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Vacuum Packaging

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78111- A Line Heat Seal Corp., Vacuum Bag Sealer, 220/single phase/60 volt, 20 amp, in original shipping crate


78114- Aline Systems, L Bar Sealer model 2428-ST, with tunnel, capable of speeds up to 20 packages/minute, 24" x 28" L sealer, shrink tunnel with 24" wide x 42" long x 9" high tunnel, 208 volt, 20" wide tunnel conveyor, on legs


66715p- All Line, Horizontal Belt Sealer model V7/16VSP, belt conveyor to convey bags thru sealing jaws, 3/8" x 12" sealer bar


73054p- Allied Automation, L Bar Sealer model Sergeant 110C system, 16" x 20" seal area, maximum product size 14" deep x 7" high, adjustable height seal jaw, automatic variable speed take away conveyor, console stand with casters, 120 volt electrical system, heated silicone rubber shrink tunnel conveyor belt, variable speed control, Teflon curtains, roller assemblies, 17" wide x 9" high tunnel opening, temperature display, speed 0-28 FPM/0-8.55 meters/minute, 2250 watts 120 vac


68527p- Allied Automation, Sergeant Packaging Systems model 1620, semi automatic L bar sealer, 16" x 20" L seal bar, sliding film cradle with rolls on adjustable centers for varying roll diameters, factory controls with seal & discharge conveyor run timers, temperature control, power switch & indicator light, hole burner, manually adjustable belt conveyor lowers to 4" below seal, rear 110 female receptacle on back of sealer, 110 volt single phase, 16 amps, painted steel, mounted on casters, used on snacks


78113- American International Electric (AIE), Bag Sealer model AIE-402CH, constant foot, 16" maximum seal length, 30-200 degree C temperature range


73807p- API, Automation Packaging L Bar Sealer model Versat Tech LB18-22, sealer 17.5" x 22", control panel with digital screen, shrink wrapper portion wraps up to 28", currently set up for 16", trim winder, infeed conveyor 15" wide x 26" long, discharge conveyor 15" wide x 35" long, stainless steel contact parts, on wheels


75016p- Audiovac, Vacuum Sealer model VM 201G, type 201, chamber 24" x 20" x 4", has programmable control system, unitized on stainless steel frame with casters


68931- Bag Loader, all stainless steel, similar to Cryovac, feeds taped Cryovac bags for manual product fill, overall length 55" x 19" wide x 36" high, machine not presently operational


28089- Bag Trim Collector, stainless steel, collects cuttings from packaging machine, bag trim, 72" high x 31" long x 25" wide.


78142- Belco, L Bar Sealer model STC2016, with tunnel, approximate 16" wide x 20" long seal section, 18" wide x 24" long x 8" high tunnel


65361p- Belco, L Bar Sealer model STC2520, 19" x 25" seal area, 21" wide x 36" long x 8" high tunnel, 240 volt, on wheels


78868- Berkel, Vacuum Sealer model 350D, table top, single stainless steel chamber size, 18" wide x 18" long x 6.5" deep with (2) 17" seal bars, Busch pump, gas flush


58673- Beseler, Semi Automatic L Sealer model 1720 EM-SA, motor driven seal arm for continuous times sealing cycles, auto or semi auto operation, power driven discharge conveyor, adjustable height discharge conveyor, magnetic seal arm latch, variable seal/dwell timers, variable conveyor run timer, casters, adjustable film separator table, 220 volt AC single phase/15 amp, 17" x 20" seal area, machine dimensions 64" long x 50" wide x 45" high, weight 560 pounds


78105- Clamco, Heat Sealer model 254B, C series, 24" sealing length, 115 volt


73808p- Clamco, L Bar Sealer model 770-14M, 16" x 17" seal area, table top model, 110 volt, Sergeant shrink tunnel model 12416-BC, 220 volt single phase, print tunnel 16" wide x 7" high aperture x 24" long


63864p- Clamco, Semi Automatic Bar Sealer model 5236, maximum film size 20" x 36", manual loading & automatic discharge, air operated, bed adjustable to 4" drop, film inverting head with power unwind, single phase/220 volts, overall 42" wide x 4' high x 6.5' long


51579p- Conveyorized Hot Bar Bag Sealer, stainless steel, 14" wide Intralox 2 section conveyor, 14" wide horizontal seal bar, mini PLC controls, overall dimensions 53" long x 36" wide x 65" high, product opening 18" wide x 10" high


32542- Cryovac, Trim Collector model A08310102, 230/460 volt 3 phase, powered by 2 HP 3450 RPM motor, stainless steel cabinet 3' long x 4' wide x 7' high.


