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35754p- Anderson, 8 head Piston Filler, equipped with 6 pistons, will accommodate 8 for 16 ounce maximum fill per cylinder 3" ID x 5.25" stroke, adjustable stroke length, diving fill nozzles with suck back, automatic bottle indexing, all stainless steel sanitary contact surfaces, full electrical controls, independent stainless steel product reservoir, unit has been wet tested for a sample trial with a cosmetic product & will fill an absolute maximum of 16 ounce when the stroke length is at full extension, last used for performance lubricants, sanitary design with all stainless steel wetted parts


34125p- Anderson, Rotary Hot Fill Piston Filler, all stainless steel sanitary construction, 24 vertically mounted pistons, .5" diameter x 3" approximate stroke, bottom up fill with centrally located product hopper, cam activated filling, timing screw to star wheel infeed & discharge (right to left), all stainless steel insulated heated enclosure with electric thermostatically controlled heating system, internal blower, product tank mixer with variable speed, conveyor cut thru, dual access doors & dual viewing ports, center distance between nozzles 3.5", formerly filled individual lipsticks carried in pucks, only 1 conveyor body included large supply of spare parts


35743p- Arenco, Twin Piston Tube Filler model GAN, fully automatic hot jaw, capable of 80-120 tubes per minute, maximum tube range:1.5" wide (38mm) x 7-1/4" long (185mm) equipped with dual cassette tube feeding system, air cleaner, tube registration, tube sealing, front/back emboss coder, tube trim station, bar code verification, individual heated controllers for each side of the sealing jaws, equipped with 1-1/8" wide fill nozzles, OAD 9' long x 7' high x 6' wide, 3/60/240 volt, 2650 pound shipping weight


76205p- Automatic Inline Depositor, 2 rows of 10 heads, totaling 20 head piston filling nozzles with 5/16" openings, stainless steel hopper leading to food grade flexible hose & filling heads, pneumatically operated, unitized on stainless steel frame with casters, previously used for sauce & condiment processing & packaging


76204p- Automatic Inline Depositor, 2 rows of 10 heads, totaling 20 head piston filling nozzles with 5/16" openings, stainless steel manifold with bottom openings, leading to food grade flexible hose & filling heads, pneumatically operated, unitized on stainless steel frame, previously used for sauce & condiment processing & packaging


82377- Colborne, Piston Filler, with hopper & stand air actuated, pizza sauce application


75251p- Colton-Hope, Automatic Twin Piston Filler model 19S, all stainless steel food grade contact surfaces, bulk oval cone stainless steel hopper 28" diameter x 24" deep with drain port, twin pistons at 5.75" centers, 1.5" ID x 7" maximum stroke for mathematically calculated maximum fill of approximate 12 ounce, push pin style conveyor over stainless steel bed, pins on 5" centers, bottom up fill, 1/2 HP variable speed drive, 115/208/230 volt single phase, wired for 115/single phase service, painted carbon steel frame, formerly used in food service


60305p- Cotuplas, 12 station Plastic Tube Filler model AK6030D, 220 volt 3 phase, 110 volt control, tube orienting, embossing type coding & bulk hopper infeed, 4 ounce piston, stainless steel sanitary contact, full safety covers, air tube cooling, formerly used in novelty packaging


34128p- Cotuplas, Rotary Plastic Tube Filler/Sealer model RS70, radiant style heat tube sealing, jacketed sanitary hopper, single piston fill (1-5/8" diameter x 4" stroke), 12 pocket tube carrousel designed for manual loading, automatic ejection, 4 heated sealing stations, water cooled embossing coder, pneumatically operated piston valve, mechanically operated anti drip fill nozzle, mounted on steel base 40" wide x 60" long x 84" high, OAD 48" x 72" x 7' high, machine #223


76605p- Cozzoli Machine Co., Monoblock Filler/Capper model FSV-105M, 24" diameter stainless steel rotary feed table to capturing transport conveyor for up to 1" diameter, single station piston filler with assorted pistons up to 20ml, 16" diameter stainless steel vibratory bowl feeder sorting 20mm screw cap with air operated cap tightener, factory controls, 115 volt single phase, formerly filling 15ml pharmaceutical products


50638p- Custom Built Hot Pour Filler, 4 piston, electrically heated, designed by JG Machine Works & used for hot pour cosmetic filling, 2" x 7' long extruded aluminum conveyor body with pneumatically operated 4 container indexing station at filler, 1/2" diameter pistons operated via motor driven Acme screw with threaded micro adjustment at each piston, 3/16" diving fill nozzles mechanically driven & set at 1.5" centers, pistons, valve block, fill nozzles & product feed line housed in stainless steel heated box with hinged see thru front cover, electric heater & circulating blower, product feed line has inlet & outlet for continuous sources of material from heated process, 42 long discharge tunnel equipped with ceramic heaters & circulating fans to smooth filling imperfections following filling, a variety of indexing wheels & miscellaneous parts & system components


73869p- Custom Twin Piston Filler, pneumatically operated, all stainless steel food grade wetted parts, twin 4" ID x 14" long stroke pistons at 8" centers for maximum volume of approximate 96 ounces per piston, control system housed in Nema 4 enclosure with direct Logic PLC, sensor activated filling, 3-way 1.5" sanitary ball valves with tri clamp connections, may be pump or hopper fed, mounted on low profile stainless steel floor stand, formerly used in hair care packaging


