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81830- Aesus, Heat Shrink Tunnel model Hybrid 48" Dual, 4' long, steam heated, 220 volt, steam generator, 2 top mounted fans, stainless steel control panel, for heat shrink label application, table top feed conveyor, 4" wide x 12' long, new heating elements


58005p- Aline, Bundler Wrapper model 24ASB10, with heat tunnel model 24ASB10, S/N 1003-T, semi-automatic rated at 12 per minute


71433- Alpha Pack Enterprise, Shrink Tunnel Wrapper model AP-1080844,570, 2006 Alpha Pack Enterprise shrink tunnel & Ital Dibipack Espert shrink wrapper sold as package, shrink wrapper 6" x 15" opening & 1 pallet of shrink film


47328p- Ameripak, High Speed Shrink Wrapper model S2500, missing infeed conveyor, 230 vac, single phase power required


70943p- APV Anderson Brothers Mfg., Shrink Tunnel model 486-1, polished pharmaceutical grade finish, 6' long conveyor with 23" wide belt (up to 28" may be installed), tunnel opening 32" wide x 16" high x 48" long, internal circulating fan with manual air flow damper control & 1 HP blower, variable speed conveyor drive via adjustable speed pulley, belt cooling fan mounted under tunnel within from 1/4 HP fan at 850 RPM, factory controls include analog temperature gauge, stop/start, heat/cool down/blower fail indicator lights, tunnel heat system uses (6) 3000 watt heaters, operates on 460/3 phase voltage, formerly used in sanitary packaging


81849p- APV Anderson, Tray Shrink Wrapper Bundler model 464-2, bar flight infeed, 3 sealing bars & static elimination bars (top & bottom), Anderson APV heat shrink tunnel model 480-4, 6' 6" long including underside cooling fan, integrated system rated for up to 28 trays per minute, trays/packages/bundles up to 24" wide x 15" long x 12" high, painted steel tubular frame construction & exterior shrouding, operator controls 230 volt 3 phase electrical input


63463p- APV Anderson, Tray Wrapper & Heat Shrink Tunnel model 4804, for polyethylene film shrink wrapping, ideal for trays of cans, jars, or bottles into bulls eye bundles small openings at each (long) end, manufacturer rated for up to 28 cycles per minute, on packages/bundles up to 24" wide x 15" long x 12" high, wrapper has bar flight infeed, with 3 sealing bar configuration with static eliminator bars (top & bottom), heat tunnel is 6' 6" long includes underside cooling fan, painted steel tubular frame construction & exterior shrouding, complete with operator controls, 230 volt 3 phase electrical input


47116p- APV Anderson, Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel, tunnel opening 3' wide x 19.5" high, 28" wide x 100" long belt, used to wrap trays of cake frosting, 12 containers per tray


79175p- Arpac, Bundler model 108-20, right angle infeed with pusher assembly, hot knife seal bar, adjustable speed Reeves drive conveyor system, package cooling fan mounted at discharge of shrink tunnel, compact single frame construction, power driven pinch roller film feed, frame mounted casters, dual roll film holders, 20" maximum seal width, 16" long x 9" wide x 10" high maximum carton clearance, 5' long x 22" wide x 14" high tunnel chamber, 480 volt AC 3 phase 34 amp required, 80 PSI minimum at 5 CFM air pressure requirements, machine dimensions 14' long x 7' 4" wide (infeed) x 6' 8" high


76435p- Arpac, Plastic Film Overwrap Bundler, stainless steel conveyorized heat shrink wrap tunnel, overall 14' 6" long x 5' wide x 7' high, tunnel opening 23" wide x 16" high.


50861p- Automated Packaging, Shrink Bundler & Tunnel model APB2700SXT, right hand, 460 volt 45 amp, capable of 20 packages per minute depending on the product size, maximum product width 22", maximum height 13", maximum height & width cannot be used at the same time, originally made with custom right angle indexing conveyor & pusher for wrapping pots & pans.