82232p- Cryovac, Vacuum Packing Machine model VR8620-14DC, capacity up to 1500 packs/hour, maximum product dimensions 2430 x 280mm, 3.5kw power, manual available in English/German, 3.40 long x 2.20 wide x 2.00 meter high dimensions, 2100kg weight, continuous rotary 5 chamber, divided chamber suitable to pack cheeses that are sensitive to high vacuum, with control panel, excluding outfeed conveyor & vacuum pump


81675- Damark Packaging, L Bar Sealer model MP-1418, 14" x 18" seal, 220 volt with integrated shrink tunnel


66021p- Damark Packaging, Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer model SMC1620, 16" x 20" L seal, sealed package discharge conveyor with variable speed & manually adjustable height, variable sealing temperature & time, variable conveyor operating time, 120 volt single phase 60 hertz, 12 amps, 1/15 HP conveyor drive motor, manually adjustable product table, film cradle required, painted steel construction, mounted on 4 legged frame with bottom utility shelf & casters


75017p- Danmark Packaging, L Bar Sealer model APS-LP 1725, type Danmark, auto L sealer, 12" x 48" wide conveyor, feeding to 24" x 18" heat seal jaws, 15" wide belt conveyor after jaws, currently set up for 3" high product & adjustable up to 8" high, previously using 20" wide roll stock, mounted on 28" long rollers, rated for 1/8 HP 15 amps 220/110 volt 60 hertz


81510- Dixie, Roll Stock Vacuum Packager Machine model DP50 EC, rebuilt by Reiser 9/2015


75014p- Eastay, L Bar Sealer model EM16EM, 21" wide x 17" long, 220 volt 15 amp single phase, on carbon steel frame, portable


81674- Emplex, Bag Sealer model 55BV5CER, 700 watts, 115 volt


39246- Great Lakes, Shrink L Bar Sealer model 5018, 18" x 20".


45233p- Hanagata, Automatic L Bar Sealer model HP10, seals packages 4" wide x 5" long to 18" wide x 19" long with maximum height of 5", up to 30 packages per minute, 14" wide belt, overall dimensions 68" long x 36" wide x 52" high, requires 200 vac 3 phase electrical supply


81340p- Heat Seal, L Bar Sealer model HS-115T, series K, 14" x 18" heat tunnel with rubber conveyor leading to 14" x 18" heat seal jaws, 7" high tunnel opening, with controls, mounted on mild steel frame with casters, previously used in food operation


78255p- Hi-tech, L Bar Sealer model IL-22, with feed conveyor, sealer complete with adjustable height controls, up to 22" wide packaging with seam seal, up to 6.5" high, complete, portable on wheels, requires 110 volt 20 amp service & 1 CFM compressed air at 100 PSI


82885p- Holmatic Inc., Semi Automatic Rotary Cup Sealer model HAS-1, intermittent motion pneumatically operated 20" diameter, 6 pocket cup table with 4-5/16" ID cup holes designed for manual loading/unloading of containers, sealing film unwind & powered take up, formerly cutting 4-5/8" OD seal with thumb tab from 5.5" wide roll, electrically heated sealing head with pneumatic movement & Watlow digital temperature controller, stainless steel & aluminum construction, 120 volt single phase, 11 amps, 80 PSI air required, mounted on casters, OAD 44" wide x 32" x 72" high, formerly used in cheese packaging


66712p- Iinauen Maschnen AG, Vacuum Packaging Machine model VC999/08, includes 30" x 48" heat sealing section, previously sealing 14 packages of meat per seal, rated for 6 bar & power characteristics 440 volt 3/60 cycle, Inauen type VC999/ROTOR, 66" accumulation table, machine #0090086, Inauen type VC999/ABSAUGAGGREGAT filter, machine #08AG91-015 & Werie Rietschle 13kw (17.3 HP) vacuum pump


