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72757p- 30 quart Hobart, Cutter/Mixer Food Processor model HCM-300, 17" diameter x 10" deep, stainless steel mixing/cutting bowl with hinged/gasketed/locking clear plastic top cover with hand crank mixing baffle to move product to the included center bottom mounted S shaped 2 blade cut/mix knife, 90 degree tilt to dump discharge, operator controls with jog, run & 5 minute timer settings, machine rests on sturdy powder coat finished steel support frame, 5 HP 230 volt 3 phase single speed drive


57940- 40 quart Hobart (Stephan), Chopper/Mixer model VCM40, stainless steel, single shell, with manual mixing arm, 7.5 HP 208/3/60 motor


76062p- 40 quart Hobart, Cutter/Mixer model VCM40, powered by 7.5/10 HP motor at 1750/350 RPM, 220 volt/3 phase/60 cycle, direct coupled to bottom cutting blade, chamber 20" wide x 11" deep with domed locking top, dual high low speed control, bottom chopper blade, 40 quart capacity, small top openings allow to add ingredients during mixing, manually operated aluminum agitator blade, mounted in painted steel frame with 2 casters, 350 pound total weight, formerly used in food


70038p- 40 quart Hobart, Vertical Cutter/Mixer model VCM40, 7.5 & 10 dual HP & speed 1750 & 3500 RPM direct TEFC drive, 19.75" diameter bowl with 40 quart capacity, Electro mechanically integrated aluminum bowl cover has safety lock out switch & manually operated 1 piece agitator, 220 volt 3 phase 17 amp electrical service, tubular steel base with 2 casters with painted finish, 3 position switch (off, low, high), OAD 36" x 24" x 48" x 318 pounds, NSF & UL stamped, formerly used in food industry


75877p- 40 quart Stephan, Chopper/Mixer/Cutter model VCM40, 5.5/7.5kw, 220 volt, 1750/3500 RPM, 3 phase 60 hertz motor, mounted on portable stainless steel base with steps


75878p- 45 quart capacity, Hobart, Cutter/Mixer/Chopper model HCM450, 5 HP 1140 RPM 3 phase motor


80149p- 45 quart Hobart, Cutter/Mixer model HCM450, food processor, food grade sanitary stainless steel, recommended for food preparation application such as salsa, bread batters, kneading dough, blending coleslaw, chopping lettuce, sausage, potatoes or liquids & solids in wide shallow bowl, 19.5" diameter x 10" deep stainless steel mixing/cutting bowl with hinged/gasketed/locking clear plastic top cover, hand crank mixing baffle to move product to center bottom cutter/agitator, includes 2 blade cut/mix knife, knead/mix attachment available separately at additional cost, 90 degree tilt to dump discharge, cuts, mixes & blends in seconds, operator controls with jog, run & timer, all food grade sanitary stainless steel product contacts, sturdy powder coated steel support frame, 5 HP 208/230 volt 3 phase single speed drive


76201- 500 liter Laska, Bowl Chopper model KR500. needs electrical panel


55019p- Abbe, Grinder type D, 3 HP, stainless steel contact, number 0 stainless steel cutter, 8" diameter x 10" chamber


75502p- Albertolli, Peach Slicer, 3 blade, with cup down shaker


63319p- Alpine, 1.5 HP Pin Mill type D100UPZ, all stainless steel sani contact, all XP tagged, Reliance SXE duty master 2 HP 3450 RPM motor, belt drive mill, 230/460 3 phase, mill on heavy portable stand with wheel stabilizers, top dual screw K Tron solid flight dual auger horizontal feeder, many spare parts, 4.5" diameter rotating rotor, 4-3/4" diameter outer stationary pin plate, digital RPM screw feed indicator, missing main drive shaft for mill, dust stabilization cyclone, K Tron 1 HP geared XP dual screw feeder, 230/460/3 phase, 6 spare stainless steel screens


37568p- Alpine, Hammermill, high speed, 1.5 HP Dayton, 3470 RPM drive, 230/460/3 phase voltage, Reliance AC variable speed drive, wired for 230 volt service, belt driving mill at 8000 RPM+, mill features aluminum body with carbon steel 3 blade fixed rotor & mill liner, 4" x 3" hopper with 1.25" throat, 4" diameter rotor, removable front cover with safety interlock to prevent open cover operation, mounted in portable painted steel cart


64648p- Andritz Sprout Bauer, Grinder model 12-DM, stainless steel product contact, 25 HP 1765 RPM 230/460 volt main motor, 1/2 HP 230 volt feed screw motor, #11989B grinding plates 440 material


75961p- Arde Barinco, Dicon Mill model 3M7-502D, 7.5 HP direct coupled drive, 230/460/3 phase voltage, 3475 RPM, explosion proof, mounted on portable stand with handle, 29" x 17" wide x 9" high, mounted on aluminum plate & stainless steel frame, (4) 8" casters 36" handle, patented impeller with 3 helical blades rotates at high speed inside a matching tubular housing, rotating impeller creates negative pressure differential, centrifugal shoveling & positive axial thrust, drawing materials into an intensive shear zone, centrifugal force abruptly changes the direction of materials & drives them against the inner surface of the toothed cylindrical liner, sharply angled teeth on edges of the impeller blades shear the materials& force them thru a tortuous path, grinding action repeatedly accelerates & decelerates the material, forcing them to under go numerous changes in direction, material crushed & subjected to eddy currents in a very high turbulence zone between the 2 sets of intermeshing teeth, grinding action continuously repeated as the material moves toward the discharge port, optional discharge grid plate with precisely positioned series of venture type orifices from 1/32" to 3/4" ID, provides positive particle size control, material must exit thru 1 of the small precision ports, partially restricted discharge area provides easy to reproduce control of both dispersion & retention time


66846p- Arde Barinco, Dicon Mill model 3M7502D, 7.5 HP direct coupled motor, 230/460/3 phase voltage at 3475 RPM, XP design, mounted on portable aluminum base with 36" high push handle, 29" x 17" wide x 9" high with (4) 8" casters, patented impeller with 3 helical blades rotates at high speed inside matching tubular housing, rotating impeller creates negative pressure differential, centrifugal shoveling & positive axial thrust, drawing materials into intensive shear zone, centrifugal force abruptly changes direction of material & drives them against inner surface of toothed cylindrical liner, sharply angled teeth on edges of impeller blades shear materials & force them thru tortuous path, Dicon grinding action repeatedly accelerates & decelerates material, forcing them to under go numerous changes in direction, material are crushed & subjected to eddy currents in a very high turbulence zone between the 2 sets of intermeshing teeth, grinding action is continuously repeated as the material moves toward the discharge port, an optional discharge grid plate with precisely positioned series of venture type orifices from 1/32" to 3/4" ID, equipped with 1/8" holes in grid plate, provides positive particle size control materials must exit thru 1 of the small precision ports, partially restricted discharge area provides easy to control both dispersion & retention time, formerly used in pharmaceutical


42069p- Atlantic Coast Crushers, Clinker Grinder model 00518EP3E184TC, lump breaker, grinding chamber 12" x 12", (13) 5/8" thick fixed steel hammers, mounted on 3.5" diameter shaft, chamber has slot type discharge with 3/4" slots, driven by 5 HP 208-230/460 volt 1745 RPM motor thru gear reducer, rotor rated for 180 RPM direct connect couplings, includes inlet & outlet adapters to give 8" & 12" diameter openings


65004p- Bantam, Micro Pulverizer Lab/Pilot Hammermill, with non stainless contact surfaces, bronze body & carbon steel rotor & hammers, direct hopper infeed on factory base, upper drive pulley & hinged motor base mounted under mill deck, legs & casters, new drive motor & mill liner


30008p- Barr Murphy, Double Shaft Lump Breaker, stainless steel, 2 overlapping breaker wheels 30" long & 20" wide, 3" diameter center shaft with pillow block bearings, 15" diameter center feed opening, screen in bottom with 1.5" openings gear drive on 1 end & extended shaft on opposite end for a V belt drive, overall 50" long x 22" high x 26" wide, unit does require drive


77299p- Bee International LTD, Homogenizer Emulsifier model Mini De Bee, all 316 stainless steel wetted parts, rated for processing rates of 400 ml/minute, 22 liter/hour or 6 GPH, 4kw (5.3 HP) hydraulic unit with stainless steel reservoir, low oil indicator & cooling heat exchanger by Emmegi rated 75 LPM at maximum working pressure of 12 bar, enclosed in all stainless steel cabinet with polished finish & removable doors on all sides, slide out work drawers, bottom storage shelf & mounted on 4 legs with casters, 380/220/3 phase voltage, 50/60 hertz, minimal use in branded cosmetic lab


75640p- Berkel, Bowl Chopper, electric "Silent Cutter", 16" aluminum housing, bowl & rotating blade.