81355- Barry Wehmiller, Tray Shrink Bundler model SA-27, 12" wide table top side infeed conveyor, stainless steel construction, 27" wide conveyor thru heat tunnel, 12" high tunnel clearance, control panel with Allen Bradley SLC 500 controller, rated 20 tray/minute


81145p- Belco, Shrink Tunnel model ST1608, 16" wide x 10" high x 6' long tunnel, 9' long rolling dowel conveyor with DC variable speed motor & gear reducer, operates on 240 volt 3 phase 50/60 cycle 60 amp, overall 63" high x 30" high x 9' long, mounted on 4 threaded adjustable floor leveling legs, 2 zone heating with individual digital temperature controls for infeed & out fall zones, manually operated air damper controls for each zone, conveyor speed control mounted at operator control station


68526p- Beseler, Shrink Tunnel model Besetronic T20-9, 20" wide x 12" high x 50" long tunnel opening, temperature range to 500 degree F, power & heat on indicators, 18.5" wide x 76" long poly mesh belt with variable speed drive, 220/single phase voltage, 60 amp, built in circuit breaker, painted steel exterior & mounted on casters


57583p- Beseler, Shrink Tunnel model T-1512, heavily insulated for energy efficiency & cool exterior, adjustable air velocity control, high velocity heated air to all 4 sides of product, double layered curtains for added energy efficiency, Teflon coated open mesh conveyor belt, adjustable speed conveyor drive (DC motor control), adjustable height leg extensions with locking casters, 12" high x 15" wide x 52" long chamber, conveyor speed variable 0-200' per minute, 79" conveyor length, 220 volt/3 phase/30 amp, 9000 (9kw) heat wattage, 79" long x 27" wide x 52" tall machine dimensions, 700 pound weight


66755p- Bestronic, Min-E Shrink Tunnel model T148V, 12" wide x 9" tall x 32" long opening


60183p- BFB, Heat Shrink Tunnel model M32N, stainless steel 19" wide x 60" long mesh belt conveyor, 9" high x 22" wide tunnel opening, adjustable manual damper, internal circulating fan, discharge cooling fan 32" long tunnel, factory control panel with digital temperature control, emergency stop, painted steel construction & mounted on 4 adjustable legs, overall dimensions 54" long x 40" wide x 72" high, former use unknown


60162p- Cavalla, Lipstick Flame Tunnel, 3" x 6' steel mesh conveyor, insulated stainless steel hood with vent & opposing side inspection windows in slide in fixtures, variable speed conveyor drive with DC controller, 5 flaming stations on universal adjustable mounts, piped for natural gas & air with flow controls at each station, all gases flow thru stainless steel mesh hoses, features conveyor guide rails, stainless steel body & mounted on painted steel frame


66760p- Chase Industries, Heat Shrink Tunnel, carbon steel, 1/4 HP 240 volt single phase motor for conveyor, roller conveyor 1/2" diameter rollers, 18" wide x 50" long, 40" long x 23" wide x 9" tall heating area


66750p- Creative Package Machinery Inc., Heat Shrink Tunnel model 3224, 30" wide x 70" long conveyor, 2' tall heat chamber, temperature control & conveyor speed control, 220 volt 3 phase


82521- Cryovac, Bag Loader model 81551-1, all stainless steel taped


82520- Cryovac, Bag Loader model 8189, all stainless steel taped


60188p- Culbro Machine Systems, Fully Automatic Tamper Evident Neck Bander model TAMP R ALERT, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction, designed to roll up to existing conveyor, index containers & place cut neck bands on bottles, dual timing screws allows indexing of off center neck or oval bottles, overall dimensions 60" x 60" x 60", formerly used in pharmaceutical packaging


34651p- Culbro, Tamper Evident Sleeve Applicator & Heat Tunnel, previously used on 16 ounce cottage cheese containers


28143- Custom Built Shrink or Wash Tunnel, all stainless steel, opening 6" wide x 3.5" high with 6" wide stainless steel rod, main section 56" long x 11" overall width, conveyor 9' long x 44" high with adjustable legs, conveyor drive, stainless steel circulation pump & steam inlet assembly.


