/3 HP 3450 RPM pump motor, 110/220 volt single phase motor (3 phase available), flow is controlled by stainless steel ball valve


82278p- All Fill Inc., Liquid Filler model B-120, Quantum II control panel, includes stainless steel hopper 16" high x 22" wide with 3-1/4" bottom discharge, Baldor electric motor 208-230/460 volt 3 phase wiring diagram BW-2505


35551p- All Fill, Auger Filler model 81, stainless steel contact parts, 1 HP auger drive, separate drive for hopper agitator, 3/60/230/460 volt power, agitation in hopper, hopper size 18" diameter x 16" high, no control panel


78116- All Fill, Auger Filler model B, stainless steel contact surfaces, agitated hopper with 1 HP 230/460 volt drive, pedestal mounted, with controls


78115- All Fill, Auger Filler model B, stainless steel contact surfaces, agitated hopper with 1.5 HP 230/460 volt drive, pedestal mounted, with controls


78117- All Fill, Auger Filler model B, stainless steel contact surfaces, with model HSC horizontal screw conveyor hopper feeder, 6" diameter x 24" long x 1/2 HP 208-230/460 volt motor, auger revolutions controls with 1.5 HP 230/460 volt main drive


38316p- All Fill, Auger Filler model B100, all stainless steel contact surfaces, 16 gallon hopper with dust tight cover & 6" inlet, equipped for internal hopper agitator, post mounted from factory cast base, 1 HP auger drive wired for 230 volt service, rebuilding & tooling required, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


72194p- All Fill, Post Mounted Auger Filler model B400, all food grade stainless steel product contact parts, 22 gallon dust tight agitated hopper, level sensing control, Cerebus IIII touch sensitive factory control panel, 6" hopper loading port, free flow style tooling with 1.75" diameter auger & dust collection port, wired for 220/3 phase service, mounted in factory floor base on aluminum post, electric clutch brake, painted aluminum case housing, formerly filling spice products


54785p- All Fill, Powder Filler, dual head auger filler, 3.5" diameter discharge, 3-3/8" diameter auger, stainless steel contacts, stainless steel hopper, 7" center to center distance between fill nozzles, unitized on common frame with all drives & electrical, used for garlic & onion powder, shipping dimensions 4' 8" x 4' x 10' 5" high, weighs 1100 pounds.


53351p- All Fill, Semi Automatic Filler model B, auger type, dry materials, post mounting for bench or table location, single auger with agitated 16 gallon hopper, new controls & electrical system for semi automatic operation via foot pedal or continuous cycling, variable speed main drive 90/180 volt DC, 1 HP by Baldor, 1 set of tooling included


72559p- All Fill, Single Head Filler model SHAS-400, with conveyor, electrically set up for 3/60/220 volt power, Cerebus IIII control panel


60308p- All Fill, Twin Auger Filler model TA150, side by side #14 augers with self feeding attachment at 6.5" centers, single bulk hopper configured around augers, each auger is dual blade agitated, auger discharges have tapered bag fill spout, each station has fill station & air operated cylinder designed to hold bag against spout while filling, original factory controls requires new timers, filler requires new main drive, wired for 220 volt 3 phase service with 110/single phase control, used for cosmetics


78595p- AMS, Auger Filler model A-100, stainless steel hopper & augers, previously used to fill coffee grounds & beans, includes tooling for ground coffee & whole coffee beans, mounted on mild steel base & includes foot pedal for semi automatic control, can be automated, includes main drive, rated 230 volt 3/60 hertz


78141- AMS, Semi Automatic Filler model SA-110, stainless steel product contact surfaces, net weight design, Servo driven main auger, Allen Bradley PLC controls & operator HMI interface, 110 volt control voltage, 460 volt motor voltage


59410p- Arenco, 24 Tube Filler model GAB, designed for manual loading of tubes, automatic filling & sealing for both metal & plastic tubes, capacity up to 45 tubes per minute, includes rising tube/bottom up fill capabilities, 6 station sealing/crimping stainless piston filling head, does saddle fold, double or triple, 0.625" piston size, some spare parts included


76557p- Atlas Pacific, Automatic Rotary Volumetric Can Filling Machine, telescopic set for 300 diameter cans/3" diameter jars or cups, for free falling solids & particulates into rigid & semi rigid self supporting containers, each of the 20 filling stations is 2" diameter telescopic cup, cups are crank adjustable from 2.5" to 4" deep, indexing worm infeed with 2 chain feed conveyor, container handling parts for 3" diameter containers, bowl feed hopper with adjustable slide gate, wiper rail cup fill, powered leveling brush sweeps filled pockets even, discharge conveyor stub with idler for table top chain, straight infeed & reverse discharge conveyor stub coming straight back out, all food grade stainless steel construction granular food product filler with stainless steel shrouded 3 phase motors (1 for brush drive, 1 for main drive)


