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64719p- New Auto Bottle Filler/Capper, 2 valve, 8 gallon bowl capacity, main body & bowl 304 stainless steel, spinner caps feeder style, plastic bottles 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon, tall quart, quart, square pint, round pint, & single serving size, glass bottles 1/2 gallon, quart, & square pint, 115 volts, 52" D x 36" W x 36" H filler dimensions, Omron PLC control, air supply requirements 1/4" line size, 150 maximum-60 minimum PSI pressure, 2 CFM, up to 12 bottles/minute, spinner capper, SC2 for plastic


75522p- New Automatic Filler & Capper, fills either glass or plastic bottles, removable template to accommodate different height bottles, adjustable filler bowl, stainless steel, rounded corners, spinner capper with hopper for cap storage, lid for storage vat equipped with ports & vent, Plexiglas back shield, high capacity Fogg fill valve, adjustable feet, counter balanced manual foot pedal. *Optional: Pump with level control, single phase 110 volt, stainless steel, frequency drive speed control


81692- Basil, Automatic Feeder Bottle Filler model 1000, conveyorized, manifold type unit designed to fill basket loads of feeder bottles used in the care of laboratory animals, manual & auto fill button, adjustable timer to control inspection time on auto fill sequence, machine has 2 station fills, 1 (4x5) head fill & 1 (5x5) head fill, single phase 60/120 volt


46058p- Bottling Line, stainless steel, includes 1 each Eric Larsen model M3102CW8 come back style 3 & 5 gallon electrically heated stainless steel bottle washer (S/N 070885), 1 each Cap Snap & Seal model 8HD6G100 4-head side shift style 3 & 5 gallon filler/capper (Mfg. 8/3/88) & Cap Snap & Seal stainless steel 3 & 5 gallon conveyor including drives, curves, leg supports & take ups, capacity approximately 550 BPH


46059p- Cap Snap & Seal, 2 head Inline Filler & Capper, 3 & 5 gallon bottle with approximately 20 feet of bottle conveyor with 2 each 90 degree curves, power unit & take up, capacity of 200 BPH


586- Cemac, 10 valve Filler, for half pint to half gallon size, with Fogg valves


36412p- Cemac, 10 valve Rotary Filler, right hand


44082- Cemac, 12 valve Bottle Filler model 14TH


28044- Cemac, 12 valve Rotary Bottle Filler, all stainless steel construction for lightweight plastic bottles with cap feeder, cap chute, snap capper & bottle handling equipment, offered with 1 set of bottle handling equipment


28043p- Cemac, 14 valve Rotary Bottle Filler, all stainless steel construction for lightweight plastic bottles, with cap feeder, cap chute, snap capper & bottle handling equipment, offered with 1 set of bottle handling equipment


6837p- Cemac, 14 valve Rotary Filler, 6" centers, 1.125" diameter, stainless steel construction, currently set to run square gallons on every other valve, star in feed & discharge, change parts for 1/2 pints, variable speed, 220 vac 3 phase power required, liquid gravity, two motors (1) 1 HP, 240 volt- cant see other HP, footprint 6' x 8', parts are available


77583p- Cemac, 14 valve Rotary Gravity Milk Bottle Filler with Syntron cap feeder on stand, bottle change parts for 1/2 gallon & quarts, was filling 3 quart bottles when removed from service


74739p- Cemac, 28 valve Rotary Filler, 3/4" diameter nozzles, stainless steel contacts, gravity flow, bottles sit on 4.5" x 5.5" base plates, complete with drives, star wheels & other parts, unitized on mild steel base, includes cap feeder by Consumer Cap Corp. model 18SS50100, with stainless steel hopper & vibrator feeders


46599- Cherry Burrell, 12 valve Filler model ML4, set to 1 gallon, 4 head capper, Fogg screw capper (spinner) not rotary


76136- Cherry Burrell, 15 valve Rotary Filler model KG15-LH.


43462p- Crandall Filling Machinery, Pressure Bottle Filler, single head, stainless steel, up to 5 gallon, type FSIN, Crandall, bottom fill with balance scale, pump 1 HP 1725 RPM 230/460 volt motor, unitized on stand, 5 GPM


81896p- Crystal-Matic, Filler & Capper model AP 4400, for offset plastic bottles, inline, out of service since 1980


82771p- E Pak, Bottle Filler, semi automatic, (4) 1/2" diameter stainless steel inline fill nozzles with rotary turn table that includes 4 slots on each turn to hold bottles, set up for small bottles, previously used at personal care processing facility, nozzles controlled by foot pedal, turn table is manual, set up for de-foaming & includes small stainless steel diaphragm pump, unitized on skid