60228p- Binacchi & Company, Soap Refiner Plodder model LSP100, simplex single screw design with all stainless steel contacts, jacketed 4' diameter x 20" long screw with single speed drive (variable speed available), screw can operate with swing into place cutter/chopper or extruder head with bayonet style mount for die, existing die 10mm single round extrusion, 2 HP drive with gear reducer, 220/440/3 phase voltage, on/off switch, 17" x 17" top infeed hopper, painted steel frame & mounted on 4 fixed legs


73018p- Biro, Meat Mixer & Grinder model AFMG-52, stainless steel hopper 23" x 20" x 28" deep, stainless steel paddle mixer with (2) 2" x 6" paddles, (1) 14" long curved paddle & (1) 16" long dual curved paddles, mounted on common shaft, under mixing arms is 6" diameter screw discharge, extruding product thru 5" diameter die plate with 1/8" diameter perforations, hopper has 5" diameter bottom side access port, auger driven by 7.5 HP 230 volt 3/60 hertz motor thru chain & sprocket


47447p- Blonco, Meat Grinder, stainless steel contacts, 19" x 30" wide preparation area with 3" high sidewalls with 4" diameter opening, leading to 4" diameter screw discharge, name plate reads Lozelli SRL, machine type TCN 130, manufacturer #2863, rated 220/440 volt, screw driven by 5 HP motor, direct drive thru gear box


72758p- Brothers Legrow, Vegetable Slicer, 24" diameter cutting disk, lever adjustable for cuts up to 1.25" thickness, 1 or 2 dimensional cuts for slicing, strip cuts, julienne cuts, shreds or vegetable products, manufacturer rated up to 20,000 pounds/hour, all stainless steel, configured with standard 3 legged hopper, 31" diameter stainless steel, 24" wide opening in 6" high sides at back & (3) 6" diameter infeed tubes 12" deep to cutting head, currently configured for flat slices, both cutting disk in machine & feed tubes are slotted to accept fin blades for 2 dimensional cut, cutter sits on tubular stainless steel riser stand on 7" high casters for 57" infeed height, 29" discharge height, powered by mechanical variable speed drive with 208/230/460 volt 3 phase motor


79835p- Brothers, Vegetable Slicer, type Legrow, includes (3) 7" diameter feed openings where product is pushed thru high speed slicing blade, currently set for 1/4" slices, 55 HP motor thru gear box with vari speed adjustment


59529p- Brown, Juice Extractor model 303, pipe infeed, stainless steel contact


78637p- Brown, Pulper/Finisher model 100, stainless steel, paddle type, complete with 2 HP 220/440 volt, designed as medium sized for operation on tomatoes, pears, apples, plums, berries, prunes, can be pulped or citrus juice, jams, soups, jellies & fruit nectars can be finished, all stainless steel product contact parts


78636p- Brown, Pulper/Finisher model 106, stainless steel paddle type, complete with 2 HP 220/440 volt, designed as medium sized for operation on tomatoes, pears, apples, plums, berries, prunes, can be pulped or citrus juice, jams, soups, jellies & fruit nectars can be finished, all stainless steel product contact parts, missing parts will be added


80074p- Brown, Pulper/Finisher model 3600, all stainless steel contacts, unit mounted on mobile stainless steel frame with casters, recently replaced filter screen & belt, previously used in fruit/vegetable operation


13671p- Buffalo, Grinder, 6" diameter 10 HP variable drive, used on meat & poultry products, housing carbon steel, mounted on steel plate, Reeves variable speed drive directed connected 10 HP 3/60 220/440/1750 RPM, maximum speed 350 RPM, minimum speed 45 RPM, grinder shaft 6" diameter, last used on dog food processing.


63863- Butcher Boy, Grinder, 5" discharge, stainless steel, unit needs augers & face plate, cord to plug in, overall 6' high x 56" long x 30" wide


80903p- Butcher Boy, Meat Grinder model 200, all stainless steel contacts, trough 24" long x 24" wide x 22" deep with 5" diameter side inlet, 7.5 HP 208 volt 3/60 hertz AF300 P11 adjustable frequency drive, unit mounted on portable frame with casters


79731p- Butcher Boy, Meat Grinder model A4250H, stainless steel collection table 44" long x 24" wide x 5" deep with 8" diameter feed leading to 4" diameter discharge with carbon steel auger, driven by 5 HP 208 volt 3/60 hertz motor, start/stop switch, with die plates & cut off knives


69437- Butcher Boy, Mixer/Grinder model AU52F, mixing chamber 30" long x 20" wide x 18.5" deep, stainless steel, 2 paddles & 12" long screw conveyor constructed of carbon steel, 5 HP 3/60/440 drive motor, chain drive, 5" discharge, overall 5' high x 5' long x 2' wide, mixing chamber tapers from top 20" to 5" at bottom


48126p- Cardwell, Lump Breaker, 3' wide x 8' long conveyor


47418p- Carruthers, Dicer model MS13001, all stainless steel contact, high volume slicer/dicer for fresh, raw or pre-cooked meats & many other products at rate of 20,000 pounds per hour depending on product/cut, 30" (750mm) wide, continuous flow conveyor, unequalled flexibility cut from 1/4" (6mm) to over 6" (152mm) with 1 machine, processing temperatures from 30 degrees to 212 degrees F, accurately strips, steaks, cubes & dices the most delicate products as well as the toughest, last running veggies


57203p- Charles Ross & Son Co., Laboratory 3 Roll Table Top Mill model M52, 2.5" x 5' chrome plated rolls with manually adjustable roll position, hinged front scraper blade with discharge trough & brass end plates on adjustable fixtures, Reliance .75 HP TEFC drive motor, 90 volt DC with variable speed controller & 115 volt, single phase power feed requirement.


81508- Cheese Grinder, 20 HP 230/460, 40 pound block


54868p- Chopper Bowl, stainless steel, 28" diameter x 2" deep, 208 volt, start/stop controls, temperature gauge, less name plate data, do not know capacity of unit.