68088p- Auger Filling Head Only, stainless steel contact parts, 16" x 10" oval hopper, 19" deep to 1-7/8" auger discharge, plastic discharge auger hopper & discharge stainless steel, food grade, complete with drive, 25kw 220/380 vac with gear head reducer, offered less agitator wand & auger, last used as ingredient feeders on pouch filling line


66699p- Auger Filling Head Only, stainless steel contact parts, 16" x 10" oval hopper, 19" deep to 1-7/8" auger discharge, stainless steel powder agitator & plastic discharge auger hopper & discharge stainless steel, food grade, complete with drive, .25kw, 220/380 vac with gear head reducer, less stand & controls, last used as ingredient feeders on pouch filling line


81691- Aylward, Bottle Filler model ACT 310SL, wheel style filling, single lane with timing screw, PLC controller & 1 set of tooling, 208 volt


82224p- Bench Top Liquid Pump Filler with stand, currently set for semi automatic foot pedal activation, could easily be set for automatic operation with photo eye or relay activation, 21" diameter x 32" deep stainless steel conical infeed hopper with 1.75" side inlet to hopper, with bolted on cover, with top cover mounted level sensor, 3/4" diameter discharge spout, food grade all stainless steel counter top/bench top pump filler with all stainless steel product contacts, on stainless steel base plate, presently/comes sitting on/mounted on painted steel frame stand with PVC control box mounted to stand, PVC control box mounted on bottom stand with operator controls for portion size & fill rate, 1 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase 1725/1425 RPM pump drive


75326p- Beverage Alcohol, Barrel 2 head Filler, all pneumatic controls for hazardous location, (2) 1" filler heads on 48" long swivel pipes for easy filling of barrels, each head has own controls with start & stop button, each head has capillary tubes to first slow down flow & then to completely stop flow, requires pneumatic supply, tested in good working condition


11089p- Biner Ellison, 12 valve Liquid Accramatic Can Filler model F12AC1929, stainless steel, was running 1 quart cans, can run 80 cans per minute, can handle glass or plastic cans, explosion proof, filler tunes 7/8" diameter x 8" long, 304 stainless steel, screw feed, last used on herbicide, overall 6' high x 55" deep.


50686p- Biner Ellison, 18 station Rotary Pressure Gravity Filler model F18TDP, all stainless steel sanitary wetted parts, speeds at 75 BPM at 1 liter fill volume, timing screw to star wheel infeed & discharge, designed to meet 4.5" table top chain conveyor system, 1/2" diameter filling nozzles on 8.5" centers, floor mounted product over flow tank 16" diameter x 12" deep with cone bottom & float control, top mounted drive with vari speed pulley, full safety enclosure, wired 208/3 phase service, formerly running soy oil & similar food products, OAD 78" x 78" x 88" high


59752p- Bosch, Capsule Filler model GKF1200, painted in FDA approved Steel It paint & all stainless contact parts, new Plexiglas guarding, comes complete with 1 set of change parts, capable of producing 1200 capsules per minute


59753- Bosch, Capsule Filler model GKF2000


59754- Bosch, Capsule Filler model GKF2400, painted in FDA approved Steel It paint, comes complete with 1 set of change parts


58471p- Can Filler, 12 valve, 3" valves, complete with 3/4 HP 1725 RPM 115/230 volt single phase motor thru gear box reducer, less hopper


35749p- Cherry Burrell, Cartridge Filling & Closing System model 272, dual lane conveyor with cartridge magazines automatically unloading into conveyor mounted cartridge holders (1-7/8" x 8.5" long cartridges), bottom up fill with cartridge centering bells on fill nozzles, rotary cap sorter with vacuum pick up station & placing into cartridges, compression station forces caps fully into cartridges & automatically ejected, all stainless steel wetted parts, 1 HP variable speed drive, all drives & wiring explosion proof, rated 30 containers per minute, overall dimensions 9.5' long x 5.5' wide x 72" high with hopper removed, formerly packaging construction sealants


64211p- Complete 12 head Can Filling Line with associated equipment for filling & seaming 401 cans with pigment, manuals for most components on file, line is capable of up to 200 CPM, line requires 115 vac single phase, 230 vac 3 phase & 460 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, consists of the following: (1) 12 head KISS model SPDF12ROP positive displacement pump filler stainless steel construction (S/N 13030), capable of up to 200 CPM, Angelus model 40PRDF can seamer for 401x509 tin cans (S/N 6954368) capable of up to 275 CPM, SVD model 127WA fully automatic case tray erector/packer/sealer, equipped with slaughter back hot melt glue system, Neway model E5 full wrap  cold glue labeler (S/N 040596), Garvey model 4700 bi flow accumulating table (S/N 16753) working surface 36" x 89" with 6" infeed & outfeed, working height 37" Interlink plastic belt in 4 sections (3) 6" wide & (1) 18" wide, Kaps All packaging systems 48" stainless steel circular can infeed table model FSU48 (S/N 2490) working height 37", Bishamon pneumatic scissors lift with 36" turn table, 2 Diagraph PA/4000 print & apply labelers for cases, can handle labels up to 4.5" x 13" with 203 DPI resolution, Barry Wehmiller Fleetwood vibratory lid feeder for 401 lids (S/N 43061) 5" wide x 102" long, various interlinking conveyors to connect the line