60071p- Elgin MRM, Twin Head Inline Piston Filler, stainless steel, no tag, filler has (2) 11 ounce pistons with a total of 22 ounce for maximum fill per stroke, .5" diameter nozzles on 4" centers, filler has 15 gallon stainless steel cone bottom hopper, filler has dual lug type conveyor with 2.75" wide space in between lugs, requires 220/440 vac 3 phase electrical, tested in working condition (has video on file)


35750p- Elgin, Twin Piston Conveyorized Filler, all 316 stainless steel contact surfaces, 12" diameter x 11" deep cone bottom hopper with loose fitting cover, adjacent post mount for small agitator, twin 1" diameter x 5" long pistons for ounce maximum fill, twin lane lag chain conveyor with 2" lane centers, 3/8" fill nozzles, variable speed drive with vari cone pulley, explosion proof 1 HP motor by Allis Chalmers, painted steel frame with polished stainless steel fill table sheathing & some guarding.


70860p- Elgin, Twin Piston Filler, all stainless steel food grade contact surfaces, rated for 30 to 50 containers per minute depending on product & container sizes, twin 16 ounce capacity pistons (maximum as based on 2" ID piston with 9.5" stroke), approximate 10 gallon stainless steel steep cone hopper mounted over dual rotary piston valves, intermittent motion lug chain conveyor with lugs on 5" centers, conveyor lanes are apart on 4" centers, equipped with bottom up filling feature, .75 HP motor by Marathon, variable speed drive using variable cone type pulley, manually adjustable for varying height containers, painted steel frame, overall dimensions 80" x 36" x 76" high, 230/460/3 phase voltage, formerly used in cosmetic & personal care product packaging


58476p- Elmar Industries, Rotary Piston Filler model RPE-414 RB1-LH, 14 valve, stainless steel contact, 2-7/16" piston, 12" stroke, 4" x 4' 6" discharge conveyor, missing 2 pistons, 1 actuator


59509p- Elmar, Rotary Piston Filler model RPE 521 L RH, (21) 2.75" pistons, 27.5 ounce maximum fill, clockwise rotation, last used on glass containers


11431p- EME Engler, Rotary Piston Can Filler model K20, 12 pistons on 7.75" centers, 1-5/16" fill heads, all stainless steel construction, no can/no fill, clockwise rotation, timing screw & star wheel infeed & discharge, 5' long x 6" wide plastic table top in feed conveyor, last running #10 gallon cans of salsa at 48 CPM, change parts in place for 6" diameter


51062p- Eveready Machine, Single Piston Filler, table top, all brass single piston with mechanically operated feed & discharge cut off knives, 4.5" x 7" stroke piston, .48 gallon maximum fill with adjustable stroke length, 1 HP drive, 220/440 3 phase voltage with switch gear


78933p- FEMC, Piston Filler with Lidder, 2 lane, stainless steel feed hopper & de-nester for trays, complete with discharge conveyor with laner, control panel, previously used in food operation


73749p- Filamatic, 2 Head Piston Filler, stainless steel, has Lesson DC speed controller, missing 1 piston


43465p- Filamatic, Piston Filler model CVKM-300-1, 4 pistons each with 1000cc or 1 liter capacity, stainless steel contact parts, complete with conveyor, mild steel frame, last run on copy machine toner, would need to be cleaned well for food use, includes conveyor controls & drip tray controls, speed around 200 per minute, diving nozzle fill type


81673p- Filamatic, Piston Filler model DAB-4, table top unit


57513p- Filamatic, Twin Head Piston Filler model DAB82, all stainless steel contact parts, complete with National Instruments valves & fill cylinders for 85cc capacity (1.25" diameter x 4.25" stroke), last run filling tubes in semi automatic rotary table with 12 stations, set for manual insert & removal of tubes, last used filling dental epoxy into tubes, top fill, no crimper


82244- Filamatic, Twin Piston Filler model DAB-6, with foot pedal


78435p- Fill Tech, Dual Lane Tub Filler/Sealer/Lidder, tooled for 45/60 ounce tubs, 3 pound tubs, change parts for 5 pound tubs, equipment all stainless steel construction, previously used in dairy type operation, system includes tub de-nester, feeding to dual lane conveyor, conveyor then feeds tubs to dual head piston filling station, plastic sealing section & lidder section, removed from service in October 2016


43537p- Fills All, Fully Automatic 12 station Conveyorized Piston Filler model VOL-32, stainless steel & aluminum construction (316 stainless steel wetted parts), 12-36 ounce maximum capacity pistons with check valves & 3/8" anti drip fill nozzles on diving manifold mounted on rear of cabinet style base, fill cycle movements pneumatically operated, micro processor controlled, no bottle/no fill detection, 4.5" wide x 7' long conveyor with Delrin table top chain on stainless steel body, remote stainless steel hopper on casters connects to individual filling valves, formerly used in cosmetic packaging, system eliminates the use of star wheels or container timing screws


63366p-New FMC, Lifter Cams for C150 rotary piston filler, part #C2113551


70695p- FMC, Piston Can filler model C 610, for 603 x 700 cans, stainless steel product contact parts, 1.5" plungers, drop chute infeed, straight line discharge, for 401 to 610 diameter cans, 208 to 1005 can height range, 8.5 ounce to 176.4 ounce capacity, last used in salsa plant, 30 - 60 cans per minute.