68081p- Commercial Mill/Chopper, stainless steel, 38.5" long x 10.5" wide x 21" deep, 3 HP 208/230/460 volt motor, 1750 RPM, 60 hertz, spray bar


68083p- Cone Crusher, lab size Braun sample crusher, coffee mill, 6" diameter, mounted on stand, adjustable crush size, less motor


72701p- Cookie Crumbler Mill, designed specifically to grind broken cookies into sizes suitable for mixing in ice cream, uses 2 counter rotating rotors with knife edges to chop up cookies, driven by 1.5 HP washdown electric motor, unit has hooded infeed 4" x 17", product discharges to 4" x 17" open in bottom, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


52497p- Delumper with take away conveyor, 36" wide x 31" long infeed pan with 6" high sides, sits over 7" diameter x 18" wide pin type lump breaker with 1/2" high pins in 8" long x 19" wide x 8" deep housing, de-lumped product drops onto 19" wide x 13' 6" long trough shaped food grade belt conveyor which runs at a shallow incline, all stainless steel construction, presently set for 70" feed height to hopper, 51" discharge height from belt, bottom belt spray with belt scraper, 1 HP 208/230/460 3 phase drive


59584p-New Dito Dean, Slicer/Dicer/Shredder/Vegetable Cutter model 260, highly versatile general purpose vegetable cutting machine, manufacturer rated for cutting French fries at 1200 pounds per hour, julienne cutting at 1450 pounds per hour, and/or grating carrots at 825 pounds per hour, wide range of cutting blade combinations/setups are available for different cutting needs, may be used as a table top cutter or can be supplied with its own (optional) mobile stand, 1.5 HP 230 volt 3 phase


71551p- Dixie Uni-Slicer, Slicer model SL-450, stainless steel construction, set up for high capacity, high performance slicing & portioning control, complete with (3) 420mm diameter slicing blades, rated between 120-600 slices/minute, capable of 150mm x 240mm maximum product dimensions, 800mm maximum product length & 0.4mm-50mm slice thickness, complete with portion conveyor, PC control system, 100 program memory, 1 product guide & 2 hold downs, transformer 200-400/3-60, leg extensions


65965p- Duker Rex, Grinder type AWN200, capacity 500-2000kg/hour depending on product & plates, power 55.0kw & 4.0kw power, 2.40 long x 1.40 wide x 2.00 meter high dimensions, elevator dimensions 1.70 x 1.45 x 3.20 meter, 1500kg weight, 1 stainless steel auger, stainless steel perforated plates, used for (soft) cheese, 200mm diameter plates, holes in plate 1.2mm, elevator with protection fences, eliminates little particles in ground cheese


80080p- Eillert, Dicer type BL1000VAR, machine #157, rotary feed with stationary cutter, cross cut knife assembly, currently less circular knife assembly, includes controls & main drive, driven by 2 phase 230 volt motor, previously used in food operation


78995p- Enterprise, Meat Extruder, 8" diameter feed screw & die, 2 sets of dies available, (1) 1/16" diameter & (1) 1/4" diameter, machine has a type feed screw, machine #1266, driven by 30 HP motor & roller chain drive, feed screw has 32" diameter feed hopper mounted above


82680- Extruder, on frame with casters, used to rework cheese, comes out in 1" x 1" pellets


78593p- Extru-Tech, Snack Food Extruder model E525, complete with hopper with feeder, stainless steel base & hopper, jacketed screw section, cut off knives with extra dies, driven by 100 HP 440 volt 3/60 hertz motor, all mild steel parts painted, last used on expanded snack foods


78408- Fabricators Company, Extruder model 700, stainless steel


80865p- FAM Mantis, Slicer/Dicer/Chopper, high volume industrial food grade, V trough belt infeed conveyor 4" wide x 93" long, orients/aligns product for cleaner cuts, 12 blade flat slice head, variable speed controls for feed belt & cutting wheel, flat or crinkle cuts, 1/32" (.8mm) to 2.36" (60mm) cut sizes, solid products up to 4.4" (160mm) in diameter or leafy product up to 6.29" diameter, thru put up to 8000kg/hour depending on product & cut, variable speed drive controls for feed belt & cutting wheel, 5 HP 460 volt 3 phase electrical input, all food grade sanitary stainless steel construction


30559- Fitzmill, Homoloid JT6 model DAS06


29741p- Fitzmill, Homoloid model J9, stainless steel, feed opening 2" x 6", discharge 8", Baldor 3 HP 208/230/460V 3 phase 3450 RPM motor, feed has 3 sets of 4 blades, less screens, less face plate, frame size 1451


59155p- Fitzmill, Mill model D6A, stainless steel construction, 5 HP 230/460 volt motor, on portable stainless steel base, missing mill body, top & rotor


24103p- Fitzmill, Mill model DASO6, horizontal throat feed, single edged knife blades, 15 HP 3520 RPM 3 phase 60 cycle 230/460V, 48" high stand


67872p- Fitzpatrick Guiloriver, Hydrauflaker model GR14x14D, stainless steel product contact, mild steel frame, Reeves variable speed motor, 15" x 10" feed chute


78795p- Fitzpatrick, 6" Hammermill model KDG, stainless steel & stainless steel plated mill/rotor/feed throat, direct coupled 15 HP motor by Louis Allis (splash proof) at 1730 RPM 220/440/3 phase voltage, 32/16 amp 60 hertz, rotor has 16 fixed blades with bolt on tips, painted steel frame 48" x 34" mounted on legs with 26" discharge height, formerly used in nutritional ingredient manufacturing


67877p- Fitzpatrick, Auger Fed Hammermill model DAO6, stainless steel product contact, mild steel frame, swinging knife hammers, 3/4 HP auger motor, 7.5 HP main motor 1750 RPM 230/460 volts, chamber & top cover are jacketed, top has nitrogen injection port


80973p- Fitzpatrick, Comminuting Machine model F, series 2600, stainless steel, 16 rotating fixed blades, top loading bin 24" W x 36" L x 10.5" H, throat opening 5.25" x 8", stand 39" W x 64" L x 46" H, overall 40" W x 69" L x 85" H, motor is missing its tag (possibly 50 HP), carbon steel legs


72699p- Fitzpatrick, Fitzmill model 59, stainless steel GuiloRiver mill, used for breaking or sizing frozen food products, 15" diameter x 20" wide rotor, 11.75" x 20.25" infeed hopper 74" from the ground, 17.5" x 21" discharge 36.5" from the ground, rotor driven by 50 HP 1770 RPM motor, 45" wide x 95" long x 92" tall overall dimensions, requires 208-220/440 vac 3 phase electrical supply


82046- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model D-6, stainless steel, 10 HP 230/460/3/1750 RPM, D 6 frame mounted on diamond plate portable base 50" wide x 58" long x 44" high, mounted on 6 casters, includes safety railing on 2 sides, 40" discharge height, infeed hopper stainless 24" x 24" conical gravity infeed with safety kick back internal baffle.


42831p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DAO6, auger feed, stainless steel product contact, swinging hammers, removable carbide tip ends on hammers, 10 HP motor, jacketed chamber


54100p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DASO6, all stainless steel, water cooled bearings, fixed hammers blunt both sides, pan feed to hopper, 10 HP UL listed motor & controls 230/460 volt 3485 RPM, #12 mesh.


42179p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DASO6, auger feed with 1/2 HP 230/460 volt 21-208 RPM variable speed motor, stainless steel product contact, fixed hammers with removable carbide tips, jacketed infeed, 10 HP 1745 RPM 230/460 volt 3 phase motor


57918- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DASO6, fixed carbide tip hammers, stainless steel product contact, hopper feed, 5 HP 575 volt motor


42837p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DASO6, stainless steel product contact, fixed hammers blunt on both sides, 3" pipe infeed, stainless steel base with stainless steel legs, 7.5 HP motor, 1755 RPM 230/460 volt 3 phase, can be supplied with a hopper feed


42830p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DKASO12, 30 HP, fixed hammers, hammers stepped on both sides, pipe infeed, stainless steel product contact, no additional screens included


38441p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DKASO12, stainless steel product contact, pipe infeed, stationary step hammers, no additional screens included


66635p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model DKS12, fixed hammers-knife both edges, 7.5 HP motor, dairy metal chamber, hopper feed


