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83003- 2,000 gallon Crepaco, Crystalizer Tank, stainless steel, dome top, cone bottom, side manway, mounted on 52" legs, stainless steel alcove (90" deep), heavy duty mix type agitator with mid blade, 2 sprayballs, 4" I line center bottom outlet, approximate 98" diameter x 315" high


80950p- 3,522 cubic foot Imperial Industries, Bulk Granulated Sugar Storage Silo model 70-50-12-0X, 88.05 maximum tonnage, stainless steel exterior, stainless self supporting skirt with double man doors, tank mounted on Mettler Toledo load cells, vibrating cone bottom with Zeppelin model AX1320/21.8CCII stainless steel dual rotary feeder (S/N 17621), top mounted Zeppelin model 08002-02 filter assembly (S/N X4025), Zeppelin model JS400 dust filtration system (S/N 10000125545), 144" OD x 648" OAH


34739p- 4,000 gallon CPL, Sugar Tank, mild steel, horizontal cylindrical, interior food grade epoxy lining, front head manway, (2) 3" flanged connections, external level tube, UV light, blower & vent


76169p- 4,000 gallon Crepaco, Refrigerated Storage Tank, horizontal cylindrical, sprayball, 4" outlet, interior distortion, UV light & vent, previously used with liquid sugar, 72 square foot coldwall, 102" diameter x 136" long.


37946- 4,000 gallon Sugar Tank, carbon steel, horizontal, cylindrical single shell, does not include UV light, blower & vent, 3" cam lock outlet 1/2" thermowell with Viking model K125 liquid sugar pump mounted on I-beam base in igloo style weather housing 72" diameter x 244" long, overall dimensions: 80" wide x 284" overall length x 90" overall height


81764- 6,000 gallon DCI, Jacketed Sugar Storage Tank, vertical silo type, top manway, double sprayball, 3" tri clamp outlet, 46 square foot heat exchange surface rated 150 PSI, approximate 102.75" diameter x 19' 3" high, all stainless steel exterior


80290p- 6,000 gallon Insulated Tank, stainless steel, flat top, cone bottom, 10' diameter x 10' T/T, mounted on 6' skirt, 4" center bottom outlet & 3" outlet a few feet up cone on bottom, 17' overall height, last used for sugar in sanitary plant.


47900p- 6,000 gallon Oil or Sugar Storage Tank, vertical, cone bottom, 12' diameter with 8' product depth x 13.5' high, mild steel liner coated with Plasticity 371 (epoxy), fiberglass insulation with aluminum sheet exterior, 3" bottom center drain, 3" butterfly valve on outlet, bottom tank cone is heated by a steam coil placed in crawl space beneath the tank steam inlet, outlet is 1/2" pipe, ship size is about 13' OD x 14' high.


82536- 7,000 gallon Cherry Burrell, Insulated Storage Tank, vertical, dish bottom with structural skirt access door, double sprayball, 3" tri clamp outlet, 131" diameter x 202" overall height, last used for sugar storage.


71934p- 7,500 gallon capacity Insulated Tank, stainless steel, 9' 9" diameter x 14' straight side, cone top with flat bottom, top entering agitation, 2" diameter shaft & paddle blade agitator with 16" diameter swing, agitator driven by 2 HP 1740 RPM 60 hertz 208/230/460 volt motor thru gear box, 40 output RPM, insulated & internal plate heater, 3.5" diameter side bottom outlet, 16.5" diameter manway, multiple top inlets, discharge pump on stand, last used in sugar processing operation


64649- Schlueter Safeguard, CIP Cleanable UV & Hepa Filter Assembly model AF112602L, 265 CFM stainless steel, 120/single phase/60


70532- Schlueter Safeguard, UV & HEPA Filter Assembly model AF14302L, 15 CFM, stainless steel, CIP cleanable, 120/60/single phase


Commercial Sugar Tanks for the Food Processing Industry.

Schier Company Inc. offers sugar tanks for storing your HFCS, syrup and sugar. These tanks are designed to maintain balance in the tank so the sugar does not clump or crystallize. These have many features such as UV lights, sight glass and much more.

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