79580p- ILPRA Food Pack, Tray Sealer model Speedy II V/GL, currently set for trays 8-3/4" x 6.5", control panel, driven by 220 volt 3/60 hertz motor, previously used in food operation


72226p- Italdibipack S.P.A., Semi Automatic L Seal Shrink Chamber Combination Sealer model 4255 CONF.TERM., approximate 16" x 22" L seal within see thru hinged shrink chamber 20" x 15", film cradle with dual movable perforation stations, adjustable film splitter product table, manually adjustable shrink chamber basket allows for varying height products, temperature & dwell controls, seal indicator, seal only & seal & shrink combo functions, painted construction & mounted on portable factory stand with casters, can be relocated to alternate stand or work surface, formerly used in general packaging


78870p- Koch, Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine model 200, table top, chamber 19" long x 16" wide, overall dimensions 18" wide x 24" long x 15" high.


78869- Koch, Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine model 200, table top, single chamber 19" long x 16" wide with plastic spacing plates


80282p- Koch, Tray Sealing Machine, configured with vacuum and/or gas flush capabilities for modified atmosphere packaging, rated up to 10 cycles per minute in continuous operation, currently set up for 8" long x 6-1/8" wide x 1.25" deep trays, sealing 2 trays per cycle, manufacturer rates tray size range (with sealing head change parts) up to 1 tray per cycle up to 15" (380mm) x 10.63" (270mm), 2 trays per cycle up to 7.08" (180mm) x 10.63" (270mm), 3 trays per cycle up to 4.33" (110mm) x 10.63" (270mm), 4 trays per cycle up to 3.15" (080mm) x 10.63" (270mm), bar flight thru conveyor does not utilize die plate change parts for container handling so change over is much faster, open infeed section for manual tray placement, integral touch pad operator control panel, left to right product flow from operator control position, plastic tray seal material, food grade USDA sanitary all stainless steel construction, original operator instruction manual included, previously used for packing salad & entree trays


82222p- Koch, Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine model Intact RM572, semi automatic, each vacuum sealing chamber 20" long x 28" wide x 3.5" deep, manufacturer rated 20-40 seconds per cycle, per chamber, for up to 3 cycles per minute (depending on product, multiple pieces/portions), integral operator control panel, (2) 26" film dispensers for film to film applications, 2 chamber spacers included, all food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel construction, on board Busch vacuum pump system, 230/3


75020p- L Bar Sealer model HS-2024SD, heat seal, 21" x 24", 18" x 25" conveyor, on stainless steel cart with wheels, 110 volt, adjustable make up table


75021p- Latter Package Equipment, L Bar Sealer model 2015, 17" x 22" heat seal area, 120 volt single phase, table top, Latter Mfg. heat tunnel 13" wide x 6" tall model 13-6, with start/stop controls, temperature range gauge from 200 degree-550 degree F, 120 volt, 10" x 27" plastic mesh belt conveyor model 13-6 (Mfg. 2/1996, S/N 886622), 120 volt, complete system portable on stand with wheels


64596p- Mini Pack, Semi Automatic L Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Combination model FM76SC, 16" x 20" L sealing bar, 115 volt single phase 60 cycle, 3200 watts, time & temperature controls, maximum package size 500mm long x 380mm wide x 250mm high, slide mounted film cradle with perforator, mounted on portable factory stand, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


78151- Mini Pack, Shrink Chamber Sealer model FM76, approximate 17.5" wide x 22" long seal section, 10" maximum height, speeds up to 9 cycles/minute


81144p- Minipack-Torre, L Sealer Shrink Wrapper model FM-75.S.C, 15" x 17" long L seal bar, stationary lid enclosed shrink station with internal fan & closed lid activated heating, variable temperature control, manually controlled shrink & L seal dwell time, sliding product work table, dual roll perforators, shrink film spool for up to 20" wide rolls, 115 volt single phase 3100 watt 26 amp, controls allow operation as L sealer only, mounted on factory floor stand with casters, formerly used in packaging