60203p- Damark, Shrink Tunnel model STR16, 14" wide x 6" high working tunnel opening x 24" long, live roller conveyor with 5/8" diameter Polymer cover rollers on 1.5" centers x 14" wide x 32" long with variable speed drive, Omron digital temperature controller (tunnel tested to 190 degree C), heating & power indicator lights, main circuit breaker, painted steel construction, manually operated tunnel height adjustment moves conveyor from 32" to 37" floor height, 1/15 HP conveyor drive motor, 220 volt single phase, 3 wire 16 amp 60 hertz, mounted on casters with 4 interconnected legs


73804p- Danmark, Shrink Tunnel model STR22A, heating area 20" wide x 48" long x 12" high, wire rod belt conveyor running thru heating chamber, driven by 1/8 HP motor, rated for 220/110 volt 60 hertz, complete with controls for conveyor speed & digital readout for temperature


60189p- Douglas Machine, Shrink Overwrapper model MW7HB424, twin lane semiautomatic, variable speed to 80 PPM from 2 lane delivery, dual tray placing stations feed bottom & loading area in between stations, single roll of film automatically cut to correct width & length, conveyed by vacuum belts to wrapping mechanism which wraps wand & seals at overlap under package transferring to shrink tunnel, accepts printed film on 3" core to 20" diameter, machine finished in powder coated gray epoxy, clear Lexan guards with safety interlocks, central lubrication bank, all drives by Reliance, 480/3 phase 60 hertz voltage, Nema 12 rating, Allen Bradley 5555 control Ligix processor with Panelview 600 touch only display, 4' hot belt & shrink tunnel, formerly wrapping cleaning products in 2 piece clamp shell, overall dimensions 8' 4" wide x 38' long x 6' 8" high, shipped skidded in multiple pieces


79172p- Eastey, Shrink Tunnel model ET1610-36, heavy duty construction with all welded steel base, 4 directional air flow (2 sides, top & bottom) with variable velocity control, lacking casters & adjustable leveling feet, variable speed conveyor with high temperature silicone covered rollers, "LIVE" roller product conveyor, sealed roller bearings on conveyor drive & idler shifts, solid state digital temperature controller, removable air return screen, 3 heater banks (7.5kw total), heater bank on/off switch, chamber dimensions 10" high x 16" wide x 36" long, voltage 220 volt AC single phase 35 amp, machine dimensions 49" long x 24" wide x 64" high, standard speed 15 packages per minute (based on average size packages)


81367p- Enercon, Induction Sealer model LM4481-84, Superseal 100, stainless steel induction sealer on height adjustable stainless steel stand on casters, digital readout, channel type sealer for tall caps, 1.5" wide x 2" tall x 13.5" long channel, waterless unit, new capacitor, inverter & power board


83040p- Fuji Seal, Intersleeve Sleeve Applicator & Shrink Tunnel, up to 230 bottles per minute, bottle size 250-1000ml, 1100mm infeed/outfeed height bottles, with film guider, sleeve application with positioner, ionization unit, sleeve inspection with rejection unit & shrink steam tunnel, outfeed conveyor, 3x tooling units for different bottle formats, Siemens S7 PLC main control panel, instruction & spare parts manuals & electric scheme available, 12kw 380 volt 50 hertz.