68092p- Crandel, Semi Automatic Drum Filler model FSS-drum, 1 hydraulic system for raising & lowering stainless steel drum head, gravimetric with over & under scale & automatic shut off, portable, complete with roller conveyor mounted on scale for easy infeed & discharge drums


79027p- De Santis, Can Filler/Seamer/Labeler, designed to apply labels to round containers with parallel sides in label area, gravity fed, hand wheel for manual adjustment to suit various can diameters, line includes retort for cooking, previously used in food operation


71235p- Eagle, Twin Scale Container Can Filler, set for 603 x 700 cans, with dual 3-1/4" wide table top chain thru conveyor, with 1/2 HP 230/460 chain


65521- Elf, 8 head Gravity Filler, 115 volt plus air, maximum PSI for hopper 15, twin 8 head electronic liquid fillers, constructed mainly of stainless steel, product hoppers have 16 outlets, hopper 18" diameter, 2 units, 1 unit new & the other had demonstrations only, both can be used together to act as a 16 head filling system


79792p- ELF, Liquid Gravity Filler, pneumatic lift on nozzles (raises & lowers), (6) 3/4" brass valves with actuators plumbed down to 1/2 PVC nozzles, nozzles can be spaced 3.5" CTC minimum to 9" CTC maximum, has 21 gallon 21" deep x 14" x 10" poly holding tank, pneumatic drip tray, control panel includes Omron H3CA controllers (8 in panel), 115 vac single phase electric power & air required


37852p- Elmar, Rotary Bottle Filler model MF532 Multiflex, particulate pocket filler, filler adjustment of approximate 8mm-16mm load with 32 existing telescopic bushings, can be resized to approximate 70mm range, operating range of 0-375 BPM, runs 575 volt ABB inverter vari drive, 12' of through conveyor running 300ml bottles, level control system for product layer, adjustable wipers in 6 locations, Lexan bowl cover & clear plastic side covers, in motion timer for feed screw, spare parts available


78082- Exacta-Pack, Single Screw Auger Filler, mounted to base with adjustable fill height, conical product hopper 22' diameter x 21" deep, 2" diameter fill tube with internal stainless steel auger, auger tube length 48", equipped with foot switch & Allen Bradley Panelview 600 touch pad controller.


21296p- Filamatic, 4 head Inline Filler model 120-4, provisions for up to 4 filling cylinders, infeed & discharge conveyor, Filamatic pneumatic vial cleaner, capacity of 4x 520cc, designed to run 22 volt 3 phase 60 cycle, vial cleaner model A4, 12" stroke, designed to run on 115 volt single phase, units connected by 6" wide x 16' long stainless steel table top conveyor with adjustable side rails, does not include fill cylinders


82245- Filamatic, Liquid Filler model DFS-S-Flow, 8 head filling station, speeds up to 70 containers/minute, set up as flow meter type filler with 8 micro motion R style flow meters, with stainless steel surge tank, left-right flow, HMI & main control panel, 480 volt


58472p- Filler Hopper, stainless steel, 22" x 20" x 20" guides product down to 4 openings, each 1.5" diameter, emptying into shuttle cavities 1" deep, 2.5 x 5.5" cylinder drive the shuttle to release contents simultaneously, 5" centers, hopper has high & low level sensors (Truck) for automatic loading, last run on granola, shuttle depth can be adjusted


70144p- Filling Equipment Company, Inline Semi Automatic Liquid Filler, 8' long polished stainless steel dead plate conveyor with dual manually adjustable container guide rails, painted steel cabinet style base with positive displacement gear pump, piped to stainless steel fill nozzle manifold with by pass, pump driven by 1 HP motor, 115/230/single phase voltage (wired for 115 service), variable speed pulley, 48" wide fill nozzle mounting bar (46" working length), air operated travel, fill manifold accommodates 12 fill nozzles, external pump valve, pneumatic nozzle bar movement control, pump on/off switch & manual, speed control


57040p- First Machinery Corp, 6 valve Inline Vacuum Filler, semi automatic, 8' long x 3" wide dead plate conveyor with adjustable guide rails, 36" wide nozzle rack, 30" x 16" x 15" deep product tank


79445p- FMC, 10 Pocket Rotary Hand Pack Filler, set for 603 x 700 can size, with rotary disk infeed, disk discharge, stainless steel contact, with 1 HP


59403p- FMC, 18 valve Liquid Can Filler model Econovac, syruper, 211 diameter, stainless steel contact parts, with vacuum pump


59401p- FMC, 24 valve Liquid Can Filler, 404 diameter, seamer drive, star infeed


63475p- FMC, 36 valve Can Filler model 360, counter clockwise rotation, last used/currently set for 404x700 cans, 1.75" diameter valves, complete with 3.25" wide x 5' long table top chain infeed conveyor with worm to star infeed, 66" diameter x 15" deep filler bowl, drive sprocket for seamer drive setup, all stainless steel product contacts, only issue is "backlash" in the drive gear train, this may be able to be remedied by adjusting the gears, 4 1/4" diameter x 7" high cans, can be adjusted to lower height


