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80078p- Auto Clean, Ultra Filtration Filter model 0016AC, 3 plastic tanks 9" diameter x 32" straight side, offered less pump


77551p- Complete Filtration System, for handling waste water from beverage processing plant to remove sugars, acids or other solid materials, designed to run 30,000 GPD on carbonated beverage stream, all stainless steel, includes vertical ceramic membrane ultra filtration system, reverse osmosis skid, 1300 PSI, Fedco MSS high pressure feed pumps, stainless steel tanks with Watlow heaters, Thermal Care model NQA10 Accuchiller system, 3 bag filter skids with Fristam pumps, Corcoran model 500F pumps, 2 Andritz type S8-150 centrifugal pumps, 6 vertical stainless steel tanks with dished top & bottom, including surge tank, rinse tank, caustic tank, clarified tank, gray water tank & product tank


79083- DSS/Tetra Pak, Reverse Osmosis Plant, sweet whey product, 60,000kg/hour input capacity, 10 degree C food temperature of RO plant, 10-12 degree C operating temperature of RO plant, 35 bar food pressure, the indicated capacity is an average value over 20 hours


75234p- EWT, Reverse Osmosis System model DP1500, double pass, 4 membranes 4" diameter x 44" long, 2 pumps 1 HP 115/230/460 volt 1750 RPM each, has 41,084 hours use


70260p- Ionics Nano-Filtration 2 stage Reverse Osmosis System, rated for 185 GPM at 70% recovery of 3000 TDS influent, set up with 8" diameter x 20' long membranes in 9x5 pattern, making up both stages, includes Foxboro sample stations, pressure & flow transmitters & totalizers, system offered with Fulflo 30" diameter, type 6LMP52-3-6FKI, cartridge filters, Gliber Afton 3 stage pumps driven by 100 HP motors, Amiad self cleaning filters, Siemens Robicon variable frequency drives


70261p- Ionics Nano-Filtration 2 stage Reverse Osmosis System, rated for 300 GPM at 70% recovery of 3000 TDS influent, set up with 8" diameter x 20' long membranes in 12x6 pattern, making up both stages, includes Foxboro sample stations, pressure & flow transmitters & totalizers, system offered with Fulflo 40" diameter, type 6LMP52-3-6FKI, cartridge filters, Gliber Afton 3 stage pumps driven by 100 HP motors (unused), Amiad self cleaning filters, Siemens Robicon variable frequency drives


77549p- Koch Membranes, Nano Filtration Systems, 24 modules in parallel, 670 square foot active membrane surface area, includes 75 HP, 96 GPM at 440 PSI booster pump, 50 gallon permeate collecting tank, 160 gallon rinse tank, controls, valves, instrumentation, tubes piping & valves 316 stainless steel model SELRO M790, last used in de-salt dyes, can be used as RO or ultra filtration with change of membranes, skid mounted on stainless frame, cleaned


72407p- Membrane Systems, stainless steel UF system, skid mounted for brine filtering, Fristam 7.5 HP pump, Fristam 10 HP 1770 RPM booster pump with motor, Tri Clover inlet throttling valve, in tank Tri Clover level controller, (16) 4" vessels 7' long, 2 membranes per vessel, 40" x 30" x 36" deep 185 gallon stainless steel rectangular feed tank & stainless steel inline shell & tube heater, overall 10' 6" long x 5' wide, new membranes (will be shipped uninstalled)


73005p- Millipore Corp., Process Reverse Osmosis System model PRO-8/4 XP, 2 T316 stainless ASME code stamped housings, each housing can hold (2) 300 square foot nanomax cartridges representing 600 square foot total membrane area, total system can house 1200 square foot membrane area, control system utilities hardware & software T Perform automated processing & data management, specific control functions & interlocks are performed by PLC Allen Bradley SLC-5/04 controls, specific PLC hardware 1747-L542 SLC-5/04 1746-N18 analog input modules 1746-1816 16 point DC digital input module 1746-0B16 16 point DC digital output 7 slot rack, Rockwell RS Logix 500 software was the PLC software used to develop de-bug & document all code associated with PLC System includes Goulds 3335 100 HP centrifugal pump which must be fed by supply pump provided by customer, shell & tube 24 square foot heat exchanger & Bebco purging unit, stainless piping & valves installed with sanitary Tri Clover clamps, mounted on stainless steel frame