76740- Great Lakes (Arpac), Shrink Wrapper model TSI-26, automatic intermittent motion side seal wrappers, continuous side sealer, operating on demand, for use in short or extended production runs to wrap packages of infinite length, up to 10" high x 20" wide, wraps up to 40 packages per minute, center folded polyolefin, PVC or polyethylene, hot wire trim, single phase/60/120 volt, machine foot print 72" long x 60" wide x 64" tall


19352p- Great Lakes, Heat Tunnel model MS163060, tunnel opening 30" wide x 15" high, 480 volt, 7' long x 53" wide x 82' high, estimated weight 2200 pounds


49374p- Great Lakes, Shrink Film Wrap System model HVS31FS387/5002, package includes shrink tunnel & bundler, shrink tunnel has Barber-Colman series 10 tunnel temperature control with pass thru 30" wide x 15.5" high, US Motors 3/4 HP motor, draws 25 amps, tunnel 88 long x 52 wide x 75 high, bundler has Barber-Colman series 10 ribbon temperature control, US Motors 3 HP motor & draws 7 amps, bundler 72 long x 72 wide x 69 high, 460/3/60.


57587p- Heat Seal, Shrink Tunnel model HDT2822/12LDR, high volume single chamber design with variable air velocity control, 9000 watt heating element, unique pre-shrink feature allows for 25% more bottom shrink, quick change live/dead roller feature, 1.5" roller spacing with 5/8" diameter silicone covered rollers, 11" high x 22" wide x 28" long interior chamber dimensions, 0-100' per minute conveyor speed, 230 volt AC/single phase/42 amp, 54" long x 38" wide x 68" high machine dimensions, 1000 pounds


81356- Heat Seal, Shrink Tunnel model HDT-6022/8-LDR, 230 volt, 24" wide roller conveyor x 81" long, control panel


82242- Heat Shrink Tunnel, 60" long x 6" wide heated area, manual height adjustment, with controls, 1 HP 220/380 volt blower


53659- Hot Air Shrink Tunnel, electrically heated, with 22" wide flat wire belt, 24" wide x 12" high conveyor opening, 48" long x 38" wide x 58" high overall dimensions


53660- Hot Air Shrink Tunnel, electrically heated, with 23.75" wide flat wire belt, 25" wide x 13" high opening, 42" long x 40" wide x 46" high overall dimensions


67267p- Klockner, Thermoforming Blister Machine model EAS, rated 15-90 cycles/minute, 100mm maximum row width, 400mm maximum diameter, 250mm maximum lid diameter, 52mm maximum index, with Klockner Medipak chiller


80940p- Latter Packaging Equipment, Heat Shrink Tunnel model 13-6, start/stop controls, temperature range 200-250 degree F, 120 volt, 10" x 27" plastic mesh conveyor


66754p- M Latter, Shrink Tunnel model 146, 15" wide x 6" tall x 10" long heat chamber


66018p- Mini Pack, Semi Automatic L Sealer/Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine model FM76SCA, 16" x 22" sealing bar & shrink hood combination, 208/3 phase, 4400 watts, mounted in factory stand with 4 threaded leveling feet between stand & sealing unit, sliding film cradle & loading station, stainless steel mesh discharge conveyor with variable speed control, factory controls include E stop, start button, auto/manual control, variable seal temperature, shrink chamber fan speed, variable conveyor speed & shrink chamber time, mounted on casters, tested & all functions are good except raising & lowering motor for shrink chamber (requires replacement)


60190p- Multi Pack, Stretch or Shrink Bander model F40, product collating, for bundles or single products, 30" long side belt infeed conveyor with 90 degree rotating function, elevating table to collate product stacks, rated up to 30 bundles/minute, sizes 30 to 350mm long x 12 to 200mm high x 50 to 300mm wide, designed for polyethylene or stretchable film either for banding or bundling, film rolls operate from upper or lower power unwind reel in 30 to 300mm width x 320mm maximum diameter, factory control panel with hinged see thru enclosure, 208/3 phase voltage, overall dimensions 6.5' long x 42" wide x 6.5' high at 550kg, formerly collating & banding cosmetic cartons


78154- Multipack, Shrink Wrap Machine model F43, rated up to 45 bundles/minute, package size range 30-350mm, 12-200mm, 50-200mm with 2kw 208 volt motor (S/N 97031, Mfg. 1997), Multipack shrink tunnel model Tunnel, approximate 17" wide x 60" long chain link conveyor, 19" high x 31" long tunnel section (S/N 99068, Mfg. 1999)