70696p- FMC, Piston Can Filler model C-120, stainless steel product contact, 4" pistons, 1.5" plungers, 3 HP gear head motor drive, no can/no fill device, straight line discharge with table for hook up to Continental CR or Angelus P machine (not included)


64470p- FMC, Piston Can Filler model C-610, 6 pocket for 603 x 700 cans, stainless steel product contact


59407p- FMC, Piston Can Filler model M&S, 20 pocket piston, 2.75" diameter pistons, 1.5" filling valves, drop chute to star infeed, tangential discharge for hook up to seamer, all stainless steel product contact parts, no can/no fill mechanism


63368p- FMC, Piston Filler model 220, set 307 x 113 can size, previously hooked to a Continental model 450HCM can seamer


59519p- FMC, Piston Filler model 220, stainless steel product contact, set on 300 diameter, 3.5" diameter pistons


59518- FMC, Piston Filler model C-610, stainless steel product contact, set on 603 diameter, parts only


63371- FMC, Rotary Hand Pack Filler, set for 211 diameter


63367p- FMC, Rotary Piston Can Filler model C-150, 3.5" diameter pistons, 1.5" diameter plungers, set on 300 diameter can, conveyor/worm to star infeed, straight line discharge


21299p- FMC, Rotary Piston Can Fillers model C120, 12 pocket with all contact parts sanitary stainless steel, no can/no fill mechanism, seamer driven


59516p- FMC, Rotary Piston Filler model C-150, stainless steel product contact, 1.5" diameter valves, 3.5" diameter pistons, set on 300 diameter


59515p- FMC, Rotary Piston Filler model C-150, stainless steel product contact, 2-1/8" diameter valves, 3.5" diameter pistons, set on 300 diameter


66006p- Food Equipment Manufacturing Corp., Single Piston Filler model 1219087, pneumatically operated, all stainless steel construction, USDA approved with polished finish, single air operated piston at 4" ID x 6" stroke rated for maximum fill of 41.25 ounce, shuttle type valve, 1" diameter nozzle (mounting hardware required) with anti-drip closure plug, 60" cone type hopper 24" diameter with 6" straight side x 18" deep cone, automatic or manual operation, factory controls in washdown enclosure, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


57038p- Food Equipment, Twin Piston Filler model 1002, air operated, sanitary design, all stainless steel construction, 2.5" diameter pistons with 4" long maximum stroke yielding 2.7 to 10.8 ounce fill capacity, 2" direct product inlet with Acme threaded connection, dual discharge, self cleaning anti-drip nozzles on adjustable mountings, filler is mounted on casters, formerly used in food product manufacturing, no hopper included


65613p- G Mondini, Doser/Depositor/Filler model VSB/L, stainless steel pistons, electrical 220 volt 3 phase 60 hertz, portable on stand, last used in food plant, has 2" diameter nozzle.


34127p- Ganzhorn & Stirr Fabrication, Semi Automatic Metal Tube Filler, 14" diameter tube table with 10 tube holders, automatic ejection with single crimping station, single fold pressing station, single piston fill, 1.250" diameter x 5" stroke, air cleaned anti drip nozzle, no tube/no fill product hopper, 110 volt single phase variable speed gear box & pneumatically operated tube turn table, designed for manual tube loading, fabrication #528.60


43539p- Geyer, Inline Piston Filler model SL58, 12 filling stations & 6 approximate 32 ounce pistons (2.5" ID x 12" stroke), rated 60-150 CPM with 6 pistons & 120-300 CPM with 12 pistons, stainless steel sanitary wetted parts, agitated 40 gallon product hopper 19" wide x 52" long x 14" deep, 4" x 4" infeed conveyor with stainless steel table top chain, 12 transport lanes thru filling stations with push pin container transport, bottom up fill, pneumatically operated no bottle/no fill, 6" discharge conveyor, 1 HP variable speed main drive, 208-230/260/3 phase voltage


70173p- Geyer, Piston Filler model J, all stainless steel food grade wetted parts, 4 lane intermittent motion push pin type conveyor with twin push pins at 4.5" centers in each lane, bottom up fill, no bottle/no fill, 40 to 100 CPM with fill volume up to 64 ounce with appropriate tooling, filler includes 3 sets of piston in 1", 1.5" & 2.25" ID, formerly used in contract packaging of personal care products.