37566p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model F8, 8" wide rotor with 16 style 575 removable tip blades in high carbon alloy, 20 HP main drive at 1760 RPM, 230/460/3 phase belt drive, multi speed gear box yielding final RPM of 470, 600, 980, 1240 & 3600, reversible mill & blades, mounted in painted cast iron frame in stainless steel sub frame on casters, 50" total discharge height, 9.5" diameter top in feed & electrical switch gear, 7/8" wide screen holes


38265p- Fitzpatrick, Hammermill model UASO6, screw fed, all stainless steel body with DASO6 model mill equipped with 16 fixed hammers with removable tips, jacketed pillow block style bearings, 1/2 cubic foot feed hopper with 3" diameter screw feed & variable speed drive, 10 HP US Motors vari speed mill drive, painted steel frame with stainless steel hinged service doors on opposed sides, reversible mill design, 2 mill pulley guards are needed, formerly used in pharmaceutical


78794p- Fitzpatrick, Homoloid Hammermill model J, directly coupled to 3 HP motor by US Motors at 3460 RPM 200 volt 3 phase & UL listed for service in hazardous locations under Class I, Group D & Class II, Group F & G, swing type hammers with knife & blunt side blades, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade mill contained in all stainless steel dust enclosure with 5" dust vent & blast gate, 3" direct infeed to mill with tri clamp connection allowing removal of feed tube, 33" discharge clearance under mill inside dust containment box, removable front & back doors allowing complete access, base drain valve for washing, mounted on casters, formerly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing


22002p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model DASO6, stainless steel, complete with 20 HP motor, complete with screw feeder with 2 HP vari drive motor, fixed blunt hammers with Stellite tips, water cooled bearings, on stand with discharge hopper & control panel, not food grade, last used to mill a slurry in an asbestos mine, has been cleaned, hard surfaced blades.


29736p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model DKS12, stainless steel construction, complete with fixed knife blade hammers, unit mounted on base with 10 HP V belt drive, 220/440 volt, 3600 RPM, mill is 4 piece construction design with Waukesha bronze side plates, stainless steel end plates, needs new set of hammers


34074p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model F8, stainless steel with carbon steel swing type blades, 25 HP V belt drive, unitized on frame.


29737p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model F9, stainless steel, 16 stair step fixed hammers, direct connected to 30 HP 220/440 volt, 3/60 cycle motor, on frame, water cooled bearings


29740p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model H30 series HAQ-30-313, 18" diameter x 30" long rotor, carbon steel contact parts, swinging straight blades, removable grinding chamber wear liners, horizontal feed throat, liquid feed, insulated, driven by Baldor 250 HP, 3550 RPM, 440 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle motor, on common base


48251p- Fitzpatrick, Mill model KSO7, stainless steel stair step blades & housing, driven by 30 HP 3/60/230-460 1770 RPM motor & V-belt drive giving a rotor speed of approximately 1500 RPM, mill & drive mounted on a structural steel stand


81837p- Fitzpatrick/Fitzmill, 15 HP Industrial Impact Mill model DKAS012, 10" x 12" flanged infeed, sharp stainless steel fixed blades with reversible shaft, 15.5" x 12.5" flanged discharge with safety grid, stainless steel screen cage beneath hammers/knives, food grade all stainless steel product contact surfaces, painted steel legs & base, 208/230/460 volt 3 phase drive


81838p- Fitzpatrick/Fitzmill, 25 HP Industrial Impact Mill model FASO-20, 3' square tapered stainless steel infeed hopper with pouring grid, 20" wide x 8-3/8" long throat opening from hopper to reversible stainless steel cutting chamber, 2 sided stainless steel hammers, sharp on 1 side & blunt on the other, stainless steel screen cage beneath hammers/knives, stainless steel discharge chute 3' deep with 16" x 14" bottom discharge opening, food grade all stainless steel product contact surfaces, 5' high painted steel legs, water cooled bearings, 208/230/460 volt 3 phase drive


79199p- Floret Cutting Machine, operates with manual placement of floret heads 1 at a time, revolving table with 4 cutting heads (1 presented for loading, other 3 behind safety shroud), each cutting head has 8 wedge blades with 1.75" open center, over head plunger pushed product thru cutting grids as they are carried thru machine, all food grade stainless steel construction including surrounding safety shrouds, hydraulic powered (did not come with/does not include hydraulic power pack, reservoir pump


80075p- FMC, Finisher model 50, stainless steel, 12" diameter x 21" long pulping section, unit has 4 paddle set up with curved paddle ends, each paddle 1.5" wide x 1/2" thick x 21" long, screen size .020, 1-1/4" inlet with 2" liquids discharge & 5" x 2.5" solids discharge with manual gate, distributor feed wheel, with Allen Bradley start/stop switch, mounted on mild steel painted frame


60492p- FMC, Pulper Finisher model 100, paddle type with 4" diameter pipe infeed & 30 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase drive motor, all stainless steel pulper on painted steel stand, manufacturer rated (depending on screens employed & pre-conditioning of products, if any) for up to 20 tons per hour as a pulper, and/or up to 100 gallons per minute as a finisher


57892p- FMC, Tomato Chopper, stainless steel product contact, 4" discharge


60223p- Frewitt, Pharmaceutical Oscillating Granulator model MG628, all stainless steel, 4.5" x 17" long rotor, 19" x 15" granulating chamber, manual screen tensioners, removable rotor, approximately 1 HP drive & gear reducer by Bauknecht, mounted in portable stainless frame with 30" discharge height, 8" discharge from slight cone bottom removable from granulator body, formerly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing


60229p- Frewitt, Turbo Sieve model SGV004, all stainless steel construction, Baldor 3 HP drive at 3450 RPM direct coupled to variable speed gear reducer with manual speed control, external switch gear & drive are UL rated for hazardous locations under Class I, Group D, Class II, Group E, F, & G, control panel houses digital tachometer with operating speeds from 350 to 850 RPM, mounted in portable stainless steel frame with 60" discharge height, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


70835p- Fryma, Mill type MZ-80/A, all stainless steel contacts, 2" inlet & 2.5" outlet, driven by 2.2kw 480 volt 3460 RPM motor direct connected to milling blade, unitized on stainless steel portable base with hand crank hoist


63188p- Globe, Deli Meat Slicer model 2500, stainless steel construction, 12" diameter slicing blade, 8.5" high maximum cutting height, gravity feed chute, knife ring guard, manual hold down arm, driven by 1/2 HP single phase 115 volt motor


11709p- New GMC, Cube King Fresh Meat Dicer model 2700 (CK-312), equipped with (7) 12 platens, (dicing assembly not included), complete with safety guards & switch, all stainless steel contact parts or otherwise corrosion resistant, stainless steel frame, powered by 1 HP, 230/460 volt 60 hertz 3 phase, totally enclosed motor, totally enclosed switch, stainless steel magnetic safety switches, wiring in flexible conduit, slices fresh refrigerated boneless meat, at temperatures of 32 degrees F (0 degree C) to 45 degree F, no dicing assembly


11702p- New GMC, Hydrauflaker Combination Flaker & Slicer model 2501, frozen block capacity up to 10" thick x 24" wide x 24" long (25.4 x 60.96 x 60.96 centimeter), pneumatic power feed, flow through cutting drum, 10 stainless steel cutting blades, powered by 10 HP, 230/460 volt, 60 hertz, 3 phase totally enclosed motor & switch, air required to operate block pusher 4 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI, totally enclosed electrical system, seamless stainless steel loading table, seamless stainless steel product enclosure & operating table, stainless steel support frame, panels & guards, noise suppressing poly plates at discharge, safety guard with mechanical switches at cutting zone, fully equipped *Optional 15 HP motor


11706p- New GMC, S/M Flaker model 3100, slices or flakes frozen meat, approximately 0 degree F (-18 degree C) or tempered meat up to 25 degree F (-4 degree C) or other products up to 9" (22.86 centimeter) thick, 20" (50.8 centimeter) wide, 24" (60-96 centimeter) long, with 8 "cycle slice" blades powered by 10 HP, 230/460 volt, 60 hertz, 3 phase totally enclosed motor, push button control, electrically controlled safety guard, safety floating hopper, built in loading table, stainless steel frame, adjustable to 1/2" (.317 centimeter) flakes or 1/4"  slices, nickel plated solid type cutting drum, E stop & discharge included


11100p- Granulator, 3' long x 18", stainless steel, 1 HP gear motor.