65681p- Oliver, Self Actuating Tray Lidder model 1708, stainless steel, for use with plastic trays & film, head seal regulator control, temperature 50 degree F to 410 degree F, pressure 80 PSI at 250 degree F, dwell time .1 to 30 seconds, air pressure 100 PSI at 0.5 CFM/minute, 150 PSI maximum, 40 PSI minute, 115 vac, 9 amps, single phase 50/60 hertz, tray capacity to 10" (254mm) x 12" (305mm) x 3.3" (84mm) deep, auto seal/eject, tray lifter/carrier, swing away hot platen, stainless steel stand with casters


71305- Omega, Dual Lane Shrink Bundler model DL27, capable of up to 200 containers per minute, with heat tunnel


76769- Omega, Dual Lane Shrink Bundler model DL27, speeds up to 240 containers/minute, approximate 27" wide seal section, 30" wide x 24" long tunnel, infeed slat conveyor


78157- Omega, Shrink Bundler model DL27, dual lane, approximate 13-37 bundles/minute, machine speed 60-150 containers/minute, package size capabilities 4x3x1, 3x4x1, 3x2x1, 2x3x1, 3x1x1, 1x3x1, maximum product height 11", maximum film width 26", 208/240 volt, right angle infeed, last used on solid dose packaging operation


78158- Omega, Shrink Bundler model DL27, speeds up to 26 bundles/minute or 150 containers/minute, package size capabilities 2x1x3, 6x1x1 & 3x1x1, bundle designation 12 count, 32 count & 60 count, 30" wide x 11" high x 24" long heat tunnel, 480 volt, stainless steel frame


78803p- Pactur S.R.I., Shrink Packaging Machine, "Lady Pack", semi automatic, 18" x 24" sealing bar, 24" wide x 8.5" high shrink tunnel, all in unitized single piece design in T configuration power film feed, touch sensitive control panel, 2 adjustable film perforating wheels, hole burner, adjustable table height at sealing station with conveyor to tunnel, externally painted on casters, wired for 480/3 phase/10 amp/8.4kw/60 hertz voltage, seal bar set at 15" x 22", 72" x 62" x 52" high, used in medical pack


81831- PDC, Heat Shrink Tunnel model RADKRC247278, 6' long stainless steel tunnel for heat shrink label application, 480 volt, 4 top mounted fans, control panel


72739- PDC, Neck Bander model 65-ERL, 240 volt single phase 60 hertz at 30 amps, 1 HP motor, rotary station, Gull logic controls


72736- PDC, Upper Neck Sleever model F-180, 240 amps, 2.0 band diameter, range 2.5" to 6.75" (63mm to 172MM), band height range 1" to 1.625"


59185p- Pester Pewo-Pak, Shrink Wrap Bundler model 450, with shrink tunnel


43002p- Polypak, Bundler model A2060, automatic shrink wrapper bundler, stainless steel construction with infeed conveyor & heat tunnel, 24" wide seal bar, up to 10" maximum height, adjustable temperature controls up to 400 C, rod type conveyor thru shrink tunnel, 440 vac 3 phase power required


70581- Praxair Naturewash, Cooling Tunnel, spray cooler/hydro cooler, belt, 24" wide x 22' long, with air knife, all stainless steel inclined belt.


66752p- Preferred Packaging, Heat Shrink Tunnel model PP180844, 10" tall x 13" wide x 5" long chamber less belt, heat controller, start/stop & conveyor speed controls, tunnel 220 volt 60 cycle 45 amp, single phase, on wheels


60528p- RBS, Heat Shrink Tunnel, 18" wide x 10.5" high, 6' long x 25" wide roller belt running thru 4' long heat tunnel, 24" wide x 22" long passive plastic roller discharge section, currently fitted with removable solid infeed dead plate over first 10" of conveyor with 18" wide side guides, 36" conveyor bed working height, operator controls with high/low temperature settings, wired for 575 volt 3 phase electrical input (Canadian voltage), plastic covers are worn on roller belt