81357- M-Latter, Sealer model 16, with heat tunnel, 110 volt


78259p- MPBS Industries, Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer model VFDC-800-FB-7H, type ProMax, 30" long sealing jaws & swinging cover for sealing sections, Busch 3 HP vacuum pump, rated 208 volt 3/60 hertz 16 amp motor, Busch type RA0100.E523.1002 (S/N U110901505), rated for 63 CFM, vacuum rated 0.5 Torr, previously used at tofu operation


73787p- New MTC, Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine model MTC-500, 220 volt single phase 60 hertz, chamber 22.5" x 21" x 5" deep, 4 seal bars length 20", (2) 40m vacuum pumps, stainless steel chamber & lid, on casters, crated dimensions 53" long x 35" wide x 45" tall, weight 690 pounds


40944p- M-Tek CorrVac, Vacuum Sealer, stainless steel bulk bag, 54" long seal bar 54" long x 3' wide x 7' high, manual seal bar closure with gas flush, maximum bag (flattened) top opening width must be less than 54


47963p- M-Tek CorrVac, Vacuum Sealer, stainless steel bulk bag, 54" long seal bar, 5' 6" long x 36" wide x 78" high, gas flush with Panelview 600 touch screen control, & enclosed vacuum pump


79163p- Multivac, Roll Stock Machine model M860 EPC, with vacuum scrap removal, current die size approximately 185mm x 290mm x 89mm deep, full vacuum capabilities, last used in meat processing facility, manual & spare parts available


65682p- Multivac, Vacuum Sealer model A300/16, single chamber, table top model with all stainless steel contact parts, chamber 18" x 14" x 5" deep, 110 volt single phase, 0.9kw, 14.5 amp, controls, needs new heat element, includes vacuum pump


79573p- Multivac, Vacuum Sealer model A300/52, stainless steel, 24" wide seal jaws, chamber type vacuum sealer with raised top & recessed bottom, updated controls in 2013, rated 220 volt 3/60 hertz


75610- Multivac, Vacuum Sealing Machine, double chamber, 18" x 21" product chamber, 16" seal bar, on casters, 40" long x 30" wide x 38" high


65687p- Old Rivers/Cryovac, Rotary Vacuum Sealer model 8610, 4 station, 16" wide heat seal jaw in each vacuum station, 460 volt 3 phase 60 hertz.


65683p- Old Rivers/Cryovac, Vacuum Sealer model 831014V, FVR5400V, appears to be 5 station, previously set for vacuum sealing hams, seal bar length 15.5" long x 3/4", vacuum chamber 11" long x 11" wide x 8.5" high


73806p- Orics, Continuous Motion Tray Sealer model 1000-MCTS, capacity up to 300 trays/minute, designed for washdown, no tray/no seal, capable of up to 14" wide web, complete with 4 die spring loaded heat seal heads with independent digital temperature controls & trim waste take up roll, right to left design, infeed conveyor, 12" wide x 12' long, last used sealing pot pie food product trays, 220 volt 3 phase 60 hertz & 20 CFM of 80 PSI air


78260p- Orics, Manual Vacuum Gas Flush Heat Seal model SL-VGF-100, capacity 10 cycles per minute any size tray, designed for small volume packaging, 2 HP vacuum pump 220 volt 3 phase, 90 PSI unknown hours used.


81648p- Orics, Tray Sealer model VGF-100, semi automatic, with vacuum & gas flush capabilities for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), rated for residual oxygen levels below 0.1%, manual container placement, 2 HP vacuum pump with 5 gallon reserve tank, stainless steel control panel, color touch screen control panel, PLC controller, digital temperature readouts, start/stop switches, safety interlock system on doors, 2 hand safety activation, 2 sets of interchangeable container handling change parts, 4" diameter round cups, 5.75" x 8-7/8" rectangular trays, both set of change parts in 2 up configuration, rated up to 10 cycles per minute, operator puts 2 containers in carrier that is then slid into place, operator presses start switch & the vacuum/gas flush chamber rises into position under the carrier, heat seal heads & film cutting blades trim & seal containers as the sealer goes thru it's cycle, as the cycle completes the film is then advanced & in position for the next cycle, food grade USDA sanitary stainless steel & aluminum construction