46147p- Elf, Electronic Liquid Filler model CF53230, 30" diameter, stainless steel, pneumatically operated vibratory bowl feeder, polished bowl surfaces, pneumatic vibrator by Vibco (size 510) mounted on vibrator base plate, 4" wide bowl discharge ramp, feeder mounted on portable painted telescoping stand, screw down floor jacks manually operated hydraulic bowl lift, formerly used for 38mm child proof cap in food industry


81732p- E-Pak, 16 Head Inline Pressure/Gravity Automatic Filler, capacity of 1/4 ounce to 5 gallon, includes 40 gallon tank & 3/4 HP 115 volt single phase pump model TG-7R-MD, complete with micro processor controls with program storage (Mfg. 2002, S/N 402045), previously used filling bottles for car care products, in working condition when removed from service in December 2017


35742p- Farmomac Monoblock, 18 head Rotary Filler & 8 head Capper model F370, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction, performance rating of up to 300 CPM, accepts containers sizes 25-125mm outside diameter, 40-270mm (H), cap range 15-125mm (OD), maximum dosing capacity 1000ml via syringe filling pistons, capper suitable for handling all standard closures such as, screw caps, PFP & push on caps, set on 28mm childproof closure, last used for 250ml cough syrup at 140 PPM, OAD 208" long x 88" wide x 86" high


54790p- Federal, 6 valve Bottle Filler, stainless steel, right hand set up with nozzle sizes of 1" diameter, fills 1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon, run with 1/2 HP 230/460 volt 1750 RPM drive, unit needs 5 nozzles, conveyor & 6 diaphragm to be in running condition.


81793p- Federal, 6 Valve Filler, square bottles, 2 nozzle screw capper, cap sorter, cap shoot, control panel with frequency inverter, start/stop, cap sorter on/off, conveyor on/off, emergency stops, main switch, with stand alone labeler, welded where valve goes into unit, J4 valves, valves are passed through & are held from the inside of the bowl with a safety pin, as these valves work as a vacuum to reduce over filling. 2.5 m x 2 m x 180 height & weight approximate.400kg.


73982- Federal, 9 valve Plastic Gallon Rotary Filler model G93, right hand, stainless steel, light weight plastic, complete with snap cap system, 29-50 CPM


70096p- Federal, 12 valve Filler with snap capper, stainless steel. Includes one set of guides to fill one size.


83067- Federal, 18 valve Filler & Capper for 1 gallon plastic jugs, snap & screw cap assemble


583p- Federal, 18 valve Filler with Fogg snap capper, J4 valves, 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon, 38 millimeter cap, capper does not do snap cap with pull tab


50585- Federal, 18 valve Filler, right hand, currently set up to run half gallons, change parts available for an additional cost - no capping system


41702- Federal, 21 valve Plastic Jug Filler, with snap capper, gallons, CIP ring


82385- Federal, 24 valve Plastic Bottle Filler model AGW7/24, right hand, stainless steel, J3 filling valves, BWC level controller, screw in feed, 3 pin bottle handling equipment for gallon containers, 108" long x 72" wide x 85" OAH, filler only, designed for remote capping system


82348- Federal, 26 valve Plastic Bottle Filler model GWS6/268, left hand, stainless steel, light weight, J3 filling valves, short bowl design, 3 pin bottle handling equipment for 1 gallon containers, mounting plate & cap chute for cap hopper, 8 head capping turret for screw caps, 108" long x 84" wide x 84" OAH. *Customer to supply cap hopper


76137p- Federal, 26 valve Plastic Gallon Jug Filler model G266, left hand, capper & Syntron cap feeder for 38mm snap caps, press plates, 75 GPM (milk), currently set up to run gallons, 8' long x 4' 6" wide x 7' 5" high with valve on top.


82382- Federal, 26 valve Right Hand Filler model GWS6/268, short bowl design, J3 filling valves, 3 pin bottle handling equipment for 1 gallon containers, 8 head capping turret for screw caps, approximate 120" W x 77" L x 90" OAH, customer to supply cap hopper & chute


82381- Federal, 26 valve Right Hand Filler model GWS6/268, short bowl design, J3 filling valves, 3 pin bottle handling equipment for 1/2 gallon containers, 8 head capping turret for screw caps, approximate 114" W x 77" L x 90" OAH, customer to supply cap hopper & chute


37504p- Federal, 27 valve Filler, no capper, set to run gallons on every valve, needs work, no change parts.


76932- Federal, Bowl Only for Federal 26 valve Filler, standard depth


75192- Federal, CIP Rings for 18 valve rotary filler


76135p- Federal/Filler Specialties, 15 valve Plastic Gallon Jug Filler model G1551L, left hand, 45 GPM (milk), press plate, no capper


76606p- Felce Co., 5 gallon Water Bottle Cleaner/Filler/Capper model AA-50, all stainless steel construction with polished food grade finish, designed for standard 3 & 5 gallon water bottles, manual loading tray to carrier conveyor with 8 external over head washing nozzles & 2 internal washing nozzles, washing reservoir with electric heater & circulation pumps, down draft container de-watering fan, bottle up righting station, filling station & pneumatic capping station (sorter required), on board ozonator, discharge conveyor


78003p- Filler Specialties, 15 valve Rotary Filler, right hand, has a capper stem but no capping parts.


