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62726p- Coldelite, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer, self contained, 2 barrels with a twist, all stainless steel, on wheels, stainless beaters with plastic tips, dual water cooled compressors, 230 vac 3 phase, 3' long x 3' wide x 5' high


68309- Electro, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model 44N-CMT-W-213, Freedom 360 series, UL listed 186P, designed to produce soft serve ice cream, ice milk, yogurt & similar frozen dairy products, product serving temperature range of 15 to 25 degree F, air cooled machine has 4 toggle switches: 1 clean off/auto, 2 day/night, 3 mix on/off & 4 cabinet on/off, reset button & timer, refrigerated lower cabinet houses 7 gallon mix & transfer pump, operator manual with illustrated parts list, stainless steel cover & bottom, refrigerant 4.25 pounds 502, 1.5 HP compressor, 1/8 HP pump motor, 1/10 HP condenser fan, belt drive, whipping dasher agitator, 1750 RPM single phase 230/60 electric, single tube, 24" dump rail height, 510 pound weight, 18" wide x 68" high x 30" deep


36299- SaniMark, Freezer Accessories model B50, stainless steel cabinet with batch tub, lid, heater


36298p- SaniMark, Freezer Accessories model FA50, stainless steel cabinet with batch tub, water cooled


27821p- SaniServe, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model 407EF, self contained, single flavor, all stainless cabinet, floor mount, 230 volt 3 phase, on wheels, 14" wide x 26" long x 52" high, Freon refrigerant


33635p- SaniServe, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model SN1, 115 volts, single phase, 19" long x 16" wide x 28" high. *Experimental machine & no supplies or parts are available


70198p- SaniServe, Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine model 424, 40 quart twin, floor model, 440 volt 3 phase, dasher has (2) 1 HP motor & compressor has (2) 4.5 HP, runs on R22 refrigerant of 15# suction, portable


66482p- Stoelting, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model 211137, self contained, single barrel, mounted on steel frame, Freon refrigerant


27819p- Taylor, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model 15012, self contained, single flavor, stainless steel cabinet, 115 volt, single phase, on wheels, 14" wide x 24" long x 52" high, Freon refrigerant, 1.5 quart.


49391p- Taylor, Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezer model B777-33, water cooled, on casters, excellent interior & exterior, electrical 208/220 volt 3 phase 60 hertz, R12 refrigerant, 2 barrel


64267p- Taylor, Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine model 152-12, .5 HP, 1.5 quart freezing cylinder, mix reservoir 8 quart, table top unit.



Used Soft Serve Ice Cream Freezers.

Soft serve and batch ice cream freezers serve the smaller business more easily than the continuous larger units. You can try one flavor and switch when you want to make a different one. The small 20 and 40 quart sizes are perfect for one batch at a time. The soft serve units are easy to use and maintain. Most of the soft serve units fit on the counter top to save in as much floor space as possible.

Contact Schier Company Inc. for your batch and soft serve ice cream freezer needs.


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