59512- FMC, Hand Pack Can Filler, stainless steel product contact, set at 300 diameter, 26 pockets


77011p- FMC, Pre-Vacuum Can Filler model PVS118, set 401 x 411 can size, stainless steel contact, worm to star infeed, star discharge, inline configuration, counter clockwise rotation, mild steel base, needs valve assembly


66633- FMC, Volumetric Flexi Can Filler model ST24, stainless steel contact, 2.25" ID pockets 12" long, SEW gear head motor drive, on stainless steel base, rated at up to 300 CPM, has no can/no fill


63377p- FMC, Volumetric Hank Pack Filler, 10 pockets, 603 diameter, stainless steel contact, disk infeed & discharge


58478p- GEI, Volume Filler, controlled, stainless steel, 250 volt, 20" diameter hopper infeed, 1" diameter discharge spout, no name plate


42426p- General Scale, Filling Line model 502S, net weight for open top pails, fill 1 to 7 gallon pails at speeds up to 14 containers per minute, fill accuracy of 0.05 pounds, line includes dual head filler, dual scales, lid press (operator places lid on containers manually), pail de-nester (missing pail magazine) accumulation conveyor & controls.


80780- Heat & Control, Rotary Bottle Filler model CF, 230 volt, 8" wide x 12' long thru conveyor with approximate 1/2 HP drive motor


52958p- Holmatic, Filler model DF20, 6" wide container conveyor 9' long, all stainless steel product contact, anti drip fill spouts, cylinders 5.5" diameter x 12.5" long


11433p- Horix, 21 valve Liquid Gravity Filler model HBSG21DA, sanitary glass jar or can, steam heated 316 stainless steel bowl, right hand feed, vacuum vent clean out, will fill 202-211 diameter containers, 4.5" centers, speed up to 200 CPM, requires 1 HP drive


11435p- Horix, 30 valve Rotary Gravity Filler model 900SG60LH, for wide mouth glass jars or cans, stainless steel contact surfaces, epoxy coated base, clockwise rotation, 9.5" valve centers, 100 PSI steam jacketed bowl, star wheel infeed, tangential type discharge, 2" lift, equipped with 1" ID valves for filling thick & chunky products, last running 45 ounce glass at 550 CPM


73144p- Horix, 40 valve Rotary Gravity Filler model HF-S-40-DA, stainless steel contact, set for 300 x 407 can size, mild steel base, missing infeed conveyor, no drive, can run 202 x 404 with change parts, no change parts included.


58137p- Horix, 44 valve Liquid Gravity Filler model HFV44, 44 fill heads 4.5" centers with 5/8" fill tubes, currently filler set for 1 liter round bottles, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


48746p- Horix, 44 valve Liquid Gravity Filler model HFV44, 44 fill heads on 4.5" centers with 5/8" fill tubes, currently set for 750mm round bottles, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


11437p- Horix, 60 valve Rotary Filler model 900SG60, liquid gravity, for wide mouth glass jars, fill up to 1000 CPM, all stainless steel product contact surfaces, epoxy coated base, counter clockwise rotation, 4.75" valve centers, 100 PSI steam jacketed product bowl, star wheel infeed, tangential type discharge, 2" lift, equipped with 1" ID valves for filling thick & chunky products, was filling 16 to 32 ounce chunky salsa


58135p- Horix, 9 valve Liquid Gravity Filler, 10" center between valves, currently set for filling 1 gallon jars, lid to tank is a split 2 piece dome top, belt driven but has no motor at this time, surface rust but gear are in good shape & turns freely, will only take a little work to put into operation


81024- Inline Gear Pump Liquid Filler, with 96" long x 3" wide conveyor & gating system, programmable controls, (4) 8mm diameter nozzles & (4) 12mm diameter nozzles, comes with 2 dive control cams, last doing Nutraceutical products


80781- Inline Slotted Can Filler, set for 401 x 411 can size, cannery made, 18" wide x 80" long Intralox can single file belt, 12" wide x 12' long rubber belt product feed conveyor, 9' long stainless steel filler trough, timing worm infeed 53" long, all stainless steel construction


25483p- Iwka, Twin Tube High Speed Rotary Tube Filler model TU200D, 10 station, up to 140 cases per minute, last filling toothpaste in pump type dispenser, fills stand up tube toothpaste, flat bottom with pump top, 8 x 8 x 8, 4000 pounds.