65805p- Griffin, Carrot Stick Cutter, semi automatic punch/stick cutter with infeed staging conveyor, manufacturer rated for 45 cycles per minute, operator places plugs (pre cut to length) in V shaped UHMW cradles which step them into stick cutting head, as plug is punched thru cutting grid, the first cut sizes/and squares the carrot so there are fewer or no slivers in finished product, currently fitted with 3/8" cutting grid


72754p- Griffin, Semi Automatic Carrot Stick Cutter, grid for 3/8" carrot sticks, pneumatic powered, hand fed/table top type cutting machine, safety cover closure activation, pre-cut plugs placed in cutting compartment on V shaped holder, where cylinder pushes product into 1.25" square opening which is sharpened to cut off excess/slivers, prior to being pushed thru cutting grid, currently fitted with 3/8" cutting grid


35007p- Griffith Labs, Mince Master Mill Grinder, machine #SWU5986, stainless steel contacts with 8" diameter grinding chamber, 5" diameter center core with 2 cutting knives, screen discharge is circular approximately 1.5" wide with 1/20" diameter holes, grinder is driven by 50 HP 3/60/220-440/3460 RPM direct connected vertical motor, previously used to grind meat


40741p- Griffith, Disintegrator Mince Master Mill model A, stainless steel, 100 HP, 460 volt, V belt drive, 1775 RPM, 2900 RPM shaft, 36" x 30" feed hopper, 4" Acme thread discharge unit, purees product & pumps product out discharge , last run on dog food line.


63187p- Grote, Meat Slicer, stainless steel construction, 36" wide slicing area, wheels on each side to rotate slicing blade in cutting section (less blade), wheels are driven by 5 HP motor, includes mechanism to adjust angle of feed tube to introduce product to slicing blades, less feed tubes


63871p- Grote, Pendulum Slicer model 522R, all stainless steel, 22" maximum width, 5.5" stroke, 120 strokes per minute, blade hydraulic operated


73575p- Grote, Slicer model S/A 2225, stainless steel industrial slicer for maximum product size of 2" x 30", unit includes 37" wide x 9' 6' long stacking conveyor, 230 volt, 3 phase.


78606p- Grote, Slicer model S/A-636, includes 5 slicing tubes 4' 6" diameter, mounted on mobile base, complete with controls, driven by 220 volt 3/60 hertz motor, previously used in food operation


71397p- Grote, Vertical Column Slicer


67896p- Grove Dale Corp., Segment Cutter, stainless steel construction, 3.5" blade spacing, with motor controller/inverters


75002p- Hallde, Table Top Dicer model RG-300, 7" x 3" feed with pestle, product fed thru blades, last dicing frozen peaches, approximate 1/4" dices, 110 volt .75kw 50/60 hertz, 1500/1800 RPM


58796p- High Shear Emulsifier, 6.5" diameter stainless steel head, 39" long stainless steel shaft, 4" diameter blade, driven by 10 HP 3485 RPM electric motor, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


78241p- Hobart, Bowl Chopper model HCM300, stainless steel, bowl 17" diameter x 10" deep, driven by 5 HP 200 volt 3/60 hertz, 1140 RPM motor, mounted on mild steel frame, previously used in food operation


75945p- Hobart, Chopper/Extruder model 4346, all stainless steel body with polished food grade finish, dual arm agitator, 3.5" screw discharge with extrusion plate & chopper blade, 7.5 HP motor, 200 volt 3 phase 60 cycle at 1750 RPM, mounted on painted steel frame with casters, agitated product 27" long x 23" wide x 27" deep, overall 30" wide x 25" x 60" high, gear drive needs repair to make operable, agitator blade & screw requires new plating


66702p- Hobart, Grinder, 3 cubic foot capacity, carbon steel contacts with stainless steel trough, grinder has carbon steel screw auger discharge, 3" diameter, hinged cover, start/stop controls, 7.5 HP 230 volt 1725 RPM 3 phase motor, grinding chamber 23" wide x 18" long x 24" deep, unit portable on stand, missing cutting head


77368p- Hobart, Meat Mixer & Grinder model 4352, 26" x 22" x 24' deep stainless steel hopper with mild steel, internal paddle agitator, 4" diameter bottom auger, die plate has 5/16" perforations, 10 HP motor, 1725 RPM, 200 volt 3/60 hertz motor, control buttons for mix & grind.


73080p- Hollymatic, Tenderizer model AMT675, needle type, all stainless steel product contact parts, driven by 5 HP 220/440 volt main motor drive, stainless steel mesh belt conveyor, portable, designed for sanitary washdown application


72700p- Jet Mill, stainless steel with 2 jets, missing name plate data, similar to Fluid Energy Jet-O-Mizer but not, uses particle on particle impact for size reduction, looped collision chamber uses 1" ID stainless steel pipe, chamber 15" tall x 4" wide, 7.25" x 3.5" product funnel feeds 1/2" inlet into chamber, finished product discharge thru 1/2" pipe at top that leads to 3" opening for collection bag, sits on 20" wide x 44" long x 36" high stainless steel cart, casters need to be replaced on cart


55021p- Jones, Press Master Juice Extractor model P-40, vertical, stainless steel product contact, hydraulic driven with 7.5 HP Denison model JIC power pack, shaker pan discharge with Ajax


42067p- Kady, Mill model OC30, with 60 gallon stainless steel jacketed tank & 30 HP under driven agitation, mill mounted on structural steel stand


79282p- Key, High Shear Granulator/Mixer model KG5, bench top, 316 stainless steel bowl & base, with (1) 1 liter bowl approximate 5.5" diameter x 3.5" deep, non-jacketed bowl, main impeller motor 1 HP D/C 1750 RPM 120 volt, A/C = 11.5 FLA, chopper motor 1/5 HP D/C 10,000 RPM 120 volt A/C = 1.7 FLA


60230p- Koch, Automatic Multi-Functional Dicer, designed for dicing/slicing meats, cheeses & vegetables in thickness from 1/8" to 1", materials are pushed thru 1 or 2 way stationary cutting knives with oscillating motion by variable speed hydraulic ram, 230 volt, 3 phase, cast aluminum construction with stainless steel cutting knives, dual vertical stainless steel product chambers 4.750" x 4.750" x 17" tall mounted in stainless steel rotary table allowing 1 to be cutting as other is loaded, product chambers are manually moved into position, unit disassemblies without tools for easy cleaning, formerly used in food industry


81505- Kremer Grebe, Bowl Chopper, 500 liter, dairy approved for cheese product.