60184p- RLS Enterprises, Lipstick Flaming Tunnel, all stainless steel, 5 flaming stations with auto igniters with fire brick backing opposing flaming station, 3.25" x 90" long conveyor with stainless steel table top chain, infeed star wheel & guides allowing 1" wide travel lane thru tunnel, 52" tunnel length with 6" top vent outlet, 5 heating stations, all heaters & burners are on 3 way adjustable mounts, tunnel has see thru sliding access doors on each side, 120 volt control & 208 volt, 3 phase main power


60191p- RLS Enterprises, Lipstick Flaming Tunnel, polished stainless steel sanitary grade finish, 52" long x 28" hood with 6" top venting outlet enclosing flaming area, 3.25" wide x 10' conveyor bed, formerly using table top chain for lipstick carried in pucks, full control system, 10 flaming stations, gas control cabinet, sliding acrylic doors on opposing sides


81366p- Ross, Cup Sealer model S3180, all stainless steel, room to seal 6 cups at 1 time, 7" diameter cup holders, gas flush capabilities, digital controls, last used in dairy, sealing 4 cups at a time, 2 side panels missing & 1 that does not fasten to side


78807p- Sealed Air, L Sealer/Shrink Tunnel model Opti-Seal 3000, semi automatic, 22" wide x 22" deep L seal bar, 16" wide x 6" high product activated see thru conveyorized shrink tunnel, rated for up to 12 PPM, adjustable work table, adjustable work table, L seal activated take away belt, touch sensitive controls for temperature, shrink time, seal time & belt time, 14" wide gravity roller at discharge, 230 volt single phase 60 cycle 16 amps, 3600 watts, painted steel construction & mounted on casters, formerly used in dental product packaging


54117p- Sergeant, Heat Tunnel model 92416-BC, adjustable speed belt, 220 volt single phase, 14" wide belt x 34" long, 24" long tunnel


64199p- Shanklin HY Velair, Shrink Tunnel model T7P, 22" wide x 9" tall maximum clearance, 15" wide x 84" long belt made of heat resistant mesh, variable speed, 36" working height x 42" long zone heating area with fan, temperature gauge goes from 0 degree F up to 700 degree F, overall 84" long x 42" wide x 78" high, comes with spare heat resistant mesh belt, requires 230 vac 3 phase 36 amp electrical supply


57602- Shanklin, Automatic L Sealer model A4, straight line product feed, unique film tracking system, fully automatic operation, quick change over time, 15" wide x 33" long sealer size, 20-30 PPM package speed (depending on size, material & product), 220 volt AC/single phase/20 amp, 4.5 CFM free air at 50 PSI, 114" long x 60" wide x 41" high floor space, 1500 pounds


72944- Shanklin, Automatic Wrapper model F-5AHSS, 230V/1/60 20 FLA, air pressure 50 to 80 PSIG, F5 131" long x 53" wide x 49" tall, product in/out 35", 17" film, 19" long seal bar, 5-7/8" bar clearance, scrap rewind, harmonic infeed, Shanklin stainless steel heat tunnel model T-7HSS, 230V/3/60, 36 FLA, single zone heat tunnel 76" long x 34" wide, product in/out 29"


66210- Shanklin, Compact Form Fill Seal Wrapper model CF1, fully automatic operation, package size from 2" W x 3" L, up to 20" W x 10" H x 120" L maximum, speed up to 30 packages per minute, floor space 5' W x 7' L (approximate) x 5' H, Selvage trim, independent cross seal jaws for transverse seal & cut, 220 volt AC/single phase


57603- Shanklin, Compact Form/Fill/Seal Wrapper model CF3, fully automatic operation, package size from 11" wide x 7" long up to 30" wide x 120" long maximum, speed up to 30 packages per minute, independent cross seal jaws for transverse seal & cut, heavy duty discharge conveyor with fixed infeed roller, 220 volt AC/single phase/20 amp, .5 CFM free air at 60 PSI, 5.5' wide x approximately 8.5' long x 5' high floor space