66713p- Pacemaker, Bag Sealer model G18, 18" long seal zone x 5/8" wide, pneumatic actuated with adjustable dwell time & heat settings, unit runs on 110 vac, with adjustable bag table


76056p- Pack All Quality Packaging Systems, L Sealer Shrink Tunnel Combination Packager model 13X13UC, 20" x 15" manually operated sealing bar, unitized L sealer & shrink tunnel on portable stainless steel frame, 14" wide x 8" high tunnel with variable speed belt, factory controls include power indicator light, on/off with cool down feature, L seal dwell control, seal & tunnel temperature control, fuse, 16" wide 2 roll film cradle, adjustable work table, formerly used in food packaging


81685- Pack All, L Bar Sealer model L1620D, 16" wide x 20" long seal arm


57997p- Packaging Aids, Vacuum Gassing Bag Sealer model 1873VS, 18" seal bar, foot switch operated, 1/4 HP vacuum pump 110 volt


78257p- Packaging Center, Tray Sealer model ET900L, set up for 12" x 8.5" trays with rounded corners, digital readout, automated plastic feed


73811p- PDC, Bottle Band Sealer Sleever model 50-ER, currently set up to sleeve bottles 2.5" diameter x 7" tall, several other change parts, set up for single phase 240 volt, rebuilt in 2005 by manufacturer & used for only 2 years


81453p- Pillar Tech Foiler, Induction Cap Sealer model 2220-R, part #DB6114-6(b), 2000 watts 208/230 volt single phase unit,, induction head 6" wide x 19.5" long with adjustable height from 30" to 48"


75011- Pryor, Tray Sealer model PPMC-HS/2, complete with 22 trays 5.5" diameter, electric box with 2 heaters, coder, film speed heaters are adjustable, with 1 HP 230/460 volt, 1760 RPM motor conveyor, stainless steel frame


77387p- Quality Cup Packaging, Tray Sealer, foil applicator, control panel, previously used in pharmaceutical application


66020p- RBS Equipment, Fully Automatic Belt to Belt L Sealer model IABLS, 20" x 24" L sealing bar for maximum package size 15" wide x 21" long, hot knife sealing, Syncro driven with touch screen programming, 110/220 (3 wire) single phase (wired for 220 service), machine employs a flat bed for transfer of product between input & discharge, this allows small packages to be handled without difficulty, air required


78258p- Reiser Ross Inpack Junior Automatic, Tray Sealer model A-20, production rate 10 cycles per minute of trays in carrier, 3 sets of tooling, 1 tooling set for industry standard "number #" rectangular tray, 1 set for round Polypropylene 24 ounce cup from Berry Plastics & 1 set for round tray from Mullinix


78163- Rennco, Vertical L Bar Sealer model 101, with cup counter, speed up to 60/minute depending on package size, 240 volt, with integrated Rennco model CCL cup counter/loader (S/N 3492-0)


78164- Rennco, Vertical L Bar Sealer model 501-36, with cup counter, speed up to 30/minute depending on package size, 240 volt, with integrated Rennco model CCL cup counter/loader (S/N 3555-0)


78165- Rennco, Vertical L Bar Sealer model SFT-101, with cup counter, speed up to 60/minute depending on package size, 240 volt, with integrated Rennco model CCL cup counter/loader (S/N 3556-0)


72488- RMF Snorkel Vac, Bulk Bag type Vacuum Sealer model SV-45, all stainless steel, 45" wide seal bar, vacuum pump included


73056p- Ross Inpack, Tray Sealer model S45, 4 lane, set up for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP system), stainless steel construction, washdown type, capable of 4-3/4" (120mm) maximum package depth, 2 each 3 up tooling heated knives, over center die closing system, touch screen controls, 28" wide carriers, controls for heated knives, 3 index loading area, built in CMH vacuum pump, 2 platen date coder, etc., tooling for 8 ounce, 10 ounce & 12 ounce trays


78807p- Sealed Air, L Sealer/Shrink Tunnel model Opti-Seal 3000, semi automatic, 22" wide x 22" deep L seal bar, 16" wide x 6" high product activated see thru conveyorized shrink tunnel, rated for up to 12 PPM, adjustable work table, adjustable work table, L seal activated take away belt, touch sensitive controls for temperature, shrink time, seal time & belt time, 14" wide gravity roller at discharge, 230 volt single phase 60 cycle 16 amps, 3600 watts, painted steel construction & mounted on casters, formerly used in dental product packaging


