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81882p- 10 gallon Evaporator/Still, all stainless steel contacts, system consist of (1) 10 gallon vessel 11" diameter x 21" straight side with 6" jacket feeding smaller vessel 12" diameter x 11" straight side thru 3" diameter condenser, both vessels have 1.5" center bottom outlets, previously used in food operation


48222p- APV, Single Effect Finisher Evaporator type P-E, 2050 pounds per hour, employs forced circulation rising/falling film principle of evaporation, evaporator frame with 16 each type 316 stainless steel plate units (65 plates total), 1 type 316 stainless steel 30.5" snail shell vertical separator, 1 type 304 stainless steel barometric condenser with steam ejector & interconnection vapor tubing, unit was designed for feed rate of 5590 pounds per hour at 190 degrees F, feed concentration of 9.0% suspended solids & 20.20% soluble solids, product rate of 3540 pounds per hour, product concentration of 31.9% soluble solids at 165 degree F, evaporation rate of 2050 pounds per hour, was originally designed for 19 plate units, 3 are missing, evaporation rate will be less than designed as equipped, additional plate units may be added to bring the evaporation rate back to designed rate, last processing spent mash, plate gaskets appear to be in good shape


67105p- Aqua-Chem, Batch type Forced Circulation Mechanical Vapor Compression Evaporator System model VCFC, stainless steel, rated 5000 pounds an hour, feed flow clean 6000 pounds an hour, skid mounted


73742p- Artisan Rototherm, Wiped Film Evaporator, 25 square feet, horizontal, 316 stainless steel body, 304 stainless steel rotor, complete with 20 HP motor thru V belt drive, on stand, last used in chemical operation


35550p- Blaw Knox, Evaporator & Distillation Column, all stainless steel, column was probably packed with ratchet rings, no tubes, operating temperature 200 degree F, vacuum on shell, first section 28" diameter x 7' long, second section 16" diameter x 3' long, third section 6" diameter x 6' long, evaporator section carbon steel shell, (9) 2" stainless steel tubes 6' long, unit 12" diameter overall x 10.5' long


58139p- Blaw Knox, Industrial Vapor Liquid Separator, stainless steel, shell rated for vacuum at 400 degree F, vapor liquid separator 50" straight side, 18" cone, 22" diameter, separator has 4" diameter flanged liquid discharge, 10" diameter flanged steam inlet, 6" diameter flanged steam outlet, separator 16" diameter hatch with 6" diameter sight glass on the side & 6" diameter sight glass on top, flange on top sight glass is broken & hinge to top opening is bent


54775p- Buflovak, 3 Effect Evaporator, all stainless steel contacts, last used evaporating 750 PPH water, previously used on coffee, evaporator missing pre-heater, first effect steam chest & separator, second & third effect condensers, second effect cooler, second & third effect steam chest & separators, heater, third effect cooler, some piping & valves includes


47442p- Buflovak, Rising/Falling Film Evaporator, 3 effect, 20,000 PPH, all wetted parts being sanitary stainless steel, was handling 9500 pounds of 5% solids product feed & coming out with 1055 pounds of 45% solids, major components include 7' x 13' main separator body, 33" first stage, 23" second & third stage steam chests, pre heaters, condensers, re-boilers, National Board #9175, last used in tea operation facility, out of service for several years, need overhaul to get running.


37432p- CE Rogers, Rising Film Evaporator, 2 effect, operated 24,000 to 32,000 pounds of condensed milk per hour, rated 32,000 pounds skim milk evaporator per hour, Foxboro controls 2 colander tubes 10' long x 2" diameter tubes (1 has 100 tubes, the other has 200 tubes)


66694p- Chemtron, Votator Aseptic Wiped Film Evaporator, 1.4 square foot, pilot system includes Chemtron (Rodney Hunt) model 04020 Turba film processor, stainless steel condenser (S/N 0259F), 3 votators model 41476L12, 4" ID x 12" long scraped surface heat exchangers, fitted for refrigerant, steam & water, condensate pump, complete system unitized on stand, designed to process 140 pounds/hour of fruit puree


54779p- Double Effect Evaporator, forced circulation evaporator system, designed for 35 GPM feed, concentrate from 28% solids to 50% solids, first effect includes vessel 8' 8" diameter x 25' straight side, constructed of titanium, 5/16" thick, rated for FV/15 PSI, first effect heat exchanger, rated for 845 SF, 316 stainless steel tubes, single pass, (293) 1" diameter x 10' long tubes, 28" diameter x 132" long carbon steel shell, first effect circulation pump, Lawrence elbow pump, 12", 316 stainless steel contacts, second effect includes vessel 13' diameter x 25' straight side, carbon steel, rubber lined, rated 85 PSI at 850 degree F, second effect heat exchanger rated 1140 square foot, single pass, (414) 3/4" diameter x 12' long stainless steel tubes, stainless steel shell, 22" diameter x 168" long, second effect condenser, 850 square foot, (310) 1" diameter x 16' long titanium tubes, carbon steel shell, second effect circulation pump, 50 HP Bingham elbow pump, 14", titanium contacts, system includes 5' x 5.5' stainless steel condensate tank, Marley cooling tower