60196p- Shanklin, Shrink Tunnel model T6XL, tunnel opening 18" wide x 7" high, internal circulating blower, poly mesh conveyor 10" wide x 54" long with variable speed 90 volt DC drive with speed controller, factory temperature control operating to 500 degree F, 440 volt single phase electrical service, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


60181p- Shanklin, Shrink Tunnel model T7, 10" wide x 42" long polymer mesh conveyor belt with 1/2 HP variable speed DC drive by Baldor belt driving gear reducer & chain driving conveyor, tunnel opening 20" wide x 7' high x 32" long, internal circulation fan & manually operated air flow damper, 240 volt, 35 amp, 3 phase, wired for 440 volt service via step down transformer mounted in frame under tunnel, painted steel construction, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


66751p- Shanklin, Shrink Tunnel model T7XL, 115 volt 3/4 HP 1725 RPM motor, 15" wide stainless steel mesh belt, 22" wide x 8.5" tall x 42" long chamber with approximately 1' feed/discharge zone, circulating fan, portable on wheels


71917- Shanklin, Shrink Tunnel model T7XL, 15" wide x 58" long mesh conveyor, 22" wide overall width, 4"-8" adjustable feed opening, 18 amp 480 volt


66758p- Shanklin, Shrink Tunnel, 15" wide stainless steel mesh belt, 18" wide x 11" tall x 61" long chamber with approximately 1' feed/discharge zone, circulating fan, portable on wheels, no name plate data


81835- Shanklin, Sleeve Wrapper model B2BB, with heat tunnel model T-8PR


81247- Shrink Tunnel, 15.5" L x 8.5" H opening, single phase 220 volt 34 amp, 36.5" L x 23" W x 59" T


82522- Shrink Tunnel, all stainless steel, set up for hot water recirculation designed for 18" wide x 18" high on less packages, includes 3/4 HP water pump 18" wide rod style belt, overall 7' long x 30" wide x 67" high, similar to Cryovac 6570


853p- Tampco, Shrink Tunnel, 14-17 per minute, cut bars, opening 27" wide x 11" high


78383- Tampco, Shrink Wrap Bundler & Heat Tunnel, stainless steel.


78804p- Trans World Services, Shrink Wrapper model 1001B, designed to shrink seal 2 halves of triangle sandwich after hand cello wrapping, single roller chain conveyor has 2 equally spaced 4.5" wide x 2.5" tall triangle shaped pushers over stainless steel conveyor with food grade polished finish at single speed, hinged over head hood has 2 heating elements on manually adjustable mount to control distance from heaters to product, adjustable temperature control to 550 degree, heat & conveyor power light indicators, conveyor is stepper motor drive, 120 volt single phase 60 hertz 16 amps, OAD 24" x 36" x 16" high


60532p- Versa Tunnel, Shrink Tunnel model 2314TMB, 19.5" wide mesh belt, 14" high x 23" wide opening, 15kw heater capacity, 0 to 450 degree F heat control, 3/440 volt power, tunnel 44" long, belt is woven mesh (nylon) with 1/8" openings 19.5" wide, complete with electrical plug in cord, 65" long x 43" wide x 58" high overall, last used by Eli Lilly in pharmaceutical plant.


74272- Vilutis Company, Barrel Bag Sealer, self contained vacuum pump & controls, 60" long seal bar, 78" long x 48" wide x 96" high on mild steel painted frame, 2 HP 1725 RPM vacuum pump


24816p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 1664, 230 volt 60 hertz 3 phase 20 amp, air requirements 13.65 SCFM, maximum package dimensions 9" high x 6.5" wide x 24" long, maximum film width 34", up to 80 packages per minute


852p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 1721, opening 15-3/4" wide x 8" high


66757p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7012, FWO #12637, 14" wide x 3' long conveyor, 8" opening, 1 HP 230 volt 1725 RPM 60 cycle single phase, capable of up to 550 degree


