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27960p- APV Crepaco, UHT Processing System model 1000, flash chamber processing system, (FC) order #28-41449, capacity 600 gallons per hour, includes stainless steel flash chamber, National Board #5482, internal pressure 60 PSI at 325 degree F, chamber 9' 6" high, vessel 32" diameter x 32" straight side, 6" diameter discharge leg to 3" centrifugal pump inlet, 20" diameter 6 bolt manhole door on front, 8" diameter vapor condensing leg, vapor discharges flash chamber to "Top Line" vertical stainless steel water condenser model 262-4 (S/N 6294), 20" diameter x 70" high, on legs, connected to Nash vacuum pump, center of system includes stainless steel steam infusion vessel, internal 75 PSI at 325 degree F, jacket 10 PSI at 60 degree F (S/N C9765), conical vessel 22" diameter x 6' long x 8' overall height, product centrifugal discharge pump from flash chamber Crepaco size 6, 1 HP 1750 RPM, centrifugal product pump Crepaco model 3R positive pump, speed drive, additional 2 centrifugal pumps include 3 HP & 5 HP 3500 RPM Crepaco size 6, controls custom designed by IME, with new instruments housed in stainless steel enclosure, steam valves & culinary steam components included, package includes HTST, plate pre-heat system & homogenizer, unit offered skid mounted & pre-piped, local electrical & plumbing will be necessary


79600p- APV/SPX, UHT Pasteurizer model UPE 20000, capacity of 12,000-20,000 liters per hour including APV Gaulin aseptic homogenizer model 5284MC126-4TPSX capacity 20,000 liters per hour, 240 bar, 2 stages, system is very flexible & can be used for a wide range of products covering a broad viscosity range, provides an excellent product quality due to the gentle, accurate & rapid heating & subsequent cooling, line complete with balance tank, pumps, tubular heat exchangers, infusion chamber & flash cooler vacuum pump, aseptic homogenizer (downstream), integrated CIP with 2 x CIP tanks, vacuum cooler & all interconnecting piping & valves, temperature cycle 4-34 degree C (regeneration) - 70 degree C (regeneration) - 77.5 degree C (maximum) - 80 degree C -50 degree C - >20 degree C, including control panel (updated 2003), flow chart & manuals in Spanish, electrical 220kw 400 volt 50 hertz


43964p- Cherry Burrell, Unitherm Pasteurizer UHT System model XXI, 210 gallons per hour with homogenizer skid mounted, foot print 9' 8" long x 5' wide x 6' tall, mechanical variable speed drive lets it go from 60-240 gallons per hour


72908p- Fenco, Tube In Tube Sterilizer/Pasteurizer System, all stainless construction & previously used in juice sterilization prior to aseptic filling, tubes 20' long, 4" diameter outer tubes, 3" diameter inner tubes, approximate 32 tubes, with 10' diameter stainless steel jacketed mix tank, Rossi & Catelli high pressure pump, rated for 150 bar, control panel, valve clusters, modern controls, piping, etc., previously used as sterilizer prior to twin aseptic fillers, rated for up to 100 GPM


82943p- Gea (Finnah), UHT Unit model 6500/180, 9000 - 18,000 liter per hour, skid mounted with indirect heating system by tubular heat exchanger, protein stabilizer/holding tube for yogurt, outlet controllable, balance tank, Fristam product pumps, APV Gaulin homogenizer model CM120-3TPS, 205 bar, water pumps, product & steam valves, flow transmitter, dosing pumps, filter, Siemens PLC-S7-400 controls, Scada system, for milk, yogurt & UHT, 30kW, ran 19.000 hours.


83049p- Stephan, Continuous UHT unit for Processed Cheese Model VM/CR300- MCH20SK, CIP cleanable, skid mounted with steam injection into the head of the cutter, steam control valve, Fristam Lobe booster Pump, 20" holding tube, counter pressure valve, flow diversion valve, combined flash/creaming tank 300 liter with agitator on load cells, vacuum systems with condenser, condenser level control, 37kW, variable speed 250 - 600kg per hour, current temperature cycle 20-100 degree C, adjustable holding 80 degree C out, including control panel with Siemens S5, temperature recorder & PH meter, separate box with frequency converters & Fristam FKFH mobile infeed lobe pump, documentation available, excluding vacuum pump & hopper with augers to the infeed pump


79034p- Stork Food & Dairy Systems B.V., Ultra High Temperature Pasteurizer type 6.600-B, rated for up to 12 bar steam pressure, designed to be operated between 8 & 12 bars, previously used on food


83034p- Tetra Pak, Multi Purpose UHT Pilot Plant model Tetra Therm Aseptic Pilot PTDI300, flexible research pilot plant for liquid foods, 5 sections with indirect heating & cooling, direct heating & steam injection, milk, condensed milk, custard with vacuum, 55- 240 liter per hour. free standing, non aseptic homogenizer, touch screen controls, manuals, spare parts, electric scheme & flow chart, 380 volt 3 phase 50 hertz, controls updated 2012


82318p- Tetra Pak, UHT model Steritube P6, up to 7100 liter hour, temperature/pressure 5-80-132/139-70-25 degree C, 11.5kw for milk or cream 12% fat, indirect heating system by tubular heat exchanger holding tube 4/180 seconds, with balance tank, Fristam product pump, water pump, Tetra Pak homogenizer model ALH25 5800-7300 LPH 200 bar, 2 stage, 60kw, S/N 500276 including TPMC control panel SattCon5, flow chart & part of documentation available.


82845p- Tetra Pak, UHT Unit model VTIS Flex, Steritube 7, 6500 liters per hour, 75kw, with direct & indirect heating system by steam injection, tubular heat exchanger, holding tube at 137 degree C for 4 seconds, including balance tank, product pump, water pump, sensors, Rossi flash vat, vacuum pump, steam filters, Alfa Laval homogenizer 2 stage model SHL20A, Tetra C6 plate cooler, control panel, flowchart & some documentation available.



Used Commercial UHT Pasteurizer Systems for sale.

Schier Company Inc. commercial UHT milk and juice pasteurizers allow you to process liquids safely and efficiently in large volumes. The ultra high temperature short time pasteurizers include models designed for milk, cream, tea, juice and other products. Sanitary construction and designs satisfy sanitary and safety constraints for food grade processing. 250 to 3000 GPH custom models are available, with a variety of additional temperature controls, heat sensor, balance tanks, support valves and other features to suit specific liquids or solutions.

For more information on any listed item, or to find an item not listed, call Schier Company Inc. We will help you find the equipment that you need.


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