83068- Filler Specialties, 18 valve Filler & Capper for plastic jugs, snap & screw cap assemble


7878p- Filler Specialties, 18 valve Filler & Capper model A188, right hand, half gallon thru half pint bottle, accelerating spiral infeed, BWC level controller, 3 pin bottle handling equipment for 1 size container, Federal J3 filling valves, Filler Specialties capping system for Nepco snap/screw closures with RTF cap feeder, cap chute, cap applier, universal turret with press plates.


82887- Filler Specialties, 18 valve Rotary Filler, gravity, has timing screw infeed mechanism with pull through bottle conveyor, conveyor height 45" adjustable, 38mm snap capper with rotary cap sorter, cap chute, pick off assembly, left to right, gallon pitch, 7" filling valve pitch, 1" diameter nozzles, gallon & half gallon bottle handling parts, variable speed controls, float control, 208-230 volt 3 phase 60 hertz 5.0 amp, with manual, 4 leveling legs.


81663- Flexicon, Liquid Filling Line with 48" turn table, dual Saama rotary bottle feeders with Flexicon filler model PD-121, presently set up for 30ml glass bottles, inline rotary chuck cappers, inspection unit, labeler, CAM cartoner model PMM with GUK leaflet inserter (S/N C14728, Mfg. 1997), Thorsted wrapper type #-010 (S/N 8805009), SOCO taper model T-10 (S/N 739/95, Mfg. 1995)


54787p- Fogg, 12 valve Rotary Filler model DLH, stainless steel, has snap capper, run with 3/4 HP, 230/460 volt 1750 RPM, 1" diameter nozzle size, fills 1 pint to 1/2 gallon, filler needs some electrical work (wires have been cut), this is pretty standard & shouldn’t be too costly, no conveyor or conveyor motor


82374p- Fogg, Rotary Bottle Filler, all stainless steel construction with (22) 1-1/8" diameter valves on 7" valve centers, previously used for 1 gallon bottle of marinated juice for meat, 54" diameter x 12" deep filler bowl, 4 head rotary snap cap type capper, filler in working condition when removed from service, no cap sorter included


76602p- Goldsan, 5 gallon Water Bottle Cleaner/Filler/Capper model XG-100, all stainless steel construction with polished food grade finish, manufacturer rates at 100 BPH, intermittent motion conveyor carriers manually loaded standard 5 gallon water bottle over 2 headed washing station from heated circulated washing tank with independent pumps on each station, final washing stain from fill water supply, drop cradle lowers bottle to pneumatic pusher & fill station, centrifugal cap sorter & presentation chute allow caps to be stripped from chute end & proceeding to push on cap closure station, 18" x 5' high x 120" long, factory control panel include Matsushita programmable controller, hot water & filling time controls, E stop & function indicators, 11.7 gallon electrically headed circulation cleaning with temperature sensor & low level float switch, 220 volt single phase power required, 3200 watts


80839p- Hamba, 2 valve Automatic Filler model BF5012/2 glass, last filling glass jars, up to 5000 bottles per hour, for yogurt, 150 gram, glass jars, 40mm neck diameter, 86mm high, 11kw 380 volt 3 phase, ground neutral, viscous products, closing with aluminum heat seals, CIP cleanable, Plexiglas doors, control panel with Siemens PLCS5, 8.0m x 1.5m x 3.0m weighs 3000kg


64213p- Horix, 36 valve Rotary Gravity Filler model HFSG36, for sanitary glass jars or metal cans, steam heated type 316 stainless steel bowl, left hand feed, 1" nozzles on 5.5" centers, speeds up to approximately 335 CPM, last filling 32 ounce jars of spaghetti sauce, overall dimensions 64" wide x 96" long x 96" tall, requires 220 vac 3 phase electrical supply


81473p- Inline 8 head Over Flow Filler, stainless steel, pneumatically operated, less fill heads, 8 centrifugal transfer pumps run by (4) 3 HP 230/460 volt drive, no name plate data


65767- Inline Mini Dose Product Filler, stainless steel, dual solenoid type fill heads, plastic feed tank & plastic diaphragm supply pump, long bottle conveyor


73752p- Inline Pressure Bottle Filler, 6 head, pneumatically foot actuated & adjustable for valve lift, 5/8" diameter nozzles, mild steel frame, no name plate data available, carbon steel