81454p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7020, tunnel 16" wide 9" high opening, roller conveyor 14" wide x 39" long, with controls, set for single phase 230 volt


76515p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7112, 16" wide x 8" tall opening with long live roller belt conveyor 29" wide x 3' long x 5' 6" tall, 220 volt single phase


60176p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7121, 16" wide x 8.5" high tunnel opening x 46" long, 12" wide plastic mesh belt conveyor with 115 volt DC drive, has been re-wired to operate on 480/3 phase voltage with after market thermostatic heat control by Athena, internal blower with velocity control on factory stands with casters


57588p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7121, heavy duty construction, air cooled conveyor, variable temperature control, variable speed conveyor, variable air velocity control, silicone covered live (rolling) conveyor rollers, casters, 8" high x 16" wide x 46" long chamber dimensions, 230 volt AC/single phase/35 amp, 46" long x 19" wide x 28" high machine dimensions


66759p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 712A, 15" wide x 72" long conveyor, 16" x 8" tall x 46" long door opening, single phase 220 volt drive, carbon steel unit


52234p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7141, 16" wide x 8" long opening size, belt is made of stainless steel wire & variable speed, 60" long zone heating area with 2 separate fans, up to 550 degree F temperature, 91" long x 24" wide x 63" high overall size, tunnel on casters, requires 220 vac single phase 45 amp electrical supply


57589p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7141, dual chamber variable air velocity control, heavy duty construction, solid state controls, casters & leveling feet, solid state digital temperature control (ambient to 450 degree F), 14kw coil wound heater elements, 8" high x 16" wide x 60" long chamber dimensions, 220 volt AC/3 phase/45 amp, variable speed live roller operation, high temperature silicone covered rollers, 92" long x 30" wide x 57" high machine dimensions, 750 pounds


79173p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7142, high speed applications, heavy duty construction, electronic temperature controller, high capacity coil type heater banks (20kw), dual product conveyor cooling fans, casters & leveling feet, chamber dimensions 22" wide x 8" high x 60" long, 230 volt AC 3 phase 65 amp 20 kilowatt, product conveyor high temperature silicone covered rollers, adjustable for "LIVE or "DEAD" roller operation, variable speed up to 140 FPM, maximum temperature 550 degree F, machine dimensions 93" long x 31" wide x 61" to 65" high, weight 875 pounds


79174p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7142, high speed applications, heavy duty construction, independent dual zone variable velocity air flow control, electronic temperature controller, high capacity coil type heater banks (20kw), product conveyor high temperature silicone covered rollers, adjustable for "LIVE" or "DEAD" roller operation, variable speed up to 140 FPM, maximum temperature 550 degree F, machine dimensions 93" long x 31" wide x 61" to 65" high, 875 pound weight


81358- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7222, 18" wide stainless steel wire belt, 46" long heat tunnel section, 220 volt, includes Weldotron L bar sealer, needing repairs


57591p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model 7333, live rollers, casters, 36" wide x 10" high x 42" long chamber dimensions, 460 volt AC/3 phase, 68" long x 43" wide x 49" high machine dimensions


75324p- Weldotron, Shrink Tunnel model T221A, carbon steel construction, 22" wide x 8" high work opening, 46" long tunnel, variable speed roller conveyor, 1 heater control tested to 550 degrees F, 1 heating zone with adjustable air flow vent control, overall dimensions 30" wide x 72" long x 64" high, requires 230 vac 3 phase electrical supply



Used Heat Shrink Tunnels, Bundlers, Sleevers for Bottles for sale.

Shrink equipment allows you to package your food products safely and efficiently. Our shrink equipment includes wrappers, neck banders, shrink tunnels, shrink bundlers, tray wrappers, blister sealers, thermoformers, L bar sealers and sleevers. These include manufacturers such as PDC, Shanklin and Weldotron. Our shrink equipment can keep your food sanitary for longer periods of time allowing for simple commercial production.

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