66693p- Finn Aqua, Multiple Effect Water Still for WFI, type FA500SA, rated at 500 liter/hour of pure distillate water, all 316 stainless steel contact parts, feed pump & controls, electrical requirement 460 volt for system, 120 volt for controls, last processing in pharmaceutical facility


70064p- Finn Aqua, Pure Steam Generator model 1500-H-1, utilizes falling film type evaporator, all stainless steel contacts, 1 vertical column 12" diameter x 10' high, approximately (75) 1/2" diameter tubes with 1.5" diameter feed water tube, surrounding steam tubes, 2 Steris type FA1500H1 inline heat exchangers rated 116 PSI at 347 degree F & 1 Finn-Aqua 2" diameter x 3' long heat exchanger, Grundfos CR4-60 model 8623, 3540 RPM pump, 4.8 cubic meter/hour at 68 meter head, driven by 2.2kw motor, previously used in pharmaceutical facility


82062p- GEA-Niro, Falling Film Evaporator, mechanical vapor re-compression, single effect with 2 vapor separators & flash cooler, rated approximately 35,000 pounds per hour of evaporation on whey, still installed with 300 HP Niro compressor, pumps, piping & controls, last in Dairy Co-Op, dismantled, re-installed & never used, compressor rebuilt with all new wear parts, rebuilt in 2008 & never operated, sanitary stainless construction with CIP system, compressor model NA51D (S/N 017, Mfg. 1990), small boiler


81836p- Groen/Dover, Thin Film Evaporator model E-696, stainless steel, designed to concentrate products from as low as 4% solids up to 99.5% solids, evaporator tubes have 6" diameter product annulus x 96" long resulting in 26 square foot of heat transfer area, rated 115 PSI at 353 degree F, mounted on stainless steel stand with large casters, previously used in food operation, drawing #D6797-23


80894p- Groen/Dover, Thin Film Evaporator model E-696, stainless steel, designed to concentrate products from as low as 4% solids up to 99.5% solids, tubes have 6" diameter product annulus x 96" long, 26 square feet of heat transfer area, rated 115 PSI at 353 degree F, drawing #D6797-23, mounted on stainless steel stand with large casters, previously used in food operation


73744p- L&A, 2 Effect Tubular Evaporator, stainless steel, rated approximate 10,000 pounds/hour skid mounted with pumps, essence recovery column, column approximate 4' x 25', 304 stainless steel, machine can be ran under vacuum, temperature on side tube condensers 320 degree, last used running juice, been sitting for several years, working when removed from service but will need TLC to get running.


35885p- LED Italia, Vacuum Evaporator Distillation System model DRY20, all 316 stainless steel, self contained unit in cabinet, .37 gallons (1.4L) distillate per hour, designed to evaporate & recover dry, residual solids, 2.2 kilowatt power, 60 cycle, can be used for photo chemicals, solvent recovery, waste water clean up etc.


73746p- LED Italia, Vacuum Evaporators model R150FF2V, all stainless steel, rated at approximate 7 liter/hour of distillate, 3 gallon evaporation chamber, scraped surface agitator & 3 HP, rated for 230 volt 60 cycle 15 amps, chamber jacketed, system includes heat pump for heating & cooling, distillate tank with pump & controls, package 850mm long x 730mm wide x 1460mm high, all stainless steel but not sanitary, code #1041850, seen very little use, missing some parts.


38454p- Lee, Batch Evaporator model 150 D7S, all stainless steel, 1993 vintage, 90 PSI jacket, vessel designed for vacuum, National Board #5561, single motion scrape agitator with heating ring in center, 18" diameter manhole, 2" center bottom outlet with tri clamp fitting, 90 PSI at 332 degree F, 150 gallon


80148p- Mueller, Falling Film Plate Chiller model 361-IFC, stainless steel 6 plate chiller, for cooling free flowing food grade liquids that will become an ingredient in food product, or will come into contact with food product, potable water, fruit juices & food wash water, rinse water & chiller flume water, (6) 45" x 96" all stainless steel chill plates in 8 plate sized stainless steel cabinet (thru drizzle pans sized for 6 plates only), all food grade sanitary stainless steel construction, top distribution pan distributes water evenly over plates in laminar flow, chilled water or juice falls from chiller plates into insulated stainless steel bottom collection tank (293 gallon capacity), manufacturer tagged for up to 250 PSI working pressure & cooling any free flowing food fluid to within 2 degree F of its freeze point, hinged front access door


