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Find new and used milk and dairy storage tanks for sale with a variety of sizes, shapes, types and features. Schier Company Inc. provides different storage tank types to be used in a wide range of industries with stainless steel and many other materials.

Our used storage tanks are outfitted with additional components to suit many different processes and satisfy constraints for food-grade products and many other applications. Our refurbished tanks have been used for milk, cheese, cream, flavoring, water, purified water and other materials. With capacity up to 50,000 gallons or more, heaters, refrigerators, mixers, sprayballs, wheels, stands and many other features available, we have equipment at affordable prices to suit your needs. The storage tanks come in insulated, refrigerated, single shell with some featuring Freon or cold water jackets.

Find the storage tanks that you are looking for in the products section. If you are unsure of the tank you need or you would like more information on any unit, give us a call.