60369p- Hamba, 6 Lane Piston Filler, induction sealer model BF8000, running 304 diameter x 311 high polyethylene container for cake frosting at 150 container a minute, tank container out of magazine fills, places pre-cut foil on top & heat seals in place


72193p- Haskon, Single Piston Filler model 300, all pneumatically operated functions with foot switch activated filling, all food grade contact surfaces with 32 ounce piston & stainless steel hopper 24" diameter x 16" deep, air activated rotary valve, mounted on painted telescoping stand yielding fill heights from 41" to 51", hopper has 1.5" tri clamp sanitary connection, formerly used in food packaging


80810p- Hauser, Piston Filler model PPF1-6-1, fully sanitary with 304 stainless steel construction, all FDA seals, on stainless steel frame with casters, product hopper has variable speed agitator, can be disassembled without tools, 3.87" diameter x 6" stroke piston, maximum fill of 1 liter, hand crank for adjusting volume size ranging from 200cc-1000cc, drip free 1.5" diameter nozzle, 2" diameter diaphragm pump to pump product into hopper, last doing hot fills, CFIA certified


58134p- Hema, Piston Can Filler model MR50, 50 head, 304 stainless steel contact parts, set for 307 x111 cans at 1200 units per minute, pistons are 1.968" diameter with volume of 21.36 cubic inch, equipped with 290 gallon hopper, has no can/no fill system, driven by 12 HP drive motor, requires 480 vac 3 phase electrical supply


73112p- Hibar Systems Ltd., Filler Hopper model PO226, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade, 16" wide x 27" long x 17" deep, open top with loose fitting cover, 2 lift handles & 2.5" holes for level sensor, U shaped hopper has 6 bottom outlets with 1.5" outlets & tri clamp connections, 1.5" bottom end hopper fill port piped to base of stand with Cherry Burrell air operated plug valve activated by Hyde Park "Superprox" level sensor, hopper dual post mounted with 37" x 35.5" stainless steel base frame on casters, 67" discharge height under hopper to floor, 8" base frame floor height, 85" overall height, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


65614p- Hinds Bock, Filler/Depositor model 8P08A, 8 head with 1-3/8" diameter pistons, maximum 5" stroke, hopper 28" x 44", conveyor 74" long x 28" wide with rubber belt, 1/2 HP 90 volt motor, 8 head filler, stainless steel


80899p- Hinds Bock, Single Piston Filler model SP648, all stainless steel contact parts, 28" diameter x 24" tall stainless steel hopper, fills from fractions of 1 ounce to 64 ounce, portable, missing piston, air hoses & all pneumatic controls damaged


73666p- Hinds Bock, Tabletop Muffin/Cupcake Batter Depositor model 5P-08WT, 5 across depositor, dozens of muffin pans, will accurately scale 2-8 ounces/cylinder ranging from thin cake batters to stiff muffin batters, handles pans up to 26.5" wide & can deposit up to 1200 dozen muffins/hour, previously used at dessert manufacturing facility


77406p- Inline 8 head Piston Filler, stainless steel, 4 heads per side, set up to 2x heads per side, heads 1/16" diameter, 3-1/4" wide x 9' long conveyor with 3-1/4" wide x 4' infeed conveyor, no name plate data


76206p- Inline Depositor, 2 rows of 10 heads, totaling 20 head piston filling nozzles with 5/16" openings, stainless steel manifold with bottom openings leading to food grade flexible hose & filling heads, pneumatically operated, unitized on stainless steel frame with casters, previously used for sauce & condiment processing & packaging


81888p- Inline Filling Systems, 2 Head Piston Filler & Capper, for glass jars, previously filling pasta sauces, filler capable of having 2 additional heads added, complete with filler, capper for jars, cap sorter & elevator, interconnecting conveyor, controls, etc., previously running 16 ounce glass jars at a rate of 30 jars per minute


73870p- JJ Industrial Service Inc., Inline Piston Filler, all stainless steel construction with polished finish, (4) 2.5" x approximate 13" maximum stroke pistons for estimated total volume of 38 ounces per piston, 2 air cylinders operate each pair of pistons with movable sensors to control stroke length, each piston has pneumatic 3-way valve with 1.5" tri clamp connections for source (hopper or pump feed), piston & discharge nozzle, approximate 15 gallon product hopper with jacket, variable speed agitator & cover with 2 top inlets & float switch for level control, (4) 3/8" diameter x 7.5" long fill nozzles with pneumatically operated no drip feature, bottom up fill, nozzles mounted on adjustable fixture opening to 16" wide, twin container indexing air cylinders designed for conveyor mounting, in all stainless steel frame on casters, PLC controlled with factory touch sensitive screen, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


60307p- JW Lesser Company, Twin Piston Filler model YH500, all stainless steel contact parts, 16 ounce maximum each fill, 36 CPM maximum speed, portable on wheels, 115 volt single phase, designed to roll up to existing conveyor or work table, micro trim adjustment on each piston allows for lesser size fill volume, 1/4 diameter nozzles (removable), painted steel exterior, cord/plug, power switch & power indicator, recommended for non foods


70862p- Kalish, Piston Filler model PCL/2, designed to operate 2 pistons with common drive, equipped with single piston (approximate 8 ounce fill maximum), product hopper & air operated no drip fill nozzle with plug closure activated between cycles, 110 volt single phase 60 hertz 5 amp, 1/2 HP drive (DC) with external vari speed control, continuous or foot switch operation, pause or run control, stainless steel frame with manually operated telescoping stand to accommodate various fill heights, threaded floor leveling feet, formerly used in personal care products