70065p- Mueller, Pure Steam Generator model PSG-P7140, all pharmaceutical grade 316L stainless steel contacts, rated for capacity of 1500 pounds/hour at 45 PSI with 120 PSI steam supply, shell & tube side rated 150 PSI full vacuum at 366 degree F, double tube sheet evaporator which vaporizes feed water, external evaporator that fully drains, blow down cooler assembly & steam separator, less control panel


76701- Niro, Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator, 316/304 stainless steel construction, TVR design, approximate rate 22,000 PPH input at 48% solids, output at 54% solids, 1230 pound/hour water evaporation rate, vapor body, condensers, vacuum pump, circulation pumps & controls, job #61-4654


63689- Niro, Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator, rated 22,000 PPH input at 48% solids, output rated at 22,000 PPH, 48% solids inlet, 54% solids output, 1320 PPH water evaporation, stainless steel, includes vapor body, tanks, pumps, condensers, piping & clamps, valves, vacuum system, controls, etc.


60833p- Niro, Single Effect Falling Film Evaporator, stainless steel construction, TVR design, approximately rated 22,000 PPH input at 48% solids, output at 54% solids, 1230 pound/hour water evaporation rate, includes vapor body, condensers, vacuum pumps, circulation pumps & controls, job #61-4654, 68' overall height, last used making Enfamil baby formula.


65339p- Osmonics, Multi Effect Still model VSS100/3ETI, titanium evaporator 316L stainless steel separator, 100 GPH at 99 degree C distillate capacity, skid mounted with controls


53630- Powder Surge Tank, stainless steel cone, 18.5" diameter with 10" straight side, 12" ID top opening, 10" ID discharge opening with a manually operated butterfly valve, air actuated vibrator, 4 mount pads for suspension


11520p- Rodney Hunt Turba Film, Thin Film Evaporator, 97 square foot, 316 stainless steel construction, National Board #287, 150 PSI at 400 degree F jacket, 15 PSI at 400 degree F internally, cone positive discharge, 4' diameter x 22' long overall dimensions


73745p- Rodney Hunt, Turba Film Evaporator, 30 square feet surface area, rated for 35 PSI at 300 degree F, jacketed section 60" long, less drive


70063p- Steris Finn-Aqua, Multiple Effect Water Still model 1500-H-5, uses staged evaporation & condensation for water injection applications, all stainless steel contacts, 5 Santasalo-Sohlberg vertical columns 10" diameter x 10' long with approximately (80) 1/2" diameter tubes, surrounding 1.5" diameter center cooling tube, rated 116 PSI at 347 degree F, (5) 2" diameter x 9' long inline heat exchangers type FA-1500 rated for 116 PSI & Amsco U tube design shell & tube heat exchanger, used at pharmaceutical processing facility to create water for injection


70062p- Steris Finn-Aqua, Multiple Effect Water Still model 1500-S-5, staged evaporation & condensation for water injection applications, 5 vertical columns 10" diameter x 10' long with approximately (80) 1/2" diameter tubes, surrounding 1.5" diameter center cooling tube, rated 125 PSI at 352 degree F, 3 inline heat exchangers type FA-1500S5, rated 125 PSI & Amsco U tube design shell & tube heat exchanger, previously used at pharmaceutical processing facility to create water for injection


78997p- T.A.S.T.E., Evaporator, self contained systems, 5 effect, 7 stage, rated at 40,000 pounds per hour, 8000 pounds per hour steam requirement, 304 stainless steel construction & contact parts, mild steel support structure & enclosure, pump & motor details provided on attachment, all equipment intact & available for review, previously used in citrus, orange juice application


60826p- Triple Effect Falling Film Evaporator, 321 stainless steel, approximately 2000 square foot, consists of 1 evaporator chamber approximately 60" diameter, with shell & tube heat exchanger, 1 effect condenser approximately 890 square foot, 1 effect condenser approximately 870 square foot, 1 effect condenser approximately 215 square foot, miscellaneous valves


78787p- Turbo Film Evaporator, manufacturer unknown, 48" long with 6" x 24" jacketed lower chamber with 4 spiral blade impeller, 22" upper chamber, 10" diameter with 4" ID top side inlet with 8 bolt 9" OD companion flange connection, flanged top, 4 mounting lugs, all stainless steel contact parts


74168- Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery, Vertical Thin Film Evaporator, 10 meter square (approximate 107 square foot), constructed of 0CR18NI10TI (321) stainless steel, wipers driven by 10 HP 75 RPM drive, jacket designed for 150 degree C (approximate 300 degree F) at .5MPa (approximate 72 PSI), includes condenser


79026p- Yamato, Scientific Rotary Evaporator model RE-71, 10 liter capacity with condenser, rated 220 volt 50 hertz 15 amps, less glassware, moving parts have been tested & are functional


Double Effect Evaporators, Falling, Wiped, Thin and Rising.

Schier Company Inc. provides a wide array of long lasting, high volume film evaporators with various designs. This includes wiped, thin, rising and falling film evaporators to condense or concentrate liquids and solutions.


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