81649p- Kronen, Dicer/Slicer/Strip Cutter model KUJ, all stainless steel, high performance commercial, cutter can be used with various combinations of cutting parts for single dimensional or 2 dimensions or 3 dimensional cuts up to 3.54" (90mm) at infeed, slice cuts adjustable from approximately 1/10" to 3/4" (2mm to 20mm) first cut, circular knife spindle with stripper plate (change parts) available in steps from approximately 1/10" to 1" (2mm to 20mm) second cut, cross cut spindle (change part) available in steps approximate 1/10" to 1.5" (3mm to 40mm) for third cut, input up to 3.54" (90mm) diameter product at infeed, up to 7716 pounds per hour throughput capacity depending on product & cut, fast/easy cutting parts removal & replacement for cleaning & sanitation, quick product/cut change over & efficient maintenance, 27.5" long x 15.5" wide hopper with safety grid & water lubrication port, slice knife adjustable from approximate 1/10" to 3/4" first cut, approximate 1/4" (7mm) circular knife spindle second cut, approximate 1/3" (7.5mm) cross cut spindle third cut, all food grade sanitary stainless steel construction including frame, 57" infeed height, 18" discharge height, on 6" high casters for portability


79679p- Kronen, Length/Increment Cutter, for cutting oblong vegetables to length, manual placement, safety shrouded push feed, UHMW table top at 40" working height, presently set to cut 4" lengths, can be set for other increments, 8" diameter circular stainless steel cutting knives, food grade stainless steel construction, stainless steel frame, shrouds & cutting assembly, knives powered by new 480 volt 3 phase drive motor, operator on/off controls, safety interlock system, previously used for food


78640p- Langsenkamp, Paddle Finisher model 185, with bronze & stainless steel contact parts, 1 HP 200/230/460 volt 1725 RPM drive, unit mounted on cast aluminum frame


59498p- Legrow Brothers, Shredder, stainless steel, 11" diameter drop chutes, set for 1/2" cut, Contra 5 HP adjustable speed drive 230/460 volt, 420 to 2100 RPM, main disc underneath is 40" diameter rotating plate


59497p- Legrow Brothers, Shredder, stainless steel, 11" diameter feed chutes (missing), set for 1-1/8" cut, Contra 5 HP adjustable speed drive 230/460 volt, 420 to 2100 RPM


37622p- Legrow Brothers, Slicer, stainless steel construction, V belt driven from a SEW vari drive motor, 12" diameter drop chutes.


67904p- Magnuson Shufflo, Cutter, 60" wide, stainless steel construction, 1-3/4" wide flight faces, 4" knife spacing, 1 HP 230/460 volt gear head motor


46598p- Masuko, Wet Stone Grinder model MK-ZA 2-10, 2 HP for Soya, 120-180kg/hour, wheel diameter 9" & about 1/2 worn, previously used for soy beans, would clean & test run before shipment, motor 4P 1.5KW(2HP0, motor #10806 YOYY 131-78-7


65007p- Micro Pulverizer, Lab/Pilot Hammermill, sample mill, carbon steel construction, mill furnished reconditioned with mill liners, rotor & manual feed screw, .75 HP drive at 3450 RPM yielding maximum mill speed 12,000 RPM 115 volt single phase, formerly used in mild chemical service


42182p- Mikro, Pulverizer model 6MA, cast steel housing with stainless steel hammers & feed chute, 20 HP main drive with 3/4 HP feed screw drive


63052p- Nanashimaya, Meat Slicer/Strip Cutter, last used with fish & chicken, stainless steel construction, similar to Urschel model M slicer


59152p- Nippon, Pneumatic Super Sonic Jet Mill model IDS2, stainless steel construction, 10" diameter chamber, rated 5kg/cm2 (71 PSI) pressure, 2m3/min (70 CFM) gas quantity with pulse jet dust collector, cyclone fines collector, inter connecting duct work on unitized base


38275p- Paul O Abbe, Ball Jar Mill, size #6, 57 gallon total capacity ceramic jar with 14.3 gallon/192 pounds dry capacity, 34.2 gallon wet capacity, 30" diameter x 24.50" high, maximum 380 pound media charge, mounted on heavy duty factory base, driven by 1.5 HP 1725 RPM 208/230/460/3 phase drive to on shaft reducer rotating jar at approximate 30 RPM, safety guarding, OAD 5' high x 48" deep x 64" long


42658p- Paul O Abbe, Ball Mill model JM, twin chamber yoke mounted, all stainless steel construction with polished finish, yoke carries twin ball mill chambers in varying sizes (2) 16 x 12 deep with (4) .5" high removable baffles, (2) 12" x 9.5" deep, 1 stainless steel & 1 polymer lined, (2) 11.75" x 7.5" deep stainless steel, (2) 8" x 18" deep with internal glass chambers, Baldor washdown duty 1.5 HP drive, 180 volt DC 220/single phase variable speed, stop/start & programmable digital timer, mounted on casters, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


70256p- Pennsylvania, Reversible Impact Crusher model CAL11-44, horizontal shaft, 12" x 44" center feed openings, swing type hammers, generates minimal fines at 95% minus 1/4", last used to grind coal to feed rotary kiln in cement plant, less motor


79577p- Potato Halver/Slicer, V shaped conveyor to feed potatoes into slicing wheel, approximate 10' long conveyor section, stainless steel construction, conveyors driven by 1.07 HP motor thru gear box, stainless steel covers & guards


48391- Premier Mill, 2 HP Ultra Shear Pump, 3"


66421p- Quadro, "Ytron-Z" Inline Shear Mill, all pharmaceutical grade stainless steel wetted parts, single toothed rotor/stator, will accommodate up to 3 total toothed rotor stators for production rates up to 300 gallon per minute according to manufacturer, 20 HP TEFC direct coupled drive by Lesson, wash guard design at 860 RPM, 208-230/460/3 phase voltage, 59.9-54.0/27 amps, 4" mill inlet x 3" outlet with tri clamp connections, water flushed shaft seal requires .25 liters/minute, manufacturer rates for 300 to 900 RPM operating speed, mounted on stationary factory floor base, formerly used in branded yogurt


67288p- Quadro, Comil model 194FS, 304 stainless steel construction, on legs with 5 HP 230/460 volt motor


44214p- Quadro, Comil model 196S, 15 HP XP direct drive main motor 220/440 volt 900 RPM, designed to grind between 10,000 & 30,000 pounds per hour with reduced fines generation, all 316 stainless steel contact parts previously used in pharmaceutical operation, recommended for food pharmaceutical, fine chemical & cosmetic processing industry, unit offered as bare mill with drive, less frame & discharge screen


60222p- Qualheim, Vegetable Slicer/Shredder/Grater, 115 volt 6.2A amp, single phase 60 cycle, table top design, cut thickness adjustment control, on/off switch, hinged front opening door with safety switch to prevent open door operation, dual product feed ports with pushers for straight & angle cuts, needs cutting knife & rotor


75503p- Quartering Machine, 5.5" diameter blades, 1 HP 220/440 volt 1750 RPM motor, V belt drive


82903p- Rietz Bepex, Industrial Food Pulverizer Machine model RE-10-K5F431 EXTRUCTOR , engineered with slow speed & high torque for fracturing, crushing, grinding & tearing large frozen blocks or barrels, meats, cheese, fruits and/or vegetables, all food grade stainless steel, 15" x 18" tapered hopper with safety grid, 10" diameter auger, 76" high infeed, 59" high discharge, 25 HP electric motor with chain drive, hinged main body, mounted on 10" high platform, includes 1 grinding plate


74146- Rietz, 6" Extructor model RE-6-K5F424, stainless steel construction, approximate 6" diameter x 24" long chamber with 12" jacketed section rated 40 PSI, 4.5" wide feed opening, belt driven with 10 HP 230/460 volt motor drive


68072p- Rietz, Continuous Horizontal Screw Press model RSP16K2, previously equipped with 25 HP US vari speed main drive, thru heavy duty gear box, 7.5 HP vari speed drive on rotating cone, stainless steel cover, stainless steel main screens, stainless steel back up screens, requires stainless steel screw auger feed to stainless steel infeed hopper, was last running apples, incomplete


29732p- Rietz, Disintegrator Mill model RD18H32, 18" grinding chamber, carbon steel contact parts, complete with 150 HP 3550 RPM, 460 volt 3 phase direct connected motor


27565p- Rietz, Disintegrator Mill model RD24D, carbon steel contacts with 150 HP 3 phase, 60 cycle, 440 volt, 3550 RPM motor.