78767p- JG Machine Works, 20 head Rotary Pressure Gravity Filler, all stainless steel, 20-3/8" diameter pressure gravity fill nozzles with manually adjustable nozzle depth via threaded collars & cam operated valve designed to close nozzle to release pressure prior to lifting nozzle out of bottle, nozzles set on 7" center, top product feed with tri clamp connection, bottom mounted 25 gallon total capacity overflow tank 18" wide x 39" long x 9" deep with cover & service port, filler enclosed with wire mesh filled acrylic panels with 2 opposed hinged sides, both with safety interlocks, explosion proof variable speed top drive, timing screw to star wheel infeed & discharge, 10' long stainless steel conveyor bed for 4" wide table top chain, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


82861p- Kalix Dupuy, Fully Automatic Tube Filler model KX100B, Kalix "Floor Feeder" bulk tube feeding system integrated to filler, 16 station x 620mm intermittent motion table, rated for 60 to 80 plastic tubes per minute & 80 to 100 metal or laminated tubes/minute, no drip nozzle & 14mm piston for 4 to 15ml, tube pneumatic cleaning station with vacuum dust removal, facilities for cap tightening station, 70 liter product hopper, 3 hot jaw sealing stations with independent Omron digital temperature controls on all both sides of sealing jaws at each station, coding & trimming stations, accepts 5 to 50mm diameter tubes & 60 to 220mm length, 316L stainless steel contact parts, full acrylic enclosure around tube filler with hinged doors & safety interlocks preventing open operation, factory control panel, wired for 220/3 phase service, mounted on casters with floor leveling jacks, formerly running 23 ounce/6.5ml/6.5gr tubes in branded pharmaceutical service


81570p- Kalix Dupuy, Rotary Indexing Liquid Filler model KX-Mascara, 24 stations with removable pucks for oval container formerly running cosmetic product, post mounted Moyno pump style filling head by Image Fillers, nozzle 1.5 HP 230/460/3/1140 RPM/60 TEFC drive motor variable speed production, 1.1kw vari speed table 208/230/460/3 drive, approximate 15 gallon hopper tank, overall 6' long x 3' wide x 8' high, 3.25" centers on puck holders, currently elliptical holder 2" x 1.5", portable on casters


81023- King Technofill, Inline Gear Pump Liquid Filler, 8 head, 220 volt 3 phase 60 hertz plus air, 5 sets of positive displacement fitting nozzles, 3/4" diameter, 5/8" diameter, 3/8" diameter, 1/2" diameter, 5/16" diameter, comes with 3 sets of filling pumps, 10 liter, 1.5 liter, 7 liter, all sets of pumps have 2" sanitary connections


81681- Klockner Bartelt, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Unit model Packager, previously filling sample cosmetic creams, with feed pump & agitated food hopper


76945p- Laub Hunt, Vari Viscous Filler model RPK24-12, stainless steel construction, 12-5/8" diameter, spouts, bottom up fill, 6-3/8" center to center on fill spouts


80784- Logical Machines, Single Bucket Scale Filler, 24" x 24" x 20" deep stainless steel product feed hopper to 6" wide Syntron feed shaker


59187p- M&O Perry, Powder Filler model E1200, stainless steel contact surfaces, inline slat conveyor, 8 station rotary head, 208 volt


81688- MAR, Monoblock Rotary Filler Capper, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 24 station filling head, integrated 10 station rotary chuck capper with slat conveyor, mounted on stainless steel base with control panel, 208 volt


66696p- Mateer Burt, Auger Filler model 31A969, stainless steel contacts, 2 cubic foot stainless steel hopper with internal agitator, 1.5 HP electric motor drive at 365 RPM, all mounted on adjustable height bench stand, previously used to fill toner


68087p- Mateer Burt, Auger Filler model 31A969, stainless steel contacts, 2 cubic foot stainless steel hopper with internal agitator, 1.5 HP electric motor drive at 365 RPM, Toledo model 3185 platform scale for accurate filling, controls, all mounted on adjustable height bench stand, previously used to fill toner


82277p- Mateer Burt, Auger/Powder Filler model 31-F, single head, stainless steel, agitated hopper with auger fill, hopper agitation driven by 1/3 HP 1160 RPM 208-230/460 volt motor thru V belt & clutch, previously used at bakery operation, includes post to mount onto frame, less hopper, agitator assembly & auger


77398p- Mateer Burt, Single Head Auger Filler model 909, all stainless steel contacts, hopper 21" diameter x 20" deep leading to 1.5" discharge, with NB series 9 control box with digital readout & foot actuator, driven by 1.5 HP 230/460 volt, 3/60 hertz, 1140 RPM Baldor motor, mounted on mild steel frame with casters


57904p- Mateer, Auger Filler model 31A, digi-counter, 1/3 HP 230/440 volt slow speed agitator drive, 1 HP 230/460 volt auger drive, stainless steel product contact, liquid filling head with cut-off valve, needs work on the exterior wiring


66007p- Mateer, Auger Filler model 31A, post mounted, all stainless steel sanitary wetted parts, dust tight 16 gallon hopper with Robert Shaw level sensor, 7" diameter loading port & internal hopper agitator, 2" diameter auger with free flow tooling with Mateer dust hood Digacount revolution control, pneumatic clutch, electronic scale by Pennsylvania scale designed to interface with filler, can be flush mounted into buyers work surface or table, formerly used in household products


57528p- Mateer, Auger/Powder Filler model 31A, stainless steel cone shaped hopper with internal agitator, filling auger, 1.75" diameter outlet with 2" diameter spinner plate, internal agitator driven by 1 HP, 1200 RPM 3/60/220/440 volt motor, auger driven by .5 HP motor thru gearbox


64580p- Mateer, Controlled Volume Filler model CVF (50-S), twin impeller filling system in stainless steel housing with large 16 gallon hopper, pumped products are metered via counted rotation of twin impellers, solids up to 7/8" can be handled, 1 HP variable speed drive with pneumatic clutch, Teflon impellers, painted cast base with post mounting for semi automatic filling (best for sauces, chocolate etc.)