77045p- Kalish, Table Top Twin Head Piston Filler model 75000, only 1 piston head & hopper, piston 5" long x 0.875" diameter (approximate 50ml), foot switch activated, all stainless steel & aluminum construction, no filling nozzle, in good condition, a piece of plastic cover has been broken


53349p- Kalish, Twin Piston Filler model 3000, all stainless steel sanitary, twin piston facilities & equipped with 1 piston & hopper (requires second hopper, piston, plunger & rod), 1/2 HP DC drive with variable speed controller, operates on continuous or impulse cycles, adjustable stroke in 3.5" diameter x 5" long piston, single nozzle with pneumatically operated no drip closure, all stainless steel rotary valves have tri clamp (1.5") connections for hoppers & discharge valve, mounted in portable stainless steel stand with manually adjustable fill height from hand crank, 12" diameter x 16" hopper with cone bottom is mounted directly on rotary valve


76076p- Kalix Dupuy, Semi Automatic Table Top Single Piston Filler, all stainless steel food grade contacts, single piston 5/8" ID x 5" long stroke, jacketed cone bottom hopper 12" diameter x 16" straight side (electric heating element port has been welded closed), 2 NPT jacket inlets, post mounted auger agitator with independent drive, foot pedal activated fill cycle, on/off agitator control, 1/4" diameter fill nozzle, 9" wide x 6" deep adjustable height work table, 220 volt/3 phase service


35739p- Kalix, Automatic Twin Piston Filler model PEMPLISSSAGF, all stainless steel construction, star wheel infeed set up to receive 4" wide container puck, dual diving fill nozzles with vacuum suck off for precise fill control, 2" diameter pistons by stroke, micro adjust fill volume controls on each piston, formally filling 4 ounce fragrance, 16" long x 10" wide x 10" deep product reservoir, all Lucite safety enclosure with hinged access doors with Electro mechanical safety lockouts, bottom spill tray, controls


78148- Kalix, Single Head Piston Filler type 50MI, stainless steel construction, jacketed & agitated product hopper with electric heater, single piston filling head, foot pedal controls, on stand


43466p- Kalix-Dupuy, Rotary Tube Filler model KX60, last running on 4 ounce of cream material at 42 tubes per minute, unit is 16 station rotary filler complete with piston fill & crimping cylinder is 52mm diameter, last filling 1.5" diameter x 5-1/4" long tubes all stainless steel product contact parts complete with heat crimp & coating capabilities, approximate 10 gallon stainless steel hopper, has manual


75241- M&O Perry, Form Fill Auto Filler model CU-1013, 316 stainless steel product contact surfaces, 304 stainless steel non-contact surface, capable of speeds of 20-40 vials/minute, designed for powder & liquid filling, vial size of 10ml, 20ml & 100ml, mono block design with vial feed table, vial pre-check weighing, 4 head fill station with piston fill head, vial check weighing, stopper inserter, reject station, lip cleaning station & vial outfeed table with tray loading, 10ml vial size range 1.969" =/- .02" high x .935" =/- .01 wide x .5" =/- .01 neck, 20ml vial size range 2.284 =/- .02" high x 1.171" =/- .01" wide x .5" =/- .5" neck, 100ml vial size range 3.719" =/- .031" high x 2.031" =/- .031" wide x .5" =/- .01 neck, all use 20mm stoppers, Allen Bradley controls with SLC 5/05 PLC controller & Proface operator HMI, system housed in vertical Laminair flow system, 208 volt


82223p- Modern Packaging, Rotary Cup/Tub Filler model SR8, cup dispenser places cups into 8 station rotary filling carriage wheel, ingredient additive fill chute, with pneumatic gate, piston filler with cut off valve, foil over seal placer & heat sealer, automatic ejector to integral take away conveyor belt 3" wide x 31" long, piston filler with cut off valve, manufacturer rated for .5 ounce to 14 ounce fills, system rated up to 40 cups per minute, container handling parts for cup approximate 3.5" diameter with pointed opening flap on foil over seal, complete with stainless steel control panel with Allen Bradley touch screen operator control panel, variable speed controls, all stainless steel food grade USDA sanitary, 3A dairy grade construction


74742p- Moline, 4 head Piston Filler/Depositor model PPS24, (4) 3" diameter auger cylinders, 2 of the heads include stainless steel augers, augers are split to (2) 1.5" diameter flexible hoses with 1" diameter outlets, small feed hopper with agitator arms, driven by Dodge 262 Tigear Relialube system with approximate 5 HP motor, complete with start/stop controls, mounted on stainless steel frame, previously used at dessert manufacturing facility


61950p- MRM Elgin, Rotary Tube Filler/Sealer model E16, 16 station, for plastic tubes, capable of filling tubes from 1.65 ounce to 16 ounce, currently set for 5 ounce on 4" centers, equipped with tube counter & bottom fill, tubes are raised up to fill from bottom up, tubes pass thru heating zone & crimped shut with water cooled jaws, stainless steel hopper, requires 220 vac 3 phase electrical, 100 PSI air & cooling water supply, manual, will need new poly tube holders to hold tubes.