76744- Seco, Vacuum Bag Sealer model GVS2600P, 26" wide, 110 volt


81146p- Semi Automatic Cup Foil Sealer, table top design with shuffle type cup tray presently set for rolled brim 3.25" OD cup with 2.75" ID x 4" tall, .125" wide seal, seals pre-cut foil with finger tab, operates on 120 volt single phase with air required for sealing head, electrically heated sealing head has direct reading temperature probe & activated by operator controlled sliding tray, programmable digital temperature controller & external on/off switch, used in food manufacturing, manufacturer unknown


66714p- Shanklin, High Production L Sealer model S24B, semi automatic operation, sealer size 15" wide x 33" long, rated speed 20-30 packages per minute, EZ load unwind, pin perforator, power film opener, controls, previously used to wrap 2 wine bottles at a time, tunnel model T7XL, opening 12" x 24" (S/N T-90150), 3 phase 60 cycle 460 volt 18 amp


75022p- Shanklin, L Bar Sealer model S23C, 16.5" wide x 22" long heat seal jaws, take away conveyor, 115 volt 20 amp single phase, 60 PSI maximum, 40 PSI minimum


58733p- Shanklin, Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer model S5CL, power film unwind, film inverting head, package positioning guide, heavy duty discharge conveyor, impulse/constant heat sealing systems, package size 30" wide x 54" long x 6" high, typical operating speeds of 10-20 packages per minute, 220 volt AC/single phase/27 AMP, 60 PSI maximum, 40 PSI minimum, machine dimensions 120" long x 85" wide x 43" high


66211p- Shanklin, Semi Automatic L Sealer model S4C, automatic powered film unwind (uses center fold film), inline operation with right angle film inverter, adjustable product infeed table, adjustable height, variable speed powered discharge, belt conveyor, pneumatic powered seal arm, impulse seal wire with adjustable temperature control, automatic hole punch, adjustable product guide with stop & hold plate, package size 15" W x 33" L x up to 5" H (maximum), 20 to 30 packages per minute, 220 volt AC single phase 20 amp, 60 PSI maximum/40 PSI minimum at 0.5 CFM, 4.5' wide x 7' long x maximum 5' high (arm up) machine dimensions


81509- Sipromac, Vacuum Sealer 450A, 1999


48389- Swiss Vac, Transmatic Vacuum Sealer model 600, with vacuum pump


76059p- TF, Semi Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer, all stainless steel sanitary construction with polished food grade finish, manually operated vacuum hood 34 x 22 x 6 dome top with 4" straight side, 30" seal bar with dual 1/8" seal strips, sealer wired for second seal bar on opposite side of 29.5" x 13" work table with seal bar mounting platform (bar required), cabinet style base with Busch vacuum pump model RA0063E503 (S/N 410933/BDAU ME), rated 0.5 Mbar vacuum, 220/3 phase, mounted on casters, factory controls include sealing & vacuum time, on/off vacuum gauge in CMHG, power/start & seal indicator lights, formerly used in food packaging


73810p- Thermal Impulse, Heat Sealer, 18" sealing section, 115 volt 60 cycle AC, heat control dial, on/off switch, set for single seal, foot actuated


572p- Tiromat, Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machine model CS325, die 5" x 8" x 2", does not have gas flush, overall dimensions 122" long x 27.5" wide x 59" tall, cross cutter with flexible pressure tubing, code dating & photo registration


80398p- Vacuum Bag Sealer, tipper tie attachment & cutter, pneumatically operated with manual vacuum attachment, adjustable height, Champion series clipper, mounted on stainless steel table, vacuum filter tank & pump, previously used in food operation


60195p- Vertrod, Semi Automatic Bag Sealer model 14P 1/4, pneumatically operated 14" wide sealing bar with .25" wide seal, variable temperature & dwell controls, mounted on painted carbon steel table with Formica top, foot pedal activated, formerly used in pharmaceutical service


43060- Vertrod, Semi Automatic Vacuum Bag Sealer model 20PS/AV, production speed depends on type & thickness of the bag material & operator skills, average speed 2 to 4 cycles per minute, operator participation is minimal, various phases of machine are vacuum, gas flush & sealing, all controlled with dial adjustable timing system standard sealing width 1/4", retractable snorkel system for flushing.