74744p- Meyer, Bulk Tote Fill Station model EDF-48-2448-3HDS, station includes 24" wide x 48" long stainless steel vibratory feeder with 3 vibratory mechanisms, rated 115 volt, complete with hydraulically operated lift for totes to be raised to filling station, driven by 2 HP hydraulic power pack, offered with Meyer model VBD-1-4848 densifier with OLI model MVE4620/8 vibratory mechanism, driven by 3 HP 900 RPM motor, stations are unused & in excellent condition


80949p- MRM Packaging Machinery, 8 station Rotary Pressure Gravity Filler, (8) .750" diameter x 4.5" long pressure gravity filling nozzles on 12.500 centers, up to 18 GPM, can run up to 100 per minute under 8 ounce bottles, filler originally 16 head with every other removed for gallon filling, all contact 304 stainless steel, center product feed 1.5" inlet tri clamp connection, 208-230/460/3 phase, top mounted 1/3 HP belt driving gear reducer, variable speed pulley, last running F style containers, 20" x 30" x 10" deep under filler mounted product overflow tank with cover & float switch, heads 7.250" centers as 16 station machine


11442p- MRM, Rotary Vacuum Filler, 16 fill tubes, star wheel infeed/outfeed, 9/16" stainless steel fill tubes on 6" centers, will set to size, for glass containers, last running 1.5 liter bottles, 1 HP 460 vac 3 phase, no change parts


72740- MRM, Volumetric Liquid Filler, 12 head rotary, fully enclosed, conveyor


11443p- Nalbach, Rotary Volumetric Filler model 32RC, high speed, for free flowing powder/granular products, bottom up fill; +/-0.5% fill accuracy for a constant density product, totally enclosed dust hood with Nalbach 16RC seamer


11444p- Nalbach, Rotary Volumetric Filler model 48RC, high speed, for free flowing powder/granular products, fills plastic, tin or composite containers, bottom up filling type, 0.5% fill accuracy for a constant density product, totally enclosed dust hood, no container no fill, currently set at 207 diameter composite can, will do height range from 5-3/4" to 8-5/16" tall includes Nalbach model 8RC seamer


64581p- National Instruments, Filmatic Bottom Up Fill Attachment model FSB2, 0-7" long bottom up stroke, designed to operate with Filmatic filler models AB, AB5, DAB, DAB5 & DAB6, equipped with FS1 foot switch, accepts 2 nozzles, 115 volt with cord & plug, table top design


76623p- Noah, Auger Filler model CF-5B, semi automatic, stainless steel hopper 19" diameter x 18" deep, 1.5" diameter stainless steel auger with 2" discharge, with control box, driven by 110 volt single phase/60 hertz motor, mounted on stainless steel platform, previously used in pharmaceutical application


51452p- Nu-Way, 5 Station Filler model 25, stainless steel contact parts, unit includes 12" wide roller conveyor at inlet, pneumatic & electrically actuated


81671- Oden, Filler model PF-5K (Powerfill 5000), consisting of .5" Waukesha rotary pump, size 15, stainless steel construction, with Powerfill controls


81670- Oden, Filler model PF-5K (Powerfill 5000), consisting of .5" Waukesha rotary pump, size 15, stainless steel construction, with Powerfill controls


66695p- Oden, Pro/Fil 1000 Pressure Filler, unit stainless steel, fills from .5ml to 5 liter at flow rates to 3 GPM, digital display, controls, air operated 80 PSI, foot pedal, cycle timer, 115 volt, 3/8" in/out, on rolling cart


81121p- Oden, Twin "Pro Fill" Volumetric Filler model 1000, table top design, twin pump filling units feeding separate fill nozzles mounted on common base, fillers feature variable speed, volume & cycle time, continuous, single & automatic operating modes, pumps dismantle with no tools & are autoclavable, filling station has twin pneumatically no drip filling nozzles & .500" ID filling tip, mounted on heavy base plate with manually adjustable post mountings for each nozzle, foot pedal activated, all stainless steel food grade contact surfaces, not designed for hazardous locations, includes 2 complete spare fill nozzles with .250" tip ID, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