81168p- Millipore Ultra Filtration, 4 stainless steel tubular canisters, 4" diameter x 48", unit manifold together, carries Millipore part #MSD703W6, stainless steel skid with stainless steel electric cabinets & controls, last run with Waukesha size 60 feed pump (offered less pump)


80900p- MSS, Reverse Osmosis Filter Skid, rated 25 to 35 GPM, (8) 8" diameter stainless steel membrane housings, skid mounted, various pumps, Fedco pump model M B-152 (S/N 49), 3560 RPM, 158 degree S, 500 PSI, stainless steel contacts, 3" diameter in/out, 30 HP 230/460 volt motor Fedco pump, driven by 75 HP motor, MS series in pump, 3" diameter in, 4" diameter out, RS Corcoran Company pump with 3" diameter in, 2.5" diameter out, driven by 10 HP 230/460 volt 1770 RPM 3/60 hertz motor Fristam pump 15 HP model FM312 CC-155 (S/N FM312 mL120-5093), 2" diameter in/out, 3 shell & tube heat exchangers, Allen Bradley Panelview +1250, touch screen controls, all unitized on stainless steel skid, previously used in waste water treatment application for beverages, very good condition


57704p- Osmonics, CIP/Reverse Osmosis System model DM-WS-AC-43CHF-PA14KDT, 10 GPM at 50 degree F, 6 effects, 4" diameter x 14' long, includes centrifuge pump, filter, 4 softener tanks, 4 holding tanks, 1 brine tank, 3 pumps, stainless steel holding tank, skid mounted


80077p- PCI Membrane Systems, Ultra Filtration Filter, rated for approximate 625 square foot surface area, 24 stainless steel 12' long modules, membrane type FPA10, 10 GPM feed rate to pre-treatment system, 90% membrane plant recovery, 10,800 GPD filtrate capacity, 105 PSI inlet operating pressure, 122 degree F minimum operating temperature, 140 degree F maximum operating temperature, fed at 11 to 16 brix feed concentration, Fristam type FPX3552-200 centrifugal pump, stainless steel contacts, power requirements 460 volt 3 phase 60 hertz, manuals available


80079p- Pro Stak, Ultra Filtration System model MSD940W9, millipore 5 HP


80902p- Rainmaker, Ceramic Ultra Filtration Filter, dual chamber, vertical, chambers housing filters approximately 16" diameter x 36" straight side, 10" diameter in & out, unitized on stainless steel frame, includes valves, gauges, piping, etc., previously used in waste water treatment application for beverages


52119- Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Filtration Vessels & Components, 4" diameter vessels, (16) 3 element vessels, (30) 4 element vessels, manifolds & spacers available, offered as components or as complete membrane processing system.


35943p- Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, 1 element


73425p- Thomas Technical, Ultra Filtration Cheese Brine UF System, skid mounted, all stainless steel with (10) 4" diameter x 7' long membrane vessels/tubes, including 150 gallon vertical stainless steel tank, 24" x 24" wide x 60" high, WCB 20 HP, 3500 RPM centrifugal pump, air valves & fillers, overall 9' long x 5' wide x 7' high, 2,000 gallon per hour.


80901p- Ultra Filtration Station with twin pumps, 1.5 HP 200/230/460 volt 3450 RPM, 2" inlet, 1.5" outlet, carbon steel with stainless steel pipes, uses softening type cartridges, (2) 8" diameter x 45" high, controls, unit mounted on platform


77550p- US Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filter Skid model VROVCO4X, 4 stainless steel filtering cylinders 4" diameter x 46" long, XLE-404 RO membranes, includes Grundfos multi-stage pump driven by 3 HP, 460 volt, 3/60 hertz motor, complete with digital control box, mounted on stainless steel frame with casters.



Used Reverse Osmosis Filtration System, Ultra Filtration Systems for sale.

Schier Company Inc. has reverse osmosis filtration system and ultra filtration systems available for sale.

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