75013p- Vertrod, Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer Bag Sealer model 14P/PTV, 15" wide sealing section, 900 watts 115 volt


57605- Weldotron, Automatic Inline L Sealer model 5874, automatic infeed belt stages & feeds the package to the pusher arm, pusher arm feeds the package into the film & onto the discharge conveyor & seal area where product is sealed & trimmed, discharge conveyor transfers sealed package to shrink tunnel, adjustable automatic impulse seal & dwell timer, automatic temperature compensation, vertical moving, adjustable stroke sealing head, high speed impulse seal wire system with continuous pre-heat, adjustable height film inverting plow, adjustable discharge conveyor height, powered film unwind, adjustable film roll holder holds film up to 23" wide, console design with casters, package infeed guides, 27" long x 19" wide x 4" high maximum package dimensions, 20" x 28" seal area, 220 volt AC single phase 28 amp, 80 PSI air pressure


81586p- Weldotron, L Bar Sealer model 6020, semi automatic, 20" x 17" hot wire type seal area with belt take away conveyor 13" x 22", timer & temperature controls, set for single phase 230 volt


78170- Weldotron, L Bar Sealer model 6302, 230 volt


81160p- Weldotron, L Bar Sealer model 6401, semi automatic, 20" x 17" hot wire type seal area with belt take away conveyor 16" x 19", timer & temperature controls, set for single phase 220 volt


58006p- Weldotron, L Bar Wrapper model 5201AP, 15" x 20" seal bar, 220 volt single phase 60 cycle 25 amp


66213- Weldotron, L Sealer model 6301, manual seal arm with torsion spring return, Electro magnetic seal arm latching mechanism, adjustable impulse seal timer, automatic temperature compensation, adjustable film separator table, adjustable height product table, adjustable film roll holder, automatic hole punch, legs with casters, seal area 16" x 20", 220 volt AC/single phase/17 amp


66214- Weldotron, L Sealer model 6441 Dynaband, radiant impulse sealing system creates wide (.125") ribbon seals for extra strong seals in poly, radiated poly, PVC, & other plastics & shrink films, manual seal arm with torsion spring return, Electro magnetic Magna-Lok seal arm latching mechanism, automatic product discharge conveyor with run timer, adjustable impulse seal timer, automatic temperature compensation, adjustable film separator table, adjustable height product table, adjustable film roll holder, seal area 16" x 20", 230 volt AC single phase 34 amp, 48" long x 32" wide x 54" high machine dimensions


66215p- Weldotron, L Sealer model L20FC, 14 x 20 (2)


64593p- Weldotron, Semi Automatic L Sealer model 6020, 16" x 20" manually operated L bar with adjustable temperature & dwell time, automatically activated 14" wide x 22" belt take away conveyor, 230/60/single phase, 15 amp voltage, painted steel construction on casters with 20" wide film cradle


66023p- Weldotron, Semi Automatic L Sealer model 6301, manually operated 16 x 20 sealing bar operating on impulse or thermoline for polyethylene or normal film, heat & dwell controls, adjustable depth work platform, film carriage for 3" cores, dancer arm, mounted on portable factory stand, 220 volt single phase 60 cycle 17 amps


60161p- Weldotron, Semi Automatic L Sealer model CL16, 16" x 20" L seal bar, dual palm switch activation, accepts up to 24" wide film, 16" wide automatically activated discharge conveyor with manual, height adjustment, pneumatically operated seal bar & hole punch, independent temperature control seal, dwell & conveyor timers, 440 volt single phase 15 amp, mounted on casters with scrap removal part



Vacuum Packaging for the Cheese and Meat Industry for sale.

Schier Company Inc. has a wide variety of vacuum sealers including single and double chamber units, L bar sealers and automatic wrappers. These are great for a small company wrapping one unit at a time or in a larger commercial factory.

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