73110p- Oden, Volumetric Pump Filler model PRO/FIL 3000, single station, positive displacement, all stainless steel construction with polished pharmaceutical grade finish, 316 stainless steel wetted parts, utilizing single gear pump with operator controlled revolution counting for unlimited fill volume, 1/2" inlet & outlet to pump with tri clamp food grade connections, air operated no drip fill nozzle (nozzle tip required), 110 single phase voltage, single impulse & continuous filling features, factory controls operate pump speed, pump volume (revolution counting) & delay in positive shut off valve, table top design, formerly used for cosmetics


81123p- Ohlson, Twin Station Weigh Filler model 2M2, custom built, stainless steel food grade contact surfaces, 18" x 16" x 14" deep pan feed hopper, manually adjustable flow gates feeding twin 6" wide x 14" long primary vibratory feed pans with (30) 4" flared sidewalls feeding twin discharge vibrators with air operated flow control gates & dribble lane, all pan feeder are Syntron model F-T01, twin alternating drop weigh buckets 9" x 9" x 7" working depth with air operated full width door discharge into central hopper with vibrator mount at 36" discharge height, mounted in all stainless steel frame with threaded floor leveling feet, 82" hopper brim height, all vibrators & hoppers on vibration isolation mounts, control panel with Control Technologies model 2600 PLC & Ohlson touch sensitive foot pedal cycle operation, 120 volt single phase, 48" x 60" foot print, formerly used in food manufacturing


71387p- Overflow Briner/Laminar Flow Filler, stainless steel, 10' long conveyor body with drive sprockets for 4" wide perforated plastic interlocking chain type belt (Intralox type) leading to 67" long over flow section, 32" conveyor working height on adjustable feet, full length 1/16" perforated (mesh) screen over container fill section, adjustable for up to 8" high containers, over flow weir head tank 67" long x 10" wide x 9" deep with full length pipe infeed for even dispersion, beneath conveyor is bottom over flow catch & circulation tank 72" long x 15" wide x 26" deep thru conveyor complete with fixed speed drive, configured to be the drive end of a longer line, does not have idler end sprockets, no feed or circulating pump


73748p- P-1, Single Head Auger Filler model DP-1, ideal for dosing quantities from a few milligrams to 10 grams, bench mounted, semi automatic, all stainless steel contact parts, suitable for all powder substances to fine grain form, 220 volt


81329p- Per-Fil, Auger Filler model MR-1X Micro Recharger, stainless steel, table top, designed to fill toner from attached bags into cartridges & containers, previously used in recycling operation


72195p- Per-Fil, Auger Filler model PF11, all stainless steel construction with polished pharmaceutical grade finish, job #A0132, dust tight agitated hopper with dual agitation blades, 6" feed inlet, sonic level sensor, factory controls with Mitushbi PLC & touch screen operator panel, set up for semi automatic operation from foot pedal, mounted on portable wide frame base with aluminum post mount, variable speed operation via AC tech frequency controller, wired for 220/3 phase service, 1.5 HP auger drive with electric clutch brake, .5 HP agitator drive, 1.5" auger for non-free flowing materials, product work table on adjustable mounting, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


66834p- Per-Fil, Auger Filler model PF11, all stainless steel, automatic or semi automatic operation, stainless steel hopper, single auger filling with agitated hopper, 230/3 phase/60 cycle voltage, capable of filling powders, granules, pastes, frozen & processed foods, speeds 30-75 fills per minute, bottles, jars or boxes, +1/-1% or better, conveyor can be added for fully automatic container filling, post mounted with 4 footed factory floor base, 1 set of standard tooling


68840p- Per-Fil, Piston Filler/Depositor, stainless steel, deposit head with (2) 3" x 3" spot deposits, pneumatically actuated, agitated hopper 21" diameter x 14" high with sweep agitation & 2 blade paddle agitator on center shaft with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive, Specken Drumage control panel & pneumatic drive, 3/60/480 volt motor, last used in food plant, has 3" x 3" opening discharge.


66004p- Perl Machinery, Inline Pressure Gravity Filler, 6 station, all stainless steel frame, portable with 18' long x 4" wide Delrin table top chain conveyor with 3/4 HP, 115 volt AC drive with gear reducer, equipped with (6) 7/8" diameter pressure gravity style filling nozzles, pneumatic gating system for automatic operation, original factory controls (115 volt/single phase), last used for dental products


42802p- Perry Industries, Monoblock Pressure Filler model TPLFSU, last running 15ml & 30ml eye drop containers, 4 station inline Accofil, run with a Calumatic capper model MTP6 serial #226500, capper is 1987 vintage 230 volt 60 cycle 3 phase, 6 spindle, set to run 15mm screw closures, equipped with a fitment applicator


80783- Pfaudler, 9 valve Rotary Gravity Filler, set for 401 x 411 can size, stainless steel contact, 1/2 HP gear drive motor, last used for juice


65636p- PIAB, Volumetric Filler, filling section 8" diameter x 16" high with 5" diameter outlet & 2" feed inlet, small vacuum pump, unitized on frame with casters


60218p- Rheon, Encrusting Machine model KN110, wide variety of food materials, from prepared to confectionary, unit produces spherical shaped, capable of other shapes, range up to 150 G per piece, dual filling feeders, encrusts 1 product inside another, such as coconut inside of chocolate, or cheese, meat or vegetable inside of dough, wired for 220 volt 3 phase 4.6 amp, formerly used in food ingredient test lab, no accessories included


79214- Rheon, Encrustor model KN-135.