60856p- Rietz, Disintegrator model RI24K354, 304 stainless steel construction, approximately 24" diameter x 20" high screen area with approximately 3/16" holes, 24 blade rotor with 431 stainless steel blades, 300 HP 460 volt 1190 RPM motor, Rietz angled twin screw feeder driven by 25 HP motor with reducer, top feed hopper with 7.5 HP lump breaker


60855p- Rietz, Disintegrator model RI24K354, 304 stainless steel construction, approximately 24" diameter x 20" high screen area with approximately 3/16" holes, 24 blade rotor with 431 stainless steel blades, 300 HP 460 volt 1190 RPM motor, Rietz angled twin screw feeder driven by 25 HP motor with reducer, top feed hopper with 7.5 HP lump breaker


35829p- Rietz, Disintegrator model RP6K115, stainless steel sanitary contact surfaces, 3 HP Reliance variable speed drive direct coupled to mill rotor, 1800-12000 RPM, 230/460/3 phase voltage amp meter, 12 blade rotor, on standard angular position, 5.5" diameter standard infeed throat, 13.5 x 1.75 discharge chute at 34" floor height, mounted on painted factory stand with casters.


76621- Rietz, Extructor model RE-12 H7E428, not sanitary food grade.


65357p- Rietz, Extructor model RE14, stainless steel construction, canti levered design, 14" diameter x long barrel, jacketed barrel, 18" x 22" feed opening with power feed with die Platte, chain & sprocket driven, 40 HP gear head motor drive, 230/460 volt


65785p- Rietz, Extructor/Grinder model RE15K9E348, 12" x 12" hopper opening, 15" diameter discharge, stainless steel product contact areas


27568p- Rietz, Fluffer Mill model RF18K, unit has stainless steel contact parts, unitized on stand, less drive, unit requires approximately 20 HP drive, 10" diameter feed, similar to a garbage disposal.


38436p- Rietz, Vertical Disintegrator model RD-12-H32, 25 HP motor 3600 RPM 220/440 volt 3 phase, 10" diameter x 18" long stainless steel hydraulically driven feed auger, stainless steel removable hammers


38437p- Rietz, Vertical Disintegrator model RD-18-1-122, round base, 100 HP, 10" diameter feed & discharge augers


73902- Ross, Slicer model 950-2, set up as single lane chop cutter


66845p- Security Engineering Machinery, Rotary Knife Mill model 10B, "Security Disintegrator", (3) 11.5" knives & 2 bed knives, heavy duty perforated metal screen with 3/8" holes, belt driven by Lincoln TEFC 10 HP drive at 1745 RPM 230/460/3 phase voltage, wired for 460 volt, with stop/start, 10" x 12" vertical loading port directly above mill with hinged cover, 90 degree entry 12" x 9.5" loading chute with dual flap closures, hinged mill body allows easy opening for cleaning, maintenance & screen access, Electro mechanical safety interlock prevent open operation, painted steel construction, mounted on casters, formerly used in medical device manufacturing


79025p- Seydelmann, Bowl Chopper model K93, stainless steel, working capacity of 93 liters, adjustable speeds for both bowl & knives, previously ran 150 pound batches of pate in deli operation, driven by 3/60 hertz motor


77167p- Stephan, Universal Cutter Emulsifier model Microcut MCHD 90, EM 280 S-2 motor, 75kw (2970 r/minute) installed power, 400 volt 50 hertz 3 phase, machine case, cutting case & funnel in stainless steel, spare cutting rings & heads, 225cm L x 115cm W x 215cm H, 1400kg weight, compact & easy to use, allows fine cutting & emulsifying


76108p- Stephan, Universal Horizontal Cutter/Mixer/Cooker model TC/SK 300, vacuum, main product bowl double jacketed for cooling or heating, main bowl has 4 built in ports for injecting steam directly into bowl, water dosing system with water meter, vacuum connection with separating tank & Deaeration valve, 300 liter capacity (200 liter batch), PT-100 sensor in bowl, hydraulic unit for slide opening top & bottom, lubrication system, 76kw 380 volt 50 hertz, lid has 2 clamps manual tightening.


64130p- TK Niro Aeromatic Fielder, High Shear Granulator, with (1) 10" diameter x 7" straight side bowl, (1) 8" diameter x 7" straight side bowl, with controls on casters, 230/460 volt, 3 phase


79868p- Twin Roll Lump Breaker, stainless steel construction, 7" diameter x 34" long stainless steel shafts with welded pins that over lap during rotation, pins size 1/2" diameter x 4" long, stationary pins welded to inner wall of hopper, rotors driven by independent 1/4 HP (.2kw) 220/220 volt 3/60 hertz motors, hopper inlet 43" x 43" x 12" deep, discharge conveyor 33" wide x 60" long, previously used in health bar application


80158p- Urschel, 30 HP Comitrol model 1500, 2" threaded pipe infeed, micro cut cutting head with Unicut impeller, 3" tri clamp discharge outlet, all food grade stainless steel construction, 45" infeed height, 38" discharge height, on Urschel standard stainless steel support frame, interlock safety system with operator control panel & brake motor drive, 30 HP 208/230/460 volt 3 phase brake motor drive


78592p- Urschel, Bias Cut Slicer model OC, 3.5" wide belt conveyor & accelerator feed belt conveyor, previously running approximate 5000 pounds/hour on various vegetables, capable of slicing elongated products from 1/16" to 1-3/4", both bias flat & bias crinkle in working condition when removed from service, includes cutting head, would require more change parts for all cuts


40827p- Urschel, Comitrol Dicer model 3600, stainless steel, with 10 HP 3/60/220/440/3490 RPM direct drive motor, missing cutting head, motor needs work


40655p- Urschel, Comitrol Dicer model MG, 15 HP belt drive with standard cutting head.


40633p- Urschel, Comitrol Dicer model MG, stainless steel, with 30 HP, 230/460 volt, 3600 RPM drive motor, unitized on stainless steel stand with electrical box.


40825p- Urschel, Comitrol Dicer model MG, with 15 HP 220/440 volt belt drive, on stainless steel stand


67271p- Urschel, Comitrol Mill model 1500, Hastelloy C22 construction, 2" inlet/outlet, on stand with 15 HP 230/460 volt motor with electric brake, 3530 RPM, XP design


63709p- Urschel, Comitrol Mill model 1500, Hastelloy C22, 2" inlet/outlet, driven by 15 HP 3/60/230/460 volt, 3530 RPM XP motor with electric brake, mounted on a stand


42525p- Urschel, Comitrol Mill model 1500, stainless steel stand, flanged mounted, motor running at 3 phase, sits on a stainless steel frame work which raises unit 82" off the floor, 5' 2" W x 28" D overall dimensions with cord to plug in, 15 HP drive 3/60/208/220/440 3460 RPM, flanged mounted, unit is not complete-many parts missing


78958p- Urschel, Comitrol model 3600, driven by 10 HP 440 volt, 3500 RPM motor, includes auger feed & cutting head (part #2-B-015025), has been reconditioned


79576p- Urschel, Cross Cut Slicer model 30, ideal for long products, previously used on green beans, product drops into narrow cutting pockets & then pass thru stationary knives, can be used on other products such as asparagus, carrots, celery, rhubarb, okra, etc., maximum feed size 8" length, dicer bowl 38" diameter x 16" deep, driven by 3/4 HP 208-230/460 volt, 3/60 hertz 1725 RPM motor


79574p- Urschel, Cross Cut Slicer model 30, ideal for long products, previously used on green beans, product drops into narrow cutting pockets & then pass thru stationary knives, can be used on other products such as asparagus, carrots, celery, rhubarb, okra, etc., maximum feed size 8" length, dicer bowl 34" diameter x 13" deep, driven by 1 HP 208-230/460 volt, 3/60 hertz 1760 RPM motor


69528p- Urschel, Dicer model G, 2 HP motor, set for 1/2" dice


47507p- Urschel, Dicer model G-A, stainless steel construction, 3/8" circular knife spacing, 16 blade crosscut, control panel with interlocks, 5 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase motor


82996p- Urschel, Dicer model GA, stainless steel construction, set up for 3/8" x 1" cut, on stainless frame with casters, complete with controls, last used to dice tomatoes


69526p- Urschel, Dicer model GK, 12 blade cross cut, Baldor 2 HP 230/460 volt motor, control panel


68827p- Urschel, Dicer model GK, 2 HP motor, control panel, 1/2" cross cut, missing circular knife & stripper


69525p- Urschel, Dicer model GK, control panel, 12 blade cross cut, will be sold with sheet metal guards, etc.