56287p- MRM/Elgin, 24 head Rotary Piston Filler model RPF24, all stainless steel sanitary pharmaceutical grade design, 24 vertically mounted 1" ID pistons with fill volume range of 10ml (.33 oz.) to 60ml (2.0 oz.) & maximum capacity with existing tooling 64ml, filler maximum capacity of 16.4 oz. when tooled with it's maximum size piston of 2.75" diameter, manufacturer rates maximum speed to 360 CPM, control panel with all tagged wires for installation, short infeed & discharge conveyor with drive, formerly used in OTC pharmaceutical packaging of nasal treatment in 30 & 45ml sizes, includes large quantity of spare mechanical & electrical parts, 10' x 8' foot print required


56288p- MRM/Elgin, Rotary Piston Filler model RPF8, all stainless steel sanitary contact surfaces, (8) 2" ID x 5" maximum stroke pistons for up to 8.7 fluid ounce fill, stainless steel upper machine with rising container pedestals from adjustable lower cam, cam, no bottle/no fill feature, timing screw to star wheel infeed & discharge, pneumatically operated clutch from main drive, 208/3 phase volt, rated for up to 120 CPM, former application branded cosmetics


68318p- National Instruments, "Filmatic" Table Top Piston Filler model DAB-16, twin FSV style pistons with .500" bore, rated for up to 100 PSI service, pneumatically operated spool valve (air pistons required), variable speed drive, continuous & impulse operation, manufacturer rates for use with pistons up to 520cc, second stationary piston mounting post allows for use with sizes 260cc & less, 110 volt single phase, 2 top carry handles, formerly used in cosmetic packaging


68320p- National Instruments, "Filmatic" Table Top Twin Piston Filler model DAB-5, twin side mounted FUS-15 pistons for maximum capacity of 15cc with suck back valve feature, pistons designed for free flowing liquids with adjustable Teflon wear rings, continuous or impulse operation, factory foot switch receptacle, variable speed drive with power indicator light, painted steel exterior, 120 volt single phase, twin carry handles, formerly used in cosmetics


68319p- National Instruments, "Filmatic" Twin Piston Filler model DAB-16, designed for twin side mounted pistons up to 520cc & will accept smaller sizes with mounting for large & smaller pistons, micrometer stroke adjustment arms, continuous & impulse filling factory foot switch receptacle, variable speed, 110 volt single phase with power indicator light, formerly used in cosmetics


81122p- National Instruments, Filamatic Automatic 4 Piston Filler model AL-300-HS, (4) 260cc capacity pistons, rated (mounting stations exist) maximum capacity of 12-140cc pistons, (4) .500" diameter diving fill nozzles mounted on adjustable rack allowing nozzles to adjust across conveyor line & change nozzle centers along 30' long mounting rack, pneumatically operated container indexing lines operated from filler drive, painted steel frame with all stainless steel polished panels on frame, operator control panel, operates on 230/3 phase voltage, independent portable hopper 32" x 14" x 19" deep with (12) 1" discharge nozzles with tri clamp connections in staggered lengths to permit hose connects at close centers, full cover & (2) 1" side ports on opposing sides, includes parts & set of 6 complete 140cc nozzles & some incomplete nozzles for parts, formerly used in pharmaceutical packaging for cough medications


42031p- National Instruments, Filamatic Hot Pour Piston Filler model H730CEE23, dual CC XL series pistons, 1.75" ID x 9" stroke with dual acting air valves, diving fill nozzles mounted beyond existing conveyor, electrically operated heater/blower fills Lucite enclosed piston & nozzle area with temperature controlled air, 220/single phase/60 cycle at 30 amps, full factory controls for container indexing & sensing, variable speed, can accommodate up to 7 pistons, OAD 42" x 6 x 6'


57524p- NRM Elgin, Piston Filler model MR10, 8 filler with in/out feed conveyor, 1 filling piston only, unit capable of 10 spouts


55684p- Pack West, 4 piston Inline Filler, for 1 gallon containers with a diving head (bottom up fill), stainless steel, 8' conveyor mechanical cam to operate pistons with individual adjustments


78159- Per-Fil, Rotary Piston Filler model RI-LF-W, rotary fill by weight filler, stainless steel & poly contact surfaces, 8 station rotary table, Weightronics scales, foot peddle actuated, Allen Bradley PLC controls, last use in Pharma filling pint to gallon


80782- Pfaudler, 6 valve Rotary Piston Filler, stainless steel contact, 3-3/4" diameter cylinders, straight valves, square base, table top infeed chain to timing worm to star infeed, tangential discharge, electric motor drive with Leeson speed controller with miscellaneous change parts


63379p- Pfaudler, Rotary Piston Can Filler model RP-21, 3.75" x 9.5" pistons, stainless steel clad base & stainless steel product contact, conveyor worm to star feed, counter clockwise rotation, set to run 401 diameter can, 21 pistons


77012p- Pfaudler, Rotary Piston Can Filler model RP-21, set for 401 x 411 can size, 4" diameter cylinders, straight sided plug valves, stainless steel contact, worm to star infeed, counter clockwise rotation, tangential discharge, no can no fill device, mild steel base, needs some assembly


35744p- Pfaudler, Rotary Piston Filler model RP1321, right hand, 21 pistons all stainless steel food grade wetted surfaces, 3.75" diameter pistons at 5.25" nozzle centers filling up to maximum capacity of approximate 33 ounces from 5" piston stroke, bottom up fill with 7" lift container pedestals, timing screw to star wheel infeed & discharge, painted cast frame on adjustable stainless steel legs, speed rated at 400 CPM, weight 5555 pounds, used in food industry


42729p- Piston Can Filler Votator model P9GL, 502 x 512 can size, 5-1/4" piston diameter, valve size 2-1/16" inlet & 1.5" outlet, 20 gallons maximum bowl capacity, with working level of 10 gallons, clockwise bowl rotation, 2 cans per revolution of drive shaft discharge, less motor


74741p- Piston Filler Depositor, stainless steel contacts, (6) 1" diameter mechanically operated heads with pneumatically controlled valves, complete with feed hopper 21" x 15.5" x 28" deep, mounted on stainless steel frame with casters, previously used at dessert manufacturing facility


78934p- Piston Filler with Lidder, 2 lane, horizontal, stainless steel feed hopper & de-nester, buggy dumper, complete with date coder & printer, last filling 3 pound tubs of product & passing tubs thru poly pack over wrapper & shrink tunnel, previously used in food operation


76207p- Piston Filler, 4 head, stainless steel, 2 split agitated hoppers, previously used to fill powders, hoppers feed to 3" diameter outlet with funnel shaped attachment, tapering discharge to 1/2" diameter, pistons mechanically actuated & includes independent drives, offered with control panels


70698p- Piston Filler, stainless steel construction, last used with a Colborne pie line, 4" x 9" filling cylinders, positive shut off anti drip fill spouts


58477p- Piston Filler, stainless steel single piston, 2.5" diameter x 5" long, pneumatic, 23" x 18" hopper, on wheels, carbon steel frame


81332p- Piston Filler, stainless steel, hopper 15" diameter x 15" deep, 1" diameter discharge tapering to 1/4", manually adjustable stroke, start/stop switch


77407p- Piston Pump Filler, all stainless steel 30" x 30" x 26" deep hopper with pyramid shaped bottom, leading to 3" diameter center bottom outlet, hopper connected to horizontal piston pump that pulls the material from the hopper & pumps out a 3" diameter outlet, outlet connected to 2" diameter vertical piping, piston 5" diameter x 10" long, pneumatically controlled & includes pneumatic switch, unitized on stainless cart with casters, has been tested & is in working condition


57039p- Pneumatically Operated Piston Filler, stainless steel, 6" diameter piston x 7" stroke (adjustable) yielding maximum fill of 110 ounce, 2.5 x 2.5 inlet & outlet mounted on valve at 90 degrees to each other with tri clamp connections, filler body stainless steel, piston plunger & rotary valve are nylon, foot switch required, manufacturers plate is illegible


78162- Rapid Development Services, Piston Filler model RDS0905-59, 2 head intermittent motion filler, piston filling with Allen Bradley controls, 120 volt


57514p- Rationaton, 6 Head Piston Filler type MULT 4/6, stainless steel, DC control panel, 208 volt 3 phase, 3-3/4" diameter x 11" long pistons, maximum capacity 110 cubic inches or about 60 fluid ounce per cylinder fill, complete with control panel, no conveyor, last used on bottles for creams in cosmetic facility


80242- Rotary Piston Filler, 15 valve, no manufacturer tag, 3-3/4" diameter cylinders, left to right feed, clockwise rotation, infeed conveyor to worm to star infeed, star discharge, stainless steel clad base & cabinet


57041p- Semi Automatic Piston Filler, 4 station, all stainless steel sanitary wetted parts, 1.75" ID pistons (ounce maximum fill) with check valve & air operated mechanical suck back on anti-drip system, all fill nozzles, 1/4" diameter diving fill nozzles with spring loaded bottle locators, drip tray under pistons, 1 HP Reliance DC drive (variable speed 180 volt), new control system is recommended & conveyor required, manufacturer unknown-design similar to National Instruments


76743- Serac, 16 head Liquid Rotary Piston Filler model DT16C, capable of speeds up to 240 containers per minute, worm screw to star wheel indexing system, 1/4" filling nozzles on 5.51" pitch, stainless steel pharmaceutical, Allen Bradley 1305 controller, last used on plastic bottles, 12 CFM at 80 PSI, 3/60/460 volt


76442p- Simplex, 4 head Filler/Depositor model K14437A, with filling funnel, on stainless steel legs & casters, 63" long x 24' wide x 80" high. Last used for pasta.


55057p- Simplex, Twin Head Piston Filler, stainless steel, (2) 160 ounce pistons, 1.5" nozzles have sanitary fittings, horizontal 2" sanitary fittings with pneumatic shut offs attached, nozzles on 8.5" centers, filler comes with 200 gallon stainless steel cone bottom tank, tank sits over filler & feeds both filler heads thru 3" stainless tubing, 115" overall height of tank with stainless steel legs, requires 230/460 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, fill 80 ounce per tube


44470p- Simplex, Twin Piston Filler model T, (2) 3/4" fill tubes, each 3" x 12" piston can fill from 4 fluid ounces to 46 fluid ounces per stroke, 3" piping for connection to tank, pistons driven by 1 HP electric motor, requires 230 vac 3 phase electrical & pneumatic supplies, photo sensors will need to be integrated into client system for automatic filling, or it can be switched to manual by adding a foot pedal or out controls, last used for honey.