82999p- Rheon, Encrustor model KN400, Cornucopia, stainless steel contact parts, designed for molding, continuous cylindrical extrusion, bar shape molding, can produce foods including bread, cookies, dumplings, sausage, hamburgers, croquettes & meatballs, rated for product weight 10-25 grams, adjustable speed range 20-60 RPM, 2 hoppers for inner & outer material, flow controller, compound nozzle & flour less encrusted, driven by 3 phase 220 volt 2kw 60 hertz motor, feed belt 5" wide


60312p- Rotary 12 head Vacuum Filler, all stainless steel, 3/16" diameter filling nozzles on 8.25" centers, star wheel infeed & discharge, designed to be gang fed from existing conveyor, main drive by Lesson .75 HP & UL rated for hazardous locations, coupled to pneumatically operated clutch allowing for filler to be stopped/started as container flow dictates, all stainless steel bottom mounted tank 26" x 48" x 12" deep, vacuum jar, formerly used in cosmetics


59405p- Rustco, Liquid Can Filler, 18 valve, 401 diameter, stainless steel, includes base & support structure.


72172- Rutherford, Inline Filler model SL, maximum operation temperature 206 degree F, maximum air pressure 30 PSI.


43463p- Scoma/Zalkin, Monoblock Filling & Capping System model E79, 16 head Scoma rotary filler, stainless steel contacts, motor drives & electrical, filling valves on 5" centers, Zalkin capper 6 head model CA-5 (S/N 13353), previously capping 38mm screw caps with safety seals, motor drives & electrical, capable of running 0.5 liter & 1.5 liter bottles


54035p-New Semi Automatic Net Weigher/Bulk & Dribble Filler model S4, designed to fill dry free flowing particulate type product into a variety of containers, manufacturer rated for a weight range of .01 to 10 pounds per fill, has a programmable "Bulk & Dribble" control system integrated with weight cell/scale system, product is fed to the filler via 24" square x 20" deep hopper with 68" infeed height & sliding gate discharge, hopper feeds vibrating even feed pan that discharges to the weigh cell, 8" wide x 4" long x 8.5" deep weigh cell has pneumatic cylinder operated bottom trap door that drops product when the pre-set weight is achieved, thru discharge funnel, then closes so the next cycle can begin immediately,  discharge funnel tapers to 2.25" diameter opening at 33" discharge height, all product contacts food grade stainless steel, machine rests on tubular painted steel support stand/frame, electrical requirement 110 volt single phase & 20 PSI compressed air, 1 year manufacturer warranty included


35028p- Simplex, 8 valve Inline Pressure type Filler model 480A, with vacuum de-foaming capabilities, pneumatically actuated & adjusted for valve lift, complete with stainless steel contact parts, stainless steel feed pump, vacuum pump for de-foaming & flow control pneumatic logic controller, complete with 8 filling heads (1 damaged), 230/460 volt, 150 PSI maximum, diameter of the valve 9/16" (14.28mm)


81689- Speedee, Digitronic Servo Filler model 2000, stainless steel construction, Servo driven on stand


78251p- Tonazzi, Tube Filler/Seal & Trim Machine model Colibri 40, rated for approximately 35 tubes per minute, capable of fill sizes ranging between 0.1 fluid ounce to 8.50 fluid ounces, rebuilt heated hopper with mixer & proximity switch level control, auto eye eject mechanism, last filling 8 ounce tubes of cosmetic supplies


58130p- US Bottlers, Liquid Vacuum Filler model NC24, no data tag found, (24) 5/8" valves on 7" centers, equipped with 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.75 centrifugal feed pump, driven by 1 HP 3450 RPM 3 phase motor, glass overflow housing unit 6" diameter x 45.5" long, housing unit has 1" sanitary threaded connection, 1.5" tri clamp connection, drive motor is 3 HP, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


78252p- Weighpack, Vibratory Weigh Filler model B1 MS, includes scale with capacity of 5 pounds, previously used in snack food operation


75003p- Yu Haw, Powder Filling Rotary Filler model P206R, with 6 stations, vacuum system to fill loose powder & suitable for different bottle neck sizes, 220 volt single phase with cam table for production, bottle checking sensor, with capacity of 15-30 pieces/minute


80785- Zacmi, 48 Pocket Volumetric Rotary Filler model 0233-T-048, set for 300 x 407 can size, 80" diameter bowl, all stainless steel construction, timing worm infeed, safety cage, stainless steel control panel, drive motor, capable of running 211 x 401 diameter cans, was running 600-650 CPM



Commercial Fillers for sanitary food processing.

Schier Company Inc. has an abundance of fillers available for sale. Whether it is a food application, liquid or dry product, pharmaceutical or chemical. We have fillers that will fit in your production line.

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