59500p- Urschel, Dicer model GK-A, stainless steel construction, 2 HP motor 230/460 volt 3 phase, 16 blade cross cut (3/8") 1" circular knife spacing, control panel with interlocks, 10" impeller opening


45133- Urschel, Dicer model HA, with slicing knife


42562- Urschel, Dicer model HA, with slicing knife, circular knives, stainless steel shafts, dairy grade


46596- Urschel, Dicer model HA, with slicing knife, interlock safety, control panel


46597- Urschel, Dicer model HA, with slicing knife, interlock safety, control panel with PLC, step platform


46326p- Urschel, Dicer model HXA, constructed of stainless steel, mobile dicer, cross cut assembly with 9 blades set up for 13/16" cut & circular blade assembly with 6 blades for 1-1/4" cut


47503p- Urschel, Dicer model J, control panel with interlocks, 5 HP 230/460 volt motor, stainless steel, 3/16" circular knife spacing, 12 blade crosscut


71262p- Urschel, Dicer model J, no tag, stainless steel contact, 3/16" circular cut knives, 12 blade cross cut assembly, sanitary feed belt, 5 HP 230/460 volt motor, start/stop panel, no safety interlocks, stainless steel portable wheel mounted frame, with all chutes, covers & guards


80804- Urschel, Dicer model J, stainless steel construction, 11" wide product feed belt, 5 HP 230/460 volt motor, start/stop panel


67900p- Urschel, Dicer model J9, 3/8" circular knife spacing, 12 blade cross cut (1/4"), stainless steel construction, control panel with interlocks


67898p- Urschel, Dicer model J9, 3/8" circular knife spacing, 12 blade cross cut (1/4"), stainless steel construction, control panel with interlocks


67899p- Urschel, Dicer model J9, set for 1/4" dice, 5 HP 1170 RPM 230/460 volt motor, control panel with interlocks, stainless steel construction


64468p- Urschel, Dicer model J9A, 1/4" cross cut, 3/4" circular knife spacing, 3/8" feed roll spacing, 3/16" stripper plate spacing, control panel with interlocks, 5 HP 1175 RPM 230/460 volt motor with Stearns brake, last used unknown


70605p- Urschel, Dicer model RA, cuts in 3 dimensions, high speed centrifugal slicer for thickness adjustable by screw adjustment, second cut is revolving corrugated feed drum & opposing feed spindle knives for positive feed into circular knives, third cut is crosscut assembly to produce cubes or rectangular pieces, currently set up for 1/8" x 1/8" x 3/8" dice


66630p- Urschel, Dicer model RA, set for 1/4" dice, stainless steel construction, 3 HP 1730 RPM 230/460 volt motor


80805- Urschel, Dicer model RA, stainless steel contact construction, set for 3/8" dice, hopper infeed, 2 HP 230/460 volt motor, start/stop switch


41253p- Urschel, Dicer model RA-A, 1/8" circular knife spacing, 3 blade cross cut (1"), 5 HP motor, control panel with interlocks


44279p- Urschel, Dicer model RA-A, 7.5 HP motor, 1/8" circular knife spacing, 4 blade crosscut with control panel, stainless steel.


82990p- Urschel, Dicer model RA-A, wide variety of products such as fruit, vegetables, products for relish, nuts & processed meats, maximum input product 3.5" in any dimension, designed for continuous operation, for easy cleanup & maintenance, hopper & safety guards are missing, 3.7kw 400 volt 50 hertz, unit 1.20m x .95m x 1.85m, weight 320kg.


34676p- Urschel, Dicer model SLA, USDA approved, continuous operation, dices 4" blocks into cubes or strips, slicing knife, circular knife spindle, crosscut knife spindle, slices up to 1/2", dices from 1/4" to 3", .2 HP 440 vac, 3 phase, variable speed motor


79812p- Urschel, Dicer, appears to be model CD, stainless steel contacts, feed & discharge chute, approximate 1/3" spacing between blades, control panel, driven by 5 HP 208-230/460 volt 1725 RPM 3/60 hertz motor, mounted on stainless steel frame with foot pads, previously used in food operation


78244p- Urschel, Dicer/Slicer model HS-A, 14.5" diameter feed drum, complete with drive, 1.5 HP 230/460 volt 1730 RPM, 3/60 hertz motor, unitized on stainless steel frame, 52" discharge height, previously used on potatoes


72868- Urschel, French Fry Potato Cutter model GRL, 21 blade head, 2 HP motor


72869- Urschel, French Fry Potato Cutter model GRL, 24 blade head, 2 HP 1725 RPM 230/460 volt motor


72871- Urschel, French Fry Potato Cutter model GRL, crinkle cut, 28 blade head, 2 HP motor


75505p- Urschel, GRL Cross Cut Heads, 8 with 21 blades, 13 with 28 blades & 16 with 24 blades


80806- Urschel, Segment Cutter model VSC, no tag, stainless steel contact construction, dual belt feed, 3 HP 230/460 volt motor, all guards & cover


75506p- Urschel, Slicer model 30, brass housing with 1/2" blade slots


52839p- Urschel, Slicer model CC, 5 HP 230/460 volt 3 phase motor, stainless steel impeller, stainless steel V cut head assembly #22543


52840p- Urschel, Slicer model OC, 45 degree head, stainless steel, control panel with interlocks, 45 degree slicer, set for straight cut, complete except for missing head drive motor, dimensions 34" wide x 127" long x 54" high, approximately 950 pounds


66629- Urschel, Slicer model OV


57121p- Urschel, Slicer model OV, 3 HP 230/460 volt 1775 RPM motor, 13 blade cutting head


69524p- Urschel, Slicer model OV, 3 HP motor, control panel with interlocks, powered hold down belt, 17 blade head


70585- Urschel, Slicer model W, French style, stainless steel centrifugal feeder & oscillating aligning lanes, set for 3/16"


60221p- Vertical Automatic Slicer Mill, all stainless steel sanitary construction with conveyor infeed 6" x 48" with shielded inlet to slicing area, 6" wide conveyor discharge on upward angle to separate slices, 220 volt 3 phase, equipped for dual curved slicing on rotating arm


60370p- Wolfking, Grinder model SSMC200/140, stainless steel, feed chamber 22" wide x 26" long x 4' deep, air compressor at bottom, missing discharge auger, overall 52" long x 4' high x 40" wide.


38734p- Wyssmont, 2 Reel Lump Breaker, all stainless steel contacts, 5" diameter x 12" face open reels, each driven by 1.5 HP motors with split pulley V belt drive arrangement, rotor spins approximately 1230 RPM



Commercial Food and Cheese Chopping and Cutting Equipment.

Schier Company Inc. has a wide variety of cutters available including grinders, shredders, flakers and mills. Our cutters can chop, cut, grind or emulsify most food products on the market. We have choppers for the small plant and some for the industrial size.