35751p- Simplex, Twin Piston Filler, stainless steel sanitary contact surfaces with twin 1-7/8" diameter pistons producing fill volumes from 3 to 8.89 fluid ounce per cylinder, approximately 25 gallon hopper with paddle style agitators & .25 HP gear reduced drive 39" long x 16" wide x 18" deep with rounded bottom, angled to piston valves, filler & mounted on painted steel telescoping base, adjustable feet for varying container heights, .5 HP main drive 208-230/460/3 phase voltage with variable speed drive, last used on food, will strap to skid for transport, tested on site as inspected


83031p- Single Head Piston Filler, all stainless steel, hopper 16" diameter x 22" deep (13.5" sidewall, 8.5" cone to outlet), 1 piece removable lid, 1.25" diameter hopper outlet, capable of up to 500ml, no drip nozzle, foot switch activated & can run automatically, adjustable height bottle holder, on stainless steel frame with casters


82085p- Single Piston Filler, (1) .375" fill tube, air driven piston in 6" x 10" cylinder for up to 1 gallon fill, adjustable stroke, 70 gallon hold tank, carbon steel product holding tank 15" wide x 20" tall x 54" long, 2" sanitary tubing & fittings piping for connection to tank, hold tank has 1" threaded coupling carbon steel with valve for drain, requires pneumatic supplies, piston & fill tube are from Bimba, fill tube, cylinder & piston are stainless


82086p- Single Piston Filler, (1) .375" fill tube, air driven piston is 3" x 12" cylinder for up to 1.3 quart fill, adjustable stroke, 70 gallon hold tank, carbon steel product holding tank 15" wide x 54" long, 2" sanitary tubing & fittings piping for connection to tank, hold tank has 1" threaded coupling carbon steel with valve for drain, requires pneumatic supplies, piston & fill tube are from Bimba, fill tube, cylinder & piston are stainless


76441- Single Piston Filler, with 1.5" filler nozzle, air operated on stainless steel stand, 46" long x 48" high.


74869p- Turbo Systems, Single Head Piston Filler model NMD930290, stainless steel contacts, feed hopper 14" x 21" x 16" deep with 1.5" diameter outlet, adjustable speed controls, pneumatically operated, can be fitted with 1-1/4", 2", 3" or 4.5" cylinders, previously used at dessert manufacturing facility, 1 cylinder, fills 2 x 2 fill head & deposits the product by opening the valve, 2 x 2 area is the maximum


57044p- Twin Piston Filler model TKFW2, manufacturer unknown, name plate in Japanese, appears to be a copy of Cozzoli model F320, with all identical features, mounted on cabinet style base with stainless steel spill tray & original electrical controls, main drive is housed in lower cabinet belt driving gear reducer & operates via variable speed from AC frequency controller mounted on cabinet, formerly used in branded cosmetic packaging, unit has (2) 120cc (4 ounce) pistons on unit


57885p- Twin Piston Filler, semi automatic, 2 vertically mounted 1 liter cylinders (3-5/8" ID x stroke) dual fill stations are on 5.5" center, adjustable stroke length, mounted on steel base with 1/2 HP drive, 208/230/460/3 phase voltage, 1680 RPM with vari speed gear reducer 2.3 to 11.5 ratio range yielding co shaft speed of 730 to 146 RPM, mounted in painted steel stand with stainless steel drip tray & top, formerly used in olive oil packaging


82075p- Unfilled Piston Filler, type mini depositor, designed for dough depositing & extruding for various products, feed auger designed to gentle on products, currently set with 1" die for cookie bites, previously used in bakery operation


64315p- Votator, 27 valve Rotary Piston Can Filler, set for 404x700 can size (46 ounce), stainless steel contact, 4-1/8" diameter cylinders, turret infeed, tangential discharge, infeed worm, counter clockwise rotation, mild steel base, missing 1 cylinder & valve assembly.


38489p- Votator, Piston Can Filler model P-27L, counter clockwise rotation, stainless steel product contact, worm to star infeed, straight line discharge, magnetic monitor no can/no fill device, set on 211 diameter, 2-7/16" diameter x 7.75" long pistons with a 6" stroke


38486p- Votator, Piston Can Filler model P6L, previously ran 42 brix orange concentrate, all stainless steel product contact, 4-1/4" x 12" pistons, magnetic monitor no can/no fill device, set on 401 diameter, drop chute to star infeed, straight line discharge


77013p- Votator, Rotary Piston Can Filler model RP-12G, set for 401 x 411 can size, 4-1/4" diameter cylinders, worm star infeed, counter clockwise rotation, tangential discharge, stainless steel contact, mild steel base, no can no fill device


77014p- Zacmi, 40 valve Rotary Piston Can Filler model 0295/40/3, set for 300 x 407 can size, 2.5" diameter cylinders, will fill up to 550ml or 18 ounce with table top chain infeed to worm to star infeed, no can no fill device, counter clockwise rotation, tangential discharge, with gear box, stainless steel base, will fill up to 18 ounce, no drive motor, dimensions on the stand 113 long x 7 wide x 89 high, filler only, no seamer.



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