68298p- KHS, Filler & Capper Machine Monoblock, Monoblock consists of KHS model Compacta-Tronic rotary gravity filler & KHS model TTS 6000, 12 head rotary screw capper & Alcoa ROPP capper, 96 valve filler, can fill up to 580 BPM of 750ml bottles, all stainless steel product contact surfaces, clockwise rotation, bottom up fill for liquids that might foam, adjustable height, 5.56" valve centers, 12 head rotary screw capper set up for 28mm caps, driven by 50 HP 1770 RPM electric motor tagged for hazardous locations, requires 460 vac 3 phase electrical supply, ROPP capper (not shown) was never set up & is still crated


54223p- Krones, 72 valve Rotary Filler & Capping System model VP-GLO72-126, Sensometic, stainless steel construction, pressure less filling system, pneumatically operated valves, gravity long tube filling nozzles, 1/2" diameter, 126mm pitch, previously filling 10, 16 & 20 ounce bottles with juice, complete with Zalkin 18 head capper, set up for ROPP caps & includes diversified capping model 111600 feed system


82068p- Meyer, 52 Valve Bottle Filler model 52/13, with Alcoa cap in head capper, mono block system, all stainless steel construction, filling heads 1.5" diameter with approximate 16" maximum clearance, control panel with touch screen controller, previously used in soda manufacturing operation


82067p- Meyer, 60 Valve Rotary Filler, positive pull down PET bottle filler, with new lift cylinders, 1 liter pitch, left to right crimp crowner included, filling head 1.5" diameter with approximate 16" clearance, previously used in soda manufacturing facility


70858p- MRM, Inline Vacuum Filler, semi automatic, (4) 3/16" diameter stainless steel vacuum fill nozzles on adjustable mounting centers from 20" wide nozzle rack, manually operated vertical nozzle movement from foot pedal, cabinet style base with tip work table & front hinged service door, on board rotary vacuum pump by Leiman with drive pulley (drive motor required), stainless steel vacuum manifold, manually adjustable for container height, mounted on casters, last used for perfume filling


57037p- Perl Machinery Corp, 5 gallon Bottling Line model BCTA10, all stainless steel construction, 10 inline 1-3/8" diameter pressure gravity fill nozzles, dual chain 18' transport conveyor with 1 HP 208-230/460/3 phase drive with gear reducer & air operated clutch, 16" x 16" x 7' top mounted product head tank, over flow tank, Ladish/Tri Clover sanitary centrifugal 15 HP pump, control panel with programmable controller, automatic capper set up for approximately 55mm peel off caps, filler OAD 14' x 5' deep x *7" high at approximate 850 pounds, capper 8' long x 5' deep x 94" high at approximate 600 pounds


82376- Process & Packaging Machine Corp, 4 head Bottle Filler model V2, designed for beer, single head crowner, pre-evacuation counter pressure fill, requires 10 amp 110 volt electric, 15-20 SCFM air at 100 PSI, CO2 30-40 pounds/hour at 30 PSI, product pump & VFD not included in price


75262p- Remy, Filler & Capper model 7024 R2-1, up to 15,000 bottles per hour, 24 valve & 12 valve capper, last used on fresh milk, 2 pint, screw capper, 38mm cap, 380 volt 50 hertz, 3 phase


72576p- Rotary Vacuum Bottle Filler, 14 head, stainless steel contacts with belt conveyor, previously used for PVC & PET bottles, running Hexol on the filler, filling 22 ounce flat panel bottles & 16 ounce round bottles of another pine cleaner, line would run about 15-20 bottles per minute, appears to be a Horix filler


77470p- Shibuya Kogyo, 8 head Rotary Bottle Filler model RF-508, previously filling 750ml wine bottles, rated approximately 60 bottles/minute, less nozzles & conveyor, includes control panel


14605p- US Bottlers, 8 valve Filler, 50 to 60 per minute, gravity, designed for wine bottles/narrow neck


44890p- US Bottlers, 24 head Rotary style Filler, feed pump, last used filling alcohol based perfumes, unit currently set for 3" diameter bottles, .235 spout, can accommodated up to 3-7/8" diameter bottles


35753p- US Bottlers, 30 valve Rotary Vacuum Filler model VC30LS30HEAD, all 316 stainless steel lower frame & cabinet base, timing screw to star wheel infeed, all 316 stainless steel .75" diameter fill nozzles & related contact parts, sanitary food grade design, nozzles 5.5" centers, full controls, set up for 32 ounce glass bottles, adjustable nozzle height, rated for speeds to 220 PPM on 32 ounce, can also fill thick products like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.


44471p- US Bottlers, 30 valve Rotary Vacuum Liquid Filler model NC30LS, 1/2" valves on 5.75" centers, capable of 300 bottles per minute, series 070169, requires 260/460 vac 